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Chapter 7

Takuya rubbed the two sticks together and groaned. "I can't do this! Why does nature have to be so darn ANNOYING?"

He was frustrated. They all were. After finding out that their "friend" had actually turned against them and betrayed them, they were all a bit shook up.

Takuya was currently trying, unsuccessfully, to create a fire. Koji was leaning on the ground next to him, making sure he didn't blow them up. Rika was on the other side of Takuya, cringing whenever a spark flew her way, which, with Takuya's skills, was more often than not. Zoe was silently sitting next to Koji looking out the bars of the cage. It was a roomy cage, about the size of the living room in their beach house, but it had a sense of confinement that made it much, much worse. Kouichi was standing up, leaning on the bars, watching the rain fall heavily and listening to the sound of the thumping raindrops on the battered roof of the shack. Tommy was the only one who seemed completely lost. He was sitting at the front of the cage, staring wordlessly out at the darkness.

After Takuya's outburst, nobody said anything for a while. Everyone was too busy lost in their own thoughts. Finally Kouichi broke the silence. "Was it just me, or was that just Mercurymon?"

Koji looked up from Takuya's attempts and nodded. "Sure looked like him."

"I wonder how he came to the real world," Zoe wondered out loud, softly.

"Same way 'Mimi' did, I bet," Tommy said bitterly from the front of the cage where he was sitting. Nobody had bothered him since their confinement because they all knew he was the worst off. He had believed Mimi wholeheartedly.

Tommy got up angrily and walked with his head down to the fire. "Something tells me she had a spirit too. I think she was Ranamon."

Rika held up her hands. "I understand how you feel Tommy, but that's quite a big accusation, don't you think?"

Tommy shook his head. "No. I was too…occupied…to notice before, but there were signs." Kouichi looked like he wanted to interrupt but Tommy held up his hands, stopping him and continued. "The way we found her on the water. She seemed to be able to control if she sunk or not. I just didn't seem to register it then. And then on the beach, she seemed to revive Kouichi like that." He emphasized his point by snapping his fingers.

At this point, Koji finally spoke up. "I don't know if anyone else noticed, but right after she filled the pail with water, she muttered something, an incantation of some sort."

Tommy nodded slowly, as if speed would knock his head off his shoulders. "See what I mean. There was something fishy about her. It was just that we didn't notice it before."

Zoe nodded slightly. "But what can we do now? We're stuck in a cage in the middle of…well…nowhere."

Kouichi sighed. "Nothing we can do but go to sleep. We're all tired; we'll think about it tomorrow."

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