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Any time you see italics it's the person thinking or talking to themselves.


The war was over; just hearing those words should have made Hermione Jean Granger the happiest person in the world. But, unfortunately to Hermione it just meant that she had to figure out what she was going to do with her life.

She had lost her mom and dad the week before the final battle; Death Eaters had attacked their Dentistry and killed them and all of their employees. Hermione would never forget the afternoon Professor Dumbledore had called her into his office to tell her about her parents.

The war has been over for 4 weeks and Hermione still didn't know what she was going to do. While laying in the porch swing at the Burrow she tried to think through what she could do. What am I going to do? Yes the war is over but I have no home to go to, my parents are gone the Death Eaters torched both the Dentistry and the house. I have no parents and no money. I can't stay here at the Burrow forever.

According to Arthur, Hogwarts is going to reopen and I can go back and finish my 7th year but what will I do after that. I don't have the money to go on to college I'm going to have to talk to someone to see what my options are. I'm just lucky that the ministry has offered to pay for my tuition and my books for my final year since I'm a war hero. Hermione bitterly laughed to herself with that statement; hero so I killed people.

Who can I talk to who would know what I can do? Finally Hermione took a deep breath; I'll make an appointment to talk with Professor McGonagall. After making the decision she went in the house to see if she could find Pig to send a note to her.

The next day Hermione got her answer and had an appointment with Professor McGonagall the following Monday.

Meanwhile at Hogwarts another person was having similar conversation with himself; Professor Snape was trying to decide what he was going to do. For the first time in more years then he cared to think he was free to do what he wanted to do. He could stay and continue to be the Potion's Professor, he could start his own Potion brewing business or he could do nothing. He had survived the war which he had never in his life thought would happen. He had plenty of money to just stay home and do what ever he wanted to do.

Finally Snape decided to go talk to his most trusted friend and see if he could help him come to a decision so he climbed out of his dungeon and up to the Headmaster's Office.