I'm not happy with this ending but I have re-read my story and found several mistakes. I appreciate those of you that have supported this story. I'm sorry when I've made mistakes. I had planned to go on a little longer but I can't seem to pull any more out of it. Once again THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!!


The next morning Severus walked with his wife and carried his new son back to their quarters. He thought of the future and wondered where it would lead.

If only he could have seen that future. Five years later he was the father of three a little girl born two years after Savion and a son born the following year. Hermione had not only become a Potion Mistress but she was a fabulous teacher. She now was the Potion Professor at Hogwarts and the Head of House for Gryffindor. She had become a not only a strong, smart witch, but a mother to the entire student population. There wasn't a student in the entire school including the Slytherin's that didn't feel like they could go to her about anything.

Severus himself was now Headmaster of Hogwarts, he missed Albus and Minerva; but still saw the two of them pretty often. Minerva tried to stop by the school at least once every other week to see her grandchildren and Albus was normally not far from where Minerva was.