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Axel's not really a person set on rules and order and routine. In fact, he tends to thrive on organized chaos, but he starts every morning exactly the same way. First, he has to take a moment to confirm that he's actually awake, listening to the rush of air in his lungs and the beat of his heart in his chest.

When he's satisfied himself he's awake and still the way he should be, he rolls onto his side, where Roxas is always still sleeping – it's unbelievable how deeply the kid sleeps, really – and pulls the blond a little closer, burying his nose in sleep-mussed locks and assuring himself that Roxas is still really there, as well. He can almost count on the kid muttering something in his sleep as he rolls into Axel's chest, and he'll have maybe two or three minutes to listen to the silence before the alarm goes off.

He never moves to turn it off, and he knows Roxas has woken up when the smaller man smacks his arms away, rubbing at his eyes as he reaches over the redhead to smack blindly at the alarm clock. There will be some variation of "You're allowed to turn it off, you know," from Roxas, and then the blond slips out of bed, mouth set in a scowl at the early hour.

Axel only grins and curls under the covers, and Roxas will be grumbling under his breath as he staggers toward the bathroom for his shower. Axel's eyes slip closed again to the sound of running water, and he'll almost be under again when the covers are yanked away from him. When he rolls onto his back, blinking, Roxas is standing over him, expression still faintly grumpypouty but with the hint of a smirk clinging to the edges of his lips, and the blond leans down and kisses him, hard, before he straightens and screws his face into an expression of exaggerated disgust.

"You need to brush your teeth," he complains, but Axel's sleep-fuzzed smile only sharpens because now – now their routine is complete, and he knows he's ready for another day.