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Even Angels Fall
Chapter Eleven

The Marauders, Lily, and Icilyn sat on the shores of the lake, sipping tea and eating the scones they had brought out with them. Final exams were over and the students had one week of leisure time to tie up loose ends, pack, and receive their end-of-year marks. They would then attend the leaving feast and board the Hogwarts Express.

Sirius and Icilyn were talking in low tones while the other four were discussing the hilarious replays of the party the Gryffindors had the night before. There had been even more celebrating when Peter received an owl saying his sister had been born - named Katherine Leeda Pettigrew.

"Do we have any plans for the summer?" Lily asked. "I mean, we can't not be together."

"My mum's going to Russia," Remus answered. "She might drag me with, but she said she trusted me; she knows I'm responsible and I keep track of my cycles."

"My dad's taking my to Japan for the whole summer so we can have bonding time," Peter contributed.

"Visiting family and playing Quidditch," came James' answer.

"We'll probably go on a camping trip and go see films and I'll get my driver's license and fight with Petunia...."

"Gee, Lils, let's not be too enthusiastic now," Remus said. "Not looking forward to summer hols, eh? It won't be so bad."

Lily eyed him skeptically, but nodded anyhow.

Icilyn stood up and said goodbye to everyone, saying she had to make sure the whole of Ravenclaw House was in order, packing and whatnot; make sure no ruckus parties were destroying the wing.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Remus asked as soon as Icilyn was on the castle steps.

"We were discussing what will happen once she graduates," Sirius replied.

"And?" Lily pressed on.

"Well, we've decided that she'll go with her schooling in teaching and I'll try to get on the Irish Quidditch team like my dad or else I'll work in the Ministry."

"And the relationship?" Remus asked.

"We're going to just be friends for now, but we'll keep in contact with each other. When we're both settled with our jobs and our lives, we'll start the relationship again," Sirius informed. "We've decided it was a good plan."

"It does sound like a wonderful idea," Lily said.

"What about you and James?" Remus asked. "Have you any plans yet?"

"Well sort of. After graduation, we're going to do pretty much the same thing," Lily informed.

"The relationship will stay on, of course," James concluded. "But we'll go on in our schooling and training, then once we're settled and ready, we're going to look for a place to live and we'll get married."

"What about children?"

"Good god, we're only seventeen! It's too early to think about kids!" Lily exclaimed. "But, I'm sure we'll have three."

"No four. Wait five. How about six?"

"I'm not a machine, James. I can't just pop out one kid right after another."

"We'll see about that," Sirius said. "I'll bet the two of you have ten kids."

Lily shook her head. "I don't think so. I may like children, but I don't think I could put up with that many."

There was peaceful silence for a few minutes before Sirius spoke up.

"You know, my parents are taking me all over North America over summer hols. They said I could invite the four of you. Would you like to come?"

"No, we'd rather stay on the British Isles, all by our lonesome staring at stone walls or our bed hangings," James answered. He grinned and Sirius grinned back, clapping his best friend on the back.

"You goofy bastard, always making me laugh," he declared. "Let's go get some dinner, these scones aren't filling me up."

The five teens got up from the sand and walked back up to the castle, chattering happily along the way.

* * *

That night, James sat on his bed poring over a piece of parchment he had just received. Sirius entered the room and eyed him.

"I had been wondering where you were," he said. "What's that you got there?"

James handed him the parchment nonchalantly, not looking at him, just staring off into space.

James -

Lord Mordred, my son. This it not a letter of threat - I am not angry, just disappointed, of your doings. You have chosen the wrong side, and I shall not chide you, for I respect your decisions, even if they are the wrong ones even after all we discussed.

I was informed by my eyes at Hogwarts of what you did for Severus Snape. I am proud of your gallantry - it takes a strong man to save a loved one, but it takes an even stronger man to save an enemy.

Take care of yourself, my son. I will come back for you again to see if you've changed your mind - you know I will. Until then, keep up your good works - they may be for the wrong side, but they make me proud. Remember, I've always got an eye out.

Your Father,
Lord Voldemort

Sirius looked up at James, who finally returned his gaze.

"This man's not going to give up, is he?" James shook his head. "I thank whatever gods may be out there that you're still alive."

"Me too." He looked out the window and onto the Quidditch pitch in the distance. "So we lost, eh?"


"Lost to Slytherin?"

"I - I don't - "

"There's this game called Quidditch, where each House competes against the others. I don't know if you've ever heard of it, but you're one hell of a Keeper."

Sirius smiled, catching on. "I think I know what game you're talking about. I may be one hell of a Keeper, but there is only one Chaser that can almost put the Quaffle past me - and that's you, my friend."

"What do you say - are you up to a little game?" James asked.

"At this time of night?"

"Sure, we'll get everyone and play in the buff."

"Even Lily?"

"Especially Lily."

The two best friends laughed at the joke and exited the room, the letter from the Dark Lord lying forgotten on James' bed. They went to the common room and told Remus and Peter of their idea.

"Quidditch nude?" Lily said, overhearing from where she was she was sketching a picture of the Forbidden Forest. "Did you know it's been raining out there?"

"That'll make it even more fun." Remus answered.

"I have to witness this."

"What?" Sirius queried. "Lils, I'm shocked! You want to break the rules to go watch us suffer while you could be in here, warm and dry, studying for next year?"

"Ha ha, very funny, Siri. Let's go."

"You're not serious?" Peter asked.

"No - he is," she answered, pointing to Sirius, who rolled his eyes at the pun. "I truly want to go watch."

"Umm...okay..." James said. "Let's go, I guess."

The Marauders left Gryffindor Tower and walked through the castle halls, occasionally throwing glances at their female friend, making sure she wasn't pulling some prank. She kept her face straight, and when she saw them looking at her, she arched an eyebrow and inhabited a smirk on her pretty pink lips.

"Someone's coming," Remus hissed once they reached the first floor. "Ten yards off. Hide!"

James grabbed Lily's arm and pulled her into the entrance hall closet. Sirius jumped behind a statue of Helga Hufflepuff, while Peter and Remus hid in the shadows by the windows.

Inside the closet, James pulled Lily to him and held her close, kissing her neck.

"While you're getting fresh, might I remind you that there was someone coming and that Sirius and them are out there?"

"That just makes it more exciting," James said in between kisses. "Might I remind you that I haven't been with you properly since October?"

"But whose fault is that?" Lily asked, now arching into the warm lips.

Lily raised her head and kissed him. The door flew open and James and Lily turned and stared at the wand light shining at them, like deer caught in headlights. It must have been a sight to the intruder - James' hand was resting on Lily's left hip, her hand on his neck, his other on the small of her back, and her other in his hair. Their hands immediately dropped to their sides and they stared at the figures walking towards them.

"What's going on in here?" someone sneered.

"Sirius!" James exclaimed. "You scared me half to death!"

"Well, if you and Lily weren't snogging in the closet, you wouldn't have been so - er - rudely interrupted."

"Icilyn?" Lily asked now. "Is that you?"

"Yeah," the Head Girl replied, now turning off her wand light. "I'm on patrol duty. Sirius gave me the briefings of what your plans are. Sounds...interesting."

"I know," Lily replied. "It's something they haven't pulled before, so I wanted to be a witness."

"A witness, eh?" Icilyn asked, clearly amused. "I'd definitely like to join you being a witness."

"Seriously?" Sirius asked.

"Absolutely. Let's go."

Then the six were sneaking out onto the Quidditch pitch in the waxing moonlight. The grass already had a layer of shimmering dew and the air smelled of blossoms. They stopped at the broom shed and grabbed their brooms. Both Lily and Icilyn grabbed school brooms and turned around.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Sirius asked.

"Well," Lily said, "Icy and I were talking while we were walking down here..."

"...And we decided that we want to play too," Icilyn finished.

"Are you joking?" Remus asked.

"No," Lily said simply, shrugging her shoulders elegantly. "It's only fair that we play too. But..."

"...We have some rules for you to abide by," Icilyn said. "First, this game will be like Strip Poker. For each goal that is scored, the opposing team has to take off an article of clothing."

"And second, we shall not be getting completely naked - as that would make some of us uncomfortable. So, the stripping stops at the knickers - and bra for us."

"Damn," Sirius muttered teasingly, receiving a laugh from the others.

"Let's play."

The six mounted their brooms and flew the rest of the way to the Quidditch pitch, only stopping to grab a quaffle from the changing room storages.

Three minutes into the game, Sirius was proving to be a wonderful Keeper - of course, he knew that if he let the quaffle go through, he'd have to remove an article of clothing; and if he didn't let the ball go through, the girls, who were going against all four boys, would have to remove one of their articles of clothing.

An hour later, the six had their feet on the ground once again and they were putting on all their clothing. The four Marauders had lost the game - they were first to end up in their underwear. The girls still had on their skirts and stockings and braziers. When they had taken off their blouses - the third thing that went - the men had become distracted. Lily and Icilyn did have to admit, though, that were provoking the distractions in ways most wouldn't have imagined, as innocent as they were, and they had won.

"Man, I still can't believe you guys won," Sirius sulked for the hundredth time on their way up to the castle. "That just - it - well -"

"You can just tell us that it makes you feel less of a man," Icilyn scoffed.

"Well, now that you mention it, I do rather feel kind of - er - womanly now that you beat us."

"Hey, there's nothing wrong with being a woman," Lily mock-scolded. "We're women and we beat you. Face it - women kick ass."

"Well maybe if you wouldn't have been distracting us...." James said slyly.

"Distracting you?" Lily hit James playfully. "You men only have one thing on your minds - "

"Quidditch?" Remus interjected. Lily raised an eyebrow.

"No. You only have sex on your minds. Did you see Icy and me being distracted by you four? I don't think so."

"Battle of the Sexes begins once again," Remus muttered to Peter - both usually stayed out of these arguments.

"You know what?" Icilyn interrupted. "I think I'm going to steal Siri away from you four. I hope you don't mind; and do forgive me if you do."

Icilyn took Sirius by the hand and made a left turn off towards the Forbidden Forest.

"You show her who's a real man, mate!" Remus called after his retreating back. Sirius turned around and grinned while James gave him two thumbs-up. Then the four continued on up to the castle and, very silently, up to Gryffindor Tower, where they parted for the night.

* * *

The leaving feast was held the night before they were to get onto the Hogwarts Express. There was much food and much rejoicing. Gryffindor had won the House Cup, but only barely, for Slytherin had won the Quidditch Cup. Dumbledore gave his leaving speech and raised his glass for a toast to the summer holiday. Professor McGonagall wiped tears from her eyes as well as a few other teachers.

Goodbyes were said to friends and newly graduated students, wishing them luck in their lives. There was much chatting about the year and what each of them would be doing over their holiday and the year ahead of them. Most students felt sad to leave their school but excited to see their families. Sirius and Icilyn's case seemed one of the more sadder ones. Icilyn would be going off to her college in only heaven knew where - the campus frequently relocated itself every month or so. And Sirius would be staying at Hogwarts. They knew that they wanted to keep in contact, but until they were settled, they'd have to break off their great relationship - one that was on the same level as James and Lily's - and find each other later in life - if they ever did.

The students went to bed early, knowing that they had to get up early to catch the train. Lily kissed her friends goodnight and went to write in her journal before going into a slumber that left her restless.

* * *

"Lily!" someone yelled, shaking the redhead's shoulder.

Lily opened her eyes to see Drea Aldost, a dorm mate, standing over her.

"What's the matter, Lily?" she asked. "Are you alright?"

Lily felt the beads of sweat on her forehead and neck and shivered.

"I - I -"

"You were screaming like a Banshee," Melissa Morgan said, her eyes wide.

"I - I" - she looked around and took a deep breath - "I need to see James."

"You can't go in their dormitory - it's after two and we're to be up in a few hours to catch the train."

"I'll be fine," Lily replied, getting up and hastily pulling on a dressing gown. "Just go back to bed." Then as an afterthought, "Thanks for worrying about me."

"Anytime," Drea replied, exhausted. All the girls crawled into their beds and Lily slipped quietly out of her dorm, through the common room, and into the boys' dorm. She pulled back James' hangings and shook his shoulder gently to wake him.

He opened his eyes and looked questioningly at her.

"I had a nightmare," Lily whispered, smiling guiltily realizing that she always woke James when she had a nightmare - not that he cared that she woke him anyway, she reminded herself.

James smiled back, guessing how she felt. Lily crawled into the warm covers and sighed as her lover wrapped her arms around her. This was so wonderful to her - the feeling of James' warmth next to her, gentle and comforting, his arm lying lackadaisically on her side, her head pillowing against his chest. Lily closed her eyes knowing that, soon, all her fears would be gone.

"Tell me about your nightmare," James whispered.

Lily opened her eyes again and stared into the darkness enveloping the two.

"It was by far the worst one I've ever had. And I mean ever," she replied.

"What happened? Sometimes it helps to get it out."

Lily opened her mouth to recount her horrid dream, but James' hangings flew back and Messieurs Moony, Wormtail, and Padfoot were standing at the side of the bed, looking slightly cross at being awakened.

"Another bad dream?" Remus asked Lily. She nodded. "I heard screaming. Sensitive ears, you know."

The three sat on James' bed and looked at Lily, who didn't move from her spot in James' arms.

"Do you want to tell us?" Sirius asked.

Lily shrugged. "It was so real."

"I thought we were finished with prophecies a year ago," Peter said. "Why more?"

Lily shrugged again. "This was in the near future though. It was probably my imagination running away with me - I mean, I did eat a lot of sweets at the feast."

"Well, what was it?"

"I was running down the halls of the castle. I was looking for someone or something. Maybe I was running away from something too, but my biggest objective was looking for safety. I finally couldn't run anymore and collapsed. Voldemort came and told me that I'd ruined Mordred's bloodline, meaning I'd ruined his as well. He then pointed his wand at my abdomen and said an incantation and red light shot out of his wand right at my lower abdomen. It felt like my womb was being torn to pieces, and I knew that he was killing my baby, forcing my body to abort."

"Abort? Murdering a fetus?" James pondered.

"Because you had created it and it would be your heir - and I - the mother - was only a worthless Mudblood, ruining the baby's blood."

"I don't understand, though," Sirius said.

"It was only a dream," Lily said simply. "I'm sorry I woke you all up with something as ridiculous as this."

"Wait - you're not pregnant, are you?" Sirius asked.

The four boys turned intent gazes on her. Her eyes widened.

"Of course not!" she exclaimed, half-hysterically. "If I was, I'd tell you. Besides, we've taken care of things like that, James and I have."

The Marauders all looked greatly relieved. Lily thought that it was the sweetest thing that they all took care of her and fussed over her. She hadn't liked it last year and the years before that, but this year, she knew they all took care of one another. They protected her, which showed greatly because of the four-to-one ratio, and she was like their Mum Away From Mum - certainly a full-time job, in Lily's opinion.

The three Marauders got up and kissed Lily on the cheek, wishing her a goodnight. They closed the hangings and went into their own beds. Soon, all five teenagers were breathing heavily with sleep.

* * *

"James, would you hurry! The carriages are leaving," Lily called up the stone steps where James and the other Marauders were pulling their last prank of the year. This one consisted of charmed buckets of water and, of course, Slytherins. The four had charmed the buckets to dump water on the Slytherins as they were exiting through the great oak doors.

"Ready?" James asked. He received four nods and they walked off towards the horseless carriages, smothering giggles as they heard yells from the castle.

The Marauders and Prongs' Manipulative got into a carriage and they were off towards Hogsmeade Station where they would board the scarlet steam engine and set off to London, where they would meet their families and spend the summer holiday in their homes.

But for Lily, she was not going home - not really. Hogwarts was her home now and had been since her first day at the castle. She felt she belonged in the magical world more than she did in the Muggle word - and no one else understood how she could feel as if she was leaving home instead of going home.

The train was boarded and it inched away from the platform. Sirius and James were playing wizard chess while Remus read and Peter snoozed, his head leaning against the window. Lily and Icilyn, who had come into their compartment not long after the train set off, were talking about Muggle and wizard fashion - a conversation Lily didn't get herself into much often. She rather enjoyed explaining what bellbottoms were, and the raven-haired girl giggled when the redhead explained platform shoes.

The time flew and soon they were pouring out of the train and onto platform nine and three-quarters. James helped Lily place her trunk onto a cart and they were off towards the barrier that would lead them to the Muggle platform.

Sirius hugged and kissed Lily, hugged James in a rough, manly way, and clapped Remus and Peter on their backs and told them he'd owl them. He then went off with Icilyn to say goodbye properly. The four remaining walked through the barrier and slid sideways into the Muggle world.

They walked towards the car park where Lily saw her mother, father, and sister standing by the car. She waved to them to let them know she noticed them, but stopped to say goodbye to her friends before they were off to the Floo Station. She hugged and kissed Peter and Remus, telling them she'd definitely owl and then she turned to James.

"Don't do anything stupid over the summer, because I won't be there to rescue you," she scolded teasingly, taking him into her arms.

"But you would come to my rescue if you could, wouldn't you?" James asked, holding her close.


"Then I just might need rescuing over the summer." He held her at arms length and then leaned in to kiss Lily, who accepted happily. Once they pulled away, he held her at arms length once more. "I never did thank you," he said.

"You don't have to."

"No; I do. If you hadn't have been so determined, I wouldn't be here today - I'd be off somewhere with my fa - with the Dark Lord."

"James, I never thanked you either," Lily commented.

"You didn't have to - don't have to."

"Then we're even," Lily said.

James smiled. He kissed his girlfriend once again and hugged her tightly, telling her he'd owl. And then he turned and started off towards the Floo Station with Peter and Remus. Lily turned back to her parents and sister and started off towards them, who greeted her, her sister with less enthusiasm than her parents. Petunia was stiff with her hug and snootily accepted the kiss that Lily planted on her cheek.

"So," Thomas Evans said once they were on their way back to the place Lily called her home-away-from-home. "Anything exciting and adventurous happen over the year?"

"Mm.... No. No, not really," Lily answered, winking at a scowling Petunia.

Lily couldn't help but think this was going to be an interesting summer. What with Petunia's plan of getting married and leaving the house, how could it not be? At least she had holiday on the North American continent to look forward to.

She smiled in anticipation. This was going to be the best summer ever.


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