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Temptation Island
Chapter Eight
The Isle of Paretmas

Hermione and Draco swam off into the dark, cold waters. They honestly had no idea where they were going, but they would swim until they reached land. At this rate, Hermione couldn't help thinking that they'd be swimming to the Americas before getting back to the island that they had inhabited for nearly three weeks. And when the sky started turning the hues of gray of the morning, the two were exhausted.

"How long do you think we've been swimming?" Draco asked when they had come up to get some fresh air instead of the magic-processed air from the Bubble Head Charm.

"Uh...a few hours, I suppose," Hermione replied, looking around for any sign of land, to no avail.

"I'm so tired, Hermione, can't we just...float...for a minute?"

"Don't be ridiculous," she snapped. "We're in the middle of nowhere, we can't just give up now."

"I didn't say we were going to give up, I'm just suggesting we take a break."

"You're a wimp, you know that?"

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Am not!"

"You sound like you're five years old. Would you just shut up for a minute while I think?" She closed her eyes fro a moment and snapped them open almost instantly. "Get your hand off of there, mister!" she cried, smacking Draco's hand as it pulled away from her behind. She shook her head, growling in exasperation. "I appreciate you taking interest in me, but this is not the time and definitely not the place to get fresh with me!"

"Got that," Draco said, his trademark smirk passing over his face.

"What to do, what to do?" Hermione chanted to herself. "We've tried swimming, I wonder if...."

But Hermione was not able to finished her query because Draco let out an ear-piercing cry and hid behind her.

"Honestly, Draco, STOP with the stupid acts - "

"Shark!" he cried.

Hermione turned towards the direction he was pointing in and saw three gray fins swimming ominously towards them.

"Oh shit," was the only thing that was able to register in her brain.

Suddenly, Hermione thought of something in a story her grandmother always used to tell her. There once were two people in the same exact situation and a fairy godmother or something of the sort came along and saved the two people with a poem-like incantation. And the people were saved and lived happily ever after.

Get a hold of yourself, Hermione told herself. She closed her eyes again and thought hard of the incantation.

"Draco, give me your hand."

"Why?" he asked, but she didn't answer and he put his hand in hers.

"Now, concentrate very hard on making the sharks go away and I'll say the incantation."

"Incantation? What incantation? There's a spell to make sharks go away?"

"No, it's something my grandmother used to tell me in a story."

"Oh, that's really nice, Hermione. You're going to be babbling about some stupid fairy tale while I get eaten alive. Wonderful, I'd say."

"Just concentrate!"

She watched as he closed his eyes tightly. She also shut her eyes and thought hard, hoping to whatever god was out there that this worked. Then she started reciting:

"The travelers upon this sea
Have no quarrel with you sharks three;
If it is food you doth search for,
Go darken another's door;
As the pair makes their journey,
It shall not end on a gurney,
And they shall see no more of thee,
O Mighty Sharks Three."

From the power of the incantation, both Hermione's and Draco's hands were raised into the air and their heads were thrown back, facing the sky, though the two still had their eyes closed in concentration, hearts racing a million miles a minute. A blood-red bubble of light surrounded the two with a deafening boom and nothing could enter within the spherical space. A yellow light shot from within the bubble and it struck one of the sharks between the eyes. It gnashed it's teeth and then turned it's tail and fled, the two other sharks following closely behind it.

The red bubble dissipated and the couple was able to come down from the magical high. Draco looked at Hermione, then at where the sharks used to be. He looked at Hermione again, who was still breathing rather hard. He smiled and let go of her hand only to take her in his arms and plant several kisses in various places on her face.

"Oh, Hermione, that was brilliant!" he said in between kisses. "I can't believe you saved us!"

Hermione laughed nervously - half at the thought that they had done some seriously powerful magic and half at the thought that this handsome Slytherin was kissing her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and said, "Draco Malfoy, don't you know that if you're going to kiss someone who just saved your life, you should kiss them properly?"

Draco stopped kissing her left eyebrow and looked into her cinnamon eyes. The look was deep and passionate, and so filled with...was that love she saw? Could it be? Draco smiled a small, genuine smile, leaned in, and kissed her with tender passion.

Their snogging continued for a few seconds more until Draco pulled away and whispered what he knew for sure now. "Hermione, I'm in love with you."

"It's been, what, three weeks? You're in love with me already?" Draco frowned, confused. Hermione smiled once more. "Don't worry, I'm in love with you too."

Draco smiled wide in excitement, stood, picking Hermione's small figure with him and swung her around.

Wait - why were they standing in the middle of the ocean?

Without words, the two came out of their dazes and turned. Upon turning, they found a sandy beach ten feet in front of them. Upon that beach was a massive sign stating "The Isle of Paretmas - Where the Magical Get Away."

"What the - ?" Hermione started.

"Oh my god!" Draco cried. "Paretmas! Paretmas! I've always wanted to go to Paretmas!"

Hermione placed her hand on Draco's shoulder, which grounded his excitement. He turned to face her.

"Draco, what is Paretmas?" she asked.

"It's an island."

"Yeah. I can see that," Hermione replied acidly. "But what is it?"

"Well, it's what the sign says - where the magical get away. It's a total vacation spot for wizards and witches - like the Bahamas for the Muggles, I guess."

"We've hit a magical city?" Hermione asked, excitement rising through her too. "Wait, how'd it get here? How did we get here?"

"I can help you out with that one," a voice said off to the left of them.

The two turned and saw a gorgeous redhead sitting in a canoe and wearing nothing but a tiny little skirt and a lei of fresh flowers around her neck covering her otherwise naked breasts.

"Who - who are you, might I ask?" Hermione asked. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that Draco's mouth had gone dry.

"Not at all, love," the woman said. "My named is Contessa, everyone calls me Tess, though. You see, I run the place." Hermione nodded and gave Tess her and Draco's names. Draco still didn't move. "I assume that you were the ones who did some pretty powerful magic a few minutes ago? In order to see this place and get onto its shores, you have to prove that you're magical. So when you did that spell, or whatever you did, you ended up on our shores. Although you must have done some very powerful magic because you ended up on the shores while most people see the island from a hundred yards away. What did you do?"

"I scared off a few sharks," Hermione explained. "They were coming towards us and I said an incantation."

Tess' eyes widened and she gasped.

"You got rid of the Trio?" she asked.

"The what?"

"The Terrible Trio," Tess clarified. "The band of three sharks."

"Yes, that was the one," Hermione said, confused. "Is there a problem?"

"No, no; not at all," Tess said. "Hop into the canoe and I'll explain once we get back to the shore."

Draco and Hermione clambered onto the boat and Tess rowed them ashore. Once they got off, she lead them to a large area that had marble seats rising into the sky, like a stadium or amphitheatre. She pulled out her wand from the inside of her skirt (it must have been shrunk to fit under that thing, Hermione thought), conjured a large bell, and rang it five times. Within three seconds, a mass amount of people Apparated to the stands and sat, waiting to hear what they were called there for.

"People!" Tess shouted. "I give you Hermione Granger, Defeater of the Terrible Trio! Queen of the Isle of Paretmas!"

* * *

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