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"There's one more thing I have to do… before this happens again…"

The statement brought confused faces from everyone… as he struggled to get to his feet. He found himself in quite a bit of pain… considering that the Lotus blade had masked the brunt of it he received at the hands of Monkey Fist and then having to bear the pain of receiving his powers the way he did. He staggered and began to fall back, when he felt a pair of hands brace him. He looked over to see Kim… a simple smile across her face…

"I got you babe… "

She helped him to his feet. He couldn't help but admire her as he glanced into her emerald eyes. He then turned to Yori and Hirotaka…

"The statues… can you put them all together?"

Though confused, they did as requested and the statues were all placed before him. Ron stood over them… his face changing to one of seriousness and focus…

"KP… I need you to step back…"

"Ron, are you going to do what I think you are?"

"Yeah… it's for the best."

Kim reluctantly stepped back. Ron glowed in a blue aura, bringing his hands high. As he did, his palms lit in the same blue aura… forming a large flame in them. Then with a forceful yell, he threw his palms downward… sending the blast into the statues. The entire area grew bright… everyone covered their eyes from being blinded in the glare… finally the light ceased. Everyone looked up to see Ron standing… with little more than dust and debris surrounding him as if it were a slight whirlwind… eventually fading off and falling to the floor. Confusion reigned among the ninjas and even Kim for that matter. The statues were an important part of the history of Tai Shing Pek Kwar. Yori was the first to speak…

"Stoppable San… what have you done? How could you destroy something so significant?"

"No… I understand his reasoning..." Hirotaka intervened

"I'm sorry it had to be like this, but the fact is that they were destroyed once and reconstructed… and fell into the wrong hands. We can't ever allow that to happen again… for the sake of peace in this world…"

At the same time he was speaking, an aura of light appeared in front of them; suddenly forming into a human form… it was Sensei

"It is good to see you all are safe."

"Sensei… I apologize but I had to destroy the statues permanently…"

"A necessary sacrifice…" he said this while facing the stone figure of Monkey Fist…

"Sometimes, sacrifices must be made and lessons learnt in order to defeat evil and prevent it from gaining strength. I also trust, Stoppable San, that you have learnt your lesson as well…"

Ron, with just a bit of sadness in his eyes glanced at Kim… then back to sensei… now with his head to the floor.

"I understood too late sensei… I thought I could do this without anyone, but I was wrong… and because of that I put you all and the world in danger… I have failed you all…"

"But you're still here Ron… and so are we. I know how it feels to think you can do anything –" Kim's words were cut mid speech…

"Yeah but you actually did Kim…you could do anything…"

"Do you know why I could do anything? Because you said I could… you had faith that I could. And most importantly, you were by my side. Stop beating yourself up about it… no matter what, I'll always be by your side…"

"Stoppable San… the mightiest mountain, it only as mighty as the earth on which it is on…"

Sensei always had a way of making his point, but none were clearer to Ron this day, than that last statement. Ron kindly bowed to his master… with a weak, but growing smile on his face…

"I understand now… thank you sensei…"

The old master simply smiled and bowed to his student. Ron turned to face his girlfriend… who was quick to embrace him. She rubbed his back, while he stroked her hair... enjoying the moment and the feel of each other. Eventually, they separated and faced everyone watching them… as if they all were saying… "Aww."

"I believe now is the time for us to say our farewells… Yori, Hirotaka… your son is anxious as to your return…"

That brought a surprised face to Kim and Ron… even Rufus who was watching the events the whole time…

"Son?" Kim and Ron both said. She caught on to it and was about to turn to Ron and yell her favorite quote in those situations, but Ron was one step ahead…

"Don't you dare Possible…"

"Fun wrecker…" Kim said while folding her arms… but then the shock of the earlier statement took her again. The two ninjas merely snickered…

"Yes… Hirotaka and I have been married for some time… we have a four year old son…"

"Ron you never told me that…."

"That's cause I didn't know KP…"

"Stoppable San had been out of contact for some time… he said to me that he wanted to better himself for you Kim Possible. It is my hope that soon we shall hear of the same news for both of you…"

Both heroes turned a shade of red. Once again the two ninjas laughed… but sensei brought them back once again...

"Yori… it is time… "

"Yes sensei. I believe it is time to say farewell… until we all meet again…"

"You guys take care of yourselves… and your kid."

"And you both take care of each other…" Hirotaka returned.

Everyone nodded to each other as they made their way out… but then a startling thought came to light…

"Where's Amy?"

"She must have escaped when we weren't looking…"

"We gotta find her before-"

"Whoa Ron, leave her be… I think she's learned her lesson as well. We'll get her another time…"

Kim's words were somewhat soothing despite the anger that was enveloping Ron at the mere thought of what se had done. But in retrospect, she did save them all... it was the only reason that Ron had decided to leave things be. They walked out hand in hand, back to the world they had left, leaving the stony figure of a villain who came so close to destroying them all, to lay in the darkness.


Another morning and once again the familiar sound of an alarm came blaring throughout the bedroom… trying its hardest to accomplish the job it was set out for…


"Please shut that thing up…"


A hand now felt its way looking for the immortal "snooze" button, but felt cloth more than it felt like a piece of plastic…



Quickly, the young woman rose… stopping the alarm clock. Frantically she paced about the house, looking for him, but he wasn't to be found. She knew that he would go for a run early, but that's after the alarm went off… she put on a sweater and pants and went outside. As she did, she found him… sitting by the poolside, staring into the sky… seemingly lost in thought…

"Hey um… excuse me… maybe when you decide to go stargazing, leave your loving girlfriend a bed note… huh?"

"Sorry…" His mind was far… she could tell that something was really bothering him…

"Penny for your thoughts?" She asked as she sat next to him…

"Oh… I was just thinking about Yori…"

"Uh… come again…" Her eyebrow rose… Ron quickly caught on to it…"

"No, not what you're thinking Kim… I mean that they look so happy… and it so surprising that they're now a family… kinda makes me wish-"

"That we had one too…"

"Yeah… after all we've been through, it just feels like it should…"

Kim leaned over and laid her head on Ron's lap. He raised his arm to allow her to… gently resting it on her chest…

"You wouldn't believe that it's been on my mind as well… I know I want to be your wife… and your child's mother. Man I feel so weird just saying that…"

"I know what you mean… and it would be badical to be your hubby…"

"Badical? I haven't heard you say that in sooo long…"

"Well, true, but we aren't getting any younger…"

"Babe, why don't we let time work that out for us? We've been only together again about four days now... and you don't have a pry bar big enough to get me off of you…"

"How about a forklift?"


"I'm kidding I'm kidding…" Ron snickered at his girlfriend's apparent shock to his statement…

"Look, whatever comes our way, we'll handle it… together. We're a team… always have, always will be."


Kim rose to meet Ron face to face… she held his chin… and drew him into a kiss. He embraced her as she did… enjoying the warmth of her body in the cool of the night…

"I love you Ronieroo…"

"Ditto KP… ditto."

Eventually they just laid there watching the starry night… holding each other. So many things had changed in so many years… but their love for each other stood the many tests… and even saved them in the end. Now, they were back on track… the unstoppable team… reoriented.

"Hey, you know… those stars over there almost look like a bunch of nacos…"

"(Sigh)… you have got to be kidding…"