A Hero Always Comes Home



"You're going the wrong way!"

"Sokka you're holding the map upside down!"

"Oh." The Gang laughed. Iroh even laughed but Zuko remained silent.

"SPARKY!!" Toph yelled.

"What is it Toph?" Zuko asked.

"Drop the emo kid act!" Toph snapped. Zuko looked like he was about to snap back but he thought better of it. Toph leaned back looking very smug. Then she hit her head on Appa's saddle.

"OW! I HATE FLYING!!" Toph screamed. Katara bended the water out of her pouch. It formed into a small ball of water and stretched out wrapping itself around Toph's head. Appa stopped short. Katara lost concentration and the water splashed unto Toph.

"Sugar Queen!" Toph began. Aang covered her mouth. Toph blushed.

"Do you hear that?" Aang asked. They all shrugged. Appa began the descent to the ground. As they touched the groung they heard voices.

"Real smart corner a dangerous WATERbender by a RIVER!!"A girl's voice taunted. Zuko paled. The Gang slowly began to walk towards the voice.

"There's no way I could use my WATERbending by a RIVER made of WATER!" The voice continued.

No, not her. Please don't be her. Zuko thought.

"Surrender and we won't attack." A rough voice called.

Fire Nation guards. The Gang prepared to help. Only Iroh seemed calm. Zuko looked like he was about to puke. The Gang slowly made their way to the river. They saw the girl. Her skin wasn't pale but not tan. She had jet black hair and her bangs covered her eye. Her eye that was visible was a beautiful shade of blue that seemed to be made of the river. She wore a necklace with the ying yang on it. A black cloak hid her clothes.

"I will never surrender to you or your stupid ruler Owimpalot." The girl called out.

Owimpalot? Oh that's good.

The girl assumed a fighting stance and attacked. She took some water from the river and bended into a disc and used it to rise up to the trees. She stood there. She smiled a wicked smile and transformed the water into a water whip and knocked the guards down. She bended the water into a disc once again and went down to ground level. A guard got up. The guard then directed lightening at the girl. The Gang gasped. Katara grabbed Zuko's arm.

"Oh my God." Katara whispered. She then realized this was Zuko's arm she was grabbing and let go.

The girl smiled. She didn't raise a shield or duck. She redirected it. A waterbender just used a firebending technique.

The Guards ran. They scrambled to get up. One brave Guard attempted to stand and fight but the girl smiled and raised her arms. The whole river swelled into a giant wave. The brave guard ran.

Once the guards were gone. The girl turned to the Gang. She placed her hand onto her hip. She smiled. Not a wicked smile, but it wasn't a comforting one either. It looked like she was about to lecture them.

"General Iroh! You should be ashamed. Didn't your mother teach you not to stare? Its very rude."