Zoe looked in the mirror.

"Oh My God." She breathed as she saw herself. Her hair was up, and she was a dress that was so beautiful it nearly made her cry. But if she did, she would mess up her makeup and Sugar Queen would kill her.

"I can't do this!" Zoe wailed. How could she?

"So let me get this straight. You can come back from the dead, fight off Ozai, Hama and Azula, and bend two elements, but you can't walk down an aisle and get married." Zuko teased, appearing in the doorway, straight into Zoe's personal hell. Makeup, dresses, painful hair sutff and shoes was the stuff of nightmares for Zoe.

"Precisely." Zoe smirked. She was starting to get light headed. Katara looked up, furious.

"If you tell Nate where she is…" Katara warned. She had her heart set on making sure verything was perfect for Zoe's wedding. Toph on the other hand was giving Nate a pep talk. Aang was talking to the priest and Sokka was talking to the chef. Iroh was helping Toph with the pep talk.

"Calm down. Nate's hyperventilating. He wouldn't understand a thing." Zuko reassured her. Zoe grunted. Why is Nate allowed to go into hysterics? She stopped breathing for a moment. Nate wasn't hyperventailing. Zuko was trying to mess with her.

"Katara how tight did you have to get this dress to be?" Zoe said in between breaths. Katara was tying the bow in the back of Zoe's dress. Zoe shot a reporachful look at Zuko.

"If you're still talking, not tight enough." Katara retorted. Zoe took another deep breath.

"Zuko start singing."

"Why?" Zuko asked confused.

"It calms me down. Or makes me laugh. So start singing. Humor me." Zoe snapped.

"Cranky bride." Zuko muttered.

"If she gets cranky Zuko, I'll kill you." Katara warned. Zuko took a deep breath and started to sing. Zoe tried very hard not to laugh. Katara tied the bow a little tighter.

"Be nice."

"Yes, Mother." Zoe laughed.


Zoe stared at the ground as the priest spoke in his gravelly voice. She could feel Nate's eyes on her. Zoe wanted to touch her necklace, but Katara had told her not to fidget. Zoe felt totally hopeless.

"You may kiss the bride." The priest finished. Nate cupped his hand under Zoe's chin. Zoe forgot to breathe.

"I love you." He whispered huskly. Zoe threw her arms around his neck. Zoe kissed him. The kiss was deepened but Zoe was starting to run out of air. Stupid Katara. Why did she have to try the damn dress so freaking tight? When they finally broke away, they grabbed each other's hands and ran out the door, laughing. The bridal party followed them, laughing and cheering. Iroh smiled.

"They grow up so fast."Iroh mumbled. Zoe stopped and turned around.

"Come on Iroh!" She laughed. Zoe looked happier than ever. Her eyes sparkled and danced, and she seemed to glow with joy.


The party was amzing. Toph was drunk, but that was okay. Aang refused to drink, but Zoe was pretty sure Toph slipped something in one of his drinks, because the youing
Avatar was starting to get tipsy. Zuko and Katara were dancing. Zuko looked like he was in pain. Zoe couln't help but giggle. Sokka was kissing Suki. Iroh was dancing with some old lady. ZOe couldn't help but groan. As Zoe watched everyone dance and celebrate, she felt like the luckiest girl in the world. Then Nate grabbed Zoe's hand.

"Do you want to dance?" Nate whsipered in her ear. Zoe felt shivers up her spine. Sghe wanted much more than just a dance. But that would have to wait. So she accepted. As they dance, Nate kissed her passioantely and Zoe kissed him back. Everything felt so right. Her hero had come home, and married her. Screw Romeo and Juliet. Who said love stories can't have happily ever afters?

The End!

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