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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s)/Cartoon(s): The New Batman Adventures/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Drama/Humor/Spiritual/Action

Pairing: Bruce Wayne (Batman)/Kagome, with hints of Nightwing/Kagome and one-sided love with Kagome and a few villains.

Warning: There may be some hinted Yaoi (maybe) and there might be lemon later in the fic.

Summary: After her trips to the past, Kagome decides move to the U.S. to get away and start anew. Now in Gotham City, Kagome tries applying for every job she could qualify for, including a few job openings at Wayne Enterprises. What would happen if our favorite miko got a good paying job at Wayne Enterprises? What would happen if she caught the interest of Bruce Wayne and his alter ego, Batman?

Chapter One

Even though it was midday, the sun was hidden behind grey clouds that were mostly likely caused by the pollution that came from the exhaustion from the cars that were currently in heavy traffic.

Kagome internally groaned, not liking the air in the city at all. To her, Tokyo was cleaner compared to the city she was in now and she was really starting to get homesick.

After spending four to five years in the Sengoku era, Kagome's quest for the jewel shards had come to a close and Naraku meeting his demise with Kagome's arrow and the last energy of Sesshoumaru's Tokijin. Once the jewel was completed, Kagome was sent directly to her own era with the well being sealed permanently.

For a few months, the miko started gaining symptoms of depression and started to isolate her self from most of her family and friends. Realizing that her friends from the Sengoku era wouldn't want her to live the rest of her life being miserable, Kagome took a stand and, with saving up and planning ahead, announced that she was moving to America to try live past the memories Japan made her remember.

With a few calls here and there, along with planning ahead and making arrangements, Kagome was on the next plane to America and had arrived in Gotham City.

One of her relatives, a close cousin lived in the city so Kagome had a place to live until she got her own place.

And now here she was, two months after moving to Gotham City, looking for a good paying job. It was already close to lunch and Kagome wasn't having any luck finding a good job that wasn't somehow involved in criminal business or the like.

She already checked the Iceberg Lounge but didn't really find the jobs of waitress or hostess to be fitting for her… aside the fact that the uniform was like holding a sign over her head saying "Free Meat buns! Get your free meat buns and more". Not to mention the manager… Cobblepot or something kept staring at her and did what he could to make her change her mind about the jobs he was willing to offer her, even if it was just to take care of the seals he had.

But after a while, he gave up and said that there was always an opening if she changed her mind. The small monocle-wearing man seemed nice but Kagome didn't feel comfortable about working in a place like the "Iceberg Lounge".

The other job interviews after that just went down hill after they found out that she didn't have a high school diploma, let alone a college degree. Once they had found out in her resume, they immediately turned her down.

Now almost lunch time and Kagome had one more place to check out…

'Wayne Enterprises.' She read on the sign that was over the entrance of the building. Kagome had heard that this place was one of the top businesses in the U.S. and maybe even the world when it came to science and technology. Deep down she felt that she didn't have a chance at getting a good job at this place unless it was as a cleaning lady.

'It never hurts to try… even if the chance is slim to none…' Kagome sighed, getting close to having cold feet and wondering if she should just forget about this interview and go back to her cousin's apartment and see if said cousin still had a job opening in his Asian floral and boutique shop. 'Even if it is just to be his dress-up model for his clothes and a florist for his Ikebana sales.' Kagome thought.

Just as she was about to turn around and forget the interview, Kagome stopped before taking a deep breath and gathering her courage. And with determination burning in her eyes, the miko made her way through the front rotating doors of the building and to the elevator. After entering the said elevator and pressing the button for her floor, a man quickly leaped in before the doors closed.

Kagome looked at him with surprised slightly wide eyes, giving him a chance to breath before asking, "Which floor?" Yeah, Kagome knows little English but only enough to get by. But when she spoke English, it had a bit of a heavy accent that made it sound strange and funny at the same. All in all, it sounded a bit butchered.

The man looked to her before saying, "Fourteenth floor, please." He had nice deep voice. Not to mention he was good-looking too with strong jaw line, broad shoulders, and a beautiful pair of ice blue eyes.

If Kagome hadn't seen her fair share of beautiful men, she was certain that she would have blushed like schoolgirl. But instead of doing that, she just gave a smile, saying, "Me too…" And she leaned against the side of the elevator, listening to the boring elevator music.

Bruce straightened up his posture while looking at the small woman who stood off to the side of the elevator. She was small, about a little over five feet and looked of Asian descent. Her raven hair was up in a messy but appealing bun while wearing a dark blue dress jacket buttoned up over what looked like a black corset and dark blue ankle length linen skirt that looked like casual wear but she made it look semi-formal- something good to wear in the office, on her dainty feet were a pair of stiletto heel sandals, and lastly, around her neck was what looked like a perfectly round natural pink conch pearl on a string of what looked like prayer beads.

He also noticed in her hands were what looked like a folder. What it held, he didn't know.

She was very attractive, Bruce admitted. Maybe even more than the women he often dated. Not to mention she had a figure that looked model worthy. But what really caught his attention were her deep blue eyes that looked like they were specked with cobalt grey. He found it interesting that someone Asian had such an eye color.

A part of him wanted to ask her out to lunch or something but after taking in her appearance once more, he saw that she looked to be in her teens, maybe sixteen or seventeen at the most.

During the wait, Kagome started to feel the man staring at her, making her feel slightly uncomfortable. Her brows furrowed slightly before turning her attention to the man who was with her… and saw that he WAS checking her out. OPENLY!

Her left brow twitched a bit before his eyes met hers.

"What?" She asked in her butchered but understandable English. If this guy turned out to be a pervert, only god knows what she'd do to him if he made a move. And if there were one thing that Kagome almost despised, it would be non-subtle perverted playboys, although, Miroku was an exception because he usually acted that way to light the mood and never really mean much of it.

The man blinked a couple of times before saying something that Kagome guessed was most likely a pickup line with the way his voice sounded flirty and suggestive. Her left brow rose before the elevator bell went off, signaling they had reached their floor. After a moment of staring at each other, Kagome left the elevator before him and made her way to where the job interview was to take place.

Gotham's number one bachelor stood in the elevator of a moment longer, surprised that the girl didn't fall for his charm, before walking out himself while staring at the girl's retreating form. Sure, he had said that she looked really beautiful for work and had tried to ask if she would like to go to lunch with him later but he never finished his 'lunch date' question because of the blank look in her eye that seemed to almost dare him to finish the question.

And after the elevator reached their floor, she just silently left.

Remember that he had a meeting to attend to; Bruce made his way to the opposite direction the girl headed to.


Once she had found room she was to come to for the interview, the secretary told her in almost broken Japanese to wait. During the wait, after taking a seat in one of the many uncomfortable chairs that were in the waiting room, Kagome started to think about how her family was doing back in Japan… and how her friends, Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi were holding up. She also wondered how her friend in the Sengoku era.

'I wonder if Sango-chan and Miroku-sama got married and had lots of kids…' the thought of little Sangos and Mirokus was just too funny- enough to bring a smile on her face but the thought of daughters that were just like Miroku and sons that were like Sango was almost enough to make bust out laughing. She didn't though because she didn't want the Broken Japanese speaking receptionist to think she was mental.

For a moment she also started to wonder Hojo was doing. The thought of him made her almost sigh in irritation and exasperation. That boy was also one of the reasons why she decided to move to America because she wanted to get away from him so that could at least try to find a lover at the least.

The miko internally snorted, 'Good luck there, Kagome-chan. You just need to find someone who at least understands Japanese first… or at least learn and speak better English.'

Her thoughts were interrupted when the receptionist called out to her. When Kagome turned her attention to her, the receptionist motioned her to go on in.

She stood smoothly, trying to ignore the chibi-cho in her stomach, and made her way to the room where she was to have her job interview. After walking in, she notice there was a long table that seated four people- two middle-aged men, an elderly woman who looked to be sixty at most, and one young man who looked to be in his late twenties, early thirties.

Between the two pairs of people, there was an empty seat, most likely for someone they had to wait for before they started to interview her for any job openings they have.

A foot or two away from them was an empty chair and an Asian woman who Kagome believed was their Japanese translator.

The said Asian woman stood and spoke to her in fluent Japanese, "Irrashaimase, Higurashi-san. Watashi wa Kylie Smith desu. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu." (Welcome, Ms. Higurashi. My name is Kylie Smith. Please to meet you.)

Kagome smiled before making her way to the woman and replied, "Hai, arigato gozaimsu. Dozo yoroshiku." (Yes, thank you very much. Please to meet you.)

Once the woman asked her to take a seat, Kagome did so in the empty chair next to the translator who called her self 'Kylie Smith'. Kylie was a pretty young woman who looked to be a couple years older than Kagome with cherry blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a beauty mark in the corner of her left eye. Aside from her proper work attire, she also wore a pair of thin-framed glasses that seemed to accent her features nicely.

In many ways, Kagome was grateful that she was here and could speak fluent Japanese because without her, the miko was sure that she would be struggling to answer any questions the interviewers may have for her and she didn't want to make an ass out of her self by answering anything wrong.

Ms. Kylie informed her that they were waiting for one more person before they started the interview. As they waited, Kagome just felt her self grow more nervous by the second… not by the waiting but also by the scrunching stares she kept getting from the two middle-aged men and the lustful stares of the young man. The only ones made who seem to understand her nervousness was the elderly woman and Kylie.

"Daijoubu. I'm right with you to help." Kylie assured in a low tone that Kagome alone could hear. The miko smiled, thankfully before voicing her thanks to her.

The door she just walked through then opened, making everyone in the room turn to see… 'The same man from the elevator…' Kagome thought with her brow twitching slightly at the man's appearance as he spoke, "Sorry, I'm late. The meeting took longer than expected." Although, Kagome didn't understand what he said.

"It's all right, Mr. Wayne. We were just waiting for you." The young man who was lustfully staring at Kagome spoke. Again, the miko didn't understand what was being said.

As Bruce made his way to his seat, he took a glance at the young woman they were to interview and was surprised to see that it was the same young woman who he met in the elevator… and she was looking at him with weary eyes, like she was expecting him to do something to her.

He just smiled at her softly as he took his seat and gave the interviewers a go-ahead to start the interview.

The interview carried on smoothly with Kylie translating everything back and forth, switching from English to Japanese and back. The questions they asked were the normal, like what kind of experience she has in working and what were her interests in working at Wayne Enterprises. Those kinds of questions were answered smoothly enough.

Close to the end of the interview, one of the middle-aged men asked Kagome in a tone that she didn't seem to like, "And why should we hire someone like you, who doesn't have a high school diploma or even a college degree?"

Bruce also didn't like the tone the man spoke in.

He always knew this man had something against potential workers who never finished school or never went back to school. Why? Even he didn't know. But after meeting this woman, Kagome Higurashi, and took a look at her resume… he could tell she had great leadership skills if her being captain of two clubs in high school were to go by. Not to mention she looked to be very observant with how her eyes seem to dart around the room and from person to person.

Yes, this young woman had great potential to work for Wayne Enterprises. And he would make sure that she'd get a job here.

Kagome turned to Kylie as the cherry blond translated to question for her. The miko could already tell that many people in the company didn't like this man and also seem to have a log six feet up his ass, if his tone toward her was anything to go by.

After Kylie translated his question to her, Kagome stared straight at the man and answered him in a dead serious tone that even Sesshoumaru would be proud of. As she spoke, Kylie translated for those who didn't speak Japanese, "Gentlemen, and ladies. I know that my resume is not that impressive… combined with the fact that I'm a high school dropout who can't speak or completely understand fluent English. But despite all of those flaws, I'm willing to work hard and learn as I go… if only to get a good paying and respectable job."

There was a pause from Kagome before started to speak in a soft and sincere tone, trying to reach out to them so they could at least try to understand her and Kylie continued to translate, "I came to America to try and start my life anew… and live past the pains of some of my memories from home. All I ask is to please believe me when I say that I'm a hard worker and I can be a fast learner when I put my mind to it. For an entire week and all morning today I've been turned down by various jobs, even by jobs that don't even ask for a high school diploma to be accepted. I don't care what kind of job you give me. Janitor, maintenance, errand girl, or even someone who just makes the morning coffee… I'm willing to work hard in whatever job you give me. Please…"

Kagome bowed her head with her hands on her knees. A posture that was common when someone was begging for a favor or begging to be accepted.

Kylie looked to the young foreign woman with something akin to surprised while also touched at how determined she was willing to work. In some ways, Kylie felt a connection to this young woman… who reminded her of her self when she was first looking for a job a Wayne Enterprises. Her expression changed into a soft understanding before looking to Bruce and the four sitting with him.

It seemed Kagome had won over the elderly woman's attentions, same with the second middle-aged man and the young man (who stopped drooling over Kagome, long enough to hear what she had to say). Kylie knew that the man who had asked Kagome that question wasn't going to listen and she wasn't so sure about Bruce Wayne, since he was usually an unpredictable man.

The elderly woman, who sat next to Bruce, leaned over to him and whispered something she couldn't hear before the second middle aged man, who Kagome won over from her speech, also leaned over to Bruce to whisper something. It was most likely something the other middle-aged man didn't like because he looked like he was about to bust a blood vessel.

"So it's three against one…" Bruce muttered as he closed his eyes with a small upturn of his lips. He then stood, calling out Kagome's name in fluent Japanese, "Higurashi-san."

Kagome lifted her head and stared at Bruce in a sort of anticipation and anxiety. It looked like she was ready to get turned down again.

But the single bachelor just smiled softly before speaking to her in fluent Japanese, "I'm more than willing to give you a chance in working with us." Her expression changed to one of happiness that seemed to make her eyes glow before Bruce continued, "But… this will be a two week trial, to see if you're telling the truth about working hard."

Since the people who sat on either side of him didn't understand Japanese, Kylie translated what he said and gained an outraged cry from the middle-aged man who seemed to have a log up his ass. You could practically tell that he didn't like dropouts. Despite his displeasure, the others who were present smiled like it was expected of Bruce Wayne to give people like Kagome a chance at working at his company.

Kagome stood up, spirits lifted high, before giving a respectful bow in thanks while voicing that thanks. She couldn't help but bow out of habit. It was just something she grew up doing when showing her gratefulness.

Bruce couldn't help but chuckle at her antics. It seemed like the simplest of actions and gestures pleased.

'A material girl…' he thought, feeling his alter ego grow curious of the young woman in front of him.

After straightening herself upright, Kagome thank him again before he gave her permission to leave. Just as she rested her hand on the doorknob, Kagome turned to him and asked curiously in Japanese, "Ano… what will my new job be?"

And when Bruce gave a smirk that seemed to make her become weary again, Kagome felt that it couldn't be good. And she was right when he gave her an answer.


Sirens sounded from what seemed like the other side of the city as Kagome made her way back to her cousin's place where she knew the cross dresser was most likely waiting for her to eat dinner.

That aside, Kagome still couldn't believe the job she given for her two week working trial.

'Personal and private secretary… for that perverted bastard?!' Kagome groaned, not at all looking forward to start working with the very man who's not only a womanizer but also the number one bachelor of all Gotham! She could also tell that he was far too smug for his own good about her being his secretary.

But she showed him before leaving the room…

Xx Flashback xX

Kagome stiffened before asking him to repeat his answer to her question. There was no way in hell she could've heard right about the job he decided to give her.

He just chuckled again before answering in Japanese, "I'm in need of a new personal and private secretary. Will you accept?"

With a couple of blinks, Kagome took a deep sigh before making her way to her new boss and said, "I'll accept… but first, I only have a couple of ground rules."

"And they would be?"

"One, I won't abide to anything that is outside the job description. Two, I won't tolerate being treated like a slab of meat or some desperate common whore. And three, don't expect me to arrange anything outside of work such as dinner dates with any girlfriends you may have and most likely will make… that also includes picking gifts and flowers for said girlfriends." Kagome pointed out with a blank expression and dead serious tone.

Xx Flashback End xX

Kagome could help but giggle at the memory of how surprised he seemed about ground rules. But if he wanted her as a secretary that badly, he's gonna have to abide by those rules.

With a satisfied sigh, Kagome continued her way to her home away from home and her very flamboyant cousin.

Unbeknownst to her, high up over her on the roofs of the buildings, Batman was making his nightly patrol of the city before he notice Kagome most likely making her way home. But also noticed that she was being followed by someone.

Kagome knew someone was following her. No matter how hard they try, their footsteps were too loud compared to hers and she could also feel their presence coming towards her. Not really in the mood to play games and have a stalker know where she lives and risk her favorite cousin's life and also too hungry to beat around the bush and try to lose him, Kagome took a right into an alleyway so that could confront her stalker.

She stood in the middle of the alley in plain view made sure she was facing where she had entered so she could see her assailant face to face. And like any dumb ass, he took the bait and followed her in the alley.

Gotham's dark knight noticed Kagome's actions and couldn't help but frown slightly, wondering what she had in mind. Making his way to a roof that enabled him to overlook the alley she was in, Batman saw that Kagome was now facing her stalker like she knew that he was following her.

Kagome stared her stalker down, as he seemed surprised at first before his expression changed into a sly and predator-like grin as he made his way closer to her think he had her cornered. In one way her did because Kagome led him into an alley with a dead end.

But in another, Kagome wasn't bothered by it because she knew that she could kick his ass if he had a knife, stick, or something as a weapon. She just hoped that he didn't have a gun because she may be stronger and quicker than the average female but she wasn't quick enough to dodge a bullet, not to mention she was still human and not impervious to death.

Kagome noticed that he was reaching into his coat; she decided not to take any chances and wait to see what he had. As soon as she found an opening, she subtly stepped out of her stiletto heels before running towards him faster than he could see- confusing him.

Batman also noticed that the assailant was reaching into his coat, getting out his weapon. Not wanted an innocent to get hurt he was about to drop down but saw Kagome run toward the man.

He never saw what she did next…

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Ikebana – This is a Japanese traditional art of Flower arrangements. Just look up Ikebana in any Image Search Engine and you'll see some nice arrangements.

Natural pink conch pearl – It's a very beautiful pink pearl that's pretty rare in the world. The picture I found of this had originated from Asia. You can find this picture on pinkemerald(.)com, in the last page of "various colored gems".

Chibi-cho – Little butterflies.