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Warning: Will contain a lemon later on (I hope XD), but for now just uber fluffiness.

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Send a love letter this week.

That was the advice Roxas had just received from a chocolate wrapper. His mom had brought home a bag of chocolates and offered him one since he loved them so much, and especially since he had been so depressed lately. The wrappers always had a little saying or piece of advice which he thought made them even better.

Before he had even opened the wrapper, he swore to himself that he would do whatever the wrapper said to. The last time he had had one of the little chocolates, it told him to smile at everyone he saw that day, and he did. It had been great, since he made his best friend Sora that way.

So he had decided to do what the wrapper said, and he would do it. Even if it was something as difficult as this. He had promised himself he would do it, and he never went back on his word, no matter how hard.

But, weren't love letters something you usually sent to the person you were dating or married to? At least someone you were in love with? So who to send the letter to? Ever since Olette left him for Hayner, he'd been stuck in the world of love.

Then again, no one said you had to be in love with someone to send them a love letter, right? So really, he could send it to his mom, he loved her. But that would be cheating wouldn't it? And Roxas wasn't a cheater either.

So who to send the letter to? Was there anyone he liked, even a little, anyone he found attractive? Roxas sat for a long time, thinking, the wrapper held in his hand. Finally, he got out a sheet of paper, his mind made up.


"Hey, Axel, you've got mail!" Demyx yelled, waving around a plain white envelope, which Axel immediately took.

"Thanks, Dem," he mumbled, walking back to his room. As he walked, he opened it and began to read. Demyx followed behind, telling Axel quite loudly that he wanted to know what was in the letter. Suddenly, Axel stopped his eyes wide in surprise.

"Um, Axel? What's wrong?" Axel said nothing, continuing to stare at the piece of paper clutched in his hands. Demyx looked at him worriedly. "Is it the letter?" Finally, a slight nod from the red-head. "What does it say?"

Axel took a deep breathe, letting it out in a whoosh. "It's a… love letter," he replied, his voice hushed.

Demyx immediately brightened up. "Oooo really?" he squealed. "Who's it from?"

Axel closed his eyes, taking another deep breathe, bowing his head. "Roxas."

Demyx stood for a moment, shocked, then launched himself at the taller man. "For real? That's awesome!" Axel slowly shook his head, his face sad. "Huh? Why not? This is your chance! I mean, he likes you too so now you should definitely go for it!"

Axel sighed. "But… how do I know he really likes me? We've hardly ever spoken except for about class work. And, doesn't he have that Olette girl?"

"Get up with the times!" Demyx laughed. "She broke up with him two weeks ago for Hayner! Roxas is a free man now!"

With this, Axel's face visibly brightened. "So, he's not with her anymore? That's… good. You really think I have a chance?"

Demyx hit Axel on the shoulder. "Of course you do! Didn't he just send you a love letter? And who wouldn't want you anyway? I'd totally go after you if I didn't have Zexion and you weren't obsessed with Roxas."

Axel rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Dem. Ok. So, Monday? Yea, I'll ask him out Monday!"


"Hey, Roxas, wait up!" Roxas turned around to see Axel hurrying his way. He blushed. How couldn't he when this was the first time seeing the red-head since sending him a love letter?

"Uh… hey, Axel," Roxas said as the red-head caught up, a light blush still visible on his cheeks.

"Heya, Roxie," Axel replied, smirking. "Uh, there was something I wanted to talk to you about…" Axel started, his smirk fading a bit to a look of nervousness.

O crap, Roxas thought, he read the letter and now he's gonna turn me down in the middle of the school hallway.

"Would you… go to dinner with me?" Axel asked, his voice shaking a bit, his cheeks slightly flushed.

Roxas gaped at him. "Would… I… what?" he stammered out.

Axel reddened, his smirk slipping farther. "Er… you don't have to…. I just-"

Roxas' eyes widened. "No, no, that's not what I meant! I was just… surprised. I'd love to go to dinner with you!"

Axel's grin returned. "Great! I'll pick you up at seven then? See ya later!" he said, then ran off to his next class.

Roxas stood in the middle of the hallway, still shocked, but extremely happy. O! He doesn't know where I live! Eh, he'll figure it out somehow I guess, he thought, heading to his own class. Little did he know…

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