Warning/AN1: This fic deals with three chars we've come to know as good being turned evil, entering into a threesome relationship and basically wreaking havoc over their world. This piece will include mentions and description of char death. This isn't light an fluffy and I'm putting Rocky through a lot (he is given memories of what his evil self did) which is why he and Adam aren't ending up together at the end…I would have to write a recovery fic for that to be feasible. Obviously there is slash in this piece. If any of this is going to offend you please don't read this.

A/N2: This piece is told from three chars pov: Rocky and the AU realities version of Dustin and Skull, except in this AU Skull now goes by Gene. Thank you.

A/N3: Yeah, yeah I know…eep lots of Author's Notes, which I don't like to do. I also don't usually juggle this many fics, but well this one wouldn't let me finish it without the first chap being out there and it won't leave me along. This is written for the prau100 challenge on lj using prompt #10 Sixth Sense.

Pairings: Rocky/Adam UST, AU – Adam/Rocky/Aisha, Andros/Dustin

Down Which Path:

Rocky hugged one knee as he watched Jason and Adam sparring. He glanced over as Bulk and Skull surrounded him.

"Still saying you're being replaced," Bulk told him.

"Man, would you two just go away," Rocky told them. He and Jason had resolved their issues and a part of Rocky couldn't believe he'd let some stupid comments from Bulk and Skull blow his insecurities out of proportion.

Skull laughed, "What cause we're right?"

"No, because you're wrong and I want to be alone," he told them. Normally he liked being surrounded by people, but lately he needed space. He'd had a bad feeling growing in the pit of his stomach for awhile.

Maybe he'd let Bulk and Skull get to him because he'd just realized he was interested in Adam and then Adam had refused to spar with him because he was going to spar with Jason.

No, that wasn't it. It might have played into it, but Rocky suspected it had had more to do with his feeling of foreboding. Something big was headed their way. He jumped when his communicator beeped.

"Sorry guys, gotta go," he told Bulk and Skull in relief as he walked away.

Dustin struggled as the final member of The Triad dragged him along. He attempted to plant his feet, attempted to squirm away, but he couldn't even seem to succeed in slowing their pace.

"My teammates will come for me," he told Three with as much bravado as he could mange. He hoped they didn't come for him. He hoped they knew better.

Three stopped, turned, "You can't escape, you might as well cease your struggling and as for your friends, I'm counting on it."

"Dude!" Dustin stressed as he attempted to struggle free.

Three pulled him close, using the dark magic that Dustin found was more powerful than he'd imagined. He found himself barely able to struggle against it.

"Why don't you just demorph? It'll make things less painful when I get my way," Three lied as he caressed the side of Dustin's helmet.

Dustin forced himself to be still as he took in his enemy, an enemy who was also in armor similar to that of a power ranger suit. He had been told that the original rangers of Earth were the basis for the design, but that the extra black armor that covered the chest hadn't been part of it. This man before him, who from what he'd been told had no good left in him, was suited up in a deep dark green.

Three didn't respond to his denial to demorph and instead tugged him along again.

"Ah, Dude where are we going?" Dustin attempted to stall.

"I'm not stupid," Three told them as he pulled them into a warehouse, "Your friends will find us. Then to get you back they'll bring me what I want."

"Okay, whatever dude," Dustin told him as he looked around, trying to see if there might be a way to escape.

"Sit," Three ordered and Dustin found himself forced to the ground.

"Somehow," Rocky said as they watched the viewing globe, "I don't think that dark green ranger is a good guy."

"Doesn't look like it," Tommy agreed.

"Zordon, do you know who the yellow ranger is?" Tanya asked.

"No, I do not. They've come from a different reality, one where The Wind Morphers have been activated."

"The Wind Morphers?" Jason asked.

"Yes, in creating the original morphers Alpha and I had some help programming in several of the fighting techniques. The Ninja Academies that helped asked for morphers in return. They wouldn't have activated them unless the situation was dire."

"So in whatever reality these two are from, things have probably gone badly?" Kat attempted to clarify.

"They most likely have," Zordon agreed.

The alarms went off again.

"There are more rangers coming through the wormhole!" Alpha announced, "Oh, I hope they're good guys."

The image on the viewing globe changed to show a Green Zeo Ranger and a Red Ranger stepping through the wormhole. They took a moment to get their barring before they set off after the dark ranger and the Wind Ranger.

"Do you think that's me?" Adam asked.

"It could be, couldn't it?" Rocky asked.

"The possibility is there," Zordon answered.

"Who's the guy in red?" Tommy asked.

"That is the Red Astro Ranger, if the man wearing the suit is the same as here than that would be Andros. However you must remember they are from a different reality, things could be radically different."

"Well a ranger's still a ranger," Tommy decided, "we should go help them rescue their friend."

The feeling inside of Rocky had expanded. This was it, what was happening now had been what all his uneasy feelings were about. Still he couldn't hesitate, as the others agreed, he did as well. They morphed and set off.

Dustin shuddered. He could feel Three trying to break though his morph. He used his connection with the Earth to ground himself, to find a balance in the onslaught. He felt ragged and wasn't sure how much longer he could hold out against the magical assault. He'd hold out as long as he could, but even now he found himself wondering if this is how his teammates had felt before they had lost their morph, before they had succumb.

"Let him go!"

Dustin turned towards the voice and his hope faltered further. Andros stood there, with Gene. Both were morphed. They'd followed him, they'd come to save him. Where was his optimism? Maybe he'd get rescued.

Dustin jerked as Three's hand caressed his helmet, "The last Ninja Storm Ranger. I have to admit, he's held out longer against me than I'd anticipated. I'd hoped to return him to you beyond repair, but this is better. It must be far more enticing knowing you can have him back in one piece."

"I said let him go!" Andros repeated.

"You took my lovers from me," Three stated, "Find me this worlds versions of them and I'll trade you back yours."

Andros jerked, obviously taken aback by Three's demand.

"No! Just lea…" Dustin tried, but he was shoved to the ground before he could finish.

"We're not trading you anything. Let him go. Come peacefully," Andros continued, "or we'll take you by force."

Three laughed, "Two rangers? What do you think two of you are going to do?"

"Try eight," Tommy announced.

Rocky swayed, dizzy for a moment in the evil ranger's presence, but he managed to hold his ground. Adam squeezed his arm and asked if he was okay.

"Fine," he ground out as he spared a moment to wonder why he felt as though he had a connection to this villain.

"Eight now," the Red Astro Ranger announced to Three as they all moved into defensive postures.

"Eight…" Three repeated as he waved his hand and sent them flying back. He held out a hand and pulled Rocky towards him.

Rocky yelled as he found himself being drawn forward even as his teammates stumbled and fell. He felt his morph slip away.

"But only one that I'm interested in," Three finished as he cupped Rocky's face. Three let his morph fade.

"Adam?" Rocky asked. How could the bad guy be Adam? How could Adam be evil? And this, this young man in front of him, looked just like Adam had when they'd first met the rangers, he even had the same haircut.

This Adam moved in till they were nose to nose as he told him, "Look at you, you're so good, but don't worry we'll fix that."

Then Three turned his attention to Andros. With one hand he forced Dustin to his feet, "Bring me my yellow and you can have yours back."

Andros screamed and ran forward as the three of them, Three, an apparently good version of Two and Dustin faded away. He turned to Gene, "Find them!"

Gene flinched before he started to say confused, "That ranger he took, he was…was…"

"Two," Andros finished, "but as a warrior for the light."

"His name was Rocky," Gene informed him, having only met twice Rocky before he'd been made evil. He watched as the ranger that was dressed in the same team design and color as him ran forward to check the area where Three had teleported and dragged the other two with them.

"That was…That couldn't have been…" their green was trying to say.

"It was," Gene attempted to confirm, not sure what was confusing the other green. He suspected it was the sudden loss of his teammate.

"We need to go after them," the Red Zeo Ranger stated.

"Agreed," Andros nodded before turning to him.

Gene flinched, but nodded. He stepped forward, gave his leader a squeeze on the shoulder and then joined the other green ranger before he powered down.

"Skull!" he heard someone exclaim.

The hands he had begun to raise froze. He blinked up at the green and then turned to look at the rest of the team as they moved in.

"I haven't been called that in a very long time," he attempted to explain, "not since my best friend died. It's Gene now."

The green in front of him powered down. Gene flinched and instinctively took a step back. Three, no Adam, said, "Please say that wasn't me."

Gene had no time to ask Adam if he meant that he hadn't just seen an evil version of himself as he barely managed to catch Andros as his leader moved forward.

"No!" Gene protested, "he's good here."

Andros powered down to glare at him, "Are you sure?"

"Yes and questioning that only means wasting time, time that could be used to get Dustin back, and their friend."

Andros nodded staring at the ground, a frown marred his face, "Do it."

Gene raised his hands, used the magic within him to try and track where their enemy had gone and found himself flying back with a scream. He gasped in a raspy breath as he landed. Andros was suddenly there, asking questions that seemed to slide into one other.

"Guess he anticipated that," Gene managed before he felt the pain that haunted him creep forward and take hold. He barely managed to scream as he faded out of consciousness.