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(Bella's POV)

I stared absentmindedly at the clouds outside the plane window. This was it. My ticket out of that hell hole I called home. I was on my way to Forks, Washington, the dullest town on the planet, to live with my biological father, Charlie.

I flashed back painfully to the last few years, since my mom married that motherfucker, Phil. I shuddered as I thought about it.


I was sprawled on my back on the kitchen table. Phil was drunk again and started hitting me senseless as soon as I walked through the door.

I shut my eyes and blocked out the pain, trying not to cry, knowing it would cost me another blow to the head.

"You're such a god damn whore!" He slurred. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

I didn't answer.

The smell of alcohol on his breath alerted me to the fact that he was leaning over me. "I asked, what the fuck is wrong with you, bitch? Why can't you do anything right!?"

I had no idea what I did. "I didn't do anything..." I said weakly.

"Like fuckin' hell you didn't! You were supposed to come home right after school to make me dinner! Well where the fuck were you!"

I wondered why Renee hadn't come running yet... but then realized that she probably didn't wanna get involved. I didn't want her involved, no need to have two bloody bodies tonight.

I didn't say anything else, just took the beating. Eventually he passed out and I ran to the sanctuary of my room.

That's when I saw it, my mother's body, sprawled out face down at the top of the stairs. She had a knife sticking out of her back. I felt dizzy and heard a scream. I wondered who it was before I figured out it was me.

I had no doubt in my mind who killed her.

I could barely make out a coherent sentence for the police through my tears.

There were there within five minutes, the "douchebag" was still passed out...

I was on my way to Forks two days later.

-End flashback-

I felt a tap on my shoulder and woke with a start, accidentally yanking my iPod earbuds out of my ears. "Wha...?" I was disoriented.

I looked up to see a flight attendant looking at me, concerned. "Miss? Are you okay? You were screaming in your sleep..."

I realized my flashback had turned into a very vivid nightmare. I managed a (hopefully) believable fake smile. "I'm fine. It was just a nightmare, I tend to talk in my sleep."

She looked wary but said, "Okay... Well, I'm going to have to ask you to turn off all electronic devices," she gestured to the iPod, and put your seat in its upright position. We'll be landing shortly."

"Oh. Okay." I did as she told and she left.

Before I knew it, I was landing in Port Angeles and getting off the plane. Despite it being toasty warm inside the airport, I shivered and zipped up my black hoodie over my white Sex Pistols shirt. I pulled the hood up and adjusted my backpack straps before walking to the baggage claim.

Charlie spotted me and flashed a smile that didn't quite reach his tired brown eyes.

We got my luggage and drove home in complete silence.

I skipped dinner and just went straight upstairs to my room to unpack. Charlie didn't seem to mind.

Charlie did say something though, through the door, as I was crawling into my warm old bed.

"I miss her too, Bells." And then his footsteps faded as he walked across the hall to his room.

I could feel the tears well up and fall silently. I cried myself to sleep again that night.

I dreaded school when I wore up the next morning, knowing Charlie already had me enrolled. Forks was such a small town that everyone probably knew my story by now.

I was almost sick at the very thought of all those pairs of eyes boring into me, the looks of sympathy I was sure to get. I didn't want sympathy.

I took a deep breath before leaving the safeness of my bed and walking over to my suitcase. I picked out a pair of skinny jeans and my favorite Flogging Molly shirt. But then I remembered that Renee bought it for me the last time they were in Phoenix, so I put it away and traded it for a Social Distortion tee.

As I slipped the garments on, I couldn't stop the tears from falling, and for awhile, I lay on the floor, crying. After a few minutes, I was able to pick myself up off the floor, grab my warm, comforting, plain thick, black hoodie, and then put on my old beat up Converse before making my way downstairs.

I decided to skip breakfast, afraid of not being to hold anything down. So I went back up to my room to apply my makeup. It wasn't until I was walking out the door when I realized I had no way of getting anywhere. Charlie already left.

My questions were answered as I looked up to see an old red Chevy pickup parked in the driveway with a note in the windshield. I stuck my hand in through the open window and read the note.

Dear Bells,

Hope you like your new car, well, not new I guess. But Billy says it runs really well.

Drive safe.


I managed a small smile as I studied the truck, it was sturdy, which I liked. It wouldn't be easy to destroy with my klutziness.

I noticed the keys were in the ignition and I opened the door and clamored into the cab just before the rain started. I closed the window and started the truck to get the heat going.

If I hadn't already known where Forks High was, I would have missed it. It's the most impressive structure in Forks, which is pretty sad, honestly.

I parked my truck amongst all the other crappy cars and the one expensive looking one, a shiny silver Volvo.

Since I like the rain, I walked to the administration office.

The lady at the front desk looked up when she heard the door. She smiled. "Isabella?"

"Bella," I corrected.

She rummaged through the paperwork overflowing on the desk and handed me several sheets of paper, including a map of the school, like I'd need it for a school this tiny.

I walked into my first class and walked up to the desk. The teacher signed the slip I paper I handed him and sent me to the back of the room with just a "Hello. You must be Isabella," and a smile.

It was my classmates I was worried about.

I could feel the eyes boring into me, hear the whispers they thought I couldn't hear. "Heard her mom died..." "Heard he raped her."

The journey to my dilapidated desk in the back seemed to take forever.

The teacher started class then, but every once in a while, I would look up to a pair of curious eyes that quickly looked away.

The rest of my morning classes passed by in much of the same manner.

At lunch, a girl from my Spanish class, Jessica Stanley, came up to me to ask, "Wanna sit with me and my friends?" She probably just felt sorry for poor loner me, but I accepted the invitation.

Jessica didn't seem to care that I didn't talk. She rambled on and on as I picked at the food on my tray.

It wasn't until I looked up that I noticed them.

They were sitting at the table in the corner farthest away from the table I was at: three guys and two girls. The girls were complete opposite. One was blond and looked like a supermodel. The other was much shorter with spiky black hair and she was tiny!

The boys were complete opposites too. One was sitting with the blond girl, he looked like he was the oldest. He was muscled- like a bodybuilder. The one sitting with the shorter girl was more boyish than the rest, and he had a strange bronze tint to his hair... All of them were super pale and had dark eyes.

It was the last guy who caught my attention. His honey blond hair was long and his bangs covered his face as he doodled in a notebook and listened to an iPod. He was skinnier than the oldest one but not quite as lanky as the youngest one.

As I was staring at this boy, he looked up to talk to the bronze-haired boy. I noticed his face was as gorgeous as I suspected... and he was wearing a Flogging Molly shirt.

The dull emotional ache hit me like a bullet full force and I gasped.

He looked over at me as if he'd somehow heard my gasp. But it wasn't an accusing or overly curious look like the others I'd gotten all of today. It was just... sad? I couldn't exactly tell.

We must have been staring at each other for at least a minute before he seemed to snap out of it and looked away.

I turned to look at Jessica and asked, "Who are they?" She knew who I was talking about just by how I asked the question.

She glanced up at the table. "The Cullens. See the big guy? That's Emmett Cullen. The one with the reddish-brown hair is Edward, and the girl next to him is actually Alice Brandon. And the blonds are the Hales. Jasper and Rosalie. They're twins but Rosalie's a grade ahead 'cause she skipped a grade or something."

All I was focused on was him. Jasper Hale... interesting name. But I already loved it, unpopular and awesome.

"They're all so... gorgeous!" I breathed.

"Well, yeah," Jessica said. "But they're all together! Well, Emmett and Rosalie are. And Alice and Edward." I could see how something like this would shock the town.

I breathed a sigh of relief inwardly as I realized something, "So Jasper's single?"

"Yeah." She scowled and I wondered when she'd got rejected. "But don't get your hopes up. He doesn't date."

My heart sank a little as she went on to explain that the Cullens and Hales (and Brandon) had been adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife. I didn't stand a chance with Jasper, why would he like me anyway. I'm not special...

The bell rang and I watched as one by one, they picked up their trays of untouched food and threw it away. They were all very graceful, even Emmett, which was surprising.

Jasper was the last to leave, because he was packing up his notebook and stuff. As he got up to go, he glanced at me and flashed me a shy smile. And then he was gone.

Jessica stopped midway from getting up from the table. "D-did... Jasper Hale just smile at you!?" She sputtered.

I gathered up my own stuff and shrugged. "Maybe he was smiling at someone else."

"No, that was definitely directed at you," a girl named Angela said.

I blushed and hurried off to biology before they could say anything else.

I walked into the classroom feeling slightly less depressed.

Mr. Banner signed the slip of paper and then directed me to the only empty sear in the middle of the room... right next to Jasper Hale!