(Jasper's POV)

Bella slept peacefully that night. She didn't even sleep-talk. Well, not much anyway.

Alice poked her head in sometime in the middle of the night to check on her. "How is she?" She muttered so only I could hear.

"She's fine," I assured her.

The worried look didn't leave her eyes. "How's her arm?"

Bella chose that moment to shift slightly, throwing the cast into greater relief with the light coming from the hallway.

"She's not in pain," I said. "Look, I know you feel guilty Alice. But she forgives you. You can talk to her in the morning."

"Okay. Night Jasper."

"Night Alice."

And then the room was cloaked in darkness again. I sighed. It's amazing that all of this turmoil was caused by my own god damn slipup.

Bella mumbled something that sounded like, "You smell like dead bunnies."

It took all the self-control I had not to burst out laughing at that.

I sighed and pulled her a little closer to me. I had to find some way to make it up to her.

I closed my eyes and just relaxed. It was the closest I'd ever get to really sleeping.

There was only one more interruption for the rest of the night when Alice came in to tell me she'd be leaving with Edward for Forks in the morning.

Before she left, she added, "Jasper, you don't have to show her you're sorry. She already knows it."

"Yeah, but I still want to. But I don't know how."

She smiled and shook her head. "Silly Jasper. Do what you're best at."

"Which is…?"

She sighed. "I'll let you figure that one out yourself. Night."

I would never understand my crazy midget sister.

At around eleven o'clock the next morning, Bella stirred and buried her face in the pillow to block the sunlight streaming in.

I kissed her cheek. "Wake up sleepyhead. We're heading home today."

"I don't wanna wake up. Too early," she mumbled. Her eyes were still closed.

I sighed. She left me with no choice… all I had to do was poke her side and she squealed like a little girl and shot up in bed.

She glared at me and hit me in the arm. "Jasper, you jackass!"

I couldn't help but laugh. "I'm sorry, Bells. But it's getting kinda late."

She sighed overdramatically. "Fine. I'm up. Happy?" She smiled and gave me a kiss. "Morning, Jazzy."

"Morning Bella."

Edward chose that moment to drop in and when he saw that he had interrupted something, he got a little embarrassed.

Bella smiled at him and said, "Hey Edward. What's up?"

"Alice and I are taking my Volvo. We're leaving now. You two can leave whenever you're ready."

I turned to look at Bella. "When do you wanna leave?"

"I think I'm ready now. But can I say bye to Alice before she leaves?"

She was at the door instantly. "Hey hun, what's up?"

"I just wanted to say thanks for taking care of me."

"Aww. C'mere and give me a hug!"

Bella threw the covers back and ran over to Alice, who swept her up in a bear hug… which was actually pretty hilarious to watch considering how tiny Alice is.

The crazy midget set Bella back down on the ground and kissed her on the cheek. "See ya back in Forks, Bella."

"Bye Alice." She looked over at Edward. "Thanks to you too, Edward."

If he could, my brother would most likely be blushing. He's always been really shy.

"You're welcome, Bella," he said quietly. "Alice, we should probably go."

I would never understand how my crazy energizer bunny of a sister ended up with Edward. But she made him happy, and that's all that mattered.

She gave Bella one last hug and then flitted over to her husband. They were gone in a second.

I felt a stab of pain coming from Bella and turned to her, alarmed. "Bells, are you okay?"

"Yeah. My arm just kinda hurts."

"Oh… well, I don't think that there's any Ibuprofen here, but we'll stop along the way. Think you can handle it for another hour?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. You're sweet, you know that."

Now it was my turn to be slightly embarrassed. I'm not used to compliments.

"Well, uh, I guess we should get going then."

(Bella's POV)

He is so adorable! You could just tell that he would be blushing if he could.

"I guess we should get going," I said with a smile.

He gave me that shy smile that I absolutely adored and offered me his hand.

I took it and together we walked downstairs. This house was about half the size of the Cullen's, and more rustic looking. Jasper turned to look at me and said, "By the way, Carmen wants to say goodbye to you." We had reached the bottom of the stairs and the vampire that must have been Carmen was waiting for us.

She was just as pale as Jasper was, yet her features were clearly Hispanic. She was absolutely gorgeous. I also realized that she was the vampire that had saved me all those years ago.

She flashed me a warm smile and said in a slightly accented voice, "Hi. You probably don't remember me but-"

I cut her off. "You were the vampire that saved me!"

She laughed. "Yes, I was. Jasper told me that you would remember me."

"He was right." I let go of his hand and took a few steps closer to Carmen, unsure of whether I could hug her or not.

She must have sensed my uncertainty because she swept me up in a hug and said, "I'm glad you found Jasper. He needed you."

I really liked Carmen already. I would miss her. "Come and visit sometime," she told me.

I laughed. "I will. Thank you, for letting me stay here."

"No problem. You'll always be welcome here, Bella." She pulled back from the hug and smiled. Then she told Jasper, "You're right. She is beautiful."

I blushed while Jasper laughed. "I know. Well, Bells, we should probably get going now."

"Uh yeah. Bye Carmen."

She waved as we left.

I wasn't thrilled to leave the warm interior of the house. The biting wind stung my cheeks and I shivered in Jasper's oversized hoodie.

Jasper picked me up and before I could process what was happening, I was in his car and the heat was going full blast.

"T-thanks," I managed to say through my chattering teeth. I slowly warmed up and before long we were cruising along at a comfortable speed and I was wrapped up in a warm blanket.

The heat was just starting to lull me to sleep when Jasper said, "I'm sorry, Bella."

I was wide awake now. I sat up and looked at him. "You don't have to be sorry. Everyone makes mistakes, Jasper."

"But I shouldn't have left you."

He was right, but I didn't want to make him feel even shittier about what he'd done. All I cared about was that I got him back. And for a little while, I wasn't thinking about the events leading up to him leaving. It was just me and Jasper.

But as we drove towards Forks, there was no escaping the memories of the funeral. No escaping the fact that this was all caused by my stupid God damn reaction to the stress. If I hadn't punched the mirror, none of this would have happened.

Jasper reached over casually and took my hand. But he didn't manipulate my emotions. He knew why I was feeling guilty and there was no denying it.

But him holding my hand calmed me down just enough to lull me to sleep again.

(Jasper's POV)

As Bella slept, Alice's words came back to me. "Do what you're best at."

I still didn't know what the hell that meant. I'm not great at really anything. Except…

I caught a flash of Prudence, my Taylor guitar, sitting in the backseat.

That's when it hit me. I'd write Bella a song, and play it for her.

I smiled as words flashed in my mind.

By the time I stopped at a drugstore to pick up some medicine and a bottle of water for Bella, I had a verse and a chorus done and I quickly scribbled them down on a spare piece of paper in my glove compartment.

Bella woke up long enough to take two Ibuprofen and then drifted off to sleep again. She didn't wake up until we got to Forks, two hours later.

Four days later, I had my surprise ready.

"You really don't have to do this," Alice reminded me for the fifth time while Bella was out with Rosalie. Did you ever think you'd see those two names in that kind of a sentence? But it was true. Rose had offered to take Bella out to the mall for some girl bonding time. They'd be back soon.

I looked up from where I was tuning up JoJo, my Fender. "Yeah, but I still want to."

She smiled. "Okay then. By the way, she's gonna love it."

"I would hope so. When's Rose bringing her back?"

"In about another hour. They're watching a movie right now. They're having a really fun time."

"Well, that's good."

I finished tuning JoJo and strummed a few chords.

I sat there playing a few random Beatles songs as I waited for the sound of Rose's red convertible.

(Bella's POV)

It was nice to know that Rosalie didn't hate me. She admitted that the reason she didn't like me at first was because she was sure that I would blab the secret and they would have to move. "I'm sorry, Bella. I realize now how much you need Jasper. And he really needs you too."

We were on our way back from the movie we'd seen. "What was he like before I met him?"

She sighed, and didn't answer for a long time. Eventually, she said, "He was quiet. Didn't talk to us much. The only person he would open up for was Alice, but I think it's just because she was the one who could understand his struggle with human blood. She was going through the same thing. But Alice had Edward, and Jasper didn't have anyone. It was sad to watch." She glanced at me. "But now he has you, and he's so much happier now. You know what he did the day he met you?"

I blushed, thinking about that day. But I figured that she was talking about after he left my house. "What'd he do?" I asked.

She laughed a little and said, "He walked through the front door singing the Beatles at the top of his lungs. I mean, he's always been obsessed with them, but Jasper is not a belt-it-out singer type of person. He mostly just sticks to his guitars."

I laughed at the mental image I got. It was a little out of place to think of Jasper singing at the top of his lungs.

Rosalie added, "I think he almost squealed like a girl too."

That got me cracking up!

Before I knew it, we were pulling up to the house. "I had a really fun time, Rosalie. Thanks."

She gave me a smile, a genuine smile and leaned over and gave me a hug. "Any time, Bella. I fell horrible about how I acted towards you. But, now I think Jasper's pretty excited to see you."

She was right. I got out of the car to see him standing outside with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face.

I decided against running, seeing as how there was snow on the ground, not the nice, crunchy kind either. No, it was the icy, sleety crap that it becomes when it starts melting.

Jasper ran over to me and kissed me. "Hey, guess what?"

"What?" I asked.

"I've got a surprise for you."

With that said he took my hand and led me into the house.

It was nice and toasty when we walked in. He led me to the living room and I saw a fire crackling away in the fireplace.

I shed my black parka and asked, "So, what's my surprise?"

"Sit down. Lemme get it."

He was gone before I could blink.

I sat down on the couch and wrapped myself in one of the blankets sitting on the couch as I waited for Jasper to come back.

I should have expected to see one of his many guitar cases in his hand when he came back. My heart skipped a beat just thinking about his beautiful guitar playing.

He smiled that shy smile of his and sat the case down on the carpet before taking a seat next to me on the couch.

I scooted close to him and rested my head on his shoulder.

He wrapped his arm around me and we just sat there in content silence for a while before he said quietly, "I'm really sorry about what I did, Bella."

I picked my head up off his shoulder and looked at him. "Jazz, I know you're sorry. You don't have to apologize."

He shook his head. "Yes I do. But I figured words wouldn't be enough, so I wrote a song for you instead."

"Really?" I asked. No one had ever done something as sweet as that for me.

He smiled. "Really." Then he leaned down and opened the guitar case. "This is JoJo, by the way," he added as he did a quick tune up.

I laughed. "Nice name."

He just smirked and then started playing. It was mostly chords, no complicated guitar riffs or anything. It was simple, I liked that.

Then he took a deep breath, and sang:

I write you poems, I write you songs

I hope you like 'em and sing along

I wrote every word for you

May be simple and out of key

A little cliché and off beat

You know that every word is true

I may be young and a little stupid

I may not know a lot of things

But I know one thing is true

I love you more than anything

More than you will ever know

More than you will ever see

More than you will ever know

It was a truly amazing song, and I couldn't believe that he had written it in such a short time. Words and melody and chords.

I wrote this song, I wrote it for you

I wrote it for you

He repeated the chorus and then went to the next verse. I liked the sound of those words. A song, just for me.

It may sound cheesy, it may sound dumb

But I know you're my only one

And I don't want it any other way

I know I'm not so good with words

I know I can't write the perfect verse

I hope you like it just the same

I don't know if he added that just to make it sound better, but he was definitely an amazing songwriter and even more of a perfect boyfriend if it were at all possible.

He repeated the chorus one last time and then ended his song.

I was stunned into silence, and I think he took it as a bad sign, because he started to say, "Yeah, I know it's not perfect but-"

"Jasper, that was… amazing! Thank you so much! No one's ever done anything like for me."

He smiled. "Well, I wanted to do something special for you. So, I'm glad you liked it."

"I didn't just like it. I loved it." Then I leaned over and kissed him.

He set his guitar gently and pulled me into his lap and kissed me back.

After I broke the kiss due to the need for oxygen, I just laid there in his lap with my head on his shoulder.

No words were spoken for a while. We just sat there in content silence.

I felt Jasper's lips at my ear as he asked, "Can I play you another song?"

I turned to look at him and smiled. "Of course you can." I scooted off his lap so he could pick his guitar up.

"I didn't write this one, but I think you'll like it."

This one was vastly different than the last one.

All of my love - all of my kissin'
you don't know what you've been a-missin'
oh boy - when you're with me - oh boy
the world can see that you were meant for me

He sang with his natural southern accent and made it more prominent than it usually was. It was amazing!

He went on to the next verse.

All of my life I've been a-waitin'
tonight there'll be no hesitatin'
oh boy - when you're with me - oh boy
the world can see that you were meant for me

He couldn't have picked a more perfect song! Then he got to the chorus and I just melted.

Stars appear and shadows fall
and you can hear my heart call
and a little bit of lovin' makes everything right
I'm gonna see my baby tonight

Jasper never did get to finish his song, because I kissed his right then and there.

A/N: Holy crap! I didn't even think I was capable of writing a chapter this long! Haha. Well, here ya go! Actually, you guys, for the first time ever, I can say that I actually got permission from one of these artists to use their songs! The first song was written by my friend, Brian Gower, who's in a local San Diego band by the name of Plane Without A Pilot. And I told him that I'd tell you guys how awesome the band is (it is. It's freakin' amazing!). The song was called "Song For You" and it's my absolute favorite PWP song! So, do me a favor, and check out Plane Without A Pilot on myspace at "myspace . com / planewithoutapilot" Remove all spaces! And send Brian and Kyle (bassist) some love, and tell them Lea sent you! =] Now, the last song was by a really amazing guy named Buddy Holly, who unfortunately is dead (R.I.P), but if you don't already listen to him, listen to him!!!!!!!!! I picked this song, by the name "Oh Boy!" just because it fit in so perfectly and I could just see Jasper singing it. =] So, yeah, go check it out if you have to! I love Buddy Holly!!!!!!! ^_^

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