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This is my answer to a challenge : Teal'c has a relationship outside of SGC. I picked Cordelia, not planning it to be romantic…

Chapter 1

"There has to be something we can do about these headaches!" exclaimed Cordelia. "They hurt so much!"

Cordelia really felt like complaining after their latest assignment. She didn't mention it but her feet were also killing her, although that was really her own fault wearing heels. Her vision had said nothing about having to outrun 8 foot tall demons.

"Well," started Angel, "there is one thing that I haven't tried yet."

"What? At this point I'll try anything."

"I've heard of someone who can help people in weird circumstances…"

"Why haven't we contacted them before now?"

"I don't know this person personally. And I'm not sure how much I can trust my source."

"Well let's give it a try. I'll try almost anything to get rid of these headaches."

-The next day-

"How may I help you?" asked the woman in the office. Woman might be pushing it, she was neon pink in color and sitting at the oddest looking receptionist desk Cordelia had ever seen. It was at least a foot higher than the woman who looked at them from under the top of her desk.

"We want to see a doctor about headache causing visions," said Cordelia as she handed her the forms she had just filled out.

"All right. Please come this way."

She escorted them into a room.

"This isn't what I expected," said Cordelia. "This place is so colorful. Not just the demons, but the colors of the walls are lime green… Out of all the demonic places I've been the only place remotely like this is the karaoke bar. The receptionist was polite, the demons we saw in the hall were cheerful and it's beginning to creep me out…"

"I know, but it should hopefully be over soon," replied Angel.

The door opened, and in came a young woman dressed as if she was going to the gym in a pink tank top and gym shorts. She looked like the stereotypical bleached blonde.

"Let's see how I can help you," she began. "I'm Cindy and I own this specialty clinic. When I saw your case file I had to come and do this personally. Now you appear to be having visions sent to you by the Powers That Be. Is this correct?"

"Yes. I don't mind so much the visions, but the killer headaches that come with them. How did you know they were from the PTBs?"

"Yes yes. Natural seers don't have this problem, headaches only come from the PTBs. Now…" At this woman stopped and gazed at Cordelia. Her eyes began to glow. "Hm… Yes I can see the problem. These visions aren't meant for humans. They're quite dangerous really. Deadly even."

"Deadly!" exclaimed Angel, concerned for the safety of his seer.

"Oh my yes. Seers for the Powers That Be are always part demonic, this is the first time I've ever seen a human one before, or even heard of one. I can see why. Well my dear," she said addressing Cordelia, "you've got a couple of options. The first is you do nothing and you'll die in two years if not sooner."

"What," screamed Angel and Cordelia together.

"No need to yell. They are a couple of other options. We could attempt to transfer the visions to someone who is part demonic. I wouldn't to attempt this unless it's with someone you trusted. And certainly no one you want distracted in a fight, because the visions could hit at any moment."

"I don't think we have anyone that fits that description right now," mumbled Angel.

"Well that has added difficulties anyway, because we would have to kill Cordelia, even if it's just for a moment, to transfer the visions. The next option is to inject Cordelia with some sort of demonic essence, that would only stop her from dying she'd still get the headaches."

"You mean I wouldn't be human anymore?" asked Cordelia.

"You'd still be mostly human. Just not completely. You'd still go to the human afterlife when you die, etc."

"I'm not sure I want to give up any of my humanity…"

"It would certainly be hard for many people. You would have your soul though… Unless you wanted to become a vampire…"

"No! People change a lot when they're turned, I couldn't stand to see that happen to Cordelia," Angel said cutting Cindy short. "No more of that topic!"

"Settle down! There are a couple more choices. You are aware of hellmouths?" Cindy asked Cordelia.


"You've obviously lived on one for many years, but a lot of humans are oblivious to it so I wanted to be sure. You know how the hellmouth can give out an evil magic vibe?"

At this Cordelia and Angel both nodded.

"There are places that give out the opposite kinds of vibes, the good kind, you could move to an area like that, the energy given out from a 'heavenmouth,' if you will, could help block the signals, hellmouths would amplify it. Moving someplace with one of those should help you, although it wouldn't stop it. You should know that heavenmouths tend to get a lot of demons trying to turn it into a hellmouth so it would be dangerous, almost as dangerous as living on a hellmouth."

"If there are places like that who is stopping it from turning into a hellmouth?" Angel asked concerned. He wondered for a moment if he should try to protect it himself.

"Oh, you need not concern yourself about it. Heavenmouths are protected by good witches, always, they tend to gravitate towards it. Just like they avoid hellmouths. You wouldn't believe how many good women go into evil magic from practicing there. Only really powerful witches trained elsewhere or have mastered some pretty good meditation techniques would risk going to a hellmouth. If you're interested, San Fransico has one. It's probably the safest heavenmouth too, since it's guarded by the Charmed Ones, three power good witches."

"Um…" began Angel unsure of how to ask his next question.

"Hypothetically speaking, if you know someone who started practicing magic on the hellmouth with next to no supervision should we be worried?" asked Cordelia, she didn't have any problems asking questions.

"Hypothetically, I'd be afraid, and I'd send them to some place to get the evil magic detoxed out of their system and get meditation lessons. I recommend the Devon coven, they're really good at it. I can give you their contact information if you like."

"Thanks. I don't really like the idea of moving to a place with so many demons without knowing I have back-up. Angel has to stay here in L.A." No way was she leaving L.A. unprotected.

"Well there is one more option. I'm not sure how you'd feel about it. There are a couple of places that radiate non-magic. It's like the opposite of hellmouths and heavenmouths. In areas surrounding certain items nothing magic can penetrate. A downside to that is your vampire friend here wouldn't be able to visit you, unless you can get a medallion of light. There are a couple of these places, but only one of them is an option for you. It's in Colorado Springs. I think it's in Norad itself actually. Well there is one downside… There aren't any demons but there is the possibility of aliens…"


"Yes, aliens. You see these items outdate the current race of man and had added protections built on them by the second race of man. They can be used to keep anything with magic away, but doesn't do anything about things not of this Earth. Get it?"

Cordelia and Angel looked at each other. Angel turned back to Cindy and asked, "What exactly are these devices?"

"They're portals that open up to other worlds. It's very interesting science, no magic involved, if I could get near one I'd be able to spend years studying it in detail, but it keeps me away." At this Cindy sighed.

"And what do you mean the current race of man?" asked Cordelia.

"Oh! I forget how much gets forgotten over time, I bet most demons don't even have this story in their legends anymore. You see, you," Cindy gestured towards Cordelia, "are a member of the current race of man, the third race of man. Humanity always eventually rises up from the ashes, so to speak, after an apocalypse, it just takes a couple of million years. The first race of man came into being during the first rule of demons on Earth, they drove out the demons, like you hear in some legends, like the Slayer story. But eventually they had to flee earth when an apocalypse happened. They fled in spaceships and went and colonized some planet called Kobol in another galaxy.

"After a couple of millennium mankind rose again as the second race of man. They called themselves the Alterans, they drove out the demons and like the first race began to explore this galaxy, they even seeded planets in this system to develop life like on earth. The Alterans didn't forget about the demons like the first race and developed non-magic into their most important devices such as the Stargate, the machine they built to travel to the worlds they had seeded with life. But eventually someone was stupid and released a Flugal demon. They create plagues, which can even travel where non-magic is and the Alterans also had to flee Earth and the rest of this galaxy. And eventually an apocalypse happened without anyone there to stop it and so began the third rule of demonkind.

"But interestingly enough, the first race had to flee Kobol, can't remember why, and a couple of ships returned to Earth, they arrived to find that the third race of man had risen, although I suppose they thought it was the second race of man, and driven out the demons, with the added bonus of the creation of vampires, and they settled on Earth. They, by the way, are responsible for the second rise of the Greek gods. They'd been worshipping them for millions of years and re-introduced them to the new race of man. And THEN the second race of many also returned, they also resettled with the inhabitants of Earth.

"A couple thousand years later aliens discovered Earth and the Stargate, they used it, claimed to be gods, and enslaved humanity until a slayer managed to unite most of humanity, with the help of some time travelers, and many demons to drive out the aliens. They buried the device and eventually forgot about it. No, I suppose that isn't true, I imagine the Watchers would have kept track of it, just that last bit though, they are rather meticulous… Someone apparently dug it up, activated it and is using it. Probably the Air Force since it's under Norad…"

"Wow…" Cordelia said. "That's a lot of history. I wonder if Wesley knows about this?" Noticing Cindy's puzzled look she clarified, "He's a watcher, well former watcher."

"Oh, ask him about the Goold demons, that's what the logs should call them."

Angel had a puzzled look on his face, "Exactly how old are you?"

"It's very rude to ask a girl her age," Cindy responded, she paused as if thinking, "I'm about 8 billion, give or take a millennium or 5."


"I'm an Old One, I've never been banished though. I like humans and get along with them, but I'm also really really powerful and can kill anyone who doesn't like my ways so the other Old Ones tend to avoid me. Most people would run away if they saw my true form, I'm like 40 feet tall and green…"

End – Chapter 1

Author's Note:

I was looking through the challenges and saw this one and for some reason I immediately saw Cindy telling Cordelia why she had to move to Colorado Springs. Although I was tempted to pick Anya (can you get more opposite to Teal'c than her?). I didn't intend for this to go so long, my non-Buffy stories don't have chapters this long.

I couldn't resist adding a mention to Charmed and Battlerstar Galactica.

I've got my ideas for the next chapter, but no idea yet on my overall plot…

Expect very little mention of Angel the Series because I only watched the first season, when it first aired… it was a bit too dark for my tastes…