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Chapter 14

Teal'c frowned as he followed the others away from Cordelia's home. He could tell how tense she got every extra moment they stayed until she had all but forced them out. She had attempted to remain somewhat civil, doing things like planning another day for them to spar, but Teal'c had spent enough time with her to know she was getting very annoyed. Actually he was impressed with her self control since he knew she was fighting the urge to hit Jack.

It was only a few moments later that the entire SG-1 team was sitting around Jack's dining room table. Daniel was rambling on about how rude Jack had been.

"For crying out loud! Daniel, even if she really is what she appears to be, the fact that several people she apparently hung out with in High School are on the NID avoid list concerns me. And you can't tell me you actually bought that seashell treaty thing, can you?" Jack got up and began pacing. "I really do want her to be what she appears to be. She does seem to make Teal'c happy, but there is just something off about her, something she isn't telling us."

"You don't believe her story?" Sam asked softly. Jack was her commanding officer, but regardless of the fact the Sam thought Cordelia had indeed left out some details, the story seemed a bit too off the wall to be false.

"The Nautilus treaty is real enough," Daniel said speaking up again. "I've heard it mentioned before. It was called the modern version of some ancient treaty that was still being enforced in Egypt. On one of my last trips to Egypt before I got recruited by the SGC I wasn't allowed to take one of my artifacts from the country because of it. I ended up having to sell it to a friend to make sure it didn't get confiscated when I left. I'm not sure how it's related, but she didn't make it up."

"Now that is an interesting connection," Jack sat back down. "Some treaty that stops anyone from going into one field of research is tied to another treaty that prevents certain artifacts from crossing borders. Doesn't that strike anyone else as suspicious?"

"It is indeed unusual," Teal'c said speaking up for the first time. "I understand your concerns. I do not believe that Cordelia is a threat to us. She means us no harm, nor do I believe she has anything to do with the Stargate or the NID. I believe you should abort this. I believe Cordelia will tell us anything we need to know if the events alter."

"I agree," Daniel nodded once, "drop this."

"Carter?" Jack turned to look directly at Sam, "Do you agree with them. Am I overreacting?"

Sam sighed, "Cordelia is… odd, but I don't think she's a concern right now. If the NID is going to avoid her to keep from getting attention because of this treaty then it should be safe for her and Teal'c to be friends. We should probably stay on the lookout, but it's probably not necessary to look actively for anything. She's apparently going to be a part of our lives for awhile, so if she does anything suspicious we'll be the first to know."

Jack was conflicted. He wouldn't normally go against his team. He sighed loudly, "Alright. We'll put the subject on hold for now until something happens. But I'm keeping the right to say 'I told you so' if it comes to that."

Daniel let out a little snort as they all agreed to let him.

It was odd but the series of events led them to just resting around Jack's home, they hadn't had much time to just let things go in quite awhile. Jack and Sam had both been looking into Cordelia past when not working on their jobs, Daniel had been reading all sorts of things, as always, and had recently discovered new old stuff to read with Cordelia's stuff. It was only Teal'c who'd had time lately to relax… with Cordelia. Jack let out a little snort of his own, not the dissimilar from the one Daniel had let out earlier, when he realized that SG-1 had been revolving about Cordelia without them realizing it.

Jack grinned as he realized it was his turn to pick what they watched. 'The Simpsons' was soon gracing his TV, his team just settled in around him, with only one eye roll, who from shall remain a secret. Because the blinds were closed they never noticed as Cordelia let a couple of guests enter her house or later as they were slowly surrounded.

End – Chapter 14


Teal'c spoke a lot more in this chapter than normal… I hope he stayed close enough to character. Sad thing… I wrote most of this chapter about 3 months ago… I'll try to write more soon. I'm going to try to finish some of my stories. Wish me luck?