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A thud resounded as the corpse hit the gravel. Dazzling green eyes narrowed as they stared at the corpse. Licking his teeth, the vampire leaped up onto a nearby roof, searching the streets for his next prey.


"Oi! I'm going home now. I'll see you guys tomorrow." Naruto shrugged his guitar onto his shoulder and waved.

"Hn." Sasuke acknowledged.

Naruto smiled at his band mates, his best friends. Kiba, the drummer, Neji the bass guitarist, and Sasuke, the second guitarist. Naruto smirked inwardly. He had won being the first guitar player in a battle of chords.

Sasuke eyed Naruto warily as if he could read Naruto's thoughts. Naruto smiled and walked out the door. He closed the door behind him and smelled the night air.

"Ahh…" Naruto stood for a moment, breathing in the night air. He sighed and smiled.

Naruto began walking through the streets, taking in all the smells of the open stalls. He could smell the familiar scent of Ichiraku ramen and he sighed. He looked over and spotted an alleyway near the stall. There was a tabby cat sitting there looking straight at Naruto. It meowed and disappeared into the alleyway. Naruto grinned and skipped into the alleyway.

Naruto stopped in the middle of the alleyway, he couldn't find the cat. "Aww…" Naruto sighed childishly and turned around. His breath caught in his throat. There, right in front of him, green eyes glaring down on him, was a dark figure. The only thing Naruto could make out was the blood red hair and the astonishing green eyes.

Immediately he was both frightened and drawn to the dark figure. Naruto stepped back, more frightened of the figure than drawn now. The figure remained still. Naruto panicked when a grin appeared on the other's face. The teeth were so bright and sharp.

Naruto turned and ran to the end of the alleyway. A brick wall. Great. There was a fading lamp shining down on Naruto as he slammed his fists into the wall. He could feel the person behind him, watching him.

He sighed and fell to his knees. Slowly, he turned to face the enemy, unsure of what to do. More than likely this person had the upperhand because Naruto held no weapon.

Naruto became stood up, determined not to go down without a fight. He glared into the face of the enemy, watching their grin fade. The aggresor's eyes seemed to be searching Naruto's face and they stopped at Naruto's eyes. The person stared into Naruto's eyes for a long time and then, they were gone.

Naruto stood for a moment, unsure if that all really just happened. He slid to sit on his butt, his back on the wall, his guitar beside him. He put his face in his hands. "Note to self…never go down a dark alleyway again…No matter how cute the cat is…"

Naruto nodded to himself reassuringly and stood up. He smiled his usual fake smile, determined to act as if none of that ever happened.


Gaara sat on the roof above the alleyway in which he had just abandoned his prey. He was watching the blonde, confused. Why couldn't he devour the boy just like all the other meals he had had? Why…had he hesitated?

Gaara lifted his hands to his temple, rubbing away the frustration. "Damn human…"


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