Author's Note: This is just something I thought of a few nights ago. I hope you like it! Sorry if it's not as good as 'Stuck in the Cove'!

Also, for this first chapter, I tried to get the lines as close as possible, but I haven't seen 'Comrades in Arms' in about a month so my memory is foggy! Also, some of this chapter might be a little racy, but I swear it doesn't get worse than that! I'm only a kid, I don't know how to write a scene that's too racy! :-P

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Missing Out

By: Cora

Chapter 1: The Hut

"I should warn you," Margaret Houlihan had just wadded her jacket up for a makeshift pillow and was kneeling by it, swinging a piece of wood, "if you come over here at any point during the night, announce yourself. I intend to swing this to kill."

"Goodnight." Hawkeye nodded and blew out the candle on the table. He went over to the other side of the abandoned hut that he and Margaret had taken cover in and laid down. Sleep didn't come easily, but when it had, it didn't feel like it had been there for very long.

The handsome chief surgeon of the 4077 woke up in a panic, hearing Margaret scream. "Will you cut it out?! Who do you think you are, shooting at us like we're animals?! You want us to go crazy, is that what you want? Can't you let us have a couple hours of sleep in peace! Stop it! Stop it! You don't know whether we're Americans or Chinese or Koreans!" She yelled, her voice quavering with fright.

"Margaret!" Hawkeye tried to get her to quiet down, but it wasn't working. "Shh." He wrapped his coat around her shoulders.

"I'm sorry, I'm afraid." She was shacking like a leaf and sounded like she was going to start crying.

"Me too, so am I." He hugged her tighter, trying to comfort her.

"I don't like being afraid, it scares me." The scared blond turned a little so she was in Hawkeye's arms some more, but she was still scared. And usually just a glimpse of his eyes would work to calm her down.

"Me too. I'd be a lot braver if I weren't so scared." He knew this wasn't the right time for jokes, but it had just slipped out.

"Please hold me." Margaret's voice was now pure panic.

"I'm holding you." Hawkeye held her closer.

"I can't feel it hold me, hold me!" She ducked her head down so it was under his chin. The poor head nurse was scared to death of what was going on outside of the hut.

"Margaret, I'm holding you. He wrapped his other arm around her and hugged her close, trying to calm her down, but now he was starting to get a little more scared than before.

Pretty soon, another shell hit and things were crumbling off of the wall. "Will you cut it out! You want to kill us!? For crying out loud, cut it out! Just leave us alone!" Hawkeye screamed. Then they were both screaming at the people who where attacking them to stop. Their faces became closer and closer and they stopped yelling, movie back a little to see the other. Hawkeye saw a distinct look of trust and love in the beautiful woman's eyes. She saw caring and warmth in his. As another shell exploded, they came together for a passionate kiss. A couple more moments passed and they pulled apart for only a second or two, making sure the other agreed with what they were doing.

After several minutes, things became more intense…more passionate. Hawkeye had gently pushed Margaret down so she was on her back. He laid on top of her, covering her with kisses. Margaret kissed back with equal passion, seeming to fall more and more in love with the man with every kiss. She started having feelings for him a long time ago, but now she knew that what she felt was true. Her heart ached, however, when she knew that he probably didn't love her as much as she loved him.

Hawkeye started fiddling with the buckle on Margaret's belt. She knew what he was doing, and she was going to let him. She needed him now, and even more with every shell that was exploding outside. "Hawkeye." She whispered, breathlessly. The nurse started undoing Hawkeye's buttons on his shirt.

Before they knew it, they were doing things that could easily be called 'against Army regulations', but they didn't care. Well, of course Hawkeye wouldn't care, but Margaret didn't either. She was enjoying every minute of it. They didn't realize, however, that their actions would lead to a very life changing experience…

Sorry that this chapter was so short, but like I said in my note up at the top there, I don't know how to write a scene that would be too explicit! Nor do I want to just in case! Haha. Hope you liked it anyway, and I hope there will be more on the way soon. Please tell me what you thought!