Note: I'm totally embarrassed by this, that's why I'm posting it right away. That way, I won't put it off forever. I promised my sister that I'd write her a crack!Donna/Doctor fic (on spur of the moment), 'cause y'know, I'm just nuts like that.

Then she read it and said, "Post it! Post it! Post it!" But hey, I didn't resist too much. Heehee. So here it is.

Oh, and she edited it, so thank you, Bambina! :D

Season: I donno. Doctor Ten, travelling with Donna.

Disclaimer: The show isn't mine. Also, no intentional ripping-off of anyone else's ideas.

- - -

"Where's The Loo?"

"By the way," Donna asked, out of the blue, "Where is the loo? Or does the TARDIS even have a loo?" The Doctor opened his mouth, but Donna wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise. "Don't tell me it doesn't have a loo!?"

"Do you really need it, or are you just asking?" the Doctor replied, while adjusting some doohikey on the TARDIS.

"Just asking."

Completely ignoring his companion's absurd randomness, the Doctor perked up and questioned, "So, where to next? The jelly stars of Muculoid? The Famed Astroids of Omega Prime?"

"The what-what? You're just makin' that up." Donna gave him a skeptical look, hand on her hip. "Oh, and do you have a bedroom in here, somewhere, or is it that you just never sleep? Because from the way you talk, I'd completely believe you've had at least six coffees already."

She gave him a serious look. "You should really switch to decaf."

"The Muculoid jelly stars it is," the Doctor said with a grin and pushed a big, shiny button.

The End.