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Sour Kisses


"You make me happy, Edward," Jacob murmured as the sun dipped behind the grassy hill they had declared 'theirs' since discovering it in November, the August sky a spectacle of blues, purples, pinks, yellows, oranges, and reds.

Edward chuckled. "And you me," he replied before pressing a soft, gentle kiss to his lover's lips. "But you already know that, don't you?"

Smiling, the dark-skinned youth let his thumb graze the corner of the tender mouth that had just fluttered over his own. Edward's venom coated his tongue, the acrid taste leaving a lingering tingle in his swollen lips. Kissing Edward was like eating one of those unbearably sour candies that eventually sweetened if you sucked long enough. It was unpleasant at first, but it eventually grew on you, and maybe you even began to like it at some point.

The same went for the way the vampire smelled. In the beginning it had burned Jacob's nose and eyes, repelling him effortlessly and effectively. He hadn't been able to stand being around Edward—or any vampire for that matter—for longer than a few minutes, but his senses had slowly become accustomed to the intense aroma. It took a while, but Jacob soon found himself enjoying the playful tickle that had once been a malignant burn. As for what Edward smelled like, Jacob didn't have a clue. Even now as they lay side by side, he couldn't quite place it, but maybe that was because it was so volatile, constantly changing, so hard to pin down, exactly the way Jacob liked it.

In fact, there were many things Jacob had come to like about Edward. He liked the way Edward's white skin glittered in the sunset and the way those golden eyes seemed to melt whenever they glanced his way. He cherished the way Edward held his hand, reassuring yet never too forceful, and the way that euphonic, melodious voice would lull him into a deep, pleasant sleep every night while strong arms held him tight. He loved the way his heart raced whenever they touched, no matter how lightly, and the way heat exploded within him every time their lips brushed. He adored Edward's laugh and the way he could never feel anything but happiness whenever they were together because Edward always knew exactly what would make him smile. However, there was one thing Jacob treasured above all else.

"What are you thinking about?" Edward asked as he ran his icy thumb over the back of Jacob's blazing hand, his eyes peering curiously into the other boy's.

"Oh. Just this," Jacob said, smiling as he indulged himself in yet another one of their sour kisses.


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