2 hours later…

The room was steamy, hot and over all enjoyable. Naruto and Sakura slept peacefully in the warm waters. Naruto's sopping wet tails had wrapped themselves around her waist and over all chest. Naruto inhaled and exhaled slowly, and along with Sakura's head being on his heart it was like a rocking boat with a lullaby. Their hot naked bodies fit perfectly in sync. Naruto's humongous body was like Sakura's cavity, as to where she could fit without harm being down to her. The blonde demon slept soundly, producing a few demonic grunts here and there. Sakura slept peacefully, not even grunting one bit. She was silent as the night. Naruto had sunken down into the water a bit, to where only his rock-hard pecs showed. Sakura's shoulders poked up from the water as her head lay rested upon Naruto's heart. It wasn't long until Naruto grunted and woke up. Opening his demonic eyes he sighed and yawned, sticking out his tongue. He sat up and stretched his arms out wide. Scratching his side he popped his neck and twitched his ears, smacking his mouth. He looked down at Sakura who was still stuck to his chest like glue. He smiled sweetly, before situating her to where she was in a comfortable position. Her arms were wrapped around his torso. The blonde grinned and began to rub her back. He was still hard though, deeply hard and was growing gradually. He shifted uncomfortably as his wee-wee was sticking straight up, which annoyed him. He grabbed it and stuck it on his stomach and then set Sakura down so she acted like a weight to keep it there! He sighed and sat back down. Naruto watched her sleep soundly and smiled. He began to stroke her silk like hair, loving the feel of it as the pink-hair ran through his fingers like water.

The blonde sighed gently and closed his eyes. He wrapped his arms around the pink cherry blossom. She smiled slightly in her sleep. The blonde demon also, sighed, darkly and demonically from the back of his throat. Naruto thought more about what he was going to do in his final form of demon-hood. It made him curious beyond compare. He saw himself as a demonic fox ready to cause mass slaughter and blood-shed to those who would dare interfere with his mating. He'd become very pissed as well if he saw Sakura get hurt. She had already and Naruto's blood boiled just by thinking about how Mr. Haruno beat her.

'She's so cute and adorable. She's beautiful. Why would a father like Mr. Haruno hurt his own flesh and blood?' Naruto mentally asked himself. He looked at her, seeing her ears twitch in her sleep. 'She seems normal to me. I mean, jeez she looks like me. Can't anyone just accept what we are right now? I know she's…well like me…but…GAH! It just makes me so angry that somebody so…beautiful would be hurt like that! I promise…Sakura…I'll protect you from anything and anyone that will or would try to hurt you. …I promise." Naruto said. He snorted and nodded. His snort was so loud that it woke Sakura up. She yawned cutely and opened her pretty eyes. She sat up and rubbed her right eye.

"Uh…huh? I-I-Is it time to go now?" Sakura asked sleepily. She looked at Naruto.

"Snort!" He snorted. Sakura laughed!

"You're such a silly little fox!" Sakura said and ran his whiskers through her fingers. Naruto purred for her. Sakura giggled and kissed him. Just after she kissed his lips he sneezed! Sakura yelped! "Eww! Naruto! Yuck!" Sakura complained. Naruto grinned and snickered. Sakura dove under the water and washed Naruto's boogies off of her. The blonde chuckled darkly. After a few, he noticed she hadn't come back up. He looked around and whimpered. After a few more seconds he looked closer into the water. He grunted once and…

"SPLASH!!!" Sakura reached out and grabbed his head, pressing her lips against his! Naruto grunted as he was thrown back into a lip-lock! The blonde didn't think twice before he was under the seducing spell of her tender lips. He grunted happily as they both began to make-out. Sakura's tongue inserted itself inside his mouth. Naruto even got a bit competitive with her and wrestled her tongue for dominance! But, there was no winner, for they both kept winning each time. The blonde and pinkette separated after a while for much needed air! After, they both decided it was time to go and got out. Naruto shivered a bit as he desperately grabbed the towels from the table and wrapped himself in one, same with Sakura as well! After, they both dried off, and got dressed they both headed back upstairs and into the lobby.

Only one thing was…there was no-one there. Naruto cocked his eyebrow and looked around for the counter lady…but she was nowhere to be found, in sight that is. He looked at Sakura and she shrugged. "C'mon mister fur-ball, let's go." Sakura said. Naruto cocked his eyebrow and smelt his arm-pit. Sakura cocked hers and Naruto looked at her. "Not Mr. Stinky Naruto. I said fur-ball." Sakura said. The blood's ears naively twitched. Sakura giggled and grabbed his hand. She knew he wasn't stupid…just naïve in ways she wasn't. But regardless he was still her fox, and she loved him. They both walked outside and Naruto took a deep breath of fresh-air and let it out. Sakura looked at the sky and noticed it was becoming dark already. "C'mon Naruto, let's go. It's getting dark." She said. She heard no answer and looked. Naruto seemed like he was in a strange trance at the moment. His eyes were wide as though he had just seen a ghost! She walked over to him and waved a hand in his face. "Naruto…are you okay?" She asked. She didn't notice the demonically red chakra that was starting to form at Naruto's feet. It gradually and slowly grew, like crimson fire.

It was moving in an odd fashion. It looked more like water in a bowl as it washed from side-to-side. Sakura was too busy to notice. The blondes eyes shaded and his head lowered, as well as his ears. Sakura gasped slightly at his sudden pose. She saw him begin to lower down to the ground. The pinkette backed away slowly. One thing she saw made her eyes widen! "T-That chakra!" She said, her voice quivering a bit. Naruto got on his hands and feet. He still said nothing as the chakra moved like water, engulfing his body. Chakra thinly coated his ears and body. There was a small thin line of demonic chakra surrounding Naruto's body now! He glowed red! Each time his tails swayed it made a chakra wave that followed the tail wherever it went. It was mesmerizing! Naruto glowed brightly and Sakura covered her eyes! She backed away a tiny bit. The light died down and she looked at Naruto. The thin coating of chakra looked like fire creasing up Naruto's body! It was a glass-like thin line of demonic-red chakra, most likely Kyuubi's, visible to the eye. Sakura gulped as she heard a, non-human, growl from the back of Naruto's throat.

It sounded, not like Naruto anymore, but more like a monster now. One thing crossed her mind and she slowly looked up. Her eyes widened and she gasped! "T-The moon! It's red!" She stated in shock! The panted and backed away from Naruto. The, now demonetized, Naruto growled evilly. Sakura felt like Naruto had…now changed from lovable into an evil creature now! She whimpered as Naruto started to move. He slowly, standing on his legs whilst hunched over, his arms dropping to his bent knees. He slowly cocked his head up to where his, shaded, eyes were staring at her. They were still closed, but Sakura could sense malice within them still. She backed away more and covered herself with her tails. "N-Naruto," She said. She only hear a growl from the back of his throat. She gulped. She backed away more and more. She was at least 5 feet away from him. "I-Is that…that," She stuttered as she panicked.

Desperately trying to get out the words that choked her throat. She gulped at least 3 times, before she finally spat it out. "N-Naruto…Is t-t-that…" She stuttered and hesitated. "You?" She squeaked out like a mouse. Naruto's eyes SHOT WIDE OPEN STARTLING HER!!! She gasped! Naruto's eyes were…completely red…all except for those startling slitted pupils. They looked…non-human…mesmerizing and…so…blood-thirsty. Sakura backed away again and held her hands together near her chest. The blonde sniffed the air, taking in the surrounding scents. His ear's stood straight up as he locked onto Sakura's scent. He looked at her. Sakura noticed that Naruto's fangs had grown again. They were now the size Naruto's own thumb. He opened his mouth and Sakura saw what a large set of choppers he had. They looked like blades sticking out of his gums! Naruto growled at Sakura as if saying 'Come over here sexy and give Ol' Naruto a little sugar' The female fox gulped as Naruto stared into her soul with his blood-lusting eyes.

She gulped as she could sense his malice intent. She didn't feel safe anymore…she felt scared beyond her limits. She was paralyzed by pure terror! "W-Where did you go Naruto? Just now where did you go?" Sakura asked herself over and over and over again. She concluded that Naruto was now transforming into a full demon. She gulped and backed away more again. The blonde's nose twitched. He looked drunken as he kept an evil grin with eyes compared to that of an alcoholic. He started to slowly walk forward, towards Sakura. The pinkette kept backing away as the blonde. Naruto just kept walking towards her with a menacing smile creasing his black lined lips. His black-outlined demonic eyes never took their eyes off of Sakura, not even for a second. He didn't even blink. Sakura had finally found enough courage and DARTED!!! She panted as she ran away from the springs! Naruto cocked his head to the side. He sniffed his arm-pit again…nothing. He smelt fine.

He stretched like a cat and yawned, sticking his butt in the air. He looked forward, twitching his nose. He stretched, popping his body and then…HE STREAKED AFTER HER!!! Naruto gracefully moved after Sakura as he jumped and landed and jumped and landed. The blonde was going at speeds of over 100 mph. And to him, that was just pace-walking. At top speed, Naruto could scream like a bullet at 350mph. But the blonde liked a chase, especially since his Sakura wanted to play. Sure, fetching a ball was fun…but fetching a frightened, and cute female was even funner! He streaked like lightning through the village. His nose twitched and picked up her scent. Naruto was surprised that the villagers weren't even out of their houses. He must have showed them a lesson last-night. Naruto could feel the Blood Moon's power filling his arousal as well as his thirst for Sakura's flesh, and maybe a bit of her blood as well. He'd give her a few love-nips here and there. But…his cock was hoping for a little fun-time inside her pussy. Naruto cringed as the thought made his cock pulse a bit. He slowed down. He was aching again. Unlike regular male foxes who did not go into heat, demonic foxes were different. It was switched the other way. The male demon was in heat, and when it was time to mate with it's lover he was in full alert. He'd stop the mating process even if another living, and capable of taking away, object was nearby and defend his demon-hood and his mate! Needless to say, the blonde was slowing down gradually as a look of aching crossed his face. His grin dissipated into a cringing frown. He sniffed the air carefully and locked onto her scent. Quickly, trying to ignore his throbbing cock he made a sharp turn, causing a streak in the ground and dashed into the bushes! He was in the park now.

With Sakura…

The female panted as she tried desperately to escape from the, no-longer Naruto, demonic Naruto! She had found her way into the park and was currently looking for a place to hide! She searched, and as she did, her ears picked up the sound of wind rushing close by! Her eyes widened and she gasped!

"It's Naruto!" She gasped! She stopped and frantically looked for a hiding place. She spotted a carved out tree and sighed in relief! She ran over to it and went behind it. She hid inside it and panted. This was luck that this tree happened to be facing away from the trail. She was glad that the side where the trunk was carved was on the other-side, so Naruto could not see her. She panted and all of a sudden she heard it!

"Grrrrr…" Sakura's ears picked up Naruto's growl. He didn't sound to pleased at all. In fact…he sounded like he was in some sort of pain. The female gulped. Even in pain Naruto was still dangerous. She held her breath silently, hoping she wouldn't ruin her hiding place. She looked outside the tree. She noticed a bit of bushes were surrounding the trunk. But…what she didn't notice were the pair of blood-thirsty eyes staring dead at her. Sakura sighed as she heard nothing but silence. Her breathing had calmed and she sighed. The pinkette looked into the sky, seeing that it was now, officially darkened. Seeing the Blood Moon right in front of her. Her eyes sparkled as small tears dripped.

"Naruto…" She said. She sniffed and wiped away her tears. But…her feelings about Naruto had, unfortunately gotten hold of her and made more, causing them to roll down her cheeks. The pair of blood-thirsty eyes stared at her…before they cringed and then widened!


Sakura yelped! But then shut her mouth! She gulped. "W-What was that?" She whispered to herself. She had heard the sound of something ripping. Gulping she poked her head out of the carved trunk. It was quiet…dead quiet. There was nothing but pure silence. Sakura took her head back in and sighed. It was all quiet.

"GGGGGAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Sakura SCREAMED! She watched as Naruto came jumping out of the bushes and gripped the walls of the carving! He looked like his was rock-climbing. He stuck to the sides of the carved out tree trunk. Sakura saw his, slightly pained face. He was sweating a bit and looked like he was aching. Sakura pressed herself against the trunk of the tree.

"N-Naruto!" She gasped! Naruto looked down at her, eyes full of pain. Although it looked more like the pain and aching of a certain part of his body. Sakura looked at him, and then saw his penis out. It must've ripped right through his pants! Sakura gulped. She was scared of and for Naruto. This wasn't her Naruto she knew anymore. It was a…crazed demonic blonde who was aching…and dangerous now. She saw him panting and staring at her. One thing was sure, he looked tired and out of breath. Sakura cuddled against the tree, hoping Naruto wouldn't come in there and drag her out! The blonde seemed to only gather more pain in his eyes. Sakura decided she… that she couldn't love him if he was going to act like this. Blood-Thirsty and dangerous. She knew he wanted to protect her from any harm…but she wanted her old Naruto back. She finally took in her breath. "Naruto!" She shouted! The aching blonde lifted up his head, cringing a bit to look into her pained eyes. "J-Just go home!" She shouted! The blonde looked hurt on the inside hearing her say that. "I-I-I don't think we should…be…together anymore if you're going to act like this!" She said. The blonde finally let go and fell to the ground, landing on his hands and knees. His demonic red eyes stared at her.

"G-G-Grak-" (S-S-Saku-) He was cut off.

"If you can speak like Naruto then just go away! J-Just get out of here will you!" She shouted! Tears trickled down her cheeks. The blonde grunted, as if saying 'I can't help it Sakura!' The pinkette stared at him. "W-Well go on Naruto!" Sakura said and waved her hand forcefully. The blonde backed away a bit. She kept waving her hands around, hoping she'd scare him off. The blonde backed away only 3 feet and stopped. Sakura looked at him. She heard him sniff. It wasn't a sniff of the air though. Closely she saw tiny tears trickling down his cheeks. She stared at him. Naruto was actually crying in his demonic form? She stared at him. More of the blonde tears welled in his eyes and fell. He sniffled. It was silent for a while.

"…W-…W-Why?" Naruto stuttered. Sakura gasped! He spoke! The blonde shook a bit. "W-Why d-doesn't…anyone…a-a-accept m-me?" Naruto asked. Sakura stared at him. "W-Why can-can't I b-be l-l-l…l-l-loved for a c-change?" Naruto asked. Sakura was silent as she stared at him, a bit shocked that Naruto still had his speech as a regular human. Naruto backed away more from her. "I-I'm not…lo-loved…I-I wa-was n-nev-never meant to b-be loved at a-l-l-all." Naruto said backing away from her.

"You know that isn-" Sakura was cut off.

"YOU SAID IT YOURSELF!!!" Naruto blared! Sakura gasped! Naruto stared at her, pain welled in his eyes. "YOU SAID I SHOULD JUST GO HOME! NOT L-LOVED YOU ANYMORE! IF I CAN'T ACT LIKE MYSELF THEN I SHOULD JUST GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! RIGHT SAKURA!?" Naruto screamed! Sakura felt her heart pulse. It hurt!

"N-N-Naruto…I-I just don't like you this way is-"

"No…y-you just…YOU JUST DON'T LOVE ME LIKE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TOO! YOU HATE ME BECAUSE I'M LIKE THIS, DON'T YOU!?" The blonde cried! Sakura sniffed and said nothing. Naruto stared at her. "You don't…love me anymore because of something I was destined for…do you?" Naruto asked. Sakura let out a small yelp! The blonde looked down at his skin. The thin layer of demonic chakra was flaring a bit more.

"His chakra…his emotions control it. He's sad and angry…that's why his chakra out-lining is flaring. I can feel the heat from here. It's a little too strong." Sakura said mentally. She stared at Naruto.

"I wouldn't love me either if I was to be someone's lover like this…look at me…I'm a freak of nature. I'm…just a freak…nothing's normal about me. I-I-I I WISH I WAS NEVER BORN!" Naruto shouted. He turned around and darted into the bushes! Sakura watched him disappear into the brush. His words rang through her ears over and over and over again. But what hurt her the most was that he wished he was…never born. He said it again…he wished he was never born again. Sakura thought and thought about him. The more she thought, the more worried she became.

"But…he looked so evil…so…un-kind and it was like he had no heart and didn't care what he did to anybody just so long as he got what he wanted!" Sakura said. She hugged herself and wrapped her body in her tails. It reminded her of last nights events, where Naruto burned her. The mass slaughter he shed and the blood that was spilled all over the ground like common rain! She shivered as those thoughts came back into her mind. She sighed and looked up at the sky. The moon was up and almost completely blood-red. It was like a Lunar Eclipse. It let loose a creepy and eerie light amongst the village, casting it in a red aura. Sakura crawled out of the carved out tree and stood up. She stretched herself and sighed. She walked out from behind the tree and looked up on the sky. The moon stared at her and it un-nerved her endlessly. She decided not to look at it and continue down the trail. She needed to think…about him. She walked through the lonely park, hugging herself tight with her arms and her tails. She saw a hill with a swing-set hanging from a cherry blossom tree.

She got curious and decided to check it out. She climbed the hill and once she got there, she discovered that it was just an ordinary swing-set attached to the tree. She shrugged and sat down on the swing-set. Sighing and held both of the ropes. She felt like Naruto when he was alone at the Academy. It didn't feel very good… She looked beyond the yonder green valley of the cliff. She saw the ocean sparkling beautifully. Only…it was odd. The sparkles were white…not red as the Blood Moon was supposed to have given them. She was intrigued by the sparkles of the sea. She looked at the stars, seeing them sparkle beautifully in the sky. The moon however…was not what she really wanted to see. She stared at it, even though she didn't want to, to begin with. Frowning she began to think. She began to think about Naruto. She felt slightly guilty about how she yelled at him. She really shouldn't have said those words. She rocked back and forth on the swing. Sighing to herself she thought.

"Was it really my destiny as well to fall in love with him like this?" Sakura asked herself. She put it down as merely only just a coincidence that Naruto happened to be going into a demon phase near his birthday. She looked out in the yonder of the sea. Her eyes sparkled at all of the glittering of white and even a bit of blue here and there. She sighed again. "Oh Kami…why did you have to make Naruto…why did you have to turn him into this? Please answer…" Sakura pleaded. She looked at the moon, seeing it covered in demonic red-chakra. It wasn't too long until she started to se a face. She squinted. It was hard to see it. Slowly, but surely she began to see it clearer and clearer. It wasn't long before she saw that the face looked like a fox. Only…it had cheeks, whiskers of course, blonde hair and… Sakura eyes widened as she stood up. "Blue eyes…N-Naruto!" She shouted! Naruto's face was in the moon. His non-demonic face. Her eyes sparkled slightly at his face. It was smiling… smiling upon her. His cerulean eyes…said that he was still…himself, only he was just different on the outside. She stared at the face and saw it reach out to her. Her eyes widened as the Naruto in the moon reached out and touched her silky white cheek! Stroking her flesh gently with his thumb. Indeed…she felt his warm, tanned skin touch her cheek softly. She felt mesmerized by his warm touch. She stared, completely dazed, into his cerulean eyes.

"It'll be okay Sakura…just be strong. I'll always be your Naruto…no matter what I look like…I love you Sakura…I truly do…please…please don't forget it. I need to more than ever now…please…don't…leave me…" The Naruto image said. His husky voice echoed throughout her ears like a bell ringing. It was soft and….beautiful… She felt relaxed. She looked at the Naruto. He smiled and came all the way out of the moon itself! Sakura watched as he shrunk in size to where he was just a mire, but perfect, image of the real Naruto. Dressed in his favorite jumpsuit, without his headband only. He walked over to her and brushed a few strands of hair away from her face. He smiled, before closing the gap between them with a slow, yet romantic kiss. Sakura, to say the least was shocked! A…mirage was…kissing her? It sounded crazy! But…Sakura could literally feel his soft, gentle lips touching her own tender, pink ones. She closed her eyes. She was becoming slightly groggy from his kiss…and the fact that she was getting tired. The Naruto gently let go of her lips and placed a smile upon his face. She stared at him, not evening flinching. "Sakura…please…please don't leave me. I need you more than ever now." He said. He then began to fade from her sight. She gasped!

"Naruto! Wait!" Sakura yearned! She jolted from her seat! "Naruto! …please…" She begged. The apparition just smiled at her.

"I love you…" It said and finally, turning into a white dust, the wind blew his legs, then torso…and finally, smiling again, Naruto disappeared in a ribbon of white moon-dust. It started to circle around Sakura and she gasped! The white-dust circled around her before it dispersed into the sky quickly, sending stars out into the black night. They were…beautiful. Twinkling in the sky they stared down at Sakura. She looked at them and just stared…saying not even one word. It was until a voice rang in her ears. His voice. "I'll love you forever Sakura…always and never forget it. I'll be with you…until the day…that I die…I promise." His voice echoed throughout her ears and faded gently. Her widened eyes stared into oblivion. She hugged herself and looked into the sky. "Always…and…forever…" The voice finally faded into the night sky. Sakura's eyes twinkled, before she began to think. Looking at the ground she thought.

"Do you…promise Naruto?" Sakura asked. She looked at the sky again to see if she could find an answer. "Please…please say you promise Naruto. Every time you get like this…it scares me to no end… Please Naruto…please give me…a sign that you're still that…blonde guy I love…please?" Sakura begged. She searched the night sky endlessly for an answer…and…she didn't find one. She sat down on the swing-set again. She sighed, once again staring into the black world above. It was…beautiful. She marveled at the beauty of the twinkling stars above. Her eyes softened and she gripped both of the ropes. Her eyes stared at the sky…long enough, for her to see something…something…out of the ordinary. She squinted a bit, before she could see. She saw a light, shining brightly in the distance. Her eyes widened. The light grew and grew and GREW! Until it was a bright shining light that was immensely beautiful beyond compare! "I-Is that you…Naruto?" Sakura asked. The light sparkled once, and Sakura's eyes glittered. "You…you do promise…" She said as a tear rolled down her cheek. The light shined brightly, before a beam of that white light flew off into the distance, towards the village. Sakura looked. She saw, clear from where she was standing. "The Hokage Monuments… is that where you want me to go Naruto?" Sakura asked. The beam of light gave a glitter. She nodded. Keeping her eyes on the light she began walking, straight to where the light was shining. She entered the forest, the beam of light shining clear above her head. She took a short-cut through the bushes. Making her way through she accidentally snagged herself on the sharp bristle of a thorny tree. She gasped as she walked through, cutting her arm. She held it and looked. She had left a long mark on her upper arm. Ignoring it, she headed on more until she reached the village. The pinkette walked through the dark, lonely streets.

She saw the light shining miraculously on the top of the monuments. She continued moving. It was becoming colder as she wrapped her tails around her to help try and keep herself warm. She trekked on through the streets, following only the strip of moonlight that gleamed in one and one spot only. Finally, she reached them steps of the monuments, after nearly 30 minutes of walking. The cold nipped her skin, and forced her to move. She knew it would be getting colder and colder as she moved farther up the mountain. Grunting slightly as the wound she had made herself stung, the rosette slowly came upon the Hokage Monuments. She felt the air freeze more around her bare skin and shivered, her teeth chattering. On the highest point of the monuments, she saw the light. A wave of perpetual sadness crossed her senses and it made her want to go back. But…she continued moving. She scaled the smooth rock of the Shodaime, then the Nidaime, the Sandaime…and finally…the Yondaime. A piece of the Yondaime's rocky locks stood straight up. She bit her lip, seeing the light shining right on it. She walked over, and slowly climbed up. She reached the top finally and her eyes found him. In the moonlight, sitting with his legs spread out and his back hunched, ears lowered, tails limp and scattered every which way. His head was hung low and…he looked liked he was heart was ripped apart. She smelt the faint hint of salt in the air. He must've been crying. Sakura couldn't really imagine him crying, well…by the way she said things to him this evening…she could really. She felt that guilt again…the guilt plaguing her heart like smoke inside the lungs.

She got on all fours…twitching her nose and then…began to walk over to him. The blonde didn't move an inch, but Sakura could sense that he knew she was there. She saw his bare, golden back. He was almost stripped of clothing. She got up closer, to where she was right up to him. She looked at him. It was silent. The light shining on him faded and Sakura cleared her throat.

"Naruto…" Sakura started. Silence. "I-Are you o-okay?" Sakura asked. She heard nothing. The blonde only moved away from her, over to the edge of the Yondaime's hair. Sakura's eyes softened. She had done it…again. She could tell he didn't want to see her…but…she had to. She must be with him. The pinkette gulped and moved closer to the broken blonde. She got closer again, right to where she was behind him again. She took her hands, and wrapped them securely around Naruto's strong torso. The blonde didn't even flinch. Sakura put her cold hand on his heart. She felt warmth from his body enveloping her palm. She buried her face into his back, taking in his scent. It smelt like home. But…the pinkette was still saddened by how she yelled at him. She screwed up…again, and it plagued her to no end. She hugged him tighter. The cold nipped her pale white skin, soaking in moonlight. "…Naruto…I…(Small sigh)…I…I wa-…I wa- I'm really sorry for how I yelled at you like that. Y-You really didn't need that… You…just haven't been acting like…the Naruto I know…it's that you really scare me sometimes. You aren't…completely…an animal Naruto. You're sweet, kind and lovable. I couldn't really have asked more than what you have given me." She whispered, nuzzling her face into his warm back.

"…" He remained silent. Sakura frowned and sighed.

"I also realized…I had broken a promise I made." She said. Naruto said nothing. She sighed yet again and walked around, so she could see his face. She didn't see his eyes, but only his sopping wet cheeks. There were tiny tears dripping from his chin. His eyes were shaded in lack…and his skin glowed like that of ashes, smoldering still in the moonlight. The pinkette wanted to wipe those tears desperately away…but…something was holding her back!

"What if…he…hates me now? What then? I sure have screwed things up this time around…" She said. She sighed. Sitting in front of him, she began to think where she had left off. She nodded, and looked at him.

"…I broke…two things…Naruto," Sakura started. "I…broke the promise I made that I was never going to hurt you in anyway…and…and I broke…" She trailed off. She hated her emotions for being so soft and more-over she was like talc. She desperately tried to hold her tears back. She knew she was still…and always will be a crybaby…she was the village crybaby! She had always knew…at heart that…she wasn't supposed to cry, simply because she was a ninja, and that all ninja had control of their emotions. But she…she was……she knew she was a ninja…but deep down…she felt that she…wasn't. The pinkette looked at the blonde. "Besides Naruto…unlike me…you're…not a complete failure at everything you try to do." She whispered.

The blonde's ears silently twitched, but his body remained still. Sakura looked at him. She shivered slightly. It was cold. The rosette looked at the blonde, demonic, boy sitting in front of her, still heart-broken. She frowned. A small tear escaped her eyes before she turned around completely, giving him some space. The blonde haired demon's ears twitched a tiny bit. Indeed, he was…a bit heart-broken…but he could help but enjoy that she had come back…for him. He also admitted that he liked the fact that she at least did admit that she had…broken 2 things. Though, what bothered him the most…was that she said she was a 'failure' which didn't sit right with him. The blonde quietly looked up, opening his hellish red eyes. He stared at her, small tears rolling down his cheeks.

Naruto always hated it, when people said they were complete and total failures when they weren't. It saddened him COMPLETELY! But, what he hated the most…was when Sakura said SHE was a failure. It wasn't true! It never was, and never would be. The blonde haired demon's eyes sparkled as he marveled how beautiful she had been turning out. She wasn't a failure, nor was he. Unlike the rest of his friends, and maybe even the girls interested in him, he would bet that they would never do what Sakura was. He bet they wouldn't take him either way, even if he was devilishly handsome in every way. He'd bet none of the girls would look at him the way Sakura did. The blonde looked at the moon, seeing it brimming with power to the full almost. Feeling the sensation that he was…so alive! He knew he'd be a full demon tomorrow…and…he felt scared, nervous…and…well he felt as though…he'd……hurt her. Hurt her in some way like he did in the ally-way that night last night. Her piercing scream still haunted his mind. Shaking his head, he looked at the pinkette.

He looked at himself, seeing the aura of demonic chakra, lining his tanned skin glowing eerily. His emotions…they probably were too excited…that he scared the poor girl. Silently sighing to himself, he had to conclude….that emotions were running high, obviously because of the blood moon, hanging like a lantern above them. Naruto and Sakura were like slaves to it! But, that would very well change. When they both mated, knowing that Sakura would give birth to a demon child than a human, Naruto and Sakura would turn back to normal. The blonde would love his child, despite how he or she looked. He silently sighed to himself, causing his breath to become visible. It was getting cold and Naruto looked at the pinkette. She was slightly shivering with her tails wrapped around her curled body for warmth. The blonde acted on instinct and his tails stretched out, regaining their vitality. They slithered swiftly, and silently, towards her. The pinkette was trying to sleep when she felt something wrap around her body. It startled her a bit, but she was too cold to even flinch! She just let whatever it was, since is was VERY WARM, wrap around her body and take her to wherever it was going.

She closed her eyes upon feeling her new-found warmth. Soon she saw that she was being cuddled livingly into a chest…a very muscular one at that. The warmth gliding over her body was too intoxicating to even say anything. Feeling a powerful and living embrace of two, rather strong, arms wrap around her, she felt like at home. She sighed gracefully, and the next thing she knew, she was in dreamland. Naruto stroked her strawberry-cherry lined hair softly. His nails, coursing through her silky, thread-like locks. He looked up at the moon, feeling the demonic and over-whelming power emanating from it. He heard her grunt as she gently nuzzled her head into his naked chest. He let out a demonic sigh and decided that it was late, and that they needed to go to bed. Without hesitation, Naruto picked her up, into his arms. His jacket was in his lap. He grabbed it with one of his tails. He'd wake up tomorrow, a full-fledged demon, and at night he would make Sakura his, and his only. Of course, he still had 2 tests to perform. A test of strength, and a test of power. He'd have to get Sakura and himself naked for that one though…since…he had to show her that he was ready. His arousal was bugging the hell out of him! He grunted and jumped away, from all the way down the Monuments, landing on the rooftops and running at blinding speeds. The cold air rushed through his fur. His tails protected the pinkette from the chilly breezes that threatened to nip her skin. Naruto rushed through the village. After only 5 minutes, he was at the apartments. He streaked like a shadow up them, on the third floor, and finally into the apartment. Shutting the door gently behind him.

Walking towards the bedroom, the blonde yawned, tired from today's activities. He shut the door closed with his tail. He took Sakura's clothes off, then his own before climbing into bed. The blonde curled them both in a ball shape before yawning and laying his head on the pillow. He closed his eyes, and soon was dreaming.

Outside in the village somewhere…

It was quiet, dark, and eerie outside in the village. Nothing stirred…well…not really anyway…

"Okay Sheichibi, you got the stuff?" Kishimaru asked. The wolf was carrying a bag and dropped it. He fell to the ground panting. Kyuubi just chuckled whilst Sheichibi glared harshly at him. The fox shrugged, whipping his eyes and eyebrows in the air. He looked at Kishimaru.

"Okay Cub, so when you do we prank those fools?" Kyuubi asked literally drooling over the fact that after years he'd see some fun. Kishimaru just yawned and rubbed his eyes. Sheichibi smiled.

"Aw, poor Cub's had it for the day. Time to head to bed. We'll pull those pranks tomorrow." Sheichibi said. Kishimaru looked at him.

"I was just yawning tho-o-o-o… (Thump!)" Kishimaru fell over and was sound asleep. Sheichibi chuckled. He grabbed the small boy with his fangs and tossed him over his back. Kyuubi pouted.

"Well, you should get back to Naruto brother. Cub and I are going home to fetch some sleep. Night." He said and walked away. Kyuubi groaned and looked at the sky. He saw the blood moon. His crimson eyes softened at it's glowering glow.

"Aisu…" He whispered. Looking down at the ground, she sighed. "The moon is beautiful tonight…my love. *Sigh* I wish you were here with me to look at it's startling beauty…but nothing could ever replace how beautiful you were…my snow-bunny. Oh, how I miss you here beside me…with our Kits. I miss you so much my love. If I could wish for anything right now…it's be you…and you only. This fucking village has plagued me with the shed of your blood that I so lovingly licked from your wounds! (Demonic Growl) The blood that you spilled from the vessels within you still curses me to this day… the day when you died… how these insignificant villagers mistook you for a common enemy." He growled. "I wonder what you're doing…right now…at this very moment. Are you…okay? Are you…watching over me? Do you love me still? Oh so many questions…yet…no answers." Kyuubi whispered. He sighed. "Well my love…good-night. I'm going to sleep now. Please…please watch over me. When the time comes, I shall be with you once again…and I will be the King reborn. Hehehehe…you wouldn't believe what I got myself into." He said and sweat-dropped scratching the back of his head.

"I just got sealed inside the Hokage's child is all love. I'm still alive for you. Though…I wish I had died with you…but yet I wish we had both lived to see our Kits grow up. (Sigh) Oh my snow-bunny…they would have been fine demons…the lot of them…no…the litter! But…sadly there…aren't many, or even anymore demons around these days. These…apes…THESE APES! KEEP KILLING MY BELOVED GENERATIONS!" Kyuubi roared and dug his nails into the ground! He panted…and then licked his nose. "I…I'm sorry…I'm sorry I could not protect you…as I wanted too…I'm…sorry…" The fox said. A small teardrop fell to the ground. Silence…and then…out of…completely nowhere…Kyuubi felt a chill…breach his fur. His eyes opened…and his fur stood straight up. His crimson eyes widened as he saw…

"S-S-Snow…Snowflakes?" He pondered. There, in front of him and headng towards to exit of the village gates…were tiny snowflakes…drifting daintily and gracefully outside Konoha. Kyuubi turned around…and his eyes widened, just in time to see a, equally bigger figure leave the village! "W-W-Who was…that?" Kyuubi asked. He stood up and began to follow. The snowflakes flew on and on, and Kyuubi followed them, out of the gates. He felt a chill and shivered, but kept moving on! In his mind, he was thinking. "I hope I don't go too far…I could lose my mental link with Kit and that'll be the end of me, being trapped in a world where nothing but blackness reigns…nothing…not even a single person is…I hope whatever this is…ends soon." Kyuubi mentally said. He kept moving, and it was then, that he saw something…within the snowflakes. It was…blue…white…and…Kyuubi couldn't make out the figure. It vanished into the flurry of snowflakes, which then began to turn into white and blue butterflies, flapping their wings. This mesmerized Kyuubi…and the demon fox sniffed the air. It was…cold. Very cold. So cold that Kyuubi started to shiver more. It was impossible! The only thing that ever made Kyuubi's fur stand straight up, or even make him shiver, which was very rare…was Aisu. It didn't make sense at all to him. How could this all be happening? The fox was confused, yet the swarm of white and blue butterflies made him keep following.

It was nearly 30 minutes before Kyuubi found himself…somewhere he recognized for some reason. It was on a hill, and to say no less, it intrigued Kyuubi. The demon walked up, and found a small clearing. There was grass, but a humongous patch of dirt! He looked around, trying to find the butterflies…but they weren't around. He sniffed the ground, not finding any particular scent he wanted, or at least thought smelt like butterflies. He sighed gravely.

"But…those were…real butterflies. How…how could they not be real?" The fox asked. "And…my fur, it's still sticking straight up. I still have chills. How is that possible? And…that…figure. I recognized it…how could I…recognize it? How, how, how?" He pondered. As he was thinking…e didn't hear the fain calling of his name by an eerie voice in the wind. He closed his eyes and thought deeper.

"Kyuubi…" The voice rang again, only very silently. The demon fox couldn't hear it still. He felt a sudden breeze, that was cold. He shivered. "Kyuubi…" The voice rang again. Kyuubi still thought deeply, not even hearing anything. The fox then felt snowflakes start to fall from the sky. One landed on his pitch-black nose. "Kyuubi…" The voice rang. It was loud enough for him to open his eyes! He looked around his ears twitching.

"Who's there!?" He shouted! His deep voice echoing through the hills. He looked up, seeing beautiful snowflakes, falling before him and on his nose, latching onto his orange fur.

"Kyuubi…" The voice rang yet again. Kyuubi gasped and looked around. He went in circles, seeing butterflies, appearing everywhere. He gasped and backed up, only to figure out he was surrounded! The male fox spun around, and growled. Though the butterflies were not fazed by his threatening jaws. He was about to pounce, when he heard it…heard it ring in his ears. "Kyuubi…" His eyes widened. Everything went silent… the wind stopped and the butterflies gathered into a ball before they took on a form. Kyuubi's hairs stood up straight, and his body…he felt it…the cold. It made him shiver and his heart raced! The voice was cold…smooth…and rung like bells into the night. It sounded so goddess-like. It sounded…chillingly beautiful! The demonic fox was…stunned, as he couldn't even FORCE his body to turn around! His crimson eyes were pulsating. "Kyuubi…please….turn around…" The voice gently commanded. Kyuubi gulped, mustering up his courage and slowly, turned his head to look behind him. Half-way…he saw ghostly ice blue fur…snow white chest, butterfly on her ear, ice cool eyes that shimmered with beauty in the crimson moon-light, fluffy tail. He nearly passed out from lack of breath!

"A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A……" Kyuubi choked on his own words as his heart nearly exploded from the sight before him! She stood there, shimmering in sparkles of frost! Her, almost equally, sized height made her look beautiful. Kyuubi panted vigorously! "H-H-H-How…? Y-You d-d-d-d-died I-I-in f-f-front of m-m-me!" Kyuubi stuttered. She said nothing and only looked at him.

"Still handsome like the devil himself you are, and always will be, my love." She said. She began to walk, her ghostly form, leaving a trail of frost behind her. Kyuubi froze! (AU: LOL! PUN!!!) She kept walking until she was front in front of him, calm and gently as ever, she laid her head onto his furry chest. "I missed you so much my love…" She said coolly. (AU: LMFAO! PUN AGAIN!!!) Her breath made Kyuubi flinch! His eyes were locked dead on her, but…his body couldn't move! She nuzzled her nose into his warm fur. "Oh…how I have missed your pleasing warmth…I missed you so much." She said. She could feel Kyuubi's heart-beating harshly. She looked up. "My love…you look as though your soul has been stolen. Please answer me, Kyuubi." She pleaded. The fox was stunned, paralyzed! The female looking fox saddened.

"Please, speak to me Kyuubi!" She begged. Kyuubi snapped out of his stunned state and turned towards her. Their snouts met. To say the least, the fox hadn't blushed like this since the first time he and Aisu decided to have babies! The fox's cheeks were heating up! Only thing was, she was chillingly beautiful, and his heat ran away. Needless to say he got a boner still. Her eyes stared into his tormented and dead soul. She could see the pain he had gone through when she died. She couldn't bring herself to admit she was dead, she wanted him SO MUCH! She wanted to LIVE! Tiny frozen tears worked their way out from her eyes. Kyuubi could only notice, and feel as though his heart was breaking…again. "Why won't you *Sniff* speak to me, love?" She asked. Sniffing a sobbing silently she looked down. It hurt Kyuubi relentlessly! Despite that he was shocked to the core, he still loved her, even though she was dead. He put his head onto hers and puffed out his chest for her. He began to purr, like he used to when he didn't like seeing her cry, softly as he rubbed his head against hers.

"Don't cry Aisu…my love. Kyuubi is here. I'm here now, my little snow-bunny." Kyuubi comforted gently. The ghostly female looked at him. He smiled softly. "It's…just so hard for me to take in such beauty so…so soon… You were gone for SO LONG my love! I-I missed you!" Kyuubi said with small sheds of tears, rolling down his orange fur. Aisu nuzzled her head into his furry-chest. The horde of butterflies flew gently around them both, as if being carried by a breeze. The white flower in Aisu's hair gentlyswayed daintily back and forth. It tickled Kyuubi's coal black nose, causing him to twitch it. It was still a shock to Kyuubi that Aisu was even there, cuddling next to him. Smiling, he sniffed. "Aisu." Kyuubi began. She looked up, her beautiful icy blue eyes shimmering in the moonlight.

"Yes, Kyuubi my love?" She responded, her voice fluttering like butterflies, and ringing like bells. The fox took a deep sigh. His smile turned into a frown. "Aisu…as much as I'm…glad to see you…" The fox said.

"You…are in love with another female?" She asked, hoping the answer was "No".

"No! Never! I'll always love you my snow-bunny." Kyuubi purred. It made Aisu smile. "Aisu…why have you come back?" Kyuubi asked. Aisu seemed shocked!

"Kyuubi, what are you talking about? I'm…r-real." Aisu said. Kyuubi stared at her, sadness plaguing his eyes.

"Aisu, I know that you're dead… you cannot hide it my love. Why have you come back?" Kyuubi asked again. Aisu looked down.

"Kyuubi I-"

"Aisu." The fox interrupted her. She gave a short gasp. "Please, do not lie, my love. Now please…tell me…why are you here?" Kyuubi gently asked. Aisu turned her head away. The beautiful female said nothing. Kyuubi waited patiently for her reply. It had been nearly 10 minutes before her response.

"Okay then…you win…but I couldn't help it if I couldn't see the light. I loved you too much Kyuubi…" She said turning towards him. "You were the one who gave me the meaning of life and love. I…I couldn't help it if I loved you too much!" She said. Small frozen tears fell from her icy blue orbs. Kyuubi stared at her. He then, slowly walked towards her. Sitting down behind her, he put his head on hers. Licking his chops he smiled.

"That's all I needed to know, my love. I'm glad you came back." Kyuubi said. Aisu's head looked up. "I miss these cute fuzzy ears of yours." Kyuubi said grinning. He licked Aisu's left ear. and purred for her, since she always loved it when he purred. The female fox closed her eyes. Kyuubi nibbled on her ear gently, causing her to giggle. The moon made Kyuubi's fur look blood red, and he chuckled menacingly with broad grin.

"Kyuubi…" Aisu started. The fox put on a stupidly, confused look, making her laugh. He made his eyebrows wiggle differently in all directions, only making her laugh more! She looked at him, nudging his chest with her paw. Kyuubi snickered with a handsome grin.

"Yes my love?" Kyuubi asked. Aisu smiled warmly.

"Can we…spend tonight together?" She asked. Kyuubi thought.

"Hmm…I don't know…'can' we?" He asked. Aisu cocked her eyebrow.

"Okay then, if you don't want to spend time with your only love then I guess I'll just be on my way." She said with a menacing grin. Kyuubi sighed.

"It was a joke…" Kyuubi said. Aisu giggled.

"I know, I just waned to press your buttons you silly billy." Aisu giggled. Kyuubi rolled his eyes and smiled.

"Alright, c'mon then. Let's take a stroll out in the woods…like we used to." Kyuubi said. Aisu smiled warmly again.

"Oh I'd love that Kyuubi." She said. The male fox nodded. He got up, and side-by-side they both walked away in the crimson moon-light.

Some Hours Later…

Kyuubi and Aisu had chatted and walked all night long, talking, kissing and cuddling. They had even fallen asleep on a cliff that over-looked the horizon. Kyuubi would occasionally wake up, relieved that Aisu was still there, then go back to sleep. As the sun rose in the night sky, making the stars gleam brighter, but also making them disappear in the blanket of space, Kyuubi ears twitched and he woke up. Licking his chops he yawned, purging his claws out. He sighed and looked down, seeing his snow-bunny asleep and cuddling in his warmth. He smiled and laid a kiss on her head, before putting his own head back where it was, which was basically on hers. He took a deep breath before going back to sleep.

With Naruto and Sakura…

The village was still dark, as the sun was only beginning to come over the horizon. Naruto and Sakura slept, almost, quietly since every time he took a breath, Naruto would whistling through his nose. Sakura slept quietly in Naruto's shape and form. They both, despite their slumber could feel the blood moon's power stronger than ever, and they both began to glow in a red aura. Naruto began to sweat a bit and Sakura shivered. She turned around and cuddled into Naruto's hot body. The blonde felt hot, as the heat from his hands vanished. He pulled them in and they both took an embracing poise. Naruto's breathing began to sound heavier and he began to shiver and sweat. His body started to sweat, but he felt so cold. He pulled Sakura closer into his sweaty body. She felt wet and woke up. The pinkette shivered more and closed her eyes. Naruto's body felt warmer, but he was very, very wet. It felt kind of good to her. He was warm and it felt nice. Although, Naruto began to feel feverish and it woke him up. His bright blood red eyes scanned the room and then closed. He tossed and turned, trying to find a comfortable position. He found one, which meant that Sakura had to bend her knees as he molded them both into a ball. Despite the fact that her feet were in his crotch, he managed to fall asleep anyway, although, he was still sweating. One thing they didn't notice, was the demonically blood red aura, outlining them as they slept…

5 hours later…

The sun was high in the sky, the birds were chirping, and only a few people were outside in the Konoha streets. Some villagers were still scared from what Naruto did a couple of nights ago. Inside the apartment, Naruto and Sakura still slept. Naruto was sweating profusely due to a horrible fever, and Sakura was snuggled up beside him, feeling horrible, with a fever, as well. Both were outlined in a demonic red aura of chakra. Kyuubi, was inside Naruto again, feeling not so hot himself.

"Aisu…" He said. Those words brought back what had happened only a few hours ago. His heart…felt ripped in two.


Kyuubi and Aisu were snuggled up on the cliff top, sleeping peacefully. The sun was rising higher and the stars were now beginning to disappear. The male fox demon woke up to rustling from below him. Cracking one eye open he looked down, only to see that Aisu was not there! He gasped and looked around, frantically trying to find his mate! He found her, sitting at the edge of the cliff, staring out into the yonder sunrise. The demon walked up beside her.

"Aisu, my love. What are you doing up?" Kyuubi asked. The female fox turned her head around and looked at him with a beautiful smile.

"Oh, I didn't notice you woke up love." She said. Kyuubi cocked his eyebrow. He walked up beside her and sat down. He looked out into the yonder sun.

"Beautiful, isn't it my love, but is only a small flicker of beauty compared to you." Kyuubi said. Aisu giggled.

"Yes Kyuubi, it is very beautiful indeed." Aisu responded. They sat there and stared into the purple and orange sunrise. Kyuubi noticed a white butterfly fluttering between them. It landed on his coal-black nose and rested comfortable. He wiggled his nose and then looked Aisu, who just chuckled femininely. She kissed his nose, causing the butterfly to flutter out into the yonder sunrise. Aisu sighed, and Kyuubi's ear twitched.

"Aisu, what's wrong?" Kyuubi asked. Aisu looked at him and then smiled.

"Nothing my love. It is nothing you should be worried about." She said showing a serene smile. The frost emanating from her fur glittered in the showing sunrise. Kyuubi's eyes were aglow! The sparkling frost gave Kyuubi the shivers. He looked at her face, and it, however, did not sparkle. She looked sad, and very worried for some reason, it was hard for Kyuubi to tell.

"Aisu, what's wrong? You don't have to hide anything from me. Are you okay?" Kyuubi asked. Aisu said nothing, and Kyuubi patiently waited for her response.

"Kyuubi…" She began. "I loved that you and I spent time together, I really did." Aisu said. Kyuubi cocked his right eyebrow in confusion. "But…I must go now…" She finished. Kyuubi's eyes widened in shock! Aisu just stared out into the sunrise.

"B-But Aisu! I don't want you to go!" Kyuubi cried! (Not literally) Aisu just sighed and looked at him, pain welling in her eyes. Kyuubi's heart raced!

"Kyuubi…" She started. "I'm a spirit…and you even know that yourself…" She said vividly.

"But I don't care about that! Aisu I want you back with me!" Kyuubi shouted! Aisu could feel the pain welling in his heart and it affected hers as well. "Aisu, I…I need you with me…you were the only mate I could ever love…" He said as a lump was felt in his throat. Aisu leaned her head on his chest and nuzzled into his warm fur.

"You gave me many things Kyuubi. You gave me love, safety, and almost a family… that night went I knew I was pregnant with our pups I was awash in glee and happiness that we were going to finally have a family." Aisu explained. Kyuubi's heart warmed slightly. "But…on that night I died, and when I met Kami… I felt as though I had broken your heart…" Aisu said, pain drowning out her beautiful voice. Kyuubi snuggled against her and laid his head upon hers.

"Aisu…" He whispered. "I'll always love you…and I shall love no-one else BUT you." Kyuubi said bravely. "One day, I shall join you once again…and we shall live our lives to the fullest…and even, if Kami let's us… we may have those pups that you wanted." Kyuubi said rubbing his cheek against Aisu's.

"Not my puppies Kyuubi…" She started, her voice vivid and full of life and joy. "Our pups." She corrected. Kyuubi's eyes softened as small tears ran down his cheeks.

"I (sniff) Love you so much Aisu…" Kyuubi said heart-fully.

"I love you too…Kyuubi…and I shall always…" She said. Suddenly, her body began to break up into white and blue butterflies and snowflakes. Kyuubi gasped as his mouth dropped open. Aisu's body became butterflies! They fluttered out into the sunset! Aisu's head was the only thing that wasn't in a horde of butterflies. She smiled and leaned down, kissing Kyuubi one last time. "Good-bye…my love. See you in the next life." She said and before Kyuubi knew it…she completely dispersed into butterflies and snowflakes, and flew out into the sky. "Always…and forever…Kyuubi…" The fox's ears twitched as he heard her voice, fade into the sky. The fox watched as the butterflies and snowflakes disappeared, and a small breeze gently rolled in. Tears were threatening to over-flow again, and some even were. The Demon King sniffed and his lower lips quivered. Losing Aisu again…made his heart rip itself to shreds… "I shall see you in the afterlife…my love…I promise it…" He said, and with a small sniff, and tears leaking from his eyes, he walked away from the cliff, settled atop the hill. Looking down upon the village he sighed. He continued walking until he was able to disperse back inside his own body…inside Naruto.

Flashback ends…

The demonic fox was feeling horrible at the moment. Sighing he laid down and closed his eyes. He could feel Naruto's demonic fever.

"Hang in there kit…you can do it…" He said…and fell asleep…

With Naruto and Sakura…

Naruto and Sakura both were shivering and cuddling against each others naked bodies. The fever was worsening and so was the blood red demonic aura outlining, which was becoming thicker by the hour! They cuddled near each other and stayed that way. Sakura woke up as soon as she felt Naruto's sweaty body against her shivering cold one. She rose up and held both of her arms.

"I…I…I f-f-f-feel s-s-s-so c-c-c-c-c-cold…" She shivered. She didn't feel good either. She looked at Naruto and her eyes widened. He was sweating profusely. The outlining demonic aura emanating from them both was strong! Sakura tried to get up, but she didn't feel like doing it. One thing she did do though was uncover Naruto's body completely so he could cool off. She saw his side of the bed, drenched and soaked in his own sweat! His pillow was also wet. Sakura felt his forehead and she gasped! "N-Naruto! You're b-b-burning up!" She exclaimed! He must've had at least a temperature of nearly 110 degrees! She wondered why he wasn't dead! "It m-m-must be the blood moon…" She said again. Her body felt weak and she could feel Naruto's warmth. It made her want more! She couldn't control herself, so…she laid right on his body with the covers over them both. Wrapping her arms around his torso and nuzzled into his chest. She didn't care, for some reason why, that he was drenched in his own sweat. Point was that his entire body was like a heater! Perfect temperature and more-over…it felt so good at the moment. Sakura closed her eyes and as fast as she never thought…she was instantly asleep.

Outside the Apartments…

Outside, two men were looking at a certain apartment. They both looked at each other and nodded.

"Okay, you know what Tsunade told us, right?" Kakashi asked.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…get pinky and get out. Most likely, Naruto is almost near in the final stage of the transformation. Same with Sakura as well." Jiraiya said. Kakashi nodded.

"Right, I just hope we can get Sakura out of there in time." The masked man said. Jiraiya nodded.

"And, that a certain younger brother doesn't interfere either." He stated crossing his arms. "I swear, I had to shower for two whole damn days getting that stink off!" Jiraiya said a bit peeved. Kakashi sighed.

"Same here… but we shouldn't have any interruptions. Now c'mon, let's get Sakura and get out quickly." Kakashi said quickly. The Sannin nodded and they both jumped up to the door. Kakashi tried to door…but it was locked. He didn't want to wake Naruto and have him come after them both, so the two walked over towards the window and looked in. Jiraiya and Kakashi's eyes turned white! Jiraiya IMMEDIATELY got out his notebook and began taking notes, whilst Kakashi's mask was filling with blood!

"HOOO HOOO HOOO!!! THAT'S MY STUDENT!!!" Jiraiya shouted as he jotted down note after note! "MAN I WOULDN'T MIND SEEING THESE TWO IN REAL ACTION!!!" The perverted man shouted! Kakashi punched him on the head! "Ouch!" Jiraiya yelped! Kakashi had an annoyed look on his face.

"No wonder Minato-sensei called you the "Biggest Pervert in all the world," you're acting like a damned pedophile!" Kakashi scolded. Jiraiya shrugged.

"Hey, it's my Gaki's birthday today. He's the big one-eight today." Jiraiya stated. Kakashi looked at him surprised.

"So, Naruto's Eighteen?" Kakashi asked. Jiraiya nodded with a grin, crossing his arms.

"Yup, and that boys well on his way to getting the Namikaze estate soon. Tsunade just needs to know that he's Eighteen and he'll get the estate. Then he and his lil' cupcake can settle down." Jiraiya stated with a grin. "And I know the best spot to peek in when Minato and Kushina were living there! WHOOO! THOSE NIGHTS WERE HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!" He giggled perversely! Kakashi's eye turned white and he shivered. He swatted Jiraiya over the head again.

"Now…let's get Sakura." Kakashi said. Jiraiya groaned and nodded, rubbing his head. They both tried the window, and surprisingly it was unlocked! Kakashi slid it up and they both hopped down onto the floor. Jiraiya looked at Naruto and Sakura.

"Hmm…Kakashi, look at them." Jiraiya said walking over to the two naked students. Kakashi looked.

"Naruto…he's sweating profusely, and Sakura…" He said feeling her back. "She's ice cold. And there's a line of strong demonic chakra emanating from both of them." Kakashi explained. Jiraiya nodded. The Sannin felt Naruto's forehead.

"The boys running one hell of a fever. I'd guess it's about One-Hundred Ten degrees." He observed and explained.

"Is he going to be alright?" Kakashi asked, panicking a bit. Jiraiya nodded.

"Yeah, he should be fine Kakashi. This fever is induced only during a special time in a young demons life when he or she goes into adult-hood." Jiraiya stated. Kakashi looked at him, and his ears were as keen as ever. "When a demonic animal is about to mate, it experiences, with it's partner, a fever. This fever, however, is not ordinary. It readies them both for mating season. Now, the two mates however, are incapacitated, so they cannot defend themselves. So, before the fever hits, they find shelter in the safest place they're able to find. If they survive, they both have sex, and later produce offspring, and it goes on and on in a cycle." The man explained. Kakashi looked at Naruto.

"Naruto looks pretty demonetized to me. But…why the moon?" Kakashi asked.

"That's a good question. I heard, while in my travels and when I took Naruto on our little training trip, about the Blood Moon." Jiraiya started. "Legend has it, that's it's the same moon…only over-whelming with demonic power so strong, even humans are affected by it. Demons gain power from the Blood Moon, as it happens every millennia. It's a rare site indeed, but is seen by the whole world. My guess is that Kyuubi is also a deal with this, since Kyuubi has a power to make Naruto's emotions flare, therefore turning him into the Tailed states, Kyuubi himself, being the demon king and all, and being inside Naruto, has probably caused Naruto to become a demon himself, therefore being affected by the blood moon. And, since our little fox has already bitten Sakura on the shoulder," Jiraiya stopped explaining as he felt the bit marks on her shoulder, also examining the fancy demon mark, notifying her as his mate. "she is also being affected by the blood moon." Jiraiya finished. Kakashi looked at his students. For some reason they reminded him of Rin and Obito.

"C'mon, let's get Sakura out of here and to Tsunade." Kakashi suggested. Jiraiya nodded and picked the naked girl up. Kakashi pulled the covers over Naruto's body. He and Jiraiya walked away, leaving Naruto in his bed. They wrapped Sakura in a spare blanket, hiding her body from the villagers, but also so she could breath. Kakashi closed Naruto's door and both men jumped away towards Hokage Tower.

Hokage Tower…

Tsunade was just doing paper work when she heard a knock on the door.

"Come in!" She said. The door opened and Jiraiya and Kakashi entered. Tsunade's eyebrows quirked at the body-shaped package they both had. "Alright, what's that?" Tsunade asked. Jiraiya sighed. He set whatever it was on the table.

"Your student…" He before uncovering the head. Tsunade's eyes widened and she gasped! She stood up and checked Sakura's skin. "She's freezing cold!" The woman bellowed, slamming her fist on the table!

"Calm down Tsunade." Jiraiya ordered softly. "Sakura's just in a state where her body is preparing itself to mate with Naruto." Jiraiya said. Tsunade's eyes pinged.

"W-W-What?" Tsunade stuttered.

"Sakura is preparing to mate with Naruto tonight. Naruto obviously marked her as his, and now she and he are going to have sex somewhere and then demonic babies are going to come." Jiraiya said. Tsunade fell back in her chair. She stared at her student.

"So…my student is going to…" Tsunade stopped. Jiraiya and Kakashi nodded their heads. The woman looked at her student, sleeping on the table. "Okay…I'll believe you Jiraiya. Now, I want Sakura on full security alert stat! Naruto is not to be allowed anywhere near her until this is all over with." Tsunade spoke with that of an emperor's voice! Jiraiya and Kakashi nodded.

"Although, this won't be easy." Jiraiya started. Both Tsunade and Kakashi looked at him. "Naruto and Sakura will wake up, and once that's finished, Naruto will notice she's gone. He will come seeking her scent out…and will kill anyone who dares to stand in his way. Sakura will, however, be wanting Naruto back, being the fact that she is supposed the mate with him, the alpha male. This won't be easy… and it never has been from the beginning." Jiraiya said. Kakashi and him both shivered when Kishimaru threatened to shove chilly peppers and a telephone in their asses. Tsunade nodded in agreement.

"Remember, what ever you do, you cannot let Naruto near Sakura, at any cost." Tsunade said in a stern tone.

"Yes Lord Hokage." Kakashi nodded.

"Don't worry, as long as Kishimaru doesn't come around, we should be okay." Jiraiya stated. Tsunade quirked her eyebrow.

"And just what has that boy been doing?" Tsunade asked. Jiraiya and Kakashi sweat dropped. "Well?" Tsunade asked raising her eyebrows.

"Uh…about that…" Kakashi started, scratching the back of his head. "Kishimaru is kind of…interfering, and protecting Naruto and Sakura both. Over the past few days he's been…well…he's been a mini-Naruto and playing…(Clears his Throat)…un-necessary pranks…that he learned from Naruto over the years." Kakashi explained. Tsunade sighed, then chuckled in amusement.

"So, a Twelve-year-old child, is giving two fully grown and experienced shinobi, a Jonin and even a Sannin a rough time? Please. Get a grip you two." Tsunade chuckled. "I know that Kishimaru is only protecting his brother, and maybe there's something that we're missing from this entire thing, which has to be the reason he's interfering. Maybe you can talk to him about it from your angle, and learn his angle." Tsunade said. "Then, maybe if his angle out-matches ours, then I will allow Naruto and Sakura to mate. But, until further notice, I cannot allow that to happen." Tsunade explained. Jiraiya and Kakashi both groaned. Without a word they just out of the office and shut the door. Tsunade sighed and looked out the window into the village. "Naruto…" She whispered. She turned and looked at Sakura, who was glowing with demonic power. Sighing she got up. "Looks like we're going to have to put you in a strong containment field…as much as I don't want to do it…I have no choice." She said. She picked Sakura up and took her down to the Hospital, with her hood up so no-one looking at Tsunade would figure out it was Sakura in the first place. Tsunade walked into a room and sighed. It was a room with a glass shield. It was the strongest glass Konoha could make for now. Tsunade opened the glass with a button hooked to the containment field. She turned on the oxygen so Sakura could breath and closed the glass field. Looking at her student who took after her like she was her own daughter, made Tsunade's heart ping slightly…locking Sakura up like she was some animal.

"But…it's for the best…" Tsunade said and walked out of the room, shutting the light off and turning on a soft, gentle, ocean blue glowing surround wall so that everything would appear calm. (AU: The walls are like T.V.'s, and they produce a calming bluish glow all around the room, inducing a calming atmosphere.)Sakura silently slept in the blanket…without making a single sound.

Outside in Konoha…

Out on the dirt streets, Kishimaru was walking around. A shadow of Sheichibi following him. Good thing only he and Naruto, even Sakura probably since his brother marked her, could see Sheichibi. A 20 ft. tall wolf was sure to stand out like a sore thumb.

"Sheichibi?" Kishimaru started to ask. The wolf looked down.

"Yes Cub?" The wolf responded curiously. The small boy sighed.

"I haven't seen big brother or Sakura at all today. I wonder where they are. Do you think you can make a link with Uncle Kyuubi?" He asked. Sheichibi sighed.

"I guess Cub. Hopefully he'll be easy to communicate with…" Sheichibi said. The wolf closed his eyes and concentrated. In a flash, he opened them and was inside Kyuubi's cage. He looked down, seeing the fox sleeping. The floor was wet slightly and the wolf noticed Kyuubi's eyes and fur were soaked. "Was he…crying?" Sheichibi asked himself. He nudged Kyuubi, and the fox came to.

"Hmm…? What is it?" He asked sitting up and rubbing his eyes, wiping away his tears.

"Kyuubi? Are you okay?" Sheichibi asked. Kyuubi looked at groaned.

"Not really why!?" He shouted, annoyed. Sheichibi looked closer.

"You've been crying brother. Is there something you would like to talk about?" Sheichibi asked. Kyuubi growled.

"No not at all. Now leave me alone dammit! I'm tired! I had a long night out with Ais-" He stopped and gulped. Sheichibi's eyes widened.

"She…came back?" Sheichibi asked in total shock! Kyuubi scratched his noggin.

"Uh…no…no she didn't…uh…erm…Hey! Why would you wanna know!? Why are you sticking your snout in my business!? And furthermore! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YA DOIN' IN MY CAGE!!!???" Kyuubi bellowed! Sheichibi lowered his ears.


"GAH!!! FOR THE LOVE OF FUCK!!! WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR DAMMIT!!!???" Kyuubi shouted holding his head. Sheichibi looked at him.

"That, my dear brother was for being rude and impolite when I guest is in your cage." Sheichibi said holding a finger up. Kyuubi grumbled. Sheichibi clenched his fist again.


"GAH!!!!!" Kyuubi shouted!

"And that one…is for cursing…thank you. Now……did……Aisu really return? Last night? If so where is she? I want to see the lass and know how she's been!" Sheichibi said looking around. Kyuubi frowned and sighed.

"She…was only here for one night. She disappeared this early morning…in a horde of blue and white snowflakes and butterflies." Kyuubi explained. Sheichibi's eyes flickered.

"I…see…" He said with a frown. Kyuubi sighed meekly. "Butterflies and snowflakes…eh?" Sheichibi asked. Kyuubi nodded.

"So beautiful it was indeed. I marveled when she would give me Goosebumps, and how she would make me shiver…and…that frost that gently wavered from her like snow. It sparkled like it always had. I miss her so…so much…" Kyuubi said and looked down. Sheichibi patted his brother on the back.

"I see…so…how's Kit?" Sheichibi asked. Kyuubi looked at him.

"Oh…he's fine. He's in the fever stage. I can't do anything about it. Those two perverts took Kit's mate. I could sense it…we are…after all…linked since she has a mark." Kyuubi responded. Sheichibi's eyes widened in horror!

"We must get her back Kyuubi…or…you know what Naruto WILL DO!" Sheichibi shouted! Kyuubi nodded. "Come! Cub expects us!" Sheichibi said. Kyuubi nodded, and they both vanished…leaving Kyuubi's real body behind, and his sub-conscious body, taken along with them.A few moment later they arrived with Kishimaru. The young boy was waiting patiently on a bench in the park. The two demons became visible and looked down at the young boy. He smiled looking at them and got on his feet.

"Hi Uncle Kyuubi!" Kishimaru cheerfully greeted giving the fox a foot hug. The fox gave a smile. "So, are you ready to make Sakura's mommy and daddy's life hell?" Kishimaru asked.

"Cub, language please." Sheichibi said. Kishimaru scratched the back of his head.

"Sorry Sheichibi I-Whooooaaaa!" He didn't get to finish he sentence as Kyuubi lifted him up in the air so he was riding on the fox's head!

"Ahhh, you don't hafta be sorry Cub. I'm rarin' to make life hell any day for anyone!" Kyuubi said enthusiastically! Kishimaru cheered!

"YAY!" Kishimaru shouted in glee! Kyuubi smiled. "Well, c'mon, we've gotta set everything up for later! We're burning daylight!" Kishimaru blurted out!

"I love it when he's always enthusiastic like this." Kyuubi said with a menacing grin. Sheichibi sighed and shook his head. They all walked away to set up the horde of traps at the Haruno's house.

In Konoha…

Around Konoha, Mrs. Haruno was shopping around the market in the ally ways, going from one kart to another kart of food and selecting fruits, vegetables and other things. She was humming a tune to herself as she rummaged through a section of tomtatos, finding ones that were ripe and big. She smiled, finding the one she found excellent for her soup she was making tonight. She put it in her basket and continued walking around.

"First target: Mrs. Haruno." Kishimaru said as he peered behind the corner of a bulding. He giggled like a homicidal maniac. Kyuubi awed!

"Awe, Cub's thinking murderous thoughts. Isn't that the sweetest thing I've ever seen?" Kyuubi asked grinning.

"No, the sweetest thing you've ever seen was someone getting ripped apart with blood and malice by cute little hungry demon pups." Sheichibi corrected. Kyuubi thought and his cheeks went pink as a grin came onto his face.

"AWE! They were too cute though! Hehehe, hungry little buggers! Awe!" Kyuubi purred, wagging his tails in sync. Kishimaru smiled.

"I wish I had a tail…I'd be wagging it all day long!" He said happily.

"Well, Sheichibi, if he gets that kinai out of his ass, might give you a tail Cub." Kyuubi said smiling. Sheichibi popped an anger vein.


"Grrr…" Kyuubi growled. Sheichibi's eyes were white and he looked mad! Kishimaru laughed childishly.

"Sheichibi, I wanna tail like you and Kyuubi and big brother and Sakura!" Kishimaru shouted tossing his sleeves in the air. Sheichibi sweat-dropped and let down his paw (AU: Hand basically.) He sighed.

"Maybe…but right now…I think we'd better think about our target." Sheichibi replied. Kishimaru rubbed his hands together.

"Okay, is everything in place?" Kishimaru asked. They both nodded and Kyuubi hoisted Kishimaru up on his snout so the boy could see his plot unfold. They watched as Mrs. Haruno walked over towards the bananas. Kishimaru grinned as he saw her go for the ripe banana.

"Excuse me, sir?" Mrs. Haruno asked. The old man turned around and his wrinkled eyes took a look.

"Oh, my. Yes young lady what can I do you for?" He asked. Mrs. Haruno smiled sweetly.

"I would like to buy this please. It's the ripest one and I need it." Mrs. Haruno replied. The old man put on his glasses and took a closer look.

"Oh! My I haven't seen such a ripe banana in ages! Why, of course! It is all yours. That will be approximately five-hundred ryou." The old man said. Mrss. Haruno nodded. She decided to buy a whole bunch more since they were so cheap. She smiled as she bought herself a rack of bananas. She put them in the bag, and gripped the ripe banana.

"You're going to be perfect for my special banana pie." She giggled. Kishiamru chuckled.

"Bye-Bye banana pie!" Kishimaru said and made a toger sign. Mrs. Haruno nevr saw it coming!


"AAAAHHHH!!!" Mrs. Haruno screamed as banana got into her hair! Kishimaru and Kyuubi laughed! Sheichibi chuckled.

"Now this is Ap"peel"ing." Kyuubi said. Kishimaru laughed!

"I got that pun!" He said and watched back at Mrs. Haruno. She was trying to get the banana out of her hair. She looked around and saw a barrel of water. She walked over and scooped up the crystal blue liquid. She washed the banana out of her hair. Kishimaru and Kyuubi both snickered whilst Sheichibi chuckled.

"Looks like someone's feeling blue." Sheichibi said. Kyuubi and Kishimaru looked at him.

"You're blue stupid!" Kyuubi shouted!


"Grrrrrrr…." Kyuubi growled holding his head.

"Wrong you nincompoop. I'm sapphire, a DARKER blue. Blue, regular, is lighter than sapphire Kyuubi. And I'm sorry Cub, are you alright?" Sheichibi asked. Kishimaru nodded.

"Yup!" He replied. The sapphire wolf nodded and looked.

"Oh my, looks like someone's blue now." He said. Kyuubi and Kishimaru looked and watched as Mrs. Haruno was SCREAMING!

"MY HAIR!!! MY BEAUTIFUL NATURAL PINK HAIR!!!! IT'S…IT'S BLUE!!!" Mrs. Haruno screamed! The trio laughed! Mrs. Haruno watched as everyone began to stare at her. She covered her head. "I must go home now!" She said and ran off with her groceries. Kishimaru rubbed his hands together.

"Next phase. Uncle Kyuubi, if you will." Kishimaru said. Kyuubi stuck out his tongue, panting and trotted happily after Mrs. Haruno. Sheichibi shrugged and stuck his, purple, tongue out and trotted off as well.

Mrs. Haruno…

The, now blue-haired woman enetered her house and set the groceries on the floor. She ran upstaires to try and wash the blue out of her hair. Kishimaru entered the house and grinned. He put his fingers together and created chakra lines.

"Who knew she could be so up-tight. Hehehehehehahahahahahaha!!!!" Kishimaru giggled and followed her upstaires. He watched as Mrs. Haruno was trying to wahs the dye out of her hair. He giggled silently. Mrs. Haruno gasped!

"Who's there!?" Mrs. Haruno called. The door creaked open slightly. The woman took out a kunai. Kishimaru smiling and put his hands in his sleeves, so Mrs. Haruno wouldn't see the chakra lines emitting from his finger tips. He walked in.

"Hi Mrs. Haruno!" Kishimaru called! Mrs. Haruno sighed in relief.

"Oh, afternoon…Kishimaru…umm…may I ask what you're doing here?" Mrs. Haruno asked. Kishimaru smiled. Mrs. Haruno waited, and Kishimaru's closed his eyes. After about 5 seconds Mrs. Haruno shrugged and returned back to her duty of liberating her hair from the blue cye. Kishimaru opened his eyes WIDE!!!

"WRAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!" He yelled! Mrs. Haruno screamed as Kishimaru took out his fingers full of chakra lines and threw them, stringing them around Mrs. Haruno! He wrapped her up so her feet and arms were useless. She stood there as Kishimaru giggled creepily. "No need to be so up-tight Mrs. Haruno." Kishimaru joked! Mrs. Haruno tried breaking free, but alas she could not, as this was chakra. "You know Mrs. Haruno…I'm kinda bored right now. I'll let you go if you play a game with me." Kishimaru said putting his hands behind his back and swayed his body back and forth on his heels. Mrs. Haruno sighed.

"Okay…what do you want to play?" Mrs. Haruno asked. Kishimaru thought and smiled.

"I like…painting…let's paint!" Kishimaru suggested. Mrs. Haruno nodded.

"Okay, but first you'll have to let me go Kishimaru. How can we paint if my arms aren't free?" Mrs. Haruno asked. Kishimaru closed his eyes, placing his sleeves at his sides. His face shaded then, and soon he had a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

"Who said I was painting an object, like a table or something like that?" Kishimaru asked. Mrs. Haruno was confused.

"But, what else is there to paint Kishimaru?" She asked. He grinned and looked at her with an evil gleam in his eyes.

"…Youuuuu…HEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!! KYUUBI!!! SHEICHIBI!!!! I NEED HELP IN HERE!!!!" Kishimaru called. Soon, two animal-like mirages appeared behind Kishimaru. Mrs. Haruno gasped and her eyes widened, causing her pupils to shrink in fear!

"What do you need help with Cub?" They both asked with evil grins. Kishimaru grabbed Mrs. Haruno's beauty make-up.

"We're gonna give Mrs. Haruno…an extreme make-over." He said getting the lip stick and twisting the ottom, purging it from it's holder. Mrs. Haruno SCREAMED!!! "Now hold still! You'll be working for the circus in a little bit! Kyuubi, Sheichibi, please." Kishimaru grinnined evilly. The two grabbed whatever they could.



30 Minutes Later…

A half and hour later, Kishimaru approved of Mrs. Haruno's make-over and laughed! Mrs. Haruno was now a clown!!!

"Stop clowning around Mrs. Haruno! Your public awaits you…" He said with a diabolical snicker. Mrs. Haruno gasped! Kyuubi and Sheichibi took Mrs. Haruno and followed Kishimaru outside. They walked towards the busy part of the Leaf Village. Kishimaru grabbed a sturdy barrel, struggling with it and walked it over towards the center of the whole street. He stood on the barrel and looked around. He gasped in delight! Kiba, Hinata, Shino, Chouji, Shikamaru, Ino, Sasuke, Neji, Tenten and Lee were all walking towards them! Holding his hands together and his eyes sparkling he waited until they were…directly in front of him. In a loud voice…

"LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! BOYS AND GIRLS OF ALLLLL AGES!!!" He yelled. He grabbed everyones attention. Kiba and the others loked at each other. "PLEASE ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE TO YOU ALL!!! THE ONE, AND ONLY, IMPROVVED, MRS. HARUNO!!!" Kishimaru shouted! He jumped down and ran over towards the middle of the groupd, where Kiba and the others were. "Are you ready big brother Kiba? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" He laughed like a maniac! He had something under a white sheet. "INTROUCING!!! MRS!!!! HARUNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" Kishimaru shouted and whipped the sheet off, exposing Mrs. Haruno dressed and looking like a clown! She was standing up, but she had a chakra chain attached to her ankle. They all stared at her and Kishimaru jumped, doing a small spin and landed. He grabbed a whip and flicked it out.


Mrs. Haruno gasped! Everyone looked at Kishimaru.

"HUT HUT!!!" He shouted and cracked the whip, startling Mrs. Haruno! "Run and jump, squacking like a bird and flapping them arms of yours!" Kishmaru commanded and cracked the whip! Mrs. Haruno jumped and started running around, squacking like a bird and jumping up and down, flapping her wings. Everybody started laughing! "HUT HUT!!! NOW!!! I WANT YA TO COME OVER HERE AND SNIFF THIS PRETTY FLOWER!" Kishimaru commanded and cracked the whip! Mrs. Haruno ran over and Kishimaru held the flower attached to his cloak to her nose. "NOW SNIFF THE PRETTY FLOWER!!!" He commanded. Mrs. Haruno sniffed.


Mrs. Haruno gasped as Kishimaru squirt water in her face 5 times!

"SILLY CLOWN!!! IT'S OKAY!!! HERE, DRY OFF WITH THIS DELUXE COMPLIMENTARY TOWEL!" Kishimaru offered. Mrs. Haruno took the towel and dried herself off. She took it off and everyone laughed again! Mrs. Haruno had MUD! All over her face! Kishimaru clicked his tongue. "SILLY CLOWN!!! LOOK!!!" Kishimaru said and held up the towel. "RELEASE!!!" He shouted. The towel turned into mud! "BUT IT'S OKAY!!! HERE!!! HAND SHAKE!!!" He said holding out his hand! Mrs. Haruno took his hand.

"BZZZZZZTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!" The buzzer went as Mrs. Haruno felt electricity surging through her body! Mrs. Haruno's hair frizzled and Kishimaru held it for 2 minutes before letting go!

"SILLY CLOWN!!! BUT IT'S OKAY!!! YOU MUST BE HUNGRY NOW. MAY I HAVE A BEAUTIFUL COUPLE FROM THE AUDIENCE!!??" Kishimaru asked. He looked around and spotted Kiba and Hinata. "AHHH!!! BIG BROTHER KIBA AND BIG SISTER HINATA!!! PLEASE COME ON DOWN!!!" He shouted waving his hand! Kiba and Hinata looked at each other and shrugged. They walked over and Kishimaru jumped down from the barrel. He grabbed both of their hands. He led them over to the barrel. "NOW, WATCH CLOSELY!!! ABRA-KADABRA-ALAKAZAM!!! SHIZIMU-SHIZAAAMMM!!!" He shouted and waved his hands over to Mrs. Haruno! In a poof of smoke, two beautiful ladies appeared. One had red hair and red eyes, the other had sapphier hair and sapphire eyes. Each wore the matching color of lipstick and tight clothing, showing off their curves, legs and arms, parts of their breast as well. They walked over, being googlie-eyed by some of the men, and grabbed Mrs. Haruno, taking her to a holding. They opened it up, placed her arms and head through the holes and closed it. They struck sexy poises and winked.

"GIVE THE LADIES A HAND FOLKS!" Kishimaru yelled! All the men cheered and clapped! Kishiamru looked at Kiba and Hinata. "LADIES! FOOD PLEASE!" Kishimaru called. The two woman brought 10 boxes. Kishimaru opened one up and giggled.

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! Ihope you like pie! Because you're about to be creamed!" Kishimaru said. He handed an entire pie to Kiba and Hinata. "Okay, ready? I've been practicing with shuriekan big brother Kiba!" Kishimaru asked.

"Okay. Ready Hinata?" Kiba asked.

"Yes, Kiba." Hinata replied. Kishimaru snickered and looked at Mrs. Haruno!

"Okay! ON THEE! TWO! ONE! FIIIIRRRREEE!!!" Kishimaru shouted and stuck a poise and reared back his pie and CHUCKED it towards Mrs. Haruno, same with Kiba and Hinata! Splats were heard and the pies landed on their target, Mar. Haruno's face. "EVERYBODY!! GRAB A PIE AND FLING!!!" Kishimaru shouted. He pointed towards an entire kart of pies. Everyone ran over and they all lined up! "OKAY! FIRST LINE WILL BE ME AND MY FRIEND! SECOND FIRES THEN THIRD, AND SO ON! READY GUYS!?" Kishimaru asked.

"READY!" The rookies (Except Naruto and Sakura) and Team Guy answered. "THREE! TWO! ONE! FIIIIRRRREEEE!!!" Kishimaru shouted! They all threw their pies!

"SPLAT!!!!!" The pies hit their target perfectly!

"NEXT!!!" Kishimaru shouted! The other rows came up and threw.

3 hours Later…

All of the pies were gone, the ground was a MESS of cream, cherry, apple and other flavored pies. Mrs. Haruno was a COMPLETE MESS!!! Kishimaru looked at his work and grinned. He took a camera out and snapped a photo to show Naruto and more importantly Sakura! The photo came out and Kishimaru waved it off and put it in his pocket. Kiba and the others walked over to him.

"MAN THAT WAS FUN!!!" Kiba shouted cracking his knuckles. "We should do it again squirt!" Kiba said ruffling the boys hair. Kishimaru giggled childishly.

"Sure big brother Kiba! Hey…can you help me out with something?" Kishimaru asked. Kiba nodded and knelt down.

"Yeah?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru whispered in his ear about what was going on and why he was doing this to Mrs. Haruno. Kiba then had a serious look on his face. "Okay." He said with a nod. "Hey, guys, you go on ahead. Hinata, I'll meet with you tonight at home." He said. He kissed her lips deeply. "I'll be back tonight, okay?" He whispered. Hinata nodded with a small tint of red. They all walked away and Kiba turned towards Kishimaru. "Okay, so let me get this straight. Naruto's going through his mating season because of a demonic moon that turns him into a demon because it's the key to maturity for demons, which means Kyuubi's presence has affected Naruto, thereby causing him to be affected and transform into a blood thirsty demon wanting to have hardcore sex with his mate, who is Sakura, who was kidnapped because they are both in the final stage and have fevers and if Naruto wakes up and finds Sakura gone we and even the entire Earth are all going to hell and it'll be fucked up for good?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru nodded.

Mhm…and plus it's big brothers birthday today." Kishiamru said. Kiba chuckled.

"Uh huh! So, he's Eighteen now, right?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru nodded. The dog boy nodded with a grin. "Alright, and you said that Sakura's parents hate her now because she looks kinda like a fox?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru nodded. "That's fucked up…big time. Okay squirt. Big brother Kiba's gonna help you now! Also…" He stopped and looked around. "Who are those two chicks?" He asked pointing over to the women who were talking to each other. Kishimaru sweat-dropped and scratched the back of his head.

"Ehehehehehe…umm…Big brother Kiba? I gotta tell you something. Now you can't tell anybody, not even Hinata. This could save all of our lives." Kishimaru said. Kiba cocked his eyebrow, shrugged and then nodded. "Promise?" Kishimaru asked. Kiba sighed.

"Yeah, I promise." He said with a wink and a thumbs up. Kishimaru smiled.

"Okay, you know Kyuubi and Sheichibi, the two legendary demons?" Kishimaru asked. Kiba nodded.

"Yeah, Kyuubi is sealed inside Naruto and Sheichibi is supposed to be sealed inside of you…right?" Kiba asked. Kishimaur nodded. "So?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru looked over at the two woman. Kiba looked and it took a while before his brain clicked. His eyes turned whit eand he sweat-dropped. "You've gotta be kidding me…those two hot chucks are demons!?" Kiba shouted! Kishimaru gasped and covered Kiba's mouth! The two woman looked over and saw that other people were starign at them. They looked at Kishimaru and Kiba and sweat-dropped. They giggled and waved their faces with their hands the blew kisses and danced around. Kishimaru sighed in relief.

"Big brother Kiba, you've gotta be quiet!" Kishimaru whispered. Kiba nodded and the small oth took his sleeve away. He looked over at Kyuubi and Sheichibi and sighed.

"Okay, get let's go get those two and let's go to our next target." Kiba suggested. Kishimaru nodded.

"Hey! C'mon girls!" Kishimaru called. They looked at him and nodded. They pranced over to him and he looked around. "Okay guys, let's take Mrs. Haruno back to her house." Kishimaru said.

"We're gona let her go?" Kiba asked. Kishimaru smiled.

"Nope, I'm gonna lock her up in the closet! C'mon!" Kishimaru waved. They got Mrs. Haruno and Kishimaru tied her up to a chair using chakra. Folded her mouth and eyes shut with a blind fold, and put her in the closet. Kishimaru shut the door and sighed.

"Hehehehe, you really are a little demon, aren't ya?" Kiba asked ruffling Kishimaru's hair. Kishimaru chuckled.

"Can we change back now!?" Both Kyuubi and Sheichibi asked. Kishimaru nodded.

"Sure! But in human forme. Don't wann chain you two up and walked ya around do we?" Kishimaru asked. They shook their heads and they both poofed in white smoke. "Now look natural!" Kishimaru commanded. Once the smoke cleared Kiba and Kishimaru looked at the two demons. Their eyes went white as Kyuubi and Sheichibi transformed into gangsters! Kyuubi had long red hair, black sunglasses, his ears pierced with gold, diamond earrings. He wore a red muscle shirt, and black baggy pants. On his shirt the number '9' was imprinted in orange. He had a hat that was twisted to the side of his head. He had an arm band on his right arm, a fox tattoe on his left bicep, and he wore shoes that were big-knotted and huge! They had a black and red coloring. Kyuubi had whisker marks and in his mouth, a tooth-pick. Sheichibi was clad in sapphire, only his, sky-blue, hair was short. He wore a blue cap that was backwards, black sunglasses with a sapphire rims. He wore a baggy shirt and baggy shorts. He had a wolf tattoe on his right bicep. He wore black shoes with sky blue laces, and he had a pinky-ring. He had a cigarette in his mouth. He also had whiskers. They looked at each other, their fangs wre showing.

"You look like a fag…" Kyuubi said coolly.

"You look like someone's bitch…" Shiechibi said smoothly. They both looked at each other.

"Heh, yeah…"
They both nodded at each other and fist pounded.

"Just kiddin' bro…" Kyuubi said and side-hugged Sheichibi.

"Yeah, I was just kiddin' dawg. Love ya bro." Shiechibi said and side-hugged back. Kiba and Kishimaru sweat-dropped.

"O-Kay…anyway…okay, now Mr. Haruno should be home a litte before dark. Let's get everything ready guys." Kishimaru said. The three nodded.

"Man, I gotta try those clothes on." Kiba said. Kyuubi and Sheichibi looked at each other, and then at him, then grinned.

"We can help you with that dude." They both said. Kiba cocked his eyebrow and before he knew it, they both grabbed him and took him into the bedroom. Kishimaru groaned and sighed and followed them. They were measuring Kiba.

"I swear," He started. "This had better be quick you two." Kishimaru said crossly, crossing his arms. The three looked at him and Kishimaru sighed. "If the villagers get involved I'll bring matters into my own hands and play the melody of death…and I'll make sure you two are caught in it if you don't hurry up, dress Big brother Kiba and get these traps going. Now GET A MOVE ON!" Kishimaru roared!

"Whoa there Cub, calm down dawg…er…wolf…" Kyuubi said coolly. "We just gotta get this dude some gangsta clothin', then we'll do your lil' games, k?" Kyuubi asked. Kishimaru snarled as his eyes turned pure sapphire.

"You'd better hope you make it quick…I'm going to avenge Sakura and big brother from the hell they had received from day one…" Kishimaru demonically spoke. His voice deep in anger. It made Kiba shiver a bit. "I'll be downstairs…thinking of plans…make it quick…" He said and walked away.

"I blame you for making the kid like that." Kyuub said. Sheichibi popped an anger vein.

"Oh yeah…well look how you've made Kit look. He's a fuckin' sex machine…but I feel his pain…got his girly kidnapped. Okay dawg…as soon as we're done here with ya, we'll pimp ya up." Sheichibi said. Kyuubi sighed and laid his hand on his knee.

"Yeah…well…we'll get Sakura back for Kit. Now c'mon Sheichibi, let's get this dawg in pimp clothing." Kyuubi suggested.

"Tch, yeah. C'mon…we're gonna try this out, k?" Kyuubi asked.

"Uh…sure…whatever…" Kiba replied. Kyuubi and Sheichibi cracked their knuckles. Kiba shivered a bit.

"Ready?" They both asked. Kiba nodded and closed his eyes.

With Kishimaru…

Kishimaru was practicing his flute. He was playing an eerie tone tha filtered through the house slowly. The waves of purple and black sound slowly filled the room. Things egan to morph into other things. The vase grew fangs and blood red eyes, as well as razor sharp leavs and razor-sharp fangs! The piano grew fangs and beagn to breath! The table began to levitate and it's feet free claws! Kishimaru's demonic chakra was turning the house into a monster house! Things began to levitate..until he heard them.

"Okay wolfie! Here's the big bro Kiba! PIMPED UP!" Kyuubi shouted! Sheichibi came in and Kishimaru's shaded face looked up. Kyuubi and Sheichibi looked in the direction towards the bedroom. Kishimaru looked towards the bedroom and saw Kiba walk out. Kiba was…dressed the way Kyuubi and Sheichibi definitely were…only different. Kiba wore his black-hoodie jacket, only it was bigger and baggier, a white undershirt with a gold medallian with Kiba's name imprinted in it. He wore baggy snow white pants with blue stripes going down the sides of them. He had a pinky-ring on and his right ear pierced with a diamond. He had a cap that was twisted backwards, and sneakers that were blue, white and black. He had his hands in his pockets and in his mouth, stood a tooth-pick. Kishimaru's shaded face attracted their attention.

"Very well…now…set. Up. These. Traps." Kishimaru demonically ordered. He stood up and looked at them all. They all stared at him as he revealed nothing but his eyes. They were PIERCING!!! All they saw, were two, small glowing red pupils…nothing else. To say the least they all froze. Sheichibi lowered his glasses.

"Whoa there Cub dawg…uh…you don't need tah…Y'know…go all demonic-like…" Sheichibi stated wavering his hands downward. The small oys eyes did not change.

"Set those traps…I'll be helping by playing my flute and turning this house into a fun house. If the villagers even TRY to interfere…their souls shall rot in the underworld and they will burn in the deepest, darkest depths of eternal hell forever…" He said and sat down and continued playing. Kyuubi, Sheichibi and Kiba all looked at each other.

"Well…ya'll heard 'em. Let's start! Now, what's the plan?" Kiba asked. Kyuubi and Sheichibi thought.

"Ol' school style…" Sheichibi said. Kiba and Kyuubi both grinned. They looked at Kishimaru, who was playing his flute. The sound sent shivered up and down their spines. They shook it off and cracked their knuckles.

"Alright…let's get this show running. Kyuubi and Sheichibi, you two get the front of the house, as for me…hehehe…I'll be gettin' The rest of the house." Kiba explained. Kyuubi and Sheichibi nodded. They split up. Kyuubi and Sheichibi began thinking up plans for the front of the house. Kishimaru offered hints, and of course helped out. He was able to use the notes and sounds emitting from his flute to make objects float to wherever they were needed. Though it creeped even both of the demons out, even Kiba when he happened to pass by, it was useful in making the final adjustments. They all spent nearly 4 hours perfecting their hilarious pranks. Kishimaru, still…evil looking in the eyes, not even showing his face yet…played music. Though, it didn't really fit Kyuubi's, Sheichibi's or Kiba's style. It sounded like ball-room waltzing music. But, they knew he wouldn't change the tune…since…how could you play rap on a flute? None of them knew, either way it was creepy that Kishimaru was playing those kind of tunes in the first place. As they finished the final adjustments, Kyuubi looked at the clock and sighed, wiping his forehead.

"K, Mr. Haruno's gonna be home soon. So we'll hafta hide and just watch the fireworks explode! Hehehehe…" Kyuubi said as he placed an exposive tag under the rug for the "Fireworks Grand Finale." Nodding towards Kiba and Sheichibi, they nodded back and looked at Kishimaru. He stood up and looked around, and then looked down. It was silent before Kyuubi, Kia and Sheichibi both heard slight chuckling from the boy… They cocked their eyebrows and looked at each other.

"Hehehe…ahahahahahahaha……heha…….ehehe…" He chuckled. They looked astared at him. "AAHHHHHHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! (Breath) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Kishimaru EXPLODED in homicidal laughter! Kyuubi, Shichibi and Kiba backed away a bit. Kishimaru looked at them and chuckled evilly… "I shall have my revenge on Mr. Haruno…for big brother…" Kishimaru said demonically, his piercing blood red pupils gleaming in the shadows cloaking his infant face. He then walked away. Kyuubi and Sheichibi sighed and Kiba looked confused.

"What happened to Naruto? What did Mr. Haruno do?" Kiba asked curiously. Kyuubi looked at him, as well Sheichibi.

"Well…years ago…wen Kit was still young…and Cub was still young and with that pedophiliac bastard…Mr. Haruno agrred to assassinate Kit and I both…" Kyuubi replied. Kiba let loose a light gasp and his eyes pinged, causing his pupils to shrink. Kyuubi sighed. "But…when that ass-hole tried to kill Kit and me……he failed…because I was there and it was I who gave Kit my demonic power to defend himself. He gave Mr. Haruno a permanent gash mark on his chest. The scar is still left to this day." Kyuubi explained. Kiba looked at Sheichibi.

"What's with squirt? Why are his eyes like that? I'm sure you've got a reason…am I right?" Kiba asked. Sheichibi, meekly, sighed and nodded.

"Un-fuckin'-fortunately…yeah, I do. When Cub was still a tiny thing that fucking pedofile adopted him, called him son and began training him. But…one night Cub was sleeping…soundly…until a snake entered the room. I sensed it, knew it was that shit-faced cocksucker slithering on the floor. So…I got pissed, and I didn't even wanna think what he was gonna do ta Cub…so…I awakened Cub's vision…into a demonic vision, where his eyes go black, and he has piercing blood red, gleamin' pupils. It was named after a syndrome…legendary in name… I gave it to Cub 'cause he was…like a son to me. Everytime Cub gets up-tight about somethin' those eyes appear, and his faced is cloaked in shadows." Sheichibi explained. Kiba and Kyuubi looked at each other. The dog-teenager felt bad at the moment.

"Wow…I never knew how hard they had it…but…I know it's nothing I should be…really concerned with…right? I mean, Orochimaru IS dead…right?" Kiba asked. The two demons nodded. Kiba sighed in relief. "Cool…(Sniff, sniff sniff) Well guys…heehawed…looks like we got somebody comin' in, and he smells like a dirty bastard…" Kiba said grinning. Kyuubi and Sheichibi sniffed the air and stuck the tongues out disdainfully and let loose demonic growls. Kiba chuckled. "Alright dawgs…let's hide and watch the fireworks." He said putting his hands in his pockets. The two demons did the same and vanished in a poof of white smoke.


Mr. Haruno walked tiringly into the house. He stretched and yawned. Tsunade had put him to work greatly today, and now he was tired. He looked around…noticing the house was…silent…creepily silent.

"Honey!? Honey I'm home! Tsuyoku!?" Mr. Haruno called his wifes name. No answer. He felt a chill in the air and shivered slightly. He put his ANBU mask on the table and plopped down on the couch and kicked his feet up on the table. Un-knowingly, Kishimaru, and that gangsterfied demons and Kiba were watching him, from their place at the top of the stairs. Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi grinned. Kishimaru, for some reason, returned to normal one way or another and was his sweet, and compassionate self. His sapphire eyes looked down on Mr. Haruno.

"So…Uncle Kyuubi, Sheichibi and Big brother Kiba…" He whispered silently. They looked at him. "How are we going to start this thing?" He asked. The three looked at each other and grinned.

"Yo…squirt…" Kiba whispered. Kishimaru turned around. "Drink these…" Kiba said. He, Kyuubi and Sheichibi looked at each other and grinned, then looked down at Kishimaru and held up 3, 6-packs of RC Cola. The little boy thought.

"Wait…didn't big brother ban me from drinking fizzy stuff?" Kishimaru asked. The three gangsters looked at each other and shrugged.

"Well…you wanna know something'?" Kiba asked kneeling down to Kishimaru's level. "Big brotha Kiba says you can for tonight. Now drink up little dude." Kiba said and they all laid down the packs. Kishimaru ooked at them and put his fingers together, like Hinata did.

"Umm…w-where should start big brother-GULP! (Glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug, glug!)" Kishimaru couldn't finish as Kiba had popped a soda open and began to make the boy chug! He looked at Mr. Haruno, seeing that the man was conked out. He snickered.

"Alright dawgs…start pumpin' 'em full of sugar. I'll go get a drainer to make this funner." Kiba said and walked away with his hands in the pockets of his hoodie-jacket. Kyuubi and Sheichibi nodded and started making the boy chug, careful as not to make him choke. Kiba returned with a drainer.

30 Minutes Later…

The three gangsters pumped Kishimaru to the brim with RC Cola. The small boy felt like he was going to explode then and there. They looked at him and saw him clutching his stomach.

"G-Guys…(Urp) my-my stummy hurts…" Kishimaru groaned holding his sleeve to his stomach. Kiba patted the boys back and…


Kishimaru gasped and covered his mouth. He blushed a bit. "Ehehehehehe…whoopsie…excuse me." He said. The three gangsters put their hands up.

"Sa'll cool." Kiba said. They watched as Kishimaru started to become…jittery. He began to rock back and forth on his heels, faster and faster and faster. They all cocked their eyebrows as they saw him begin to hop up and down.

"Hahahahaha!!! Now this is why they call it hip-hop! Wheeee!!!" He shouted!

"Uh…Cub. Hip-hop is music…" Sheichibi said.

"He knows that ya douche-bag!" Kyuubi said and slapped Sheichibi upside the head. "He's just getting hyper dumbass!" Kyuubi said again. Sheichibi rubbed the back-side of his head.

"What-fuckin'-ever…" Sheichibi groaned. "Okay Cub…now…Uhhh…dawgs?" Shiechibi asked. They looked at him. "Where'd Cub go?" He asked looking around. Kiba and Kyuubi looked around until they all heard him.

"He-Hehe-Hehehehehehehehe! Mr. Haruuuunooooo! Wakey…Wakey Eggs and Bacey!" Kishimaru said grinning broadly. Kishimaru shook him awake softly…then. "WAKYE WAKEY!!!" Kishimaru shouted and began to shake Mr. Haruno violently!

"(Snort) Huh!? Oh…wha-what's going (Yawn) on? Is dinner ready yet?" He asked and rubbed his eyes. He saw Kishiamru grinning at him and sighed. "Great…Hello Kishimaru…may I help you?" He asked, sighing gravely.

"!" Kishimaru jittered! Mr. Haruno stared at him.

"What?" He asked.

"Comewithme!" Kishiamru said and like lightning grabbed Mr. Haruno and pulled him up. "Let'sgo!" He jittered again. He pushed Mr. Haruno forward. Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi sweat-dropped.

(Kiba) "Oh"

(Kyuubi) "Fuckin'"

(Sheichibi) "Shit"

They all said at the same time. They watched as Kishimaru took Mr. Haruno towards the kitchen where the first trap was… They shrugged and watched.

"!" Kishimaru said jittery and shoved Mr. Haruno into the kitchen! He stumbled and stepped on a tile. The tile was the first trap as a spring loaded boxing glove JUMPED out of the floor!


Mr. Haruno yelled as he went flying across the room into the closet, filled with a tub of glue! (AU: Mrs. Haruno is somewhere else different) He landed and a loud "SPLAT" was heard as glue splashed everywhere. After a few seconds, Mr. Haruno came out covered in glue. The three gangsters laughed! Mr. Haruno stumbled and pulled a line, connecting to the ceiling fan which spun and spread feathers from above! Mr. Haruno looked like he was being salted! He groaned and when he thought it was over, he was launched again in the air by another boxing glove!

"OOOHHHH!!!!" Kishimaru shouted pointing at Mr. Haruno as he yelled flying through the air! "IWANNAFLYTOO!!! IWANNAFLYTOO!!! BBBBBBBBBBBBBBB!!!" He shouted and started making motor noises and running around in circles. Kiba chuckled and the two demons just shook their heads with amused smiles on their faces. Mr. Haruno flew all the way into the kitchen where the same boxing glove retracted again and blew him into the living room. Kishimaru skipped over to another launcher and pulled it, sending 5 cream pies flying at HUGE speeds, swatting Mr. Haruno 5 times and flipping him around, whilst Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi all threw down tied cans of paint, smacking Mr. Haruno as he flipped right in the face! He got up, holdin his head, which turned into a pin-ball from being hit with paint cans! One hit him, tilting him back and another from behind hit him forward!

"MYTURN!!!" Kishiamru shouted and got up to him! "I'MALITTLETEAPOTSHORTANDSTOUTHEREISMYHANDLEHEREISMY SPOUT!!!" He rhymed and with one blow!

"BAM!!!" He sent Mr. Haruno flyign with a Hyper-active uppercut, blowing him through the roof of the house and into the air! Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi looked up. All went quiet and Kishimaru grabbed the tub of glue and put it under the hole where Mr. Haruno would surely land.

"!!! GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!" Kishimaru jittered. They shrugged, got Mrs. Haruno quickly. "NOWPUTHERINTHETUUUUUB!" Kishiamru shouted. They put Mrs. Haruno, who was still unconscious into the tub. Kishimaru got behind the tub and waved them over! "rONETHREEWE'REGONNAKICKTHETUBINTOTHECLOSETOKAY!!??" Kishimaru asked. They all nodded.

"aaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Mr. Haruno came throught he ole, landing in the glue!

"ONETWOTHREENOW!!!!!!" Kishiamru shouted and the four kicked the tub of glue into the closet. Kishimaru slammed the door shut and then grabbed the paper bomb under the carpet, opened the door back up and threw it in there. "BYEBYE!!! BOOOM!!!!" Kishimaru shouted! Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi shrugged. Kiba snapped his fingers and Kishimaru blocked the door. An explosion was heard inside and Kishimaru came FLYING across the room! "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I'MFLYINGLIKEABIRDIE!!!! TWEETTWEETTWEET!!!" He jittered and began flapping his arms madly. Kiba opened his arms and caught the boy. They looked at the door and saw Mr. and Mrs. Haruno were, still alive, but they were black and burnt. "TWEETTWEETTWEET!!!" Kishiamru continued to chirp. Kiba sighed and shook his head with an amused look. Kishimaru stopped jittering for a second. "…oooohhhhh…" He groaned. After a few seconds, he sprang up and jumped out of Kiba's hands! He held himself and jumped up and down. "Big brother Kiba!!!??? I think that soda wants to come out now! I needs to go wee-wee!" Kishimaru whined! Kiba sighed and took Kishimaru's hand and led him upstairs. Kyuubi and Sheichibi looked at the two burnt ANBU.

"Hehehe…nice." They both said and fist-pounded.

10 minutes later…

Kishimaru and Kiba came down and Kishimaru was still holding his stomach.

"Big brother Kiba? My stummy doesn't feel good…" Kishimaru groaned. Kiba rubbed his back and picked him up.

"C'mon squirt. Let's go get you some water then." Kiba said and walked into the kitchen. Kyuubi and Sheichibi had cleaned up the house in no time flat. It was neat and just as it was previously before they destroyed it. Demons were very tidy. They both couldn't help their habit of sitting like the common foxes and wolves and they just sat on the floor…like animals. Kyuubi scratched his foxy ears and Sheichibi licked his arms, grooming himself. Kiba came back with Kishimaru, who was feeling better. Kishimaru sighed in relief and walked over to Kyuubi and Sheichibi.

"Wow guys, you did a good job cleaning up the place. It's like nothing ever happened!" Kishimaru said happily throwing his arms out.

"We demons are…tidy." Kyuubi said. Sheichibi nodded. Kishimaru smiled and turned around and looked at Kiba.

"Oh, sorry Big brother Kiba I never got to get a good look at your new clothes." Kishimaru said.

"Sa'll right squirt." Kiba said coolly putting his hands up. Kishimaru looked at him.

"WHOO! HAIL TO ALL MEH DAWGS IN DA HIZ-HOUZE!!! GIMME SOME FIST HOMIE-G-SKILLIT!!! Hahahahahaha!" Kishimaru shouted throwing his arms in the air!

"YEAH! NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKIN' 'BOUT!!" Kiba yelled and fist pounded Kishimaru. Kishimaru giggled childishly and hopped on Kiba's back.

"Homie gangster piggy-back ride!" Kishimaru happily said! Kiba laughed and held his ankles and ran around the house. Kyuubi and Shiechibi smiled.

In Konoha…

In Konoha, the sun was starting to go down. People were beginning to come outside, hoping Naruto wasn't around. They were fortunate and with smiles they began to converse. Konoha began to become itself after a few minutes. Some people were still alert though… Near the Hokage tower, Danzo was walking towards the council. He had, of course, noticed the change in the moon that these fools had not and did not worry over. The man walked into the tower and up the steps, grumbling to himself about Naruto and how he had seen the boy and even Sakura running around town. He entered the door and saw everyone there.

"Ahh, Danzo…" Hiashi Hyuuga greeted. The old man said nothing and took a seat. "Generous mood we're in today? Anyway why did you call us here?" Hiashi asked.

"I called you all here today to talk about Naruto…" He said. They all groaned and sighed.

"Again? C'mon we talk about Naruto every single damn day! Damn! Why can't we NOT talk about him!?" Another member asked.

"Well you fools, do you know that the Blood Moon is among us?" He asked. They stared at him.

"Tch, the Blood Moon is only a myth! Please Danzo…don't play with us." Another member said, slightly irritated.

"Why don't you folls look up in the sky once in a while. I've seen Naruto running around Konoha. He's changing because of that demon. Now, I must request something behind that bitchy Hokage's back. I've seen Naruto with the Haruno girl. And, he's already made his mark on her. Soon, they will mate and this village will be over-flowing with demons." Danzo explained. Everyone looked at each other.

"And just how are we supposed to believe that Naruto is being affected by the Blood Moon?" Hiashi asked.

"Did you ever see or hear about the mass slaughter that happened a night ago?" Danzo asked. They all nodded.

"Well…looks like that boy made himself a midnight snack. Read the papers… claw marks were etched into the concrete and there were burns from the survivors, stating that Naruto DID slaughter them all." Danzo stated.

"But…we thought there weren't any survivors." Another member said.

"I didn't say the mob survivors…there were people who woke up in the middle of the night and decided to check out what was going on. Thy said Naruto used some kind of fire technique. It was scolding and most of them ended up with second degree burns. Sakura was also hit in the bllast, and she, normally, would have died, or she would have been in the hospital for at least five months or longer." Danzo explained. "But, I saw her and that brat running around, and she wasn't even hurt. So…before they both can mate, I have come to an order. We must assassinate both Naruto and Sakura!" Danzo stated loudly. They all gasped!

"WE CANNOT DO THAT!" Hiashi yelled! "HE IS THE YONDAIME'S SON AND NEXT IN LINE FOR HOKAGE!" Hiashi hollered! Danzo sighed and coughed.

"What would you prefer Hiashi? A village over-run with demons? Or…a village without demons and where it is safe, so that your child and your child's children may prosper and grow? You pick…" He said. He smirked as Hiashi hesitated for a moment. The Hyuuga didn't know which one to pick. He wanted the Hyuuga clan to survive and be the best out of the best…but…he also wanted peace with Naruto. He grunted for a second and sighed.

"For…the protection of Konoha…and for our families…I…Hiashi Hyuuga…declare Naruto Uzumaki…and Sakura Haruno…to be assassinated." Hiashi said. "All those in favor raise your hands…please." He said. They raised their hands, some of them did not.

"Majority rules. I'll go tell the ANBU to assassinate them." He said and got up and walked off.

"What…what have you done Hiashi!?" One member shouted standing up! "What a selfish thing to do! That boy never did anything to you! And…what did Sakura ever do to you!? How SELFISH! The Hyuuga are always like this!" He shouted and walked out the door. Hiashi sighed and looked at the others. They said nothing.

"Meeting adjourned…" He said and got up, and walked out the door.

"I have a bad feeling about Hiashi's decision, to assassinate both Naruto and Sakura… a very bad feeling…" The member said as he walked about the council halls. Little did he know that a certain silver-haired Jonin over-heard him. The Jonin was shocked!

"Assassinate Naruto!? I have to tell Jiraiya and Tsunade at once!" He said in disappeared in a poof of smoke.

At the Konoha Hotsprings…

"Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!!! That's right, show me those honkers on ya girl." Jiraiya perversely giggled as he was peeping using his telescope in the woman's bathhouse. HE giggled again. He heard a poof and sighed. "What is it now?" He asked. Kakashi landed.

"News…Hiashi has just ordered Naruto and Sakura to be assassinated." Kakashi said. Jiraiya's eyes widened!

"What!? Damn Danzo! Hurry, we must tell Tsunade about this!" Jiraiya said getting up. Kakashi nodded and they both poofed away in white smoke.

Hokage Tower…

Tsunade was filling out paper work, as usual, and sighed.

"You two had better have a good explanation for this…what do you want now?" Tsunade asked. She saw Jiraiya and Kakashi appear in front of her in a cloud of smoke. She set her ink brush down and intwined her fingers and rested her chin upon them.

"Tsunade, we have word that Hiashi has ordered both Naruto and Sakura to be assassinated…" Jiraiya said. Tsunade's eyes widened and fear struck her heart!

"WHAT!!!!???" She SCREAMED and SLAMMED her hand on the desk, causing it to crack!

"Yes…and no doubt Danzo is up to this." Kakashi said. Tsunade gritted her teeth.

"That son of a bitch! Hurry! We must go check Sakura IMMEDIATELY!!!" Tsunade ordered! "I WANT FULL SECURITY STAT!!!" She ordered!

"Right!" They both said in unison. Tsunade, Jiraiya and Kakashi all ran out of the office and to the room Sakura was being kept in. Tsunade slammed the door wide open and looked inside. She saw Sakura still sleeping in the mystic blue and green tinted glow. Sighing to herself, she turned on the lights. The three looked around, and found nothing. There were no chakra signatures around either. Tsunade turned off the lights and closed the door.

"Okay, even though we didn't find anything I still want full head security…now." She said sternly. Both ninja nodded and Tsunade walked back to her office.

Inside the room…

Inside the room, all was quiet. The red chakra out-lining could be seen glowing superbly underneath the blanket. Sakura was not shivering…although she still felt cold. The Blood Moon was now transforming her. She became cloakced in a mystic red light that suddenly began to turn white! It lit up the room, and as it began to dim, it turned red and then disappeared! Sakura's eyes slowly opened and she yawned. Looking around, her vision was blurry, and slowly, her eyes adjusted. Rubbing them she noticed she was still naked, but…where she was now…she had no idea! It was blue…and green lit softly and calmly. The next thing she notcied…was that…Naruto…wasn't there with her! She gasped! She stood up, covering herself and walked forward, only to meet the glass field. It knocked her back and she gasped and fell backwards! She began to panic! She suddenly began to scratch at the glass like a begging dog and began to whimper! It was until she let out a call…to her loved mate…

"NAAARRRUUUTTTOOOOO!!!! HEEEELLLLLPPPP!!!" She screamed and slid down the glass…

At the Konoha Apartments…

Inside the apartment…Naruto slept soundly…still sweating massively! The chakra cloak coating him became brighter and brighter, shining in a white light! It dimmed, turned red and finally…the blonde groaned. Opening his blood red eyes and let lose a demonic growl. Sitting up in his bed he stretched, popping his neck. He looked around, seeing that it was dark. He was still hard as a rock and growled disdainfully at it. He then heard something that caught his ears!

"NARUTO!!! HELP!!!" He heard a cry! His eyes were low…but began to widen. Soon he egna to panic and looked around! He jumped out of bed and looked around for her! He looked under the bed and everywhere! In the closets and in the bathroom! It dawned on him, and soon he became over-whelmed with rage. He growled as the pupils in his eyes turned red, making his eyes pure crimson!

"GRWRAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAARRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" He let out a blood-curdling screech and blew right through the wall! He…went out…searching for his mate.

With Sakura…

Sakura was panicking madly! She gasped and scratched at the glass field and screamed! She didn't know where she was or how she got here! She wanted to get out! The pinkette looked around and around. She calmed a bit at the blue and green light, but her heart was pounding vigorously!

"NARUTO!!!" She screamed again! She wrapper herself in the blanket and hugged herself. She was a bit scared, mostly because she didn't know where she was or what she was doing here! Her ears perked after a few seconds. She heard foot-steps. It was odd, she didn't see the door open. She looked over to her right, seeing everywhere pitch black. Not even the lights brought any other light into the room, besides a comforting feel. Sakura heard the foot steps a bit clearly. Although, each time one step would make a sound, it would be after, at least, 5 seconds before another one was taken. She couldn't tell which direction they were coming in, but it sounding like they were coming…from behind her. She quickly moved to the other side and stared into the darkness. Squinting her eyes slightly she heard nothing.

Whoever was in here with her sure didn't want themselves to be noticed. Covering herself up with the blanket she let loose a…girly, yet mildly threatening, growl hoping for whoever was in here to know the get the hell out! Although, it didn't seem to work…because about 10 seconds later, she began to hear foot steps again. She shivered a bit and glared. She let loose a small spike of chakra, hoping to scare the person or whatever it was away! Silence…but then more foot steps. Appearantly this thing wasn't getting the message! Sakura let out another growl…a bit more threatening this time. She heard the steps stop… then go back up again. They got louder, and louder and louder. Before Sakura could let out another growl the lights flashed on!

"I heard growling and screaming in here so I came to see…" Tsunade's eyes widened as she saw Sakura in the glass field with an assassin right behind her! The pinkette gasped and turned around and backed away. "Alright…I know Danzo sent assassins to kill Naruto and my student mister…so don't think you're going to get away easily…" Tsunade said pointing at him. The man gulped. "Now," she began to walk towards him and Sakura growled at him.

"Grrrr…" Tsunade and the guy looked at her in a bit of shock. Sakura was also surprised.

"I did better than I thought I did on that one I guess." She said smiling cutely. The assassin and Tsunade looked behind her and gasped.

"Only…Sakura…it wasn't you…" She Tsunade said taking a defensive stance. Sakura's ears twitched in confusion.

"It wasn't? Then who was…it…?" She said as she turned her head. Her eyes widened as she saw him in all his naked glory! "Naruto…" Sakura said relieved that he was there. The blondes eyes were a pupiless-demonic red, and one thing was for sure…he was PISSED!

"We came here as soon as we could Lady Tsunade! What seems to be the…" Kakashi and Jiriaya scrammed into the room but then froze! They stared in disbelief as they saw Naruto staring at them with cold blood eyes.

"That's the problem…" Jiriaya corrected. Naruto let out a nasty growl, causing them to back away. Sakura pressed her hands up against the glass field.

"Naruto…please get me out of here!" Sakura begged! The blonde looked at her and copied her, licking the glass. He let out a cute growl. Sakura smiled sweetly. The blonde smiled and formed a ball with his fist. Cocking it back, and still smiling, has SLAMMED his fist into the glass, shattering it! Sakura was grabbed and Naruto wrapped his tail around her and snuggled her to his chest. Sakura nuzzled her head into his muscles and smiled, closing her eyes. Naruto licked her forehead lovingly. Sakura clung to his naked body on instinct. "C'mon Naruto…let's go." Sakura suggested. The blonde nodded. He looked at the others and then glared at the assassin and Tsunade. He let out a blood-curdling growl towards them and then looked at Kakashi and Jiraiya. He gave them a snort and bared his , in one jump he SMASHED and FLEW through the roof! His complete 9 tails glowering in the demonic red moon-light, and his body covered in sweat, still, giving him a wet shine.

"GrrrRRRWRRRRRRAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" He let out a blood-curling scream into the ominous night air! He then crouched down on all fours, snarling in every direction, hopping around, seeing if anyone was going to attack. With a fierce snarl he leapt off the roof and landed, then streaked down the dirt ally-way! People gasped as a mysterious wind passed them! They looked around for the source, but they could not find one! People began to talk about it, wondering what it was! But…they one thing they forgot to talk about…was…if Naruto or Sakura were around, or not…

Outside of Konoha…

Naruto ran until he reached the top of a mountain cliff that looked outside, upon the village that glowed. He looked at Sakura who was clinging to him and sat down. The blonde nudged her with his nose, and she looked up at him. His eyes returned to the normal, crimson slitted pupils. Smoing at her, showing his fangs he kissed her and licked her, happy to see that she was okay. The pinkette snuggled into his warmth, of which he provided her plentily with. Naruto decided, that it was time to continue the rest of the mating ritual. The last 2 phases. Looking at her, he stood up, with her on his back and walked over to a rock, setting her on it. He rested his chin on her thigh and admired her beauty, whilst wagging his 9 tails. His body glittering with smooth chakra that waved back and forth letting her know he was ready to continue. She smiled and ran his whiskers through her fingers. With that, he got up and began to flex his muscles. She blushed and admired them as he showed his ripped torso and rouch biceps. His legs were muscular as well… and he even had strong glutes. Sakura blushed and giggled as he tossed his wild hair around. He flexed and then got on all fours and walked over and found, remarkably, a boulder 10 times his size! Pushing it over towards Sakura, who was surprised at Naruto's strength, he grinned. He grabbed the boulder and grunted as he lifted the boulder with ease and held it high over his head. Panting happily and looking at Sakura, who had an amused look on her face, Naruto grinned cheekily and held the boulder up with one hand instead, flaxing his right arm for her. Sakura blushed and giggled.

"Wow Naruto, you're so strong…you big show-off." Sakura said giggling. The blonde tossed the boulder away with his arm, letting it roll down the hill, crushing trees until it stopped. Naruto licked Sakura's face, and began to become…sexual. Placing love-nips around her collar bone and neck, licking the ancient seal of the demon that he had used to mark her as his, he continued to kiss, lick and nibble on her skin, that fed him so full. He gripped her, slightly small, but pretty firm and nicely formed breasts, which he would be suckling from during their love-making, hoping to get lactation from them both. They were nice to be gripped in his massive and firm hands. He held them softly, yet tight enough. Giving them a squeeze, which he got smacked upside the head for, since he squeezed a tiny bit TOO hard, he lightened up.

Continuing to gentle massage her breasts, whilst kissing every single part of her body, causing her to moan into the night air. He stroked her legs and all around her body, even setting her on his lap and letting her fall back into his bulk, whislt her massaged her sensually on the shoulders, kissing her tender lips, his tongue automatically intruding and breaching through her lining of defenses, first the lips, and the teeth. Though…Sakura let him past her teeth…secretly. Licking around insdie her mouth and massaging her, she felt his hands slither down to her clitoris…toying with it for his own enjoyment. Sakura gasped! He cheekily snickered and felt good knowing he surprised her! Toying with he sexual organs and, even to get her rile up, pinching her clit lightly, pulling and tugging, makign her want more of his play. Squeezing her thighs together as the pleasure over-whelmed her body, causing it to tell him that she couldn't take it… but he showed her no mercy and stuck two of his fingers into her woman-hood, for a taste of his foxy side. She gasped and her eyes shot open! Naruto's mesmerizing cromson eyes lulled them back closed again. Sakura didn't notice the saliva, leaking and dripping lazily from the corners of their mouths, but she felt it dripping between her breasts.

Slowly moving their heads, lazily from side to side to get a more…sensual feeling of intimacy and lust between them…and more saliva to leak out and cover them…getting a riled feeling to make of play and love, After more of sensual and living touch, Naruto's greedy fingers causing her to cum, as to where he licked it away, Naruto decided to let her…feel him. He picked her up, and set her on his hips. Grabbing his cock, he began to rub against her woman-hood, whilst nibbling on her neck. Sakura thrashed about as the nerve-endings on her vaginal walls picked up Naruto's glans, rubbing against her in an, intoxicating and sexual feel. She gasped as Naruto even, for a small amount of time, inserted himself inside her, giving her a few thrust, although he only pushed in a couple of inches, perhaps 1½ to only 2 inches inside her. He decided to save his all natural length for the real messiness.

"Oh Naruto!" Sakura gasped throwing her head back into his pecs. Narutotook himself out and rubbing his thumb against her clit and then vaginal wall. She let out a girlish squeak, causing Naruto to grunt with husk and sexiness. Growling seductively in her ear he dabbed his tongue inside it, then trailed down to her neck. Pushign his thumb past her opening, and inside her, he decided to thrust a bit harder. Sakura immediately grabbed his biceps and held firmly as Naruto's colossal strngth caused her body to move back and forth with each, heart-pounding thrust! Naruto could literally smell her cum, brewing, boiling and leaking from her body. Feeling the sexual juices made for comfort and pleasure creating a nice, rich and thick coat around his thumb, he ejected it and sucked it clean. He could tell that Sakura was close to her orgasm…so, he insterted his hardened meat into her tiny sized opening and began to thrust 2 inches in and out. Naruto surely felt it and grunted loudly! Causing it to echo in the hills! Sakura gasped and moaned and panted as sweat from them both mixed together, creating a lubricant to where Sakrua could easily slid against Naruto's rock hard muscular body!

"NARUTO!!! OH KAMI!!!" Sakura screamed! Naruto's eyes shot wide open and quickly covered her pussy, feeling a massive squirt of her cum soak his hand. Grinning evilly he rubbed it all over his body, hoping his scent would arouse her more and MORE! H rubbed it between his pecs and ver his abs and 12-pack, and in the cuts and creavessess' of his torso muscles. He was a very dirty and naughty fox indeed. The only thing going through Naruto's mind was fucking her 'till his dick turned swollen red, and…maybe until she passed out or at least until she was sore as hell. Just as Naruto was about to cum, he ejected his, juice covered cock and grabbed it, jerking it, causing him to shoot Sakura square inbetween the crack of her breast and up! Snickering at the mess they were making he rubbed her down in his freshly brewed juices, and her scent caused him to harden so much, he through his own cock was going to BURST right through his skin! Sakura panted as Naruto turned her around and forced her to look at him. She looked at him with love, passiona dn lust whelling deeply in her eyes.

"Oh…(pant) Naruto (pant) Y-You dirty little…fox…(pant)" Sakura panted. Naruto breathed deeply as low, demonic mumbles erupted from his voice. Sakura found it sexy and hot. Naruto saw her newly formed 6 tails, pink, fuzzy, foxy and cute. Naruto could easily tie her down and give her rough, hard-core sex. Though, this was her first time, and despite Naruto's SENSATION to fuck her 'till the cows came home…he would go easy on her…then he'd fuck her brains clear out. Snickering at his plan he began to bite her neck, roughly. He hoped to leave her bleeding, with bruises and bite-marks in tact whn tomorrow came! Although, he wouldn't make her bleed TOO much…but just a little, as he thirsted for her blood! Sakura felt Naruto's teeth begin to penetrate her skin. And…even though it hurt, she saw why Naruto was doing it. He was biting her to make sure that NO ONE, would DARE mess with HIS mate!

He would suck her blood lke a thirsty vampire so he would recognize her by both scent, and blood signature. As Naruto was biting er neck, Sakura remembered that it was his birthday! Her eyes widened and she felt guilty! "Oh no! Naruto's already Eighteen and I haven't given him a gift yet! Okay Sakura, just think! What does Naruto like the most! Well…there's…me obviously…and…oh……that's it!" She thought and her brain finally clicked! "N-Naruto…" Sakura said. The blonde extracted his fangs and looked at her, healing the mark automatically, being that his demonic chakra was running through her veins. "I want you to wait here for a while. I want you to meet me at the apartment in… an hour. Okay?" Sakura asked. Naruto whimpered and begged her not to go. "Naruto…trust me…you'll like this. I promise you will." She said with a reassuring smile. The blonde snorted and nodded. Sakura lustfully kissed him and ran off. The blonde sat there and thought of a way to waste the time. Well…he knew he certainly couldn't go make-love to her COMPLETELY dirty like this. He shrugged and began to clean and groom himself…making sufre that his balls were clean and nice for Sakura pleasure him with, hoping they would appeal to her liking. Well, it was what all animals did, and he was an animal. He began to groom himself, hping the hour would pass by quickly.

With Sakura…

The pinkette quickly ran to the apartment, hoping that there was enough time to give Naruto his surprise. She ran into the apartment and into the kitchen. Searching the cupboards she saw stacking with pounds, upon POUNDS of ramen, she giggled. Taking them into the bathroom, she saw where she was going to put it all. Although, she quickly cleaned it out first. She put the water on hot and waited for it to heat up. "Naruto's going to love this!" She said with glee!

1 Hour later…

Naruto stretched and sighed. He didn't know HOW long it had been exactly, but…he was sick and tired of waiting and he got up on all fours. Stretching he streaked over to the apartments and into his own. Locking the door he looked around. A…strange yet familiar scent found it's way into his nostrils. He sniffed the ground and began to walk, following the trail. He could smell Sakura's scent as well. It led him to the bathroom and he saw the door slightly open. He pushed it open with his hand and glory behold! His mouth dropped to the floor and his cock twitched! There, in a bathrub FILLED with his FAVORITE RAMEN…was Sakura, staring at him with her breasts out in the open! She was bathing in broth and noddles.

"Hey handsome…Happy Birthday…" She said naughtily. The blonde gulped as his face heated up! He shut the door with his foot and ran over to the tub! Sniffing the scent of his 2 most favorite things in the world, seeing the combined together made his penis quiver with anticipation! He licked some of the broth up, seeing how it was the only flavor her had left, chicken. He watched as Sakura handed him chop-sticks. He swatted the chop-sticks away and climbed in. The broth felt good! Nice and warm, like a bath! Sakura watched as Naruto took her and set her on his lap, facing him. He let out a sexy growl towards her. She giggled. "Happy birthday Mr. Fox." Sakura said sexily. Naruto lustfully kissed her, falling back into the ramen bath! Naruto felt hungry indeed at the moment, feeling noodles swing here and there. His stomach growled and he scratched the back of his head. "Well, eat up, big boy. Desserts just a few slurps away." Sakura insisted. Naruto's tails straight straight up and he began to slurp. Quickly, like a vaccuum he slurped noodles and broth until there was nothing left!

Sakura was shocked! That was 30 minutes flat he had that tub drained! The blonde patted hs belly and rubbed it, burbing a bit. He noticed Sakura had a ramen noodle stuck in her woman-hood. He grinned and snuck over to her. She watched him as the blonde slid under her, facing her woman-hood and slurped the noodle right out of her! She gasped and blushed madly! Naruto snickered and licked away at her pussy, sucking and inserting his tongue into it, tasting the broth. Sakura gasped and moaned pleasureably! "You dirty little…ugh!" She moaned and grunted as the blonde demon started to suck harder and harder, increasing the suction with his tongue, until Sakura cummed again! She drained her juices into his mouth and panted! Naruto came back up and gave a cheeky grin. Sakura blushed as Naruto began to lick her clean of broth. Licking in every nook and cranny, he gathered the taste of brother everywhere he could find! He let Sakura lick him clean as well. He licked it as she licked his, anticipating and impatiently waiting cock clean. Although, they both had to wash the ramen out of their hair. Naruto made sure his blonde underarm, penile and scalp were clean! Sakura the same. Once they were finished, Naruto decided to do a small cuddling session before they made their way towards the final stage…mating. Drying off clean and cleanign the tub out as well, Naruto carried Sakura all-the-way into the living room, and wrapped the both in a blanket. He walked over to the fire-place, and started a fire. They both snuggled lovingly as the crimson flames heated them. Sakura's emerald eyes sparkled in the light, whislt Naruto's eyes kind of matched evenly in the orange-crimson flames. Looking at her, he cupped her chin, making her look straight into his eyes. They both saw colors swirling inside their eyes again. Naruto sealed their gap, with a loving, and passionately lustful kiss.

Outside in Konoha…

The villagers were bustling and no one paid any attention to the demonically, creepy, crimson moon hanging above their long as Naruto wasn't around them, or with them as a matter of that fact, they were good! They talked, ate and even some turned in for the night. Standing high above on a look-out tower in the middle of the village, Kishimaru stood there, porcelain flute in one hand, glaring at all of the villagers. Kyuubi, Sheichibi and Kiba stared at him.

"Tonight," he said turning to them and then taking a courteous bow, "I…Kishimaru Uzumaki, shall play you three songs. These songs are made up of three passages. The cheery, glee version, the soft, soothing lullaby…and the eerie, ominous version." He explained to the three gangsters. They looked at each other.

"Uh…okay…keep it real yo and…uh…play…good luck…and make things…exciting." Kiba said giving Kishimaru a thumbs up.

"Hehehehehehehehehehahahahahahaha…" Kishimaru childishly giggled, yet…it didn't sound childish at all…it sounded…like a demon's giggle. He looked at them with murderous intent in his eyes. "There shall be more than excitement in this performance…big brother Kiba…hehehehahahahaha…there shall be much, MUCH more…" He said and sat cross-legged. "Please, come over and sit. Let your legs hand free as you enjoy my, most prized passages." Kishimaru said. The three walked over and sat down, letting their legs hang off. "Now…Uncle Kyuubi, Big brother Kiba, and Sheichibi. Enjoy…my melody…" He said. "Third Passage…The Playful Wolf, Fox and Hound…" He recited. Kiba thought it was a pretty good title. After all, he loved dogs. Kyuubi smiled, but…Sheichibi stared at Kishimaru his mouth slightly gaping.

"Where have I heard that?" He asked. Kishimaru began to play smoothly, an upeat, cheerful, and playful tune. Sky-blue ultrasonic waves emitted from the flute as they grew bigger and bigger. The tune was very soft and made the three happy! As Kishimaru played the sound waves reached the lights and lanterns hanging over-head. In an instant, it caused the light bulbs to EXPLODE, and the candle lights, to flicker out. Darkness blanketed to village as each part was shut off. People gasped and stared at the lights as they went out, and as pops were heard throughout the village!

"What's going on!? The lights! They're popping and going out!" One villager complained! They all shrugged and soon, Kishimaru topped his cheery, upbeat tune of happiness. He then switched.

"Seventh Passage: Lullaby of Graceful Wind." He said. Kiba, Kyuubi and Sheichibi thought the title was…a bit too…much for them. Kishimaru played. It was…soft…sound…soothing…beautiful…and most of all…extremely calming. It echoed throughout the vilage and into the ears of the un-suspecting villagers.

"Wha…what's going on?" One villager asked. No body said a thing as they all smiled and fell over, knocked out. The sound waves were a calming sea green. The beautiful tune echoed through the village. Once Kishimaru saw the sea green waves echoe passed the walls of the village, he stopped. He made sure that Naruto and his friends and that everne Kishimaru and he knew and loved like family, were not effected.

"Damn Cub. Put everyone to sleep. Nice job!" Kyuubi said smiling coolly. Sheichibi was still skeptical and Kiba remained silent with a smile.

"It's not over yet…my final passage, I learned from one of Orochimaru's personal body-guards, Tayuya. She taught me…this song." He said. Taking a deep breath, his face was covered by shadows and he opened his eyes, un-covering those small gleaming red pupils. The other three shivered a bit. "Ninth Passage: Shades of Fantascia!" Kishimaru said. He began to play. The tone and sound of the tune made all three of the gangsters shiver uncomfortably. Sheichibi recognized this one! His eyes widened and he gasped! He recognized those black and dark purple ghostly waves of ultrasonic sound waves! The eerie, haunting and malevolent tune that filled his ears!

"That jutsu! But! Oh Kami!" Sheichibi mentally gasped as he looked down! The sound waves reached the sleeping villagers and the three gangsters watched stupefied! Out of nowhere, shadows began to appear around the villagers! The house began to creak and groan evilly and furthermore…they all began to hear blood-curdling growls coming from below.

"LET THE MELODY OF HELL BRING YOU ALL TO YOUR KNEES FOOLS!!! BEHOLD MY SONG OF DEATH!" Kishimaru shouted and he plute a very HIGH pitched tune into his flute, causing a purplish-bluish-blackish sound wave to wash across the village, and echo into the quiet shadowy hills beyond! In a second, SCREAMS OF FEAR AND TORTURE AND CRIES OF TERROR ERUPTED IN AN INSTANT!!! The three gasped and Kishimaru laughed maniacally! "FEED MY DEMONS OF THE UNDERWOLRD!!! FEAST UPON THE FLESH AND BLOOD OF THESE MORTAL WHO DARE TO INTERFERE WITH THE SACRED BLOOD MOON!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" Kishimaru laughed lieka homicidal maniac! He watched as screams of villagers being ripped apart, eaten and having their flesh rended filled the village! Kishimaru played his eerie tune, as if controlled the monsters who returned to seek revenge from the mortals below! Kishimaru stood up and played smoother and softer, yet louder and more vigorously! The two gangsters, Sheichibi and Kiba watched in horror, whilst Kyuubi grinned and laughed his ass off!

"AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! TAKE THAT YOU MOTHA' FUCKIN' COCKSUCKIN' KILLERS!!! PLAY MORE CUB!!! AVENGE MY BEAUTIFUL AISU FROM HER COLD-BLOODED MURDER!!!!!" Kyuubi roared in anger and excitement! Kishimaru did as Kyuubi told him and played. Sheichibi and Kiba watched as body parts and limbs were thrown and tossed every which way! Out of windows and into the sky! Blod soaked and turned to ground crimson red! Blood even flowed like water our of windows were villagers were hanging, screaming bloody-murder as the shadow demons ate the from the legs up! Blood squirt and flooded the ground as villagers were eaten by the thousands! Kishimaru and Kyuubi laughed as the demons roared in victory!

"NOW MY SHADOW DEMONS!!! I COMMAND YOU TO SUCK THESE SOULS INTO THE DEPTHS OF DARKNESS WERE NO LIGHT WILL EVER SHINE!!! THIRTEENTH PASSAGE!: SHADOW-HANDS OF THE UNDERWORLD!" Kishimaru shouted and played a frightful tune with ghostly moving ultrasonic-sound waves or eerie blue, purple and violet blanketed the village! Suddenly, the ground turned pitch-black, and demonic hands made from shadows grabbed the bodies of dead and even still screaming, dismembered villagers were ripped apart and drug into the depths of the shadow realm and spirit world, where no light shines…and not even a candle can be seen! All around the village, people were being dragged screaming blood murder into the shadows! Kishimaru giggled evilly and Kyuubi felt like celebrating! Kiba and Sheichibi watched HORRIFIED as the the blood drained like water and body parts were now being dragged into a swirling vortex, leading to never-ending suffering! The vortex swirled and swirled, making Kiba dizzy. Finally, the demons let out their roars of might and sunk eerily into the vortex, where it disappeared in a shining light of blackness. The ground…was empty…no blood was even spotted. It was clean as a whistle.

"DAMN! THIS PLACE LOOKS CLEANER THAN A VIRGIN'S PUSSY!" Kyuubi shouted! "ENCORE! BRAVO!" Kyuubi cheered! Kishimaru panted and fell back. Kiba gasped and caught him.

"Squirt are you okay!?" Kiba asked worried. Kishimaru sighed and breathed softly.

"He's fine…it's just that jutsu." Sheichibi explained. Kyuubi and Kiba looked at him, slightly shocked. "It's a deadly forbidden jutsu that I, personally taught Cub. But, he had help by a girl named Tayuya, a flute player and a personal body-guard for Orochimaru. She taught him all of the passages, and like a weed, Cub soaked them all in like water. I helped him strengthen it and finally, compressed it into a jutsu deadly enough to suck even an entire village into darkness." Sheichibi explained. Kiba and Kyuubi felt shocked and looked at each other, then at Kishimaru. "But…like jutsu that are forbidden, it strains the body to use very large amounts of chakra. Lulling the opponent to sleep…tch…I'm even surprised he was able to finish the shadow-sould absorption. Cub's exerted himself, and now need rest. Kiba…take Cub home…Kyuubi and I shall make sure that there is nothing left of tonight." Sheichibi said. Kiba nodded.

"C'mon squirt, let's get you home and in bed." He said and jumped away. Kyuubi groaned.

"Ahh shaddyup and let's get going. Besides, Kit hasn't even mated with Sakura yet, so you might get back in time to see the fireworks." Sheichibi explained. Kyuubi's ears pinged and he gave a perverted grin.

"Hehehehehehe…lead the way mah brotha." Kyuubi said. Sheichibi and him fist pounded and started to search.

With Kiba and Kishimaru…

Kiba walked the eerily dark village streets, holding Kishimaru in his hands. The child apparently mistook the dog gangster for a blanket and cuddled into him, sucking his thumb. Kiba smiled. It felt like he had his own little baby brother, snuggling next to him. He walked into Crescent Moon Ally and saw the small cottage at the end. He walked in, seeing as it was unlocked. The young man looked around. It was very cozy inside. It looked just like an apartment, only there were 2 floors. Upon walking in, the were greeted into the living room, with a fire, which warmed the small living room. There were 2 chairs with a small table. There was a closet next to a walk-in kitchen. From the kitchen there were stairs, leading up to his room. It was small…but comfortable. Kiba walked through and up the stairs. The place was bigger than it appeared. There was 1 bathroom down a hall, and then turning 2 corners to the left, was Kishimaru's room. Kiba entered the small boys room and saw his bed. Looking around curiously, he saw, on both sides of Kishimaru's bed, 2 nightstands. Across, there was a bookshelf, and then, directly verticle of the bed was a closet. Kiba also saw…paper…posted on the wall behind Kishimaru's bed. He walked over and got a closer look. Upon closer inspection, Kiba saw many childish drawings and scribbles on the paper. He saw…what seemed to be…the Konoha 11, including Jiriaya, Tsunade and Kakashi. Kiba saw his friends, and Naruto and Sakura standing by each other in scribbles, holding hands in a chain. He even saw Akamaru in there.

"Squirt must've made this when he was real young… hehe…" Kiba chuckled. He set the boy down and got Kishimaru into his pajamas, washed his face and got him in bed. Kiba tucked him in and smiled. Kishimaru still had the porclain flute in his hands. Kiba took it and looked at it. He set it on the nighstand next to Kishimaru and stroked the boys hair. "Night…sweet dreams squirt…" He whispered and then walked away, shutting the door. He put out the fire in the fireplace, darkening the cottage perfectly and stepped outside. He locked the door and walked out of the ally. He walked and walked until he reached the Inuzuka family clan house. He walked inside and down towards his room. Sliding the paper screen door open that was his room, he saw Hinata sitting up in his bed, loking out the window. He startled her as she gasped!

"Kiba!" She exclaimed and jumped out of bed, clad only in her pearl white bra and night skirt. She ran and hugged him. "I'm so glad you're safe." She sighed. She felt his arms wrap around her in a welcoming embrace.

"Of course…why wouldn't I be?" He asked. Hinata blushed and smiled at him. She loked at his new clothing.

"You…changed your…clothes, I guess?" She asked getting a hold of his new look. Chuckling nervously her grinned.

"Hehehe…I'll tell you later. C'mon…I'm tired. Long night helping Kishimaru." Kiba said and began to shed his clothing. Hinata blushed and turned around, giving him his privacy. Kiba cocked his eyebrow and sighed. "You know, Hinata…you don't have to turn around every time I undress." He said looking at her. Hinata turned shyly around.

"Sorry…" She apologized. Kiba sighed.

"You don't have to say you're sorry either Hinata. I mean, you've seen me naked before…" Kiba said looking at her. It as true…Hinata had seen Kiba nude before. Her face reddened faster than a ripening tomato.

"Yes…I know…Kiba…it's just that…it was unexpected…t-that's all…" She said. Kiba smiled and hugged her.

"Unexpected nothing' babe. Speaking of nakedness…I haven't seen YOU naked yet." Kiba said sticking his tongue out with a wink. Hinata gasped and almost fainted! Kiba held her firm. "Tell you what…if you get naked, I'll get naked with you." Kiba suggested. Hinata felt herself dreaming and going blurry. She gasped… "I'll take that as a 'yes'" Kiba said grinning. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. Undressing himself fully and getting into bed and shedding Hinata's clothing as well. The girl felt a bit faint…but she was slowly coming too. "Se, it ain't all that bad is it?" Kiba asked. "It's comfy." He said with a grin. Hinata slightly giggled with a tint of red crossing her cheeks.

"I…guess it is…Kiba…" She responded. Kiba stared at her and stroked her long silky sapphire hair.

"Hey Hinata…" Kiba started. She looked at him.

"Yes?" She answered.

"I want you to give me an honest answer…k." He said. Hinata gulped and nodded.

"O-Okay Kiba…" She stuttered. Kiba got closer to her.

"I wanna know…what come to your mind when you think of…us…making love?" He asked huskily. Hinata's face reddened IMMENSELY! She began to sweat!

"I-I-I-I-I-I…" She stuttered in shock. Her heart was beating like a drum! Kiba looked at her with soft eyes, wanting an honest answer. Although…for some reason it looked like he was hurt a bit, thinking that it was a negative response. She gulped and sucked in her pride. "I…think it would be…something…beautiful…" She answered. Kiba's eyes pinged a bit.

"Do…do you really think that…Hinata?" Kiba asked. The opal-eyes girl smiled reassuringly. Kiba had never been so happy as to hear tha from her. He closed one eyes and looked down.

"Then…do ya…wanna…do it?" He asked nervously. Hinata looked at him with a bit of shock…yet her heart warmed.

"Well…Kiba…it's a big responsibility and all…d-do you think we can handle a child?" Hinata asked a bit scared that Kiba would ask such a question. The dog man blinked once.

"I think so…I'll handle anything…so long as you're by my side and we're with each other all the way… I…love you Hinata…" He said warmly. Hinata cuddled into his muscular chest.

"I love you too…Kiba…" She responded. Kiba smiled softly. He took her chin and made her look up at him. He kissed her passionately.

"Naruto…good luck dude…" Kiba said mentally, and he and Hinata…began their dance of love…

With Naruto and Sakura…

The blood moon glowed eerily and strongly above the apartments, Naruto and Sakura were still cuddling, un-aware of what had gone about. The demonic Naruto had all 9 of his fluffed, warm tails wrapped around his pink-furred mate. Sakura looked at him, stroking his orange and blonde haired alpha male…who would soon fill her body with life and love. Stroking his side-burns, causing him to pur for her. She giggled. Naruto licked her cheek playfully. He looked at her…but his smile disappeared.

"(Pur)" He purred and rubbed his chek against hers, wondering what was wrong. Sakura looked at him, and then at herself.

"Naruto…why do you want to do this…with me?" Sakura asked. The orange and blonde haired alpha male stared at her, a bit perplexed. "I mean…look at me…I'm…-" Sakura was cut off.

"B-Be-B-Bea-Bea-Beau-u-u-utif-f-ful…" He struggled with talking, but he meant it. Sakura looked at him.

"You…what?" Sakura asked once again. Naruto gulped. He knew he was going to struggle, but sucked up his courage.

"I-I t-th-thiiiiiiinnnnkk…I th-think y-y-y-y-you're…b-e-a-u-t-f-f-fu-l-l-l." He said calmly so he could get the syllabols out easily. The red-pink haired girl looked at him.

"You…thing I'm…beautiful?" Sakura asked. Naruto sighed.

"Yes…" He said quickly. Sakura smiled lovingly.

"Oh Naruto…you're so…" Sakura whispered. The orangish-blondes ears twitched and he sniffed his arm pit, then cocked his head to the side. Sakura turned his head to look at her. "Well…I wasn't going to say stinky…although…maybe a bit…you smell like sweat…but that's okay…I was going to say how sweet you are." Sakura said with a flushing smile. The blonde smiled handsomely.

"Grrr…" He growled sexily. Sakura shivered a bit as he breathed hotly onto her flushed cheeks. He gave her butterfly kisses on her lips, gently holding her sides. He finally got her into a foxy kiss, purring cutely to get her a bit…more aroused. Naruto pulled off the blanket off, exposing her beautiful body to the heat of the fire. Naruto licked around in her mouth, causing her to moan slightly. The blonde then let go of the kiss and began to kiss her neck, love-nipping her on the shoulder neck and collar-bone. Sakura wrapped her arms around his strong back. He stood up and, with his tails wrapped around her, and not even looking up to see where he was going, he walked all the way back into the room. He set Sakura on the bed, but had to leave her for a second to go put out the fire. Naruto thought and thought, then an idea snapped into his head! He stood there, holding his man-hood as he urinated on the fire. Sighing blissfully the fire was out cold. He shook his demon-hood free of small dribbles of urine and walked back into the room, where Sakura lay there, stark naked on the bed. Naruto let loose a cute growl as he got on the bed. Sakura looked at him and smiled. Naruto got on top of her and continued to nip at her neck.


Naruto kissed her neck and sucked it, nipping it and licking it making Sakura moan in delightful pleasure. Naruto moved down towards her supple breasts, and making Naruto want their sweet necter. He licked the top of them, moving his head in a spiral, licking away at her, small yet nicely formed breasts. He made his way to the nipple and toyed with it using his tongue. Sakura gasped and arched her back as Naruto blew on it, hardening her nipple. Naruto nibbled on it, whilst he toyed with the other one, pinching the other nipple between his razor-sharp nails. Sakura groaned as the blonde nibbled harder on her hardened nipple. He licked and then, like a baby needing milk, began to suck, wanting and begging for her lactation! Sakura grunted and whimpered and squeaked under his mighty tongue as it licked, hoping to get a taste of her sweet nectar! Using his, demonic-like treatements to get what he wanted, he grabbed the breast with his hand and began to pinch it and massage it. Sakura gasped!

"Naruto!" She squeaked! Naruto chuckled darkly at making her squeak. She was so cute when she did it. Naruto continued to squeeze and massage, even holding the entire breast is his enormously sized hand! He gripped both of them and licked them both, going from left to right with each lick Sakura actually began to lactate. The blonde grinned evilly and sucked it, causing him to get a sweet taste into his mouth! He kept sucking and sucking, getting more and more each time. Sakura wasn't sure HOW he was doing it, but he was getting her lactation…somehow…although she really was intrigued, at the moment, she really didn't want to know Naruto's ways of making her produce milk. Naruto then nibbled on both of the nipples, causing her to produce more of her milk and, even making her nearly want to scream. As the blonde suckled his prized mate of her juices, he held her down forcefully! She couldn't move as she now could only tilt her head back and moan and beg for him to go on! Only, he was playing with her. The playful demonic blonde's 9 tails swayed back and forth and then began to move towards Sakura's clit, rubbing against.

Sakura gasped and arched her back again, causing the tail to rub more and more and against her clit. Sakura gasped and panted as the blonde then went back up and closed her mouth with a sloppy, saliva covered kiss! Naruto drooled slightly from the mouth, as did Sakura but both weren't complaining. They knew this would be messy, and Naruto's dick was harder than a rock! He couldn't wait to get rid of his hardness! But he also wanted to make sure his Sakura was…pleasured firstly before he began to real love. Naruto licked around in her mouth, whilst pinching her pink, and now red nipples and even beginning to graze his nails through her silky red streaked pink hair. The demonic orange-blonde streaked spiky haired demon, then stopped the kiss, drooling all over her body and began to nip gently at her collare bone. As he did this, he grinned mentally and touched the mark on her collar bone that he made. Sakura didn't see it coming until she SCREAMED! Pleasure over-whelmed her ENTIRE body! She gasped and panted as beads of sweat began to line her forehead and body. Naruto activated the mark again, making her scream in pleasure. It was so much for her that Naruto felt his tail get shot by something. Naruto continued, not stopping for a single second his pleasure. After doing this nearly 10 times, and making Sakura cum hard, causing her to want to put her legs together, although Naruto didn't let her. The blonde, then began to toy with her clit, licking inside and giving Sakura a good pleasure kick. She fisted a handful of his orange streaked blonde hair!

The blonde seductively growled for her as he licked her clit like licking up water to quench his thrist. He still wanted her cum in his mouth and he wanted to taste it again. He stroked her thighs. Sakura shivered a bit as it sent a chill up and down her spine. Naruto's tails mischievously grabbed her tails and held them to the ground! The blond licked in the clit, casuing her to grunt. Beginning to pinch and tug gently on the sexual arousing body part, Sakura could say that she was MORE than aroused. She was being killed by it…at least it felt like that. Naruto them moved down to her wet and cum covered pussy. He licked it clean and then stuck two fo his fingers into her and moved them around, feeling how nice and warm she was. Sakura clenched her eyes and teeth shut as the alpha male started to thrust his fingers in and out of her! Slowly, but them becoming faster and faster each time, then slow. Sakura jolted and her body cringed under his demonic touch!

"Y-You dirty little fox….you…(Gasp!)" She said, causing him to snicker. Naruto then looked at her with a mischievous grinand then shived 3 fingers into her! That was her limit as Sakura winced a bit in pain. Naruto could see it was her limit and then pulled two out and stuck his middle finger in her pussy. He began to thrust harder and harder and HARDER into her! She SCREAMED as Naruto inserted another finger and went slow, then fast again! He pushed his fingers all the way into her, getting her vaginal excretion all over his fingers. His ears twitched and he took out his fingers and licked them clean, coating them with his saliva…then, with a small burt of his own spit, he shoved them into her yet again and proceeded to go in and out and in and out again and AGAIN! Sakura felt vivid! She felt DIVINE! She felt like she had missed out severely on the best thing that could even ENTER her life when she was young. She knew Naruto would treat her good…unlike Sasuke who would've probably asked for child after child after child!

She closed her eyes and moaned and groaned for Naruto as he thrust harder and harder into her with his fingers! She laid out her arms flat on the bed and moaned agana nd again as he continued to pleasure her! Sakura yelped as Naruto nibbled on her clit for a second, snickering to himself. "You dirty little-AHHH!" She was cut off as Naruto thrust his tongue deep into her hot inner core! Naruto licked everywhere in her clit that he could! The walls…although were the only things available to lick, but, he had other plans. Using his demonic power, he increased the length of his tongue and then began to thrust harder in and out of her! Sakura gasped and felt so vivid! Naruto's tongue toyed insdie her whilst Naruto's…dirtily mischievous little fingers rubbed her legs, then spread them apart so he could go deeper. Sakura couldn't take anymore and her fingers grabbed his hair and scratched at his scalp, hoping she wouldn't hurt him she maintained and just held his hair. Besides, Naruto let out an angry growl when she scratched his scalp. The orange streaked blonde then, began to thurst faster and faster! Sakura gasped and arched her back as she felt herself coming closer and closer by the minute! After nearly 3 minutes, Sakura couldn't take anymore. Naruto sniffed her juices and coming and quickly covered her pussy with his entire mouth and began to suck harder and harder. Sakura screamed as Naruto's suction forced her cum out and down into his throat, coating it with her musky, yet sweet juices. Naruto sucked her dry and licked the inside for the pleasure of it. He extracted his tongue, and dragged it up Sakura body, in between her breast and forced her mouth open as he gave her a kiss. He slowly pushed his tongue down into her throat, causing her to cough. Naruto extracted it. They were both covered in sweat and Sakura was gasping for air. Naruto's long tongue crawled back inside his mouth and he swallowed.

The demonic young man then gave her a lustful kiss on the lips, then flipped them over! Sakura knew it was her turn now and she could feel Narutos anticipation making him shudder! Sakura kissed him, smothering her hands all over his perfectly chisled chest. Her fingers ran in-between the cuts of his 12-pack and over the harderned muscle, yet sexily tonned and tanned skin that he had. She went up to his pecs and felt how strong they were. Her hands traveled across his strong neck muscles and down his arms. She felt his veins, popping right out of them and ran her fingers over them. She felt his cuts and how solidly built he was! Both of her smooth and silky hands ran over both of his manly arms. She loved the feeling that he was solidly built. He was like…an Adonis. Tall, soaring to a humongous height of 6'ft. 5'in. He had become so handsome that Sakura even felt her heart ping when she looked at him everyday. She would blush. And now, they were both making-love in his bed, in his cozy apartment in the dark whilst a demonic, malevolent intent of a moon shown over them both through the window. Sakura felt the feelings of love and lust running over and over thrugh her mind. She finally smothered her hands down to his rock hard cock. She grabbed it and stopp the kiss. She went down, licking both of his hard nipples as he did her, then letting her tongue glide down, coating his sweat-covered chest in saliva, until she reached his demon-hood. She liked up and down the shaft of his penis, before she then began to place the shaft in her mouth, cocking her head to the side and licking up and down over and over again. The blonde's eyes bulged open and grunted demonically as he watched her with one eye almost closed, and slightly open, her licking his warm, long, thick and extremely hard member, which got no attention over the past 4 days!!! But now, he was getting his wish and he whimpered as Sakura put the glans in her mouth and licked it. Naruto was very sensitive in the area and began to growl and thrash his head to the side as her felt her warm saliva cascading down his dick. It felt like pure heaven!

"GRWRAGH!!!" He grunted in pleasure yet…the pleasure was killing HIM! Sakura mentally chuckled at him. He tasted so good, his member. It slid down her throat and how warm it was but the touch. There were even a few veins that she remembered seeing. It was a perfectly formed muscle. She slid it down deeper into her throat, like she had not when she first sucked his demon-hood. She heard Naruto growl and whimper and gasp in delight! This was his second birthday present from her, and she knew he took it that way, along with the all important fact that he had to mate with her. She finally took him all the way in and she felt his member dig into her throat. Her muscles in her throat acted on contact and she tried to swallow, causing Naruto to let out a very LOUD growl!

"GRAH!!!!" He yelled as Sakura's tongue played with his member. She took the member from deep in her throat, not at the base yet, and then took it out of her mouth. She squeezed it and pulled up on the skin, seeing his pre-cum starting to come up. She blew on it, and Naruto shivered coldly and growled as she did so. Sakura blew all around his shaft, making sure his glans area got it more, being that it was so sensitive. Naruto indeed felt it and her gritted his teeth and fisted a handful of her hair, tugging and pulled, trying desperately to be gentle, but it was just too much! Sakura growled and took the base of his cock and began to play with it, poking it back and forth, and then seeing it twitch, and poking it forward and backward. Naruto clenched his eyes shut as he let go of Sakura's hair and lightly grasped it. She smiled and went back to giving him his pleasure. Naruto felt himself nearly cumming just by the feel of his member pulsating inside her mouth! Sakura then took the base and gave it a firm grip, jerking him off for a few seconds, causing more cum to come up, then she dipped her tongue into his hole. Naruto winced and gasped as Sakura toyed with him by putting her tongue into his cock-hole. He felt himself edging closer and closer to his release.

Sakura then began to bob her head up and down, coating his thick long member in saliva. Sakura gripped his pubis hair and then relaxed her throat. She dipped his member down deep into her throat, coming to the base and getting her face nudged by Naruto's blonde pubic hair. She kept bobbing up and down more and more. Naruto finally, cummed, shooting ropes into her mouth and coating her walls with his musky and salty cum! Sakura sucked and licked him clean. She then took his member out of her mouth and them turned to his scrotum. She licked his testicals, taking onto her mouth and licking them one by one. Naruto was panted for air from his last release, but was still bone hard. Sakura toyed with his balls, stroking his scrotum and licking them. She then decided to try a trick that Tsunade taught her. She went down and then stuck her tongue into his ass. Naaruto's eyes shot wide open!

"GRAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!" He yelled and slammed his head back against the pillow! Tsunade siad that doing this stimulates the prostate of the man your having sex with. She ejected her tongue and found Naruto sweating beads by the second, though he seemed pretty hory and still hard.

"Did you…(Gasp) like that (Pant)…Naruto?" She asked. The blondes eyes were closed, and he was laid back. Sakura climbed up to him and looked at him. "Naruto?" She asked. It wasn't until he scared the living shit out of her by shooting open his brightly glowing red eyes and slitted pupils! She gasped and Naruto flipped them over, causing Sakura to land on her belly. The blonde seemed ready as he massaged her back and grunted low and deep into her ear, dipping his tongue into it and nibbling on her ear-lobe. Sakura knew what was coming, and that Naruto would try almost anything to get himself to cum! The blood-moons power shone through and shined on Naruto. Chakra FLARED AROUND HIM IN A DEMONIC RED AURA. It was wild, like fire! Sakura turned around to see Naruto and gasped! He stared dead into her soul! Sakura watched as Naruto's 9 tails became cloaked and his whole body was covered in fire like chakra. His member stiffened harder and his muscles looked like they had hardened more! His fangs seemed to have grown longer and his hair lengthened more. Tattoes appeared all over his body, and his seal showed. The tattoes that were forming all over his body had demonic language writtin in them. It connected to his seal. Naruto's entire body was cloaked in the demonic written language of black ink tattoes. The tattoes began to move towards the seal, and the combined! Sakura covered her eyes as Naruto closed his eyes and felt his body grown again. Sakura gasped as the blinding red light radiated heat!

Naruto growled deeply and soon, his eyes shot open! He looked at her, his body cloaked entirely in burning chakra! Sakura looked at him and blushed madly! He looked sexy with slightly longer hair and he looked like his bodily features had matured more! He gave her a sexy growl causing her to shiver as his tails swayed mischievously back and forth. Naruto's claws had slightly lengthened, and his whiskers were now longer, giving him the very exact appearance of a fox. He bent down and kissed her lustfully. He stared into emerald her eyes. His stare into let her know, that everything was going to be okay. Sakura looked at his arms, seeing black flame tattoes around his biceps and wrists! His anklles held the same tattoes. Around his neck was the same thing. He looked very sexy with those tattoes. Sakura hoped they were permanent deep down. She wrapped her arms around his strong neck and separated from the kiss.

"I'm ready…now Naruto…" Sakura said. Naruto grinned.

"Okay Sakura…I promise…I won't hurt you." He said, his voice husky, deep, low and sexy in all! Sakura stared at him. He smiled. "Looks like I got my speech back huh? Feels good to talk toy uo again without grunting. Although…I think I learned a new language…" He said. Sakura choked on her own words!

"I-I-I…NARUTO!!!" Sakura shouted and hugged him! "I MISSED YOUR VOICE!" She squeaked as he hugged her back. Rubbing her back gently he smiled.

"I missed you too Sakura… but… I need to know something." He said. Sakura looked at him. "Are you ready for our love making to truly come true? To have children and to love each other forever and always?" Naruto asked. Sakura nodded.

"I am… Naruto…make love to me…" She said. He smiled handsomely.

"I'm going to put you on your back first, okay?" He asked. Sakura nodded. She looked at him, seeing him devilishly handsome in every way, even with Tsunade's necklace. She smiled and nodded.

"I love you…Naruto Uzumaki…" She whispered. His ears twitched.

"I love you too…Sakura Haruno…and now, you shall be…an Uzumaki… If I hurt you, know that it is only out of love from deep within my heart…always…" Naruto said. She nodded. Naruto gripped her sides. "This will hurt, but you will get used to my size." He said. Sakura nodded. Naruto spread her legs apart and smiled as he aligned his mamber with her woman-hood. He pushed himself…slowly inside her. She winced a bit. He felt thicker than before.

"Maybe he thickened just a bit more!? Like…half an inch!?" Sakura shouted as she winced. Narutoslowly began to move in and out of her, making sure she was alright. He didn't want to go his fastest until she was comfortable with him inside her body.

"Shhh…just relax all your muscles." He said. She relaxed herself and let Naruto's member slid through, 1 inch at a time more. Sakura winced still, but tried to remain calm. Naruto pushed in farther this time, and felt her vagnal juices secrete. He smiled handsomely, but then turned serious. She still had to get used to his thickness. He massaged her back and she slowly moved in and out of her. He made small purring sounds from the back of his throat to soothe her. It worked slightly as Sakura sighed and began to moan. Naruto moved a bit fasther, taking himself all the way out before he went inside again. This time, he went in deeper, making her groan and moan more and more. He himself even began to moan sexily as the friction was getting to him. He began to go faster and faster, slowling some and then going faster and faster, then slowing and then repeating again and again. Sakura gasped and panted as Naruto also did the same. Sakura groaned and gasped as Naruto began to move in and out quicker and more nimble! They both moaned and groaned. Naruto even raised Sakura up and then gripped one of her breast while her leaned down and supported himself with his left arm.

"Sakura," He said clenching his teeth. "Clench your pussy around my dick! It feels so good!" Naruto maoned. She did as told and clenched. Naruto growled sexily! Sakura gasped and moaned before Naruto gripped her ass tightly and moved in and out harder and harder! Sakura moaned and gasped!

"Oh Naruto!" She shouted! The new demonic blonde growled as he went faster and faster and HARDER and HARDER! Sakura SCREAMED as she came! But Narutowasn't done yet! He rammed into her harder than last time! Then, he stopped! Sakura's eyes widened in fear and Naruto knew what was next. He twisted her around so she looked at him. They both were sweating and panting.

"Are you…ready, Sakura?" He asked, his chakra shining brightly. Sakura nodded and Naruto hugged her, laying flat on the bed with her. Sakura never knew how much weight he had gained! But, he wasn't crushing her which was good. Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist all the way and then held her head to his shoulder. "Okay…" He said. Sakura braced herself. Naruto finally thrust out and then IN! BANGING THEIR HIPS TOGETHER AND BURSTING THROUGH HER BARRIER! Silence at first…but Sakura jolted and tears came out. "Bite…bite my shoulder, please…" He said offering his muscular soulder to her as a pan-killer. She did so and bit down hard! Naruto winced slightly but he held. Sakura clenched her eyes shut tightly as tears escaped. It was SO PAINFUL! Naruto rubbed her back and Sakura felt blood trickling into her mouth. Her figner nails had made red marks in Naruto's back. He didn't mind though. He knew she was going through pain. After a few minutes, Naruto felt Sakura release his, now bloody shoulder and her claws, which had small bits of blood in them, released. "You okay now?" Naruto asked. His wounds healed almost instantly. Sakura nodded and Naruto kissed her tears away. He then kissed her.

"You can continue now." She said sniffling. Naruto smiled.

"Okay. Now, I'm going to watch as you moan, groan and scream and ecstasy and love." He said huskily. Sakura nodded. Naruto moved his hands out from behind her back and then spread moth legs apart, wrapped them around his waist. Sakura then felt him begin to move again. With each thrust, her cum ran out and along his dick, dripping off od his balls. They both moaned as Naruto went harder and fast into his new territory. He inserted more and more of himself. Sakura cummed againa and again due to his smooth and slickness. Though, as Naruto thrust harder and harder and harder and faster and faster and faster…he couldn't cum! He went on and on! He rammed into her harder and harder, grtting his tteth and clenching both eyes shut! Sakura screamed and gasped as he went and cummed over and over! They both sweat immensely, soaking the sheets. Naruto even began to get a bit rough and rammed her up against the wall and fucked her harder! He gripped both arms as spread and held them out, holding them against the wall! Sakura gasped and panted and screamed as Naruto rammed harder and harder inside her! Cum spurt out with each thrust, and byt his time Naruto's dick looked like it was covered in whipped cream! He kept going on and on! He just could NOT force himself to FUCKING CUM! He growled and roared mightily with each and every thrust! Sakura kept cumming around and all over his dick!

"Oh Sakura! SAKURA!!!" Naruto yelled!

"Are you cumming yet!?" She screamed back!

"NO! I CAN'T FUCKING CUM!!! I've tried and I should've by now! I think we have to keep going! I'm not even close!" Naruto yelled back! Sakura's eyes shot open and looked at him. She saw how desperate he was try cum into her and smiled.

"THEN I'LL BE HERE FOR YOU UNTIL YOU DO!" She screamed back! Naruto looked at her amazed! She smiled and then let out a yelp as she cummed yet again! Naruto knew this was going to be a long time.

Hours Later…

Naruto was still going! He was feeling pleasure big time! But…he just couldn't cum! Sakura had commed nearly 25 times, which he counted, yet he could not. He could tell Sakura was becoming exhausted of physical strength, but he wasn't for some reason. He kept ramming into her and ramming into her over and over and over again! Finally, the after all his time, collapsed with Sakura. He laid on her on the cum covered and sweat soaked bed! He panted and panted over and over again. Sakura felt herself spent physically. Naruto's cock was red as a lobster and still harder then a rock. His demonic chakra flared brightly.

"Sakura…(Pant) I…(Pant) can't c-cum!" Naruto said. Sakura panted harshly.

"We can't (Gasp) give up Naruto (Pant). There's got (Gasp) to be some (Pant) way." She said. Naruto, drenched in sweat panted lightly and looked at her.

"What if I can't Sakura?" Naruto asked. Sakura's eyes widened!

"No! You can Naruto!" Sakura said loudly cupping his cheeks. Naruto looked at her, his eyes demonically red, his handsome face looking at her, pleading for an answer. She…unfortunately had no answer for him. She stroked his whiskers over and over. "Oh Naruto…I know you can do it…we just have to find…some way." She said. Naruto stared at her.

"But…how?" He asked. Sakura shook her head and moutht he words 'I don't know' to him. He put his head down on her stomach and she rubbed the back of his head gently. Naruto looked outside, staring at the blood moon. It stared back.

"Why can't I…cum into her…why?" He mentally asked over and over. After a few minutes, Naruto began to see a face in the moon. He squinted and then saw it. He saw himself, forming in the moon! Naruto's eyes widened. It was him, and what he looked like before the blood moon transformed him. It reached out and a spiritual form of him stood there, not even clothed. "What the?" He asked. He watched as the spirit of himself walked over towards him and bent down. The spirit merged with him and Naruto's eye pinged! His cock turned blood red and it hardened immensely! Naruto couldn't take it, it turned painful! In a flash he whipped Sakura on her side with him in front of her, causing her to gasp and yelp and lifted her leg up! He then shoved his cock up her pussy and fucked her hard and fast! Naruto and Sakura moaned and groaned as Naruto now felt the sensation of himself about to completely EXPLODE inside her. He rammed their hips together harder and harder! Faster and faster! Sakura screamed as she cummed, but Naruto felt himself about to explode. He went faster and faster, biting her on the shoulder and licking her blood away, sneaking and arm around her and gripping and squeezing her breast, he finally did.


"NAAAAARRRRRUUUUUUTTTOOOOOO!!!!!" Sakura screamed back!

"I LOVE YOU!!!!" Naruto shouted!

"I LOVE YOU TOO!!!" She screamed back! Naruto finally thrust all the way in exploded inside her, causing her to cum as well! Squirting rope after rope after rope after rope! Sakura felt the sticky, red, fluid move up deep inside her pussy! Naruto and Sakura were now fully exhausted! The blonde panted with his eyes wide open, and Sakura felt her body go limp.

"Always…and…forever…" He said as his tails grabbed the cim and sweat soaked blankets from underneath them. He let go of her leg and covered them both. He looked down with a weak smile on his face. Sakura looked up. "…I…did…it…" He said and closed his eyes. They both cuddled into a ball together and immediately fell asleep.

Hours Later…

The sun was shining brightly, and Naruto and Sakura slept. They were back to normal. But, Narutos whiskers were still real. He was now, mature looking. His hair longer, and a lot muscular. The tattoes still etched onto his skin. He and Sakura wre cuddling together. Both were physically spent from last night and exhausted. Naruto opened one eye and saw the sun shining through. He groaned and sighed. He wobbled out of bed, his dick sore from last nights event and shut the blinds and the curtains closed. He and his girl would now be spending the day together, in bed and sleeping. He climbed back in bed and closed his eyes. He looked at Sakura first, and smiled.

"Just…nine months…and we'll be parents…my lovely cherry blossom…" He said huskily, and kissed her lips. He went back to sleep.

9 Months Later…

It was a beautiful day. Naruto and Sakura finally moved into the Namikaze house, after Naruto elarned about his birth, his heritage and parents. He was angry at first, but got over it later. He and Sakura were sitting at the table. Naruto still wore his good old jumpsuit and was now a Jonin. Sakura was wearing a nice white dress, and due anytime this month, and Naruto couldn't wait! He looked at her and smiled as she held the bulge in her belly. Though, Naruto knew that thy might be demons. He still would treat them like a father would. He would care for them, love them and raise them along side his cherry blossom.

"You doing okay there love?" He asked huskily. Sakura smiled.

"Yes. I'm doing very well Naruto." She said smiling. Naruto gave her his number 1 grin and she giggled. Naruto just stared at her as she closed her eyes and felt her womb.

"Gosh, I can't wait Sakura…the baby or babies are gonna be a handful, but hell…so long as it's with you I'll never get tired." He said sticking his tongue out. Sakura giggled.

"Well, its already been…what…seven months since I turned Eighteen myself? I'm also excited too." She said Naruto nodded and got up. He went to go outside and train. Sakura took deep breaths to relax herself. A few minutes later she was still relaxing until she felt something…pop… Her eyes burst open! Her heart began to race! "Naruto!" She called! Naruto came inside the house and looked at her.

"What Sakura?" He asked. She looked at him.

"I think it's time… I felt something pop!" She shouted! Naruto's eyes widened and he got excited. He scooped her up!

"I'll make it there in a flash!" He said grinning. He used his fathers "Hirashin No Jutsu" to teleport htem to the hospital.

The Hospital…

The lady at the desk was currently working at the counter until Naruto appeared in yellow lightning. She gasped and held her heart. He scared the living shit out of her!

"Listen, I got a baby here and I need it delivered!" Naruto said with a grin. The nurse nodded and called for medics! "I also want the Ol' briny hag here to help!" narut said chuckling. She must've heard a mile away or something but Tsunade came BURSTING RIGHT THROUGH THE DOOR SHAKING HER FIST ANGIRLY!!!


"Hi big brother. I was just visiting Grandma when she ran out of the tower, and I was along with her. Oooh! A baby!" Kishimaru shouted!

"Hey squirt! Okie dokie "Grandma" let's go!" Naruto said and put Sakura on the stretcher. Kishimaru let go and Tsunade snarled at him as she walked down the hall behind the medics. Kishimaru and Naruto snickered and followed right behind…then broke out into a run as they heard Sakura scream! The reached the emergency room, with Sakura shouting threats to kill Naruto, chop his penis off, drag it through Konoha with his name on it and throw it in a nearby river. Even some threats about feeding it to Akamaru. Naruto felt uncomfortable down there but she was having a baby. Although, she crushed his hand as they ran down into the emergency room. Naruto laid Sakura on the bed and she squeezed his hand!

"PUSH!" Tsunade commanded! Sakura screamed as her face turned beat red. Naruto fanned her with his hand, and Sakura screamed again.

"C'mon Sakura you can do it!" Naruto cheered!

"Shut the fuck up now…" She said. Naruto turned pale and his knees trembled a bit. He still held her hand as she screamed again and again! Finally, the baby came out! Tsunade clipped the cord and wrapped it in a blue blanket and handing it to Naruto.

"We still got one more!" Tsunade shouted. Naruto gulped as Sakura screamed again and again! Tsunade saw the head and commanded Sakura to push! Sakura did and screamed louder! This caused the baby to slip out. Tsunade caught it and clipped the cord and wrapped it in a pink blanket. She was bloody and then proceeded in cleaning Sakura out. Naruto held both babies and looked at their features. They had cute ears, whisker marks and blonde and pink hair. The girl had pink, the boy had blonde, although the boy came out with blonde pink mixed colored ears, while the girl came out with blonde ears. Naruto was sure that their eyes were opposite. The girl had blue, the boy had green. He smiled. He could feel tails underneath the blankets. He already knew which color they were though. Same as the ears. He awed at their cute whiskers, which were very small, compared to his foxy ones. Tsunade finished and wiped her forehead. Sakura was pale and it took her will to stay awake. "I'll let you two be alone. Come everyone!" Tsunade ordered. All the medics walked out. Kishimaru stood there and smiled. He grabbed a chair and dragged it over to the bedside. He sat down and smiled. Naruto smiled back at him.

"Look at these babies you two. So beautiful… Sakura… we did it…" He said smoothly. Sakura looked weakily and smiled.

"O-Oh…our babies are beautiful Naruto…" She said as tears fell from her blood-shot eyes and pale face. Naruto kissed her.

"Rest now Sakura. You need to rest. You're tired." Naruto said. He gave the babies to her and hopped up on the bed with her. "I'll rest with you." He said. Sakura sniffed and held the babies. Naruto stroked her teary cheeks and kissed her lips. "I love you…" He said.

"I love you (Sniff) too…" She said teary-eyed. Naruto smiled. Saura immediately fell asleep into Naruto's chest. He kicked his sandals off and closed his eyes. Kishimaru smiled warmly. Naruto winked at him before falling asleep. The small boy stayed there, and eventually, fell asleep along with them…


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