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Wobbuffet and the Curse of the Gengar

Chapter one: The Beginning.

Late one afternoon, a small group of travelers, lead by a young teenager around the age of fourteen, followed a road through some woods. These woods, however, were unlike any woods they had traveled through before. as they walked, it was deathly silent, not even the leaves of the trees rustled in the wind. The only sound they could hear was the soft sound of their feet walking along the path.

Their leader, whose name was Ash, had black, spiky hair which jutted out to the sides of his pokemon league hat. On his hat sat his small, rodent-like creature. He was about the size of a large rabbit, and had bright, yellow fir with brown markings, and small, black eyes which kept a careful watch on the road ahead. He had two red pots, one on each cheek, which stored electricity. When irritated or angry, sparks would leap from his cheeks. He would often release the stored electricity in short bursts, as a type of electric attack. He was quite intelligent, and could even talk, although only Ash could actually understand much of what he said. To the others, the only word he seemed to say was "Pikachu," which also happened to be the rodent's name.

Ash held a map out in front of him, with an appearance of confidence, as he hoped against hope that he could figure out where they were before either of his two companions could fully realize the situation that they found themselves in. It grew darker, and a mist began to rise from the ground and form into a thick fog.

A young teenaged girl, around the age of their leader, perhaps a bit older, walked next in line. She glanced at the sides of the road, a bit concerned that something might jump out of the mist and attack. At the moment, at least, she was too absorbed in her surroundings to take much notice of anyone or anything else. She kept her thoughts to herself, but couldn't help looking a bit distressed. Misty, for that was her name, had bright red, short hair. She had pulled it back into a short ponytail, which jutted out to one side. A much older, taller young man, who looked to be around the age of eighteen, walked behind her. Brock, for that was his name, had spiky black hair just like Ash, but stood much taller and had much broader shoulders. He walked with a wide stride, slowly walking along keeping a careful watch over the others.

'I am sure that we just passed that road... was it route 44, or route 43? Gah... Why does this always happen?' Ash thought to himself.

"What's wrong, the great pokemon master can't even use a map?" Misty asked provocatively, as she finally took notice of Ash's nervous behavior,"how can you expect to get anywhere if you keep getting us lost!"

Misty and Ash had known each other a long time. She first began traveling with him when his Pikachu accidentally fried her bike to a crisp. Ever since, she had followed Ash around on his adventures. From the moment she met, she knew that there was something special about the boy. Time after time, Ash had shown that he was unique, from saving the world, to risking his life to save his friends. She had grown to be quite fond of Ash, although she never directly told him so. Of course, Ash was not perfect. Misty would often ridicule him for his rashness, and often dismissed him as dense. Her fondness of him had become quite evident over the past few weeks, but Ash remained oblivious.

'He is always doing this to us!' Misty thought to herself 'If he gets us lost one more time, I am REALLY going to lose my temper... Watch out Ketchum!... Oh, who am I fooling... I actually enjoy the excitement that I get from our adventures... I just wish he could find adventure in a slightly less obnoxious way.'

Misty could never stay mad at Ash for long. They would always make up later. Even though they did not ever verbally acknowledge the fact, they were the best of friends.

"We are not lost!" Ash yelled back.

"We are right here, just south of the intersection of route 43," he continued, with a proud grin.

Misty shot him a intense glare, as if she were boring a whole right through him.

'He thinks he is SO smart, does he? Well, I suppose it is possible for him to get something right...'

Ash, thinking it wise not to push Misty's patience any further, backed away... Slowly... Her patience was not her strongest virtue, and whenever she lost her temper, it often resulted in physical blows to his body.

"Uh," Brock grabbed the map from Ash's hands and looked over the it briefly, "we can't be south of route 43..."

Misty completely lost her temper. She seemed to grow to twice her normal size, she glared at Ash, who was obviously intimidated at her appearance.

"You really did it this time, Ash Ketchum!" Misty screamed, "Admit it, you have absolutely no idea where we are! We are completely and utterly LOST! And, it all your FAULT!"

"Ok, ok, your right..." Ash backed away, closing his eyes, hoping that an apology would save him from the inevitable, "we might be a bit lost..."

Instead of pacifying her, however, his apology infuriated her more. (if this was even possible)

"Your hopeless!" she huffed, and slammed him with her mallet, "I can't believe I keep traveling with you! A slugma could make better time! He could probably read a map better too!"

This was more than Ash could take. A slugma was a slow, fire-type creature, which was not known for its intelligence. Ash didn't have much more patience than Misty did, and he certainly didn't like Misty yelling at him, and insulting him, even though he knew that she really didn't mean it.

"WHAT?!" he shouted back, still rubbing his head from the mallet impact from earlier.

"Yeah, you heard me right, a SLUGMA,"

"If you think I'm such a bad leader, why don't you, miss scrawny, try figuring out that map?"

Misty did not, in fact, have a very well "filled out" frame, and she hated it when he brought up that fact.

"Who are you calling SCRAWNY? huff We let you lead because you always insist upon doing things your way, at your pace-"

"Will you two cut it out? Your bickering is fit to wake the dead." Brock said, hoping to stop the argument before it got any more out of hand.

Brock had also traveled with Ash for quite a long time. He first met Ash when Ash came to his battle gym to try and earn a badge. Brock's rock-type pokemon stood strong against Ash's electric and flying-type pokemon. But, during the battle, the water sprinklers in the gym were set off, weakening his pokemon. Ash took advantage of this situation, since Brock's pokemon were weakened by the water, but couldn't find it within him to beat Brock just because of a stroke of luck. He didn't officially win, but Brock sill gave him the badge, since he saw that Ash had a good heart, and wanted to fight fairly. He thought of Ash and Misty as his younger brother and sister. He often took it upon himself to act as the father figure, and dissipate arguments before they got too much out of hand.

"Pika, Pika!" chimed in Pikachu, lending his support to Brock.

Pikachu had been Ash's first pokemon, and had become one of Ash's strongest fighters. He was an electric-type pokemon, who hated to be kept in a pokeball, as most other pokemon did. Ash graciously allowed him to walk along with them on their adventures. Pikachu had known Ash for many years, and had grown quite close to his master. Ash seemed to consider Pikachu more like a little brother.

Ash and Misty, however, took little notice of Pikachu and Brock, and continued fighting.

Pikachu knew that Ash and Misty didn't really mean what they said to each other, especially when they began attacking each other personally. He did, however, get quite tired of their constant arguments. 'Humans are so complicated... If they were such good friends, which I know they are, why did they act like they hate each other so often? They are acting so immature...'

Pikachu sighed, He had spent several years with both Ash and Misty, yet, he still couldn't quite put his finger on what cuased them to act in such a way. He hopped to the ground, and began walking along by himself, careful not to stray too close to the two bickering teens, in case Misty got out of hand with her mallet. Misty always carried her weapon of choice with her, hid from sight, which would pop out behind her whenever she felt the need to hit someone.

It seemed like another perfectly normal day... Then he smelled something...

"You know what?" said Brock suddenly, causing Pikachu to lose his concentration, and forget about the odd smell, "I think you two fight so much because you like the attention that you get from each other when you do."

"WHAT ARE YOU IMPLYING?" shouted Misty her rage now taking another target.

"Well... Uh..." Brock stammered.

Even Brock didn't want to be object of Misty's anger.

Meanwhile... In the nearby woods...

"There they are, the little twerps, and their Pikachu," observed Jesse, and she watched them from a distance with her binoculars.

Team Rocket was organization of corrupt pokemon trainers whose gaol was to steal rare and powerful pokemon form their trainers. Their boss, Giovanni, had ordered three of his agents to steal Ash's Pikachu. The three agents were Jessie, a strong-willed, loud-mouthed women who often took the leadership position in the group, James, a weak, timid man who would often take the brunt of Jessie's wrath whenever their plans would fail, and Meowth, a cat-like pokemon who had learned how to speak english rather fluently, although he did have a bit of a speech impediment. Time after time, they had been foiled in their attempts to capture Pikachu. But, they simply wouldn't give up.

""Really? Can I see?" asked James, a little sheepishly.

"Yep, it's dem all right," confirmed Meoth, looking through his own binoculars.

"Get your own binoculars, James!" Jesse replied, "can't you see that I am thinking up another one of my brilliant plans?"

James sat down, a bit annoyed how Jesse would yell at him all the time.

At the moment, Jesse could care less how James felt. 'Hm... well, they seem a bit distracted... perhaps we could just run up and grab the little electric rat... no... that wouldn't work... besides, we always have to do the motto first...' Jesse thought to herself. She didn't want to mess this one up, given how poorly things always went whenever they tried to capture Pikachu, and with such ease they had been foiled, again and again...

"How long is this going top take, Jess?"James asked, having gotten quite bored listening to the distant sound of Ash and Misty fighting

"Just give me a minute, will you!" she shouted back, seariously considering administering the "fan treatment" to James.

"WOBBUFFET!" (that's right!) said Wobbuffet cheerily, as he once again managed to escape his pokeball and pop up right in front of Jessie.

Wobbuffet was a strange creature. It was quite blobby, and had blue, rubbery skin. Unlike most pokemon, it would often escape from it's pokeball and pop up at inopportune moments, much to the dismay of his owner, Jessie. It couldn't actually attack other pokemon, rather, it waited for it's opponent to make the first move, then used it's special power to absorb the attack, and send it back at his opponent for twice the damage.

Jesse was just about to yell at Wobbuffet, and tell him to get back into his pokeball, when a devious plan began to form in her mind... A slightly evil grin spread across her face. The little twerps won't know what hit them...

"Perfect!" she shouted.

"Keep it down!" ordered Meowth,"do ya want da brats to hear us?"

'Sometimes,' Meowth thought to himself, ' I wonder what gets into her head... At least her plans rarely have anything to do with a hole, though...' Meowth cringed, remembering how many times they had fallen into their own trap.

Jessie quickly gathered her team together into a huddle, and began to explain her latest plan.

Team rocket, however, was not the only one who was making plans for the four young travelers.

Hm... A dark figure thought to himself. This may factor nicely into my situation... If only I can get him a bit closer... It might just work... I guess I will just have to wait and watch... Soon I will be free to roam the world once again!

Ambezua: I know... I purposely placed the chapter here for the suspense to take maximum effect... I can be SO cruel at times...Oh, and did I happen to mention that I hid several "easter eggs" in this story? See if you can find them... Anyway, let's move on.