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Chapter seven: Darkness Flees Before Light...

"NO! Not Dawn, I HATE Dawn!" The Gengar cringed in fear and dread, as the sun began to peer over the horizon

"It can't be... I am... fading..."

The Gengar began to grow translucent, and decreased in size. His energy, and even his hold on the physical realm, had been severely weakened.

"I will kill you all for this! You will pay dearly!"

With that... The Gengar faded from sight entirely.

Brock rushed over to Misty and Ash's side...

They were still locked in each other's embrace, but he knew that they were alive. He smiled. He hoped that everything would be alright now... At least for a time.

Brock constructed two stretchers from tent poles and sheets, which he hoped would be strong enough to hold their weight.

Misty and Ash stared into each other's eyes... Too weak to move, yet they knew what the other was thinking... They were finally together, and they were happier than they could have ever imagined.

Jessie and James picked up their pokemon, and helped Brock lift Ash and Misty's limp bodies and gently lay them onto the stretchers. Jessie and Meowth picked up Misty's stretcher; James and Brock picked up Ash's stretcher. Brock led the solemn procession as they slowly, in single file, carried them out of the arena, and down a narrow path into the woods.

"Hold in there, buddy..." Brock whispered to Ash, who had long since lost consciousness.

As they walked, light began to slice through the trees, and seemed to bring the woods to life. The fog quickly vanished, fleeing from the warmth of the day. Woodland pokemon began to peer out of their hiding places and scurry through the trees and shrubs. Pidgies and Spearows began to fill the early morning air with their calls. Some caterpie crawled along the path, briefly stopping to stare at the humans as they walked along the path. The melodious hum of a group of vileplumes humming as they dropped off to sleep could be faintly heard in the distance.

Brock, however, took little notice of the change in scenery as they continued down the path. He was too conserned about his friends to pay attention to much else. James stumbled on a stone and rocked the stretcher slightly to the side. James quickly regained his footing, and managed to keep Ash from rolling off the stretcher.

"James, you klutz, watch what you are doing," Jessie snapped.

James glanced at Jessie nervously, but thought it best not to respond.

After half an hour of walking, the trees became less dense, and the path grew wider. As they came to the top of a hill, a small town could be seen in the distance. With a joyous shout, they hastened their pace and rushed down the hill.

"We are almost there, just keep holding on." Brock murmured, more for his own benefit than anyone else.

They entered the town and began frantically searching for a hospital. Townspeople could sense their urgency and gladly showed them the way. Several medical staff took the stretchers and brought Ash and Misty inside.

Brock gathered up the pokemon and Pikachu and walked off to find the town's pokecenter, a hospital for pokemon.

"I guess we will be seeing you all later..." James murmured.

"But don't think that we will go easy on you, just because we helped you out this time..." Jessie said quietly.

"Ya, so don't get any funny ideas..." Meowth mumbled, "We still need that Pikachu..."

They turned to leave, and gave a nod farewell. As they left, however, Jessie couldn't help but have a strange feeling that she had misplaced something...

A few days later...

Ash's eyes snapped open. He looked around the small, bare room. Light came threw the window to his right, and cast painfull beams of light onto his face. He sat up, pulled the covers off himself, and stat on the side of the bed.


NO! Not dawn, I HATE dawn!" The Gengar cringed in fear and dread, as the sun began to peer over the horizon

"It can't be... I am... fading... I will kill you all for this! You will pay dearly!"


'what happened?' Ash wondered, he couldn't remember how he got into the bed. 'I must have blacked out...'

He suddenly remembered


'Where is she? Had she not made it?'

Brock opened the door, and walked in.

"Good to see that you are fine, buddy... It's not every day that someone takes a hit from a hyper beam and lives to tell about it," Brock grinned, "oh, and there is someone else who would like to see you..."

Pikachu hopped into the room, and jumped into Ash's arms. He began to coo softly, and rub his face on his shirt affectionately.

"Where is Misty?" Ash asked, as he stroked Pikachu.

"Well... She was in front of you when the hyperbeam hit... So, she did take more of a beating than you did... Would you like to go see her?"

Brock lead Ash to Misty's room, which was currently filled with her pokemon. They stood huddled around her bed, quietly watching her.

'She looks so... peaceful when she sleeps' Ash thought to himself, 'and so beautiful.'

He sat on the bed, and began to absent-mindedly run his fingers through her hair. She still had several large bruises, but she had recovered a great deal.

Misty heard voices... many voices... familiar voices... She tried to open her eyes, but they simply would not obey.

She couldn't feel her body... she could only see darkess...

'Am I dead?' she wondered.

Finally, she could feel again... The world she knew surrounded her one again. She felt safe and warm, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she knew why. There was Ash, hovering above her, his arms wrapped tightly around her. She could see the love and care in his large, dark, watery eyes. He brought his head lower...

"Come on, guys," she heard Brock say, "they look like they need some time alone."

For a while, at least, the only thing in the world that mattered to her was Ash...


She lifted her head off her pillow and kissed him once more...

The feeling was indescribable, and she didn't want it to ever end...

Gasping for air, she broke the long, affectionate kiss. She smiled at Ash, who smiled back at her. Their troubles were finally over, for now at least...

She felt like she should savor the time they had left, before they continued on their journey... and before Ash got them lost again. She blushed at the thought of it... He was so cute! And best of all... He was all hers.

She loved everything about him, and didn't want to change a thing... Even if he annoyed her a from time to time.

Ash wrapped his arms around her... and nothing else seemed to matter to her...

"Wobbuffet..." (that's right...) mumbled Wobbuffet, who had somehow managed to be forgotten in Misty's room.

The End!

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