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Chapter 1: Prologue-New Journey

Hyuuga Hinata, Heir of the Hyuuga clan, slowly and very quietly made her way out of the Hyuuga main house. She quickly merged with the shadows that the trees and the moonlight created so nobody could see her. When she was far away not to be spotted she stared to run taking the path that would take her outside of the village and to a hill that had a great view of the village.

'Finally' the Hyuuga heir thought. Finally she was going to be free from her father and the clan; free for suffering anymore humiliation and punishments for being 'weak', 'a disgrace', and 'pathetic'. Today she was starting a new journey to obtaining the power for her revenge against the can that has cause her one too many sufferings.

When she finally got to the top of the hill, she was surprise to find it already occupied. That is until he turned to look at her. The person was none other than Uchiha Sasuke, the avenger and last surviving clan member.

"What are you doing here?" the avenger glare at her.

"N-nothing, I-I just w-wanted to t-take one l-last look at the v-village before l-leavening" the Hyuuga stutter with her usual soft and quiet voice.

Dark onyx color eyes stared at lavender color ones, neither of them looking away.

Hinata had to fight the urge to look down by telling herself that she was strong and strong people didn't look at the ground. Thankfully she didn't have to fight herself for long because Sasuke turn back to look at the village again. Hinata, having gain little courage by not looking away, took a few steps to stand beside Sasuke and look down at the village.

"So you're going on a mission all by yourself, Hyuuga-Hime?" Sasuke ask breaking the silence.

"N-no, I'm r-running away" Hinata told him, making him curies and wondering if he had hear right. 'Was she really running away?'

"Running away?...that is a crime here in Konoha…Why?"

"I want to be free of my clan" was all he got as a respond

Sasuke nodded then asked "Where are you going?"

"Everywhere, I plan to get stronger to come back one day and get revenge for all they have done to me"

Sasuke notes that she didn't stutter this time when she answered him, meaning that she really had her mine set on doing just that.

Another moment of silence past by but then Hinata asked.

"What about you?"

Sasuke thought about not answering her but since she answer his question he decided on answering the question.

"I'm going to train with Orochimaru"

"Orochimaru… he's-"

"I know"

"And he only wants-"

"I know that too"

"You don't have to put your life in danger by going with him"

"Yes I do because you have to get more power to kill HIM"

"You don't get it, you see when Orochimaru put the seal curse on you he gave you his power. All you really have to do is learn to control it."

"How do you know about the seal?"

"Sasuke, I may be shy and quite but that doesn't make me blind" she told him " I saw it. Once at the exams and again when the village was attacked by Orochimaru. Back then I didn't know what it was so I did some research on it at the Hyuuga library. I also found out that in the snow country there is a man with the same seal that learn to control it without Orochimaru's help."

Another silence moment fell on them. Sasuke was thinking about what Hinata had just told him. 'Is it true?' he thought

"Come with me" Hinata said and looked at him " and if you don't like it you can always go back to Orochimaru"

Sasuke was about to answer her but stopped when he sense people coming their way.

"I have to go" he heard the Hyuuga princess said and took off, leavening him to do whatever he was going to do.

He stood there for a few seconds then decided to do after her. Sasuke easily caught up to her and when she was him she smile, knowing that he was coming with her. They continue to run until dawn, when they stop by a river stream to rest.

Hinata pull of her backpack and left it by the tree. She then walked to the river and kneel down to get some water. She felt someone behind her and then hand undoing her headband that was around her neck. She tense up and felt a chilled go down her spine at the feeling of Sasuke's fingers touching her neck.

When he finally took the headband off he handed it to her and told her to carve her goal on the back of it.

She wrote "Destroy the Hyuuga Main Branch"

Sasuke once again took her head band and gave her his.

"This was it's a promise to help one another with our goals. When all is done we will swap back." And put her headband were just a few minute ago his had been.

Hinata looked at the headband in her hand and it said "Avenge My Clan and Rebuilt It"

And she put it on

Sealing the promise

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