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Chapter 10: Under Attack!

A week later the time had finally arrived. It was time to continue their plan. A black snake slider herself through the Forest of Death before just before dawn. She made her way to the shadow that stood leaning on a tree. You couldn't really see any part of him expect for his glasses. The snake stopped at his feet and he picked up the small note that the snake had with her. The note had only one word. Tonight the shadowy figure smiled and made her way to the army of rogue ninjas that a waited for his orders only a few feet away.


Sasuke opened his eyes and looked around, he was on the living room floor. How did he ended down here, he asked himself. Last thing he remember was falling sleep on the couch with Hinata on his lap. He looked up to see Hinata sleeping soundlessly on the couch and in a second it made sense. She had push him off the couch in the middle of the night. He set up and looked at her. She was still sound sleep. Her long indigo hair falling of the side and laying at the bottom like a waterfall. He lean in close to her and just as many other times before wonder what her lips would taste like. Would they taste just like they look, all soft and smooth. Slowly he lean in some more. He was so close, a bit more and their lips would be touching. She moan and he pulled away. What was he doing, hew asked himself. Trying to take advantage of her while she sleep.

He go up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. He graded a box of cereal, a bowl, and the milk from the refrigerator. He set at the table and prepared his cereal. Thoughts of Hinata sleeping try to invade his mind one again but he pushed them away be thinking on what was going to happen today. He smiled, today was going to be fun and he couldn't wait.

Hinata woke up at the sound of Sasuke already up. She got up and headed straight to the kitchen. She set at the table, reached over to were Sasuke was and took her bowl of cereal and started eating it. Sasuke looked at her amused. He reach over and took his cereal back.

"Get your own!" he said. Hinata try to get it back but Sasuke pulled it out of her reached.

"But I always get yours" she protested giving his her cutest innocent eyes.

"Yeah, well, I always wake up on a bed or couch and today I woke up on the floor." he said and took a spoonful of cereal.

"…Sorry?…can I have the cereal now?" she asked

"No" Sasuke said and hurry to finished every single drop of cereal on the bowl. "Hurry up or your going to be late" he said and went to his room. Hinata looked at the time, she only had thirty minutes to get to work. She skipped breakfast and headed to her room to get ready for work.

Hinata and Sasuke were out of their apartment in fifteen minutes and heading to work. They rest of the day went by with out any incidents. When evening finely came they found themselves in Tsunade's office with no real reason. They were talking to Tsunade when all three heard a loud explosion from out side. They hurry to the window to see the a part of the wall that surrounded the village destroyed. Another loud explosion was heard this time it was closer. They looked to the side and it was the academy that had blown up. Thankfully no one was inside at this time.

"An invasion?" asked Hinata already knowing the answer.

Tsunade hurry out side the office and when to tell the messengers to alert every ninja in the village about attack.

"What do you want us to do?" asked Sasuke

"I want you to protect the village. Hinata you go to the hospital and helped out over there." said Tsunade and left the room.

Hinata looked at Sasuke and Sasuke nodded. She didn't needed to tell his anything. He already knew what she was going to say. They both left the office and went into the direction in with they had been send.

Sasuke ran to where he knew the attackers would make their nest move. Everyone else was going in the direction of the explosions but he knew that when they got there, they were going to fine nothing. As soon as he reached his destination he stared to fight the attackers not giving them a chance to say anything before they die. In a matter of minutes he had finish off the small group and just in time because so ninjas where coming his way and in front of them was Naruto.

"Sasuke are you ok?" Naruto asked noticing blood on him.

"Yeah I'm fine" Sasuke said and stared to run to a different location where more rogue ninjas would be. Naruto and the small group followed him.

Meanwhile Hinata was helping with the injured at the hospital. That is until a group of rogue ninjas surrounded the hospital.

"Sakura I'll go distract them until we get reinforcements…" said Hinata to Sakura who was beside her also helping the injured. "As soon as I leave the hospital seal all the doors so no one can enter. If any more injured people come I'll personally bring them in." Sakura nodded and as soon as Hinata exited the hospital she seal off all the doors.

Hinata looked around they were about fifteen or twenty rogue ninjas were outside the hospital doors. She could easily kill them off but no with everyone being able to witness her truth power.

Pulling out a kunai she cut her finger and stared to do hand signs. "Ninja Style: Summing Jutsu!" she said and smocked appeared. When it cleared off two large wolves stood there, one black and the other white. She pull out all her kunai knives and taking a dip breath jumped high into the air. " Demon Ninja: Shadow Seal!" she throw all the kunai knives but none of them hit the rogue ninjas. Instead it hit their shadows. The rogue ninjas laughed.

She landed on her feet between the two large wolves. "Attack!" and with that the two wolves move swiftly and stared to kill the rogue ninjas. They try to move out of the way but they found themselves unable to move. Then they realized what her last Jutsu had done. She had trapped them by trapping their shadows with the kunai knives. She turn away, not wanting to see the two wolves ripped every single rogue ninja to pieces. While looking a away she notice Sasuke coming her way. Sasuke stopped right in front of her, ignoring the two wolves. Naruto and a few other ninjas stopped behind Sasuke. They couldn't take their eyes of the two beast that were ripping the rogue ninjas to pieces.

"You ok?" he asked her and pull her into his arms. She nodded and hugged him back.

"Hinata, are this your wolves?" Naruto asked in amazement. Hinata and Sasuke pulled away.

"Yes they are but with every minute that passes my chakra starts to deplete." Hinata lied. Yes they were her wolves but they didn't depleted her chakra.

When the wolves finish killing the rogue ninjas, they disappeared leavening only smoke behind.

"What's the situation?" asked Sasuke

"I told Sakura to close the hospital when they started attacking. I stay out here to keep them form going inside until rainforests arrived." Hinata explained and Sasuke nodded. Naruto order five ninjas of the small group to stay behind with Hinata. Naruto, Sasuke and the rest headed out protect the village.

The attacked continue for a few hours but in the end they were able to kill them all. Sasuke revised minor cuts and bruises but beyond that he was find. Hinata had to work late because the hospital staff had to take care of the wounded. Fortunately, Tsunade and other Jonins had had evacuated the village people through the secret passage ways below ground so not many people were hurt.

Hinata finished wrapping bandages around Sasuke's arm when a young village Genin came in.

"Mr. Uchiha, Miss Hyuuga, Lady Hokage wants to you both " the young Genin said and Sasuke nodded. Hinata handed him his shirt and smile at him. She knew perfectly well what it was bout. Sasuke smiled back and they both follow the young ninja to where Tsunade was.

"You wanted to see us Hokage" said Sasuke when he and Hinata were left alone with her in her office.

"Naruto told me how helpful you were during the attack" she started "and I've decided to make you the newest member Captain of the Special Anbu Forces" Tsunade finished.

"But I was only doing my job…" Sasuke said "You don't have to give me a such a high position besides wasn't I being suspected of breaking into the Hokage Tower and steal the blueprints of the village only few days ago"

"Don't worry about that. It had just been told that it was one of the rogue ninjas that broke into the Tower and stole the blueprints. Besides you deserve the position of Anbu Captain. You didn't had to fight for this village but you did it anyways."

"If that is what you truly want, then I will be happy to accepted" said Sasuke "Can I go now?"

"You can go" Sasuke turn around and left. When he was outside and knew that no one was watching her smirked. Things had turn out better then he had expected. He had expected to be made an Anbu but not a captain. He stopped outside to wait for Hinata.

"Hinata, Naruto also told me how you protected the hospital and put yourself in great danger to protect the people in the hospital. I want o offer you a position as a Jonin. We could really use someone like you in our forces." said Tsunade.

"I'm very thankful but I must refuse" said Hinata "I like working in the hospital and I would like to stay there"

"I see, is their anything I could do for you then, as thanks?" Tsunade asked

"Well, I would really like to be a medical ninja instead of Sakura's assistant"

"Then consider it done" Tsunade said

Hinata left her Tsunade's office a few minutes later and meet up with Sasuke who had waited for her outside. Hinata smiled at him and hugged him.

"Everything is going according to plan" she whispered

"Yes, it is. Lets go rest" said Sasuke.

As soon as they got to their apartment, Sasuke wrote a quick note about the next step in the plan and gave it to a small snake to deliver it to the person waiting in the Forest of Death.

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