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"You've got to be kidding." Sakura Haruno sweat dropped as her mother held up her new school uniform, "No, Sakura. Your new school requires you to wear a uniform, and this is it." The uniform consisted of a long-sleeved white shirt with black trim, and a calf-length black pleated skirt. "And, why am I going to this place again?" Sakura took on a snide tone, "Because we need to break you of your rebellious attitude, and this school will help"

"Rebellious attitude? Mom, how in the hell can I be called 'rebellious'? I don't have tattoos, I don't have more than one piercing in each ear, I don't smoke, and I get straight A's. How in the hell can I be called rebellious?" she nearly screamed, "Language! And it's that trash you listen to. At this school, only classical music is allowed," Sakura's mother took on a dreamy tone, "Bach, Beethoven, Bram, Mozart."

"The stuff I listen to is classic! It's all classic!"

"Enough, Sakura. You're going and that's that. Now get dressed and get going!" Sakura grumbled something as she took the offending uniform and went to change. She showered, brushed her teeth, went through her entire morning routine, and started to pack her things into her book bag, "Give me a fucking backpack any day," she grumbled as she stuffed in her books, pens, cell, iPod, and lunch.

"Alright bye mom!" she called, 'Try not to have too much fun.'

She made her way down the street and took the bus to the school. She climbed off and soon found herself staring at the front of the school. Needless to say, it was plain. Made of brick, with a clock in the center tower. "You have got to be kidding me." She looked around at all the students, they all walked upright, carrying themselves with pride. The girls were wearing the same uniform as her, and the men wore a simple black uniform, nothing special, "Did I somehow take a bus to Amish country?"

Sakura made her way through the courtyard, still looking around. She saw several people curled up on the grass or under one of the few trees, either reading or practicing an instrument, such as the violin. "Uh…. huh" She entered through the doors and made a B-line for the principal's office. She knocked on the door, "Come in." a stern voice said, she opened the door and went inside.

She was in a spacious office, it had green carpeting, and books lined all the walls. There was a phonograph in one corner that was playing pleasant classical music. Sakura looked at the sole desk in the room, there was a blonde sitting there. She looked stern, and she had a chest that could suffocate anyone who dared go near.

"Can I help you?" she asked, almost annoyed, "Uh- yeah, I'm Sakura Haruno, the new student." Sakura stuttered, the blonde slammed her hand down on her desk, "You will not use slang in my school. You mean to say, 'Yes, I am Sakura Haruno.' Got it?"

"Y-Yes, ma'am." Sakura was taken aback, 'What crawled up her ass?'

"Good, now that we have that straightened out, I am Tsunade, your new principal. Have a seat." She gestured to the chair in front of her. The pinkette sat, "Stop slouching!" She shot up straight, "Here at Konoha Academy we take pride in ourselves. Modesty is strongly encouraged, and we work to stamp out anything we find offensive." Tsunade narrowed her eyes, "And the thing we enforce to most, is abstinence. Let us have a look at your schedule, shall we?"

The blonde produced a small piece of paper, "So you have signed up for, Music, Home-ec, Math, Biology, and Literature. Alright, your first class starts in fifteen minuets, room 204, math. Don't be late." Tsunade handed Sakura her schedule and she eased out of the room. "I'm doomed." Sakura sighed as she opened the door to her first class.

The classroom was empty, save for the teacher. She looked to be about 26 with short dark hair, "Can I help you?" she asked, "Yes," Sakura cringed at the formality, "I am Sakura Haruno, I am the new student." She handed the woman her papers, "Ok then, Haruno-san, I'm Shizune, your math teacher, and you can drop the proper grammar until class starts." She smiled, and Sakura let forth a sigh of relief, "Thanks, I might've died if I had to be prim much longer."

"Well, just take a seat and relax until class starts." Sakura went to about the middle of the classroom and sat down. She fished out her iPod and was about to turn it on when Shizune snatched it up, "Hey!"

"I just need to be sure the content is appropriate." The dark haired woman scrolled to the artists' section and looked over Sakura's music, her face slowly twisting as she looked at the band names, "Megadeth? Papa Roach? Disturbed? Barenaked Ladies? What kind of trash is this?" Shizune almost screeched, "It's rock." Sakura said simply, Shizune's face was contorted in a form of anger and disgust, "I assumed your mother told you we only allow classical music in our school. You will get this back after class, at which point you are to never take it out of your bag. And I want a thousand word essay on how this kind of filth is destroying our society." Shizune turned on her heel and placed the iPod in her desk drawer.

After a moment, the door opened again and two more girls came in, one was blonde with a perfectly formed body, and the other was a shy looking girl with long black hair, "Morning, Shizune-sama." The blonde spoke; she looked in Sakura's direction, "New girl?"

"Yep. But be careful, she's a delinquent." Shizune glared at the pinkette, the friendliness gone, "A-A d-delinquent?" the shy girl asked, "Yeah, look at some of her music." Shizune handed the blonde the confiscated mp3 player, and she scrolled through it, "What in the world? Well, we can only hope she can be turned around. Come on, Hinata-chan, let's introduce ourselves." The two made their way to Sakura's desk, the blonde held out her hand, "Hi,"

'Great, she's perky.' Sakura groaned inwardly, "I'm Ino Yamanaka, the class president." Sakura shook her hand, and then reached for the shy one, "I-I'm H-Hinata H-Hyuuga."

"Wait, Hyuuga? As in the Hyuugas who are so rich they can buy and sell my ass ten times over, Hyuuga?" No sooner had Sakura spoke, a tennis ball connected with her head, she rubbed the spot and glared at Shizune, "Language!"

"U-Uh y-yeah." Hinata blushed, "And we're going to be your new friends! So if you ever need anything, just let us know! And I already checked, we're in all your classes." Ino wrapped one arm around Sakura's neck, and the other around Hinata's, "We'll be like Alexandre Dumas' Three Musketeers!" The bell rang and the three took their seats, 'I doubt I'm gonna survive this place.'


After an hour of agony in math, the bell rang, and Sakura, Ino, and Hinata were on their way to their second period music class, "At least now I can do something I actually enjoy!" Sakura sighed, "Oh, you like music?" Ino asked, "Do you play anything?"

"Guitar, Bass, and on occasion I've done drums."

"Wh-What's a bass?" Hinata asked, Ino looked equally as puzzled, "It's a guitar you play with two fingers instead of a pick."

They opened the door to the music room, and Sakura's spirit all but broke. Her eye started to twitch as she looked around. Chellos, violins, symbols, brass, and not an amp in sight. "Something wrong, Sakura-chan?" Ino asked, "What time did you say school let out?"

"Th-Three." Hinata said, "Damn." Sakura was met with another tennis ball, she looked up at the music teacher. She was about thirty, with long curled black hair, and red eyes, "Language, young lady."

"You'll have to forgive her, Kurenai-sensei, she's new. And a delinquent." Ino spoke up, "Oh for god's sake," another ball, "Don't use the lord's name in vain."

"I'm not a fu-" Sakura stopped and checked her words as Kurenai held another ball at the ready, "I'm not a delinquent! My taste in music doesn't make me rotten!" Sakura rubbed her head where the ball had hit, "And what kind of music is that, Haruno-san?"

"Mostly classic rock and metal. Y'know, Areosmith, Guns n Roses, that kinda stuff." Sakura shrugged, "Well, you won't find that here. Now pick an instrument and have a seat."


Sakura guessed that tennis balls were standard issue for teachers. She had been pelted by a couple more in music after a few misplaced 'fucks' were shouted after her screw-ups with the violin, and only one in her other classes when she was having trouble with some of the material. After the final bell had rung, she exchanged info with Ino and Hinata and hightailed it to the bus stop.

Once the bus stopped, Sakura shot up from her seat and bolted from the vehicle. She ran down the street and burst through the door. She kicked off her shoes and threw a quick, "Hi mom" before dashing up the stairs and throwing the violin she was supposed to practice into a pile of clothes and made a grab for her guitar. She cranked up the amp and played a long riff, releasing a sigh of pleasure when she finished and fell back onto her bed.

"How was your day?" Her mother was in the doorway, "They say war is hell. Well, they've never been to Konoha Academy." Her mother chuckled, "I'm sure it wasn't that bad. What's this?" she went over and picked up the violin case, "An instrument of evil. And part of my homework." Her mother opened the case, "Oh, I remember when I learned to play the violin. I loved it so much."

"You want it? Take it. I've got my love right here." Sakura held up her guitar, "Only thing I need to play this are my fingers."

"Knock it off, Sakura. A little culture may do you some good."

"I'm all for culture, but this is torture. I swear each time a bow touches strings my ears start to bleed." Sakura cringed, "Whatever, just do your homework then come down for dinner."

Her mother left and Sakura picked up her new most hated possession, "Crap."

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