Title: Dream of Me

Warnings: AU, Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance, Horror, Violence, Mystery, OOC, Smut

Pairings: Ichigo x Rukia

Disclaimer: Bleach is the property of Tite Kubo.

Summary: The dream world was her playground, everything was at her beck and call, and nothing occurred that she didn't want to happen . . . that is until she encounters Ichigo, and everything begins to spiral out of control.


Rukia watched indifferently from a distance, shrouded in a mist of falling snow.

Countless nubile young women surrounded a lanky young man with glasses. They taunted him with slow caresses and lust filled eyes. "Master, what would you give to have us?" Seduction dripped from their voices.

"Anything, my soul, I don't care." The man answered distractedly.

Unbeknown to the man, a light exited his chest and flew to the woman waiting in the distance with an open scroll of paper. As soon as the light hit the paper, a name appeared on the list.

Peter Schmidt.

She had chosen Peter this time because, despite his personal success at creating a multi-billion dollar company he had done a lot of evil deeds to achieve his ends.

Aizen-sama, should be appeased by the length of her list this time, and she would able to escape the fires of hell for one more day at least by meeting the minimum quota for the day.

She ignored the writhing figures on the endless miles of satin sheet as she rolled up the scroll and tucked it in her robes and exited the dream.

She had one more destination she wanted to go before turning in tonight's list to the Oneroi home world.

As her consciousness returned back to her body, Peter woke up briefly and opened his eyes.

Rukia beat her great white wings and rose into the air, hovering above the human with a look of annoyance on her lovely features.

The mist of dreams still infecting his vision made her visible to him for the space of a moment, until he woke fully and lost his vision of the succubus.


As she entered the open window in the room, only the sleeping occupant's orange head of hair could be clearly seen in the moonlit room.

It had become sort of a ritual to her in the last several weeks. She would come visit this strange human male after she finished her rounds. There was something that drew her back to this mortal time and again. What it was she didn't know, or care to delve to deep for the reasons.

Rukia was a succubus. Both succubi (females) and the Incubi (males) were part of the legion of Oneroi, dream demons.

Succubi seduced men in their dreams with fantasies of women, wealth, power, and grandiose promises into selling their souls to the underworld of Morpheous, the Lord of Dreams. Incubi, on the other hand, seduced women with pleasure, love, and power that they were unable to get in the real world.

Demons such as she had no sexual desires of their own. They were strictly bystanders, entering their victim's dreams and bribing them with their own deepest darkest desires into surrendering their souls. The victims were then left alone until the moment they died, and then their souls belonged to the underworld to pay the consequences of their bargain.

The only way the Oneroi could feel emotions were when they were living vicariously through their victim's emotional dreams.

Maybe several centuries of playing in the passions of humans had worn off on her though. She sometimes thought she could almost feel physical emotions like a human.

Rukia walked up to the orange haired mortal and lightly tapped his forehead with one finger. Immediately she was drawn into the man's dreamscape. It was the same dream she had seen many times from him. She quickly imagined a bench and sat down, watching the same events unfold.

A little orange haired boy and his mother were strolling along the river bank on a beautiful sunny day, occasionally picking flowers or throwing rocks into the water.

The laughter from both mother and child were so endearing and fetching that more than one passing stranger smiled indulgently at the pair.

Suddenly, the sky darkened abnormally, and a great big monster arose out of the water heading towards the boy. The small boy was frozen motionless in complete terror until his mother ran towards him and knocked him back leaving her openly defenseless against the creature.

By the time, the boy raised his bruised body from the ground, he saw in great horrific detail and gore how the vile monster completely consumed his mother.

In the aftermath, the monster simply sunk back down in the water and disappeared. While a small boy was left inconsolable in the pouring rain trying to reach what was once his mother.

There was something utterly compelling about these dreams, she never tired of watching. Perhaps it was the love between mother and child that brought out the curiosity in her. It always made her feel warm seeing the interaction with mother and son.

Rukia had always been the white changeling in the world of Oneroi, regarded with hatred and suspicion for being so different. Instead of the normal dark skin that most Oneroi were attributed, her skin and wings were utterly white. The only thing black on her were her midnight waist length black hair, with a strand left in between her eyes. Her eyes too were of a different breed as well. Where most had glowing red or yellow eyes, her eyes were the most vivid violet. To the Oneroi she was a strange type of albino demon, the ugly duckling.

Eyeing the wailing boy by the river, Rukia decided it was time to go and made to stand up. However, she was caught by surprise when a hand rested on her thigh and held her immobile.

She must have been so lost in her prior thoughts that she hadn't realized anyone had sat next to her.

"Stay please." The tall orange headed man beside her asked.

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