Title: Dream of Me

Chapter 20: Follow the White Rabbit

Infinite darkness surrounded her….

Hopelessness, loneliness, and sadness permeated the endless space. She floated in this timeless void, until she could scarce remember a time when she wasn't in this life filled with this bleak void. Even her name was long forgotten like a speck of dust in the distance. Soon enough, even emotions were meaningless and nothing could break the ice of cold stoicism in her heart. There was no hope and without hope, she continued to drift aimlessly uncaring as centuries passed by.

However, today was different. An odd ripple of disturbance broke through the barrier of her heart. Like a lighthouse reflecting its light on a foggy shore to hapless blind ships, she saw a small white rabbit hopping away in the distance in this world which she had always been alone.

Curious, she strove to catch this anomaly. So intent was she upon her goal, and the closer she got to her destination. Unnoticed, the world around her began changing and before she realized it she was caught in a maelstrom of images and color. Her last thought before the world swallowed her whole was that nothing would be the same….

When she opened her eyes, she stared upon the old decrepit thatch roof slightly confused by her surroundings. Out of nowhere, a grinning face leaned over her into her sleep fogged eyes. Black hair, teal aquamarine eyes….


"Hey shrimp! I got a gift for you!" said the smiling countenance after he knuckled her head lightly first.

Before she could ask him what he meant after squirming away from his knuckles, his other hand plopped a small soft object on her chest. Her eyes widened in wonder and her infantile hands automatically reached out to bury itself in the soft white fur of the rabbit. It was trembling in uncertain fear and trepidation.

Be safe, I will not harm you.

Immediately, the trembling stopped and it cocked its head uncertainly. Slowly, it shyly hopped itself towards her face and snuffled her cheeks while she squealed in delight.

"I thought you might like it. I didn't want you to be alone when the time came." He sadly commented with a brief catch of heartache in his voice.

You worry too much, Kaien. I will soon be with you. You will always be with me, won't you? There's a whole world out there you promised to teach me.

"Of course. I am one of the best after all." He proudly tapped himself on the chest as he boasted.

Despite his cheerful façade, she could tell something was bothering him.

Briefly ignoring the rabbit clamoring for attention, she was just about to question him when she felt a chill of terror cascade through all of her senses.

Kaien! Run!

But it was too late for him…and for her.

The door burst open and her vision was blocked in her current position. Before she could react, blood and white feathers drifted throughout the room. A piece of iridescent cloth slowly drifted down towards her hand. Automatically, she gripped the piece and hid it in her hand while she tried to calm the rabbit that quivered in terror from the blood bath going on in the room.

Pain and death vibrated through her, and for countless moments sadness and loss weighed down on her. With the last of her strength, and before the final spark of Kaien evaporated; she reached with her whole being and concentrating on anchoring that small remaining speck to her unbeknownst to her attacker.

Kaien, I'm sorry….

Soon enough, frightening bloodied talons reached towards her chest and ripped away the cloth bundling her and viciously tossed the rabbit far away. She was slightly relieved to dimly hear uneven hopping on the wet bloodied floor towards freedom, most likely leaving a small trail of bloody rabbit prints outside. Her last memory before darkness overtook her was that Kaien's blood mingled with hers as pain and terror ripped through her small body unintentionally sealing the ritual that she had initiated.

Outside the room, a horrified scream rang in the distance.

Hisana, I forgive you….

She dreamed throughout that night. Lying on the thin mattress, the ceaseless noise of prison pressing down on her. Visions of blood and sex and death, surrounding her, smothering her. But when she opened her eyes, cold and sweating in the dark cell, there was no one there. No one to hold her, comfort her, tell her it was nothing but a nightmare. No one to promise that the darkness couldn't touch her, and couldn't hurt her. No one to make her believe in happy endings. Only the knowledge that darkness was all around her, death lived in her soul, and her hands were stained with blood.


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