Chapter IX

Eva's Mission to Shift

Eva yawned as she woke up rubbing sleepy from her eyes. It has been over a month since school started and all has been going well if you discount the occasional mean prank pulled by Chachazero. She has interpreted don't maim anyone as prank them instead, but the pranks are against their enemies so they're funny.

She struggled out of Astoria's grip as she and Luna have grown accustomed to sleeping with her and Ginny, not that they mind because they don't. It just started out with Chachazero scaring Astoria so much she felt more comfortable in bed with the dolls Master, and Luna just liking the thought of sleeping in with friends having not had any before, but now they've grown complacent.

Eva slid out of bed, shook the sleep away before she quietly snuck around the room, and found a fluffy towel hanging up on a cool radiator with all of their towels by the bathroom door.

"Where are you going?" she was startled as Astoria had woken up and clambered out of bed rubbing her eyes and looking cute and disorientated.

Eva couldn't help but laugh as she pulled off another towel and threw it on her. "I'm going to use the showers silly," she said rolling her eyes. "Maybe you should keep the setting on yours cold to wake you up."

"Ha-ha, very funny, Evie," she replied rolling her eyes but the effect was spoilt by the supressed smile.

Eva just laughed and stuck out her tongue. "I know you love this Hufflepuff, Tori, and this butt," she said giggling as she slapped her pantie-clad butt before running away into the bathroom.

It had been a surprise when they had first seen the bathroom. It has an extra door leading into to four toilets with barriers so law that if they were to all use at once they could see each other while chatting and no doors. The school is that weird, they don't want to see each other while doing their business. That sort of thing calls for privacy. It's their business not each other's, so they made a deal with each other where if it's not an emergency only one girl at a time.

The showers weren't much different that they might as well be large and communal like the rest of their female house mates get per every two years with year seven getting a bathroom to themselves.

The 'cubicles' don't have doors and the partitions only reach just below their shoulders, but the girls have one each and after the initial embarrassment factor that they would have had in with the other girls anyway they've gotten used to seeing each other naked. In fact, Eva quite likes getting to see her girlfriend and friends during showers.

However, other than the four showers is a large bathtub that fits all four of them with room for several others too if they wanted. It's more like one of those do-it-yourself pools the muggles might buy, only sunken so they don't have to climb any ladders. They've used the bath a few times as it has multiple taps with all sorts of different soaps in like bubble baths, the magical kind, it's fun.

They figured they get all of these extras as a payment of sorts for not squeezing in with all the other girls of their year. It's a great fringe benefit, plus the bath has jets too, which feel real relaxing.

Eva hung up her towel by a cubical while Astoria followed her in and hung up hers with a glare pout while they turned on their showers and checked the temperature before climbing out of their panties and tees and getting under the water. The water splashed down their nakedness washing away sleep and making them feel nice as they grabbed their shower gels as they were already hung up on shower racks waiting to lather them up and clean them.

Ginny and Luna had soon followed them in and washing too as they chatted and prepared for their day. It's a Saturday so they can take as long as they want as they don't have classes. They haven't yet decided to do anything and they had finished their homework the day before since they didn't have much, so the days theirs.

They must have spent around an hour in the bathroom as they have a lot of hair to wash and dry between them and while they're in front of the mirrors doing that chatted about school and what they might do during the day. Chachazero had joined them, getting washed by Eva and Ginny before they all left and got dressed.

Eva had just sat down on one of the beds cross-legged wearing a ripply blue skirt and a black tee as she looked around. "Since we're all sharing a bed why can't the other beds disappear and give us some comfy furniture?" she asked as the other girls were sitting around too.

"That would be ideal," Astoria had surprisingly agreed. "I mean, we don't use all the beds so why not…?" she shrugged sheepishly.

"Master, Master," Chachazero chimed out and interrupted as she jumped up onto the bed with her holding what at first glance looks like a dirty piece of parchment. "Look, look, hey Master, look at this Master!" she said waving the piece of parchment around.

"Huh, what is it?" she asked looking it over. "It's just that map you stole from Fred and George," she said taking it from the little doll and looking at the black ink with little people dots moving around it. It was surprising as when they first got it, the room they're in shows up as being in all four houses.

Eva could not have been prouder of her little doll than when she handed over a unique and potentially (in the wrong hands) dangerous Hogwarts artefact. The Marauders Map, one of Eva's most useful magical artefact, it goes with both of her cloaks nicely. It has even shown her loads of secret passages and even entrances and exits for the school, and every password as soon as they're changed, even the Headmasters.

"No, look, Master," she replied as she turned the map over to the back part that showed outside and pointed to a dot. "Sirius Black!" she giggled manically as she tapped a dot at the edge of the map at the edge of the Forbidden Forest.

"No way," she said in awe while the other girls rushed over to look at the dot. "Maybe I should go and capture him!?"

"Can I cut him, Master?" Chachazero asked hopefully as she held her hunting knives with a large evil grin across her lips. "He's been a bad man so… I get to cut him, right?"

"Maybe," Eva replied thoughtfully. "But I'm curious… he's Harry Potter's godfather, maybe… it could be… na… I'm don't think he's guilty, Dumbledore… and no you can't cut Dumbledore, Chacha. I've already explained why, just stick to pranks and leaving fake evidence. I think I'll go and capture Black, but if he is guilty… if Chachazero accidently cuts him to death… ah well," she shrugged as she hopped off the bed and dug out her flight cloak.

"Eva, it could be dangerous, he might try to kill you!" Ginny reprimanded worriedly as she watched her girlfriend opening the window.

"And I have Chachazero," she retorted as the little doll was now wearing little red devil like wings on her back and floating next to Eva's face, her knives now gone. They still couldn't figure out where they go or where she gets her wings.

"Yeah, don't worry, I'll cut him good if he tries anything," Chachazero chimed cheerfully smiling as she pet Ginny's head. "We'll be back sooooooon!" she called behind her as she flew out of the window after Eva.

"Your girlfriend is insane," Astoria commented as they watched them flying off.

Ginny could only nod as she watched them fly off over the lake and towards the forest. "Yeah, but we love her anyway," she agreed with a smile while they nodded.

It was a dog that they saw in the woods not too far from the edge. It was big, black, looked hungry and was most certainly not a real dog, which is why it yelped as a silver coloured hunting knife swished out of the air and almost hit its right leg.

The dog looked up in shock to see a little green haired doll with wings holding a huge oversized sword in its little hands as it floated down. The dog didn't want anything to do with any evil dolls with a giant sword so tuned around only to start as a blonde girl stood in its way. It tried growling but the girl just gave it a dubious look that quelled it.

"Sirius Black," she said quietly causing the dog to show surprise as she drew her wand. "If you don't show yourself I'll hex your dog…!"

"Umm… Master, he is the dog," Chachazero quickly chimed.

"Oh, right, then change back, Black or I'll hex you!" she corrected sheepishly with a growl. "I have some questions for you!" she demanded in annoyance.

The dog watched the girl cautiously before eying the evil doll before they watched it morphing back into a skeletal thin man with pale blue eyes and shaggy black hair matted with filth.

"Oh, Chachazero, he stinks, that is nasty, doesn't that prison have any showers?" Eva demanded; her accent coming on strong as she stepped back and covered her nose.

Sirius Black chuckled bitterly. "No, actually all they've got is cells no bigger than a cardboard box for us stay in, and gruel to eat."

"W-what, but that's mental!" she retorted with wide horrified eyes. "That moron Dumbledore preaches second chances and being better than Death Eaters and then tortures them. I thought the dementors were bad… this is ridiculous! It's inhumane!"

"Can't change the world, kid," Sirius responded to her rant taking a step forward but she was back to alert in moments.

"Come any closer and I'll let Chachazero cut you up!" she said with a glare. "Though, to be honest, I don't think you did betray the Potter's, and I don't think you killed all of those innocent muggles. I think you were set up because the so-called evidence doesn't sit right with me. Some of it seems false, not to mention you weren't tried."

"And what does a little girl like you think you can do about it?" he asked laughingly.

"My Master can do ANYTHING!" Chachazero retorted angrily. "So you should show the proper respect!"

"Why don't you just tell me," Eva said ignoring her doll. "Tell me the truth and maybe I can help you out!"

"It was Pettigrew… the bloody coward had turned traitor," he sneered out angrily. "Everyone knew I would be secret keeper so I convinced Lily and James Potter to change to him… to the tag-a-long… I thought no one would ever think of him, but… I didn't know he had already chosen, Voldemort!"

"Well that sucks," she replied as her forest green eyes scanned over him for some sign of deception. "My name is Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell," she introduced herself with a dangerous grin as she stepped forward. "Harry Potter is dead, and so is Sirius Black," she laughed as she reached out and took his hand.

Sirius started as he felt a warmth spread from his hand up his body and a light streamed around him. He watched in awe as the rags he's wearing turned into a crisp clean black (with white shirt) muggle suit. His skin was clean, he felt fresh and fit (though still hungry), and his muscles had increased and reformed. His hair had shortened and turned a rusty blonde colour with his eyes darkening to become a dark grey.

Eva smirked as she held up a mirror to show him what he now looks like. "You're Jason McDowell, my father," she said with a smirk as he snatched the mirror from her looking himself over in awe and shock. "All we need to do now is find Pettigrew or… someone equally deserving and Sirius Black will officially die!"

He looked from the mirror with recognition. "You're…"

She just snorted and rolled her eyes. "Was…" she half agreed smirking. "I have never actually spoken about 'my' parents, so my mother passed away a few years ago."

"G-got it," he replied as he just looked himself over.

"You can use the family vault. However, my company vault will even be restricted to you," she said laughingly. "Just trust me… I have some evil… well evil to the Ministry and Dumbledore, schemes to get on with behind their backs."

"And you created a company for that?" he asked and got a nod as his stomach growled. "Umm… I'm really hungry…" he said sheepishly.

She rolled her eyes as she swished her hand and some ID formed out of the wind and stuffed it into his hands. "That is your ID, the change is permanent… don't betray me and we'll be fine," she said pulling out some galleons and gave him them. "Go and buy some food and then head to Gringotts… by the time you get there they'll be expecting you. The house should already be ready so they'll show it to you, understand?"

"Just like that…?" he asked looking confused.

She shrugged with a smile. "Yep… by the way, you know Remus Lupin?"

He was startled and his attention more peaked. "Yeah… so he had contact with…?"

She shook her head. "No… it's just I've seen his picture in a photograph with you and Potter," she answered thoughtfully. "He's here, teaching Defence against the Dark Arts. I think he's here because of you. I think Dumbledore might think you're after him to avenge Harry's death."

"I was," he replied as his eyes shone as if he just remembered something. "But it's not just that… it's him… Pettigrew… I saw him on the front page of a paper with Weasley's… he was a rat, see, a rat animagus and he's here at Hogwarts posing as someone's pet."

"Scabbers," she said with wide eyes. "Ron Weasley's pet rat… dam, I knew I hated that thing!"

"I'll skin it!" Chachazero said gleefully.

"No… we need it captured," Eva replied smirking. "Then he'll get the dementors kiss and Sirius Black will be dead! So… Father, you be a good boy and I'll sort everything out for you."

"My goddaughter… umm… daughter is evil," he muttered as he watched her cloak float up like a gliding wing and she shot into the air, flying away.

"Wait for me Master!" the little doll shot up after her.

Sirius… well Jason just frowned as he looked himself over. "Well… at least I've got my health… well health back. I wonder what she's going to do…?" he asked himself in confusion as his stomach growled.

He shrugged as he transformed into his animagus form not realising that he's now a white, grey, and black husky as he quickly hurried towards the village to get some food. He'll think of all of this later as he can now buy a proper meal, and she gave him enough to gorge himself silly.

Eva returned to her room, which always surprised her that though the map says its in all four houses the window out isn't. She flew in with Chachazero to find the other girls must have gone to grab breakfast while they waited for her to return. Therefore, she checked out her watch before looking to the Gryffindor door.

She hadn't actually tested to see whether she can open the other doors let alone cross the threshold. "Go on Master, it lets me in whenever I want," Chachazero said eagerly. "Before people start coming back from breakfast."

Eva shrugged as she grinned. "Yeah, you're right," she agreed as Chachazero landed on her shoulder, her wings having disappeared.

She then moved over to the Gryffindor door and pulled it open to the stairs out to the girl dorms of Gryffindor so she stepped out. She was honestly surprised it let her out and didn't even have some kind of alarms… maybe because she's supposed to be a trustworthy Hufflepuff.

They looked both ways as Eva closed the door behind her and hurriedly snuck down the stairs into the 'surprisingly' red common room. She came to a stop as she started as she was spotted by the only person in the common room, or perhaps in the whole house just sitting in a corner reading a book.

She was surprised by this as… well, she had thought that only Hermione reads or studies that hard in Gryffindor. She has a soft half-oriental half-western look with short black mused hair that has a dark purple glint to it in the bright light. Her hair covers over her forehead to one side near covering her right eye. However, Eva was startled to notice a square shaped white eye-patch covering it with elastic tucking behind each ear, one side going over her face.

Her uniform was on proper and she looked both neat and wealthy with a larger bust than Eva or any of her roommates. However, unlike a wealthy pureblood, this girl has a muggle watch on her left wrist that yells out muggle-born. She also has that aura of leave me alone about her, though it inserts rude words. If Eva hadn't been looking for possible interlopers in her plotting she would have just ran straight by without a thought.

"Umm…" Eva said with a sheepish grin as the girls dark blue left eye looked up at her from the seat, confused, but Eva noted the sign of annoyance hidden in the girls expression too, just under the surface, and she wouldn't have cared or noticed if there was anyone else in the common room. "Umm… hey there… err… whoever you are," she said nervously. "I'm just…"

"I don't care," she interrupted blandly, her expression not changing the least as she returned her gaze back down to her book, which Eva glimpsed at to see that it is the Standard Book of Spells grade three, which suggests she's in third year.

That surprised Eva as she couldn't for the life of her remember the girl, which made her feel a little bad. It looks like this girl probably doesn't have any friends. They were in the same year and she doesn't even know her name. That wasn't very good… though, thinking of it she can only name three Gryffindor third year girls and she knows there were at least a few more than that from the Sorting… well, her first one.

The girl interrupted her thoughts as she continued speaking and almost made Eva jump clear out of her skin. "As long as it doesn't concern me I have no problem… well, as long as that annoying Granger girl doesn't find out I'll be satisfied…" she finished off just ignoring Eva to continue with her book.

"Umm… thanks," Eva replied more baffled than before.

However, after a moment of staring at the girl to see she isn't going to look up from her book, let alone talk Eva shrugged and quickly hurried up the boys dorms. She found the third year boys dorm room and pushed the door open to find it completely empty.

"This is great Master," Chachazero said giggling as she pointed to the far bed just as Eva caught a poetically ugly ginger cat before it grabbed the sleeping rat on the bed. She just glared at the cat before dropping it to the floor and letting it run out of the room.

"It kind of stinks in here," she replied as she grabbed the rat. It woke squealing before she smashed its head against one of the beds posts knocking it out. "Dam, stupid thing tried biting me," she said swinging it carelessly by its tail.

Chachazero couldn't help but giggle as she watched the helpless animagus. "I saw, but it got punished like it should have been!" she agreed happily. "We should get out of here though, Master, some of them might be back soon since they don't have classes!"

"Good point, Chacha," she replied as she left with Chachazero back downstairs.

The odd girl was still in her corner reading, but now eating some kind of stick thing from a little long box with a lid open with more inside. Her eye flicked up for a moment but she just carried on nibbling the stick as if Eva wasn't there. She wondered how one girl could really be this odd. Though, thinking about it, she's not exactly normal, and neither is Ginny or Luna… she's still undecided on Astoria.

"You shouldn't leave that way," the girl surprisingly said as they were about to leave through the main exit. "It has a painting guarding it and she'll tell Dumbledore or something," she said nonchalant as Eva and Chachazero looked back to see she hadn't even looked from her book.

However, as Eva continued she pulled out a silvery cloak and threw it on over her flight cloak causing her and Chachazero to disappear. Though, they didn't think the weird girl was watching, she was, and showed a tiny bit of surprise before going back to her book as the door out of the tower opened and closed without a word.

Eva smirked as she found a painting free area and slid the cloak off before hiding it away. If Dumbledore ever saw it… or at least got a close look he might recognise it. She would rather not have to explain. Though, she has deniability on her side. He wouldn't be able to prove anything.

She quickly snuck through the hall swinging the rat by its tail as she took secret path after secret path, knowing which one's avoided paintings having studied her map thoroughly, like a good witch. She now has one last thing to do before she heads off to get a snack for breakfast, and if she misses it Ginny should hopefully grab her something or she can go to the kitchens.

It wasn't long before she came out into the Defence against the Dark Arts corridor and just barged into the empty classroom as she knows it has no paintings since the previous Defence Teacher: the incompetent idiot.

She looked around but couldn't see the man she was looking for a moment when the old looking teacher stepped out of his office with a smile in greeting. "Miss. McDowell, what do I owe this surprise?" he asked as he eyed the doll on her shoulder in suspicion.

"Why hello, Professor," she said happily swinging the rat around by its tail, which caught his attention as his eyes widened before he was sneering at it. "Oh, you noticed my little friend, Peter… he's been a naughty rat, hasn't he Chachazero?" she asked whimsically.

Chachazero giggled as she hoped down onto a desk with her giant sword in her tiny hands, her little head nodding. "Yep, a very naughty rat, Master," she agreed licking her lips as the rat was waking with little frantic squeals as Eva stopped spinning it, it's little black eyes locked to Chachazero's sword in terror. "I think I want to cut it…!" she hissed out giggly.

The rat squealed but one look at Eva and it knew that scratching or biting would be hazardous as it remembered what happened last time. "Hello, Peter, I'm so happy to see you woke up… oh, how nice it is to see you."

"But…" Lupin said as he moved closer, the rat looked more concerned if that was possible as it realised who else was in the room. "Sirius… he… but it was this thing… he took my friends… you took everything from ME!" the teacher roared and lashed out to grab the rat only for Eva to jump up and away, gliding back and landing on a desk.

"Now, now, Professor, I can't have you ruin my fun and games now can I?" she reprimanded smilingly. "Peter here shall be getting the dementors kiss… but yet… no one shall ever know that it was really Peter. They'll think that, Sirius Black was given his rightful punishment… Peter shall die in his stead. It sounds fair compensation for all of the time served… don't you agree, Professor?"

"I… I don't understand," he replied looking at the girl in worry. "Y-you've been in contact with, Sirius…? Do you have pollyjuice potion…? Is that how you found Peter!?" he asked spitting out the terrified rats name. "I… I never even got to know Harry, and I have to put up with working for that stupid Old Goat!"

"Now, now, Professor," she said with a wicked grin as she wiggled a finger on her free hand in joyful reprimand. "Nobody actually said that… the… Child-Who-Lived is really dead now did they… well they probably did, but they forget themselves… or the evidence to support such claims, only that Harry Potter is gone forever," she said accentuation her previous name.

Lupin's eyes widened impossibly, and even the rat understood her meaning, looking at her grin shivered. It started messing itself as she throw him painfully to the floor where her wand was in her hand faster than the crunch of bones cracking and a disgusting fat rat faced man wearing tatty and torn robes appeared whimpering as Eva put her wand away.

"Hello, little rat!" she said giggling.

He looked to her in a panic shivering and was about to scurry nearer but winced as he realised he had broken his right arm and even more so as the doll had her sword to his throat with a look that dared him.

"You betrayed our friends…" Lupin said quietly, his voice cold and promoting pain.

"B-but, Remus my old friend," he squeaked out as he could feel the blade is no toy as he felt how sharp it really is. "W-what would you have done… the Dark Lord…!" he begged shakily.

"I would have died without question!" he responded as he lifted his foot; he smashed it into Peter's face, smashing him into some tables with blood and a cry of pain, whimpering and sobbing as he held his face.

He went to continue his assault before he stopped as Eva had jumped down from her place on a desk and got in his way. "I told you, he's going to take Sirius' place," she interrupted as her booted foot trod on one of Peter's hands crushing his bones.

Peter screamed out as his hand was broken but as a white light passed over him his voice became choked and wheezed; gone but for muffled sounds and he looked as Sirius had, broken and filthy, almost skeletal.

She smiled at him as he looked beyond any kind of fear she could imagine as she rose her foot and it smashed into Peter's face breaking his jaw in a huge crunch. The force blast Peter through several desks where he landed, crashing into the wall under the windows cracking the bricks in a spider web as he lost consciousness and slumped.

"That's how you kick someone in the face," Chachazero said proudly, her sword gone as Eva picked her up and placed her on her shoulder.

Lupin could only stare in awe. "Y-you're a shifter…" he stuttered out in awe. "B-but… they're only legends… myths… this is wow…!"

She turned to him with a wicked grin. "Don't be so silly, Professor… I'm just me… you of course stopped this evil criminal… I was just the innocent little girl who was mercilessly chased by this fiend, but you saved me, Professor… you're my hero!" she said the last very sarcastically.

He grimaced and rubbed his eyes as he looked to the girl. "Wow… I'm not sure your… umm… I mean Lily or James would approve of the whole merciless thing."

"Things change Professor," she remarked with a shrug. "Push someone far enough and even a saint can snap… after all, enough is enough!"

"Yeah," he agreed looking at their captured victim. "But why not just prove Sirius' innocence?"

"Because even if the Ministry would care, Dumbledore would keep too close of tabs on a man who has reason to betray him, to kill him even," she replied shrugging, as she looked him over. "I can remove your curse you know…" she said shocking him further. She shrugged. "It's quite obvious… you fight it so hard it's aged you a decade."

He looked away, staring out of the window. "Even if I accepted… people would notice…"

"Stay until Christmas… quit… you have nothing here to keep you," she replied thoughtfully while he looked to her in shock. "I can always give you a new identity like I gave Sirius," she said as she thought of something amusing. "With my power and wealth I can easily get you a new persona… you could even retake this job after Christmas… after all he'll need a new teacher."

"But Dumbledore and Snape know me too well, they'll get suspicious…"

She just laughed while rolling her eyes. "But why would they connect you to the woman you'll become, Aunty," she and Chachazero laughed while his cheeks flamed bright red. "Don't be such a fool… revenge is fraught with sacrifice, and you can still want to hump the ladies, and you'll no-longer be lykan!"

He shivered as he looked at her grin and couldn't find his voice. "Oh… you'll be so much cooler as a lady," mocked Chachazero while she giggled with a sinister grin that made him gulp. He doesn't want to know what he's gotten himself into.

To Be Continued…