CyberTech: War of the Worlds

Chapter XX

The New World

Kyte groaned as he woke up, his eyes pealing open. He felt a little awkward, and seeing Fussure snuggled up in his arms made him gulp. However, he let out a relieved breath as he realised they're both fully clothed in what they wore yesterday. Its not that he disliked the idea of making love to her, but he wasn't sure Xavier would like him… doing 'it' with one of his students, especially since they've only just met.

He rubbed his tired eyes free of sleep and carefully slid out from his girlfriend's slender and soft form. It took him no time to get in his shower and take a quick wash before suiting up. He leant over her still, softly breathing form before kissing her check and leaving her a note before leaving her alone in his room.

It didn't take Kyte long to find Cyclone and hope in before taking off. It took even less time to make it to New York where the Helicarrier flew above the clouds hidden from sight. Her landed and was then escorted to the bridge where the bald, black, eye-patch wearing Coronal Fury stood waiting.

"It's good of you to join me Mr. Tech's," he said as Kyte was led onto the bridge.

"Yeah, yeah," he replied rolling his eyes. "OK, Nick, just get to the point…" he said just as they were interrupted as Spider-Man feel through the door as it opened. It seems he had been by the door with his ear pressed to it.

Kyte sighed while rolling his eyes. "Mr. Parker, can we help you with something?" he asked with raised eyebrows.

"Does everybody know my secret identity?" he asked whinging.

"Only those with a clue," he replied shrugging as a smirk lined his lips. "How about you come and work for me, and I can make you into the Ultimate Spider-Man!"

"Fury's already got that covered," he said smugly.

"I'll pay you," he replied smugly as Spider-Man actually seemed to reconsider the offer.

"He's mine," Fury interrupted glaring. "You already have your own super team; leave some heroes for the rest of us!"

Kyte laughed. "OK, but if Spider-Man wants to work for me, the offer is open," he said smilingly as he winked at the costumed superhero. "So what is it that you want, Fury?"

He sighed as he turned from the two. "A Senator McGrath has started a… project. He calls it the Sentinel Project. He has some highly advanced mech's, and he plans on unleashing them upon mutants… you saw the fiasco he brought about with the registration act! He is apposed to you starting a powers policing powers project here in the US and has a lot of support!"

"So this dick wants to start a war!?" Kyte asked with narrowed eyes as Fury nodded. "He's been stealing technology hasn't he?" he suddenly demanded in anger.

"Unfortunately yes," Fury agreed with a slight growl to his voice. "Neither Shield nor Sword could convince him otherwise. It seems the moron doesn't realise what he is doing. All he cares about is attacking mutants, which will alienate all superheroes around the world, and all mutants, as well as countries, which are trying to accept mutants as an inevitable future."

"Fucking dick," he growled out hatefully. "Inform the US government that CyberTech will pull all funding and all techs from its borders if this man is not stopped."

"I knew you would say that," Fury said smirking. "However, I fear that won't be enough. This man has a large portion of the US on his side…"

"It's either that, or I'll crush every mech they have myself if I have too," he replied furiously. "I shall not condone such an attack on another species!"

"Hey, then I'm so in!" Spider-Man interrupted. "I might not be a normal mutant, but this still affects me."

Kyte laughed and shook his head. "Maybe, but for now kid, stay in school. We'll try talking some sense into the people before it's too late. If we can get jerks like him out of office we can stop this project before it's fully off the ground."

Fury nodded his agreement. "Its all well and good stopping mutant criminals, but when they start attacking them all through some kind of mass fear, which people like this only promote. Then we have to step in and put a stop to it!"

Kyte was about to reply when the Helicarrier lurched was a boom and they all lost some footing. Spider-Man jumped up and back landing on a wall as some side panelling of the carriers bridge was pealed back by a giant purple metal hand. They looked over to see a huge purple and red robot.

"Scanning complete!" it said in a nonchalant emotionless voice over the gush of wind and screams from panicked bridge bunnies. "Kyte Tech's located, destruction authorised, collateral damage and death authorised!"

"Whoa, that thing's a hunk of junk…!" Kyte couldn't help but laugh. "Damn, I would love to meet its creator so I can slap him or her for going backwards with technology!"

"I don't think now's the time to make fun…!" Fury began as he drew his energy pistol and readily aimed it at the robot. However, a huge blade sliced its head clean off without a problem and Cyclone hovered in place of the mech fully transformed.

"There are more of those cheap hunks of junk on the way!" Cyclone spoke, and everyone could tell he sounded annoyed. "I shall keep them busy while you prepare for battle!"

Kyte nodded as he held his gauntlet tight gritting his teeth. "This bastard dares try murdering me with such primitive garbage!" he hissed out as Cyclone transformed back into helicopter mode and flew off. "It looks like I will be tearing his junk apart after all!"

Fury nodded as he got on a computer as others ran around putting out fires and whatever else they could. "It looks like Shield has been classified an enemy of the United States. They obviously have a good hacker to get this approved because it completely bypasses the White House, and Department of Defence!"

"Tyde…?" Kyte asked as he got to work at another computer terminal. "I need you to hack through the firewalls and give us command over Sword," he said and didn't await a response or expect one. "Shit, it looks like we have around twenty of these antique wanabee machines incoming. In addition, around forty US Air Force fighters… their com systems are off and they're receiving written orders."

"Wow, someone's texting in their orders!" Spider-Man spoke out as he was crouching on a wall looking over Kyte's shoulder.

However, Kyte ignored him and continued typing away. "They're ignoring my attempts to get them to turn their radios on. I'm using a White House mission abort code and they're still coming!"

Fury growled in anger. "That is an act of desertion. Inform them that if they don't return to base now we shall consider it an act of treason and shoot them down!"

Kyte just nodded as he typed away. "It seems they don't care. They may have been tricked into believing we're the traitors, or they could be mutant haters! I even tried telling them the President is on board, and nothing."

"Kyte," Tyde's voice came over the com. "I have director Abigail Brand on line. She has also launched a fleet of jets. They'll arrive in approximately three minutes."

"Put her through," Fury said hiding his surprise that it was that easy to get help from her.

"Fury, what the hells going on!" the woman's voice demanded. "All I know is someone is using our forces to attack Shield. Then there are these… robot things. If I hadn't seen CyberTech's mechs…!"

"It's McGrath and he's trying to get rid of Techs," Fury interrupted. "Kyte Techs is on board and his helicopter mech will be engaging soon. We have our pilots loaded and ready to launch but around sixty percent of our aircraft are non-accessible."

"Well, good luck with that," she said with a sigh. "My jets are incoming, but I can't do much from orbit!"

Kyte laughed as he just remembered something funny. "I knew I should have put some guns on that thing when we overhauled the Peaks computer systems."

"I'm surprised you didn't," Fury said glaring at him. "We already know you've been monitoring our activities."

"Hey!" he replied shaking his hands in defence. "I was just waiting for the right opportunity to make official First Contact rather than alienating the… well aliens. You guys are seriously lacking in the… 'Make Friends' department."

"We haven't exactly come across any aliens we want to make friends with," Abigail Brand replied and they could practically hear the eye roll. "If you hadn't noticed most aliens want to exterminate us and take our planet… or the Fantastic Four has just really pissed them off!"

Spider-Man laughed, which interrupted. "Umm… sorry, but can't this wait. We have incoming, and I can't fly, and have no witty puns for this situation!"

"Oh, crap," Kyte said as he typed away on his computer. "The Avengers aren't in town!"

"I've already called in the rest of Spider-Man's team," Fury said rubbing his brow. "Spider-Man, you go meet with them and defend the carrier as best you can!"

"I'm on it Fury!" he replied as he leaped through the door off the bridge.

"Tyde," Kyte said as he stood up. "Tell Professor X I'll have to postpone our meeting again as it seems I have some robot ass to beat!"

"It'll be done boss," she replied readily. "J… just be careful Kyte!"

"I will," he answered with a smirk. "This could be great. I'll get to test out my new powers!" he said as a grin formed and he rubbed his gauntlet making Fury and the bridge bunnies nervous.


Fussure had woken that morning surprised and saddened to see Kyte had left her. Though, she just figured he went exploring the mansion, so going back to her room and de-fusing the three sisters showered, got dressed, and went looking for him. However, after they checked for his helicopter to find it missing the three girls looked to each other in worry.

They could only hope he isn't ditching them. They thought they had grown close and that he liked them… her. He was so nice, funny, and a great guy, plus really cute and has a great feeling body, and he's a great kisser.

The three sisters were about to go and see whether he has spoken to the Professor when Storm, Cyclopes, Wolverine, Jean, and Jubilee came charging in towards the X-Jet fully kitted out for a fight. This made them look to each other in worry, so they rushed over climbing in to.

"Where are we going?" Excel asked as the engines started up.

The others looked to them in surprise. "Mr. Techs is in trouble," Jubilee quickly said to her friends as the jet just started pulling up, Cyclopes at the controls not worried about the unexpected extra passengers. The more the merrier, as long as its not Kitty and Kurt as they're too young for this kind of mission.

"He left to speak with Coronal Fury of Shield," Storm continued as they shot off towards New York. This made all three sigh a little relieved he didn't run away, but worried about him non-the-less. "However, it seems that Senator McGrath has somehow been building some giant robots for the purpose of capturing mutants and other metas whether they deserve it or not…!"

"Now they're attacking the Helicarrier," Wolverine growled out in anger. "I may not be on the best terms with Fury, and I may not always agree with him, but he always does what is right by his country and the world. I also know Shield supports this power's policing powers. He did bring together the Avengers after all."

The triplets gave each other nervous and worried looks as they finally buckled up readying to go help save their boyfriend. "I can't believe these horrible people!" Starla said sadly. "Its no wonder the mage hide if this is how supposedly smart people overreact to people who are different."

"I would have thought in this day and age," Jubilee agreed with a sad sigh as she brushed back her dark hair from her piercing onyx eyes. "Well, that people should be able to cope. They didn't act like this when we were still hidden… well, for the most part hidden."

"Humans have a tendency to hate what they don't understand," Storm told the girls sadly. "And then they tend not to try understanding or looking at it from our point of view. It's true; some of us are dangerous because we have no control over the ability we are blessed with. However, people like that need help… compassion, and support rather than fear or hatred."

Wolverine snorted and rolled his eyes. "Like morons like McGrath would give a damn. He just likes hating. He gathers all of the nut-jobs and convinces them that we're the devils creation! I would hate to know how many kids' freaks like them have murdered… how many mothers and fathers have killed or even tortured their own kids that they'd loved for so long just because they're mutants!"

"It's easy for the mage," Jean said helpfully. "The US Magical community according to the Professor can pick up distressed magic and save most of their children. There are only so many psychics, and we don't all have giant psychic amplification systems we can use to save all the mutants."

Tina punched her left palm with her right fist. "Then they're not parents, and they never loved those kids because NO mother would harm their kids if they ever cared!" she growled out angrily, a look of disgust on her face. "This is why Magneto does the stuff he does, because of people like them, but still Kyte and people like him and the Professor try to bring about change. But with this McGrath rallying people who share the same brain cell… it makes it so much harder to change the world for the better of everyone who lives here!"

"Unfortunate but true," Storm agreed sadly. "We can only hope that McGrath will be ousted from his position for exceeding his authority. We've been told he has commissioned the illegal use of Air Force fighters, and they won't heed Shields warning that they'll be shot down for treason!"

"It seems they don't realised that they aren't under official or legal orders," Wolverine growled out. "From the information we've been given even the White House has sent abort orders, but they're still coming. Just before we were told about this the Avenger's were sent officially as part of this new Meta Police Force to shut down this robot thing, the Sentinel Project!"

"T-then that's good news," said Excel sighing in relief. "Maybe they'll find the master controls and shut it down!"

"We'd have destroyed all the Sentinels here before that!" Wolverine said with a smirk as he pointed out the window where they got their first look at the robot things as they blazed over the Helicarrier as another mech, a green one was playing with the creepy purple one's, and jets launched from the carrier as more jets were incoming.

"This is X-Jet two, calling Shield carrier, request permission to land!" Cyclopes said through his headset.

"X-Jet two, you're clear for vertical landing platform three!" a man over the radio said. "It's the one that's lit up," he added as Scott saw the orange lights on the landing pad.

It took little time to land, and after the wheels were clamped, they descended into the Helicarrier and came to a stop. They all sighed in relief as they unbuckled and exited the aircraft.

"Hey, you guys joining team Spidy?" Spider-Man made them all jump as he was hanging upside down in front of them by a web.

"No thanks, kid," Logan said rolling his eyes as he looked to see Spider-Man's team mates. The girl in a white suite covering all, but her long black hair, the hugely muscular black guy, the guy with the helmet, and one with a green bandana. "I'm not working with a bunch of high school kids. That's why we left Kitty and Kurt…"

"You mean them?" Spider-Man asked as he pointed behind them where two teens' heads were phased through the jet.

Kitty and Kurt grinned sheepishly as Kitty phased them the rest of the way out looking sheepish. "Well…" she said nervously. "We couldn't let you fight without us. I mean, come on, Spider-Man's like the same age as us and he works with Shield!"

Logan sighed tiredly as Storm rounded on the young teens with words of reprimand for sneaking into the jet without permission.


Kyte smirked as he stood out on deck of the huge flying aircraft carrier. "OK, let's do this…" he grabbed his gauntlet and squeezed some 'clips'. The whole thing lit up red with energy like a fuzzy glowing field. "Crimson, Mystic Knight Mode!" he called out.

He lit up blindingly with this red fuzzy light for only a moment before it faded away and he smirked. He now wore form hugging crimson 'leather' with some ski-like glasses over his eyes with plastic looking shields over his ears. He also has a leather and black robe/coat with hood hanging to his ankles swaying in the wind, held around his waist and chest by buckles and clips, and a red pentagram on his back outlined black.

However, with a click of his gloved fingers a crimson staff appeared in a flash of red in his right hand. It was roughly five foot five in length, and came up like a scythe either side at the top pointing up, one longer than the other.

"So Fury, what do you think?" he asked sounding amused. "Its pretty cool, right…!?"

"It doesn't look better than your armour," he replied over the com.

"Not poetically better," he replied smugly. "Just different…!" he said as a burning piece of aircraft came careering towards him and the deck. Kyte openly laughed as he pointed his staff. It flashed red and a huge pentagram circle formed. The piece of jet was swallowed up as another huge circle spat it out over the mouth of the river before both circles faded.

"Now what do you think?" Kyte said laughingly. "I designed this new mode to draw on my magical potential. In fact, it uses very little magic from me, but amplifies what it does use. I figured, 'why have magic and not use it'," he said as he hopped up into the air hovering with a gentle red glow. "After all, I'm freaking awesome!"

"You know… I really wish I could disagree," Fury answered after a few moments. "I really hate you sometimes!"

Kyte just laughed as he blast off, a huge red blade forming from his staff he sliced apart two enemy jets without a thought before heading to where he was surprised to see some kids fighting a Sentinel. He realised its Spider-Man's team as he made the robots head explode and landed.

"Kitty, Kurt?" he said in surprise as they were dusting themselves off. "I didn't know you guys hung with Spider-Man!"

"We snuck on the X-Jet and Logan wouldn't let us fight with them," Kurt said shrugging. "So we joined Spider-Man's team! But… hang on, what the hell, dude. You got a new suite. That's freaking awesome!"

"Umm… thanks," he replied sheepishly. "This is Mystic Knight Mode," he said now proudly.

"You know, I have my Spider-armour that Stark built!" Spider-Man interrupted childishly.

"Yeah, and you're dangerous in it," Tigress said bonking him on the head. "So please, don't you think about making him another Spider-armour for him to break the city and us with!"

"Ow, come on, I was not that bad!" he complained rubbing his head as his friends gave him a look. "OK, OK, I was that bad… sorry, I was just saying."


It was a red haired girl who crashed through a huge Sentinel before Kyte had a second thought about taking it out. She tore out lots of components before it blew and she landed next to Kyte with a wicked grin.

"Wow, your new suite looks totally hot!" she said hugging him. He smiled as he returned the hug. "We were worried about you Kyte. Seriously, you should have woken us. We thought you might have changed your mind after you thought about it!"

Kyte shook his head and gave her a small kiss on the lips, which caused her cheeks to light up. "Don't be silly, Tina… why would I want to give up you three. You're all totally awesome!"

It was with that a grinning blonde haired girl seemed to appear out of nowhere hugging him. "Wow, thanks… we were so worried you might get hurt!" she said accepting his kiss in greeting.

"Ah, what about me!" a brunette said as she flew over wrapping him in a hug giving him a kiss too.

"Wow, are they sisters?" Spider-Man asked getting a nod from Kurt. "Damn, I can't even get a date with Gwen!" he declared unhappily. "And he gets three sisters… triplets…!"


Wanda was in full 'super-gear' as she was dragged by her hand into Hogwarts by Evelyn who was at least wearing some creamy shorts and a white tee shirt over her leotard.

"Your sister isn't going to run away if we take our time!" she complained to her frosty friend. "My body is not designed for running this much!"

"Stop complaining Wanda," she replied nonchalant. "Ashe invited me today, and said she wants to meet my new friend, which is you! I do not wish to waste a moment!" she continued as she dragged Wanda into the school and passed some baffled looking students.

If Wanda hadn't grown to care about her new teammate and friend she would have resisted harder, but as it is she cares too much about her… her best friend. She had never had anyone to call that before, and secretly it made her happy, so like a diligent best friend she lets Evelyn get away with a lot more than she should.

She was then pulled into the Great Hall where breakfast was still underway, and Wanda wished she could rob some toast on her way passed as she hasn't eaten yet. However, she was pulled to the front and had to ignore all of the staring students.

The hall was quite nice though, as it has multiple round tables scattered all over and the hall seemed to be outside in a glade, but she knows it's just a hologram. It's still nice though. This school could be interesting she supposes as they reached the head table.

"EVIE…!" Ashe squealed in happiness as she hopped over the table and hugged her icy little sister before pulling back. "And you must be Wanda… Evie speaks about you a lot. I'm pleased to meet you," she said surprisingly giving Wanda a quick hug.

"Umm…" Wanda mumbles at a loss for words when her tummy grumbles, she blushes as some nearby students snickered.

"Haven't you eaten yet?" Ashe asked in horror as Wanda shook her head. "Well, come on… you can have breakfast with me," she said happily leading them to an empty table and loading them up some breakfast.

At the head table Nelliel sighed sadly. "My sister doesn't come and visit me, she's too busy with work!" she said pouting sadly.

"Did you invite her?" McGonagall asked her as she watched Ashe with a smile, glad the girl is happy, and now that she'll shut up about her little sister coming to visit.


Explosions blazed everywhere as Fussure and Kyte weaved in and out of trouble from the mechs and fighter jets, blasting and slicing the enemy (Kyte), and smashing through them, (Fussure).

Kyte growled as he took out enemy jets, and had no mercy or pity for them. They're committing acts of treason, so he'll blow them out of the sky. He found it quite awesome to watch Fussure flying around and crushing things.

"Kyte" Fury called over the com. "The Fantastic Four have joined in on ground….!" He began but watching the Human Torch blaze by Kyte paused for a second. "Well, the other three are still at ground level trying to protect the civilians! It seems like the battles almost over. All the mechs are down for the count and yours is refuelling!"

"Good," he replied with a growl. "These fighter pilots still aren't listening. I don't know what's wrong with these morons!" he hissed out as he created a red half sphere of energy and shielded himself and the Human Torch to his shock as they were almost taken out by missiles!"

"Whoa, thanks there buddy!" Jonny Storm (The Human Torch) cried out in relief. "Damn, I was almost a goanna," he said laughingly as he tried chatting up Fussure.

"Continue that and you will be!" he replied in annoyance. "They're taken," he said with a glare. This did two things, the first confused Jonny, and the second made Fussure grin widely as she liked the way Kyte claimed her, and the way he referred to all of them.

"OK, man, shesh!" he replied quickly as he shot down another plan. "I wish guys would just label their girls. It would make my life so much easier!"

Kyte just rolled his eyes wondering whether The Human Torch should see a shrink about his girl obsession. "Well, anyway," he said slowly before shaking his head. "Hey, ground crew, how's it going?"

"It could be better!" answered a gravelly voice. "But everyone knows me; I prefer clobbering to rescuing from burning buildings and the likes!"

Kyte sighed and again rolled his eyes. "Fury, it seems like we've almost got this cleared up. The last few jets are retreating, and from trajectory scans they're heading back to base…!"

"I've already contacted their bases to let them know," Fury replied. "They'll be arrested on touch down!"

Kyte could only nod in agreement. "Fussure and I are returning, Cyclone you can stay in park," he said as he gestured for his girlfriend to follow him.

They both landed on deck, and the one girl became three as they each gave him a hug and a kiss as he led them back towards the bridge. The bridge was probably the lease damaged part of the Helicarrier, apart from the engines as they looked around at all of the busy bunnies.

"The Avengers just reported in!" Fury said as Logan and Spider-Man entered the bridge with their teams. They were all quite sore, but none of them seriously hurt, thankfully. "They've taken control of the Sentinel factory and destroyed all of the remaining machines. However, McGrath got away before they got there. They only had to deal with military, but at least they listened to reason after awhile."

"I guess they weren't legally sanctioned either," Jean commented as if fact rather than the question it might seem to be as Fury nodded in agreement. "These fools are going to ruin all our hard work!"

"It's already starting," Fury said angrily. "I have reports that McGrath is trying to accuse us of attacking, and provoking them, and the masses are eating it up!"

"Bastard…!" Kyte muttered in thought. "Fury, can you get me on TV ASAP!?" he demanded as his mind ran through many different things. "I could do it, but I want on the air sooner rather than later!"

"What channel," he agreed with a nod. "I think I can arrange something quick time!"

Kyte grinned wickedly. "All of them!" he answered with a crafty twinkle in his eyes. "If I can show the world that we should tolerate and accept over hate, then I can stop him from corrupting those with a brain who don't gift praise on god for everything 'good' in their lives and don't blame 'the devil' for all the bad."

"Well, we can only hope to get through to them!" Spider-Man said looking to Fury. "You can get him on the air, right?"

"Yes!" he said turning to some bridge bunnies. "I want Techs on the air in five minutes!"

"Wouldn't it be better with a reporter!?"

"I know someone who would love to…"

"We're not letting your blonde 'girlfriend' do it Spider-Man!"

"Ah, why not…? Gwen's cool!" he replied sheepishly. "She likes this stuff, and let's face it. It won't be easy to get someone on our side!"

"Coronel Fury, we've located the girl," a bridge bunny said. "Shall we obtain her?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," he replied. "Just set up for the live broadcast and bring the girl!"

"Sweet…!" Spider-Man said smugly.

"Yeah," agreed Tigress laughingly. "It's just a shame you have a secret identity and she won't know Peter Parker got her the gig!"

"Crap, I didn't think of that," he complained sulking sadly.

Kyte laughed as he patted the guys shoulder. "You could always come clean and tell her that you're Spider-Man, you work for Shield and you'll probably end up joining the Meta Police Force! I'm sure if she's a great friend she'll keep your secret!"

"I'll… think about it, thanks!"


Paul Smith sighed in relief as his jet touched down back at base. It had been hard going, and ignoring all of those orders sent to him from the Shield Helicarrier had been hard work. However, he isn't going to contradict his order to attack the traitors and bring them to justice.

However, he had been surprised when he realised that the Fantastic Four were out trying to stop them, but then they'd obviously turned traitor too. His commanding officers, and those giving orders said to be wary of these 'supers' attacking and trying to defend the Helicarrier.

He hadn't expected other mutants, or CyberTech to try stopping him though. That was odd, and those odd purple robots. He was told to work with them to destroy the Helicarrier and anyone, and anything onboard. It was a secondary priority after the CyberTech mech made an appearance to try shooting it down without destroying it, but that was a lost cause. The helicopter mech was just too fast and powerful.

Therefore, he just tried to land hits on the Helicarrier to bring it down, but all of its engines were guarded, and he even saw Spider-Man and his team protecting the Helicarrier. However, his orders also stated that the menace known as Spider-Man was showing his true colours as an enemy.

His younger sister had been rescued a while back by Spider-Man, so he was doubtful, but felt betrayed when the web-slinger was really betraying his country, and turned out to be the criminal the Daily Bugle makes him out to be. He felt a shamed that he and his fellow pilots lost to traitors.

Sighing sadly he unbuckled his belts and opened his cockpit before standing up. He was startled as he had guns in his face by his friends and colleges, and was dragged screaming from him plan and practically slammed to the ground in pain.

"Lieutenant Paul Smith, you are hereby under arrest for the crime of treason against the United States of America!" an MP said in anger as he forced cuffs on Paul's wrists as he struggled and squirmed.

"WHAT!?" he yelled out in horror. "I didn't… I was following my orders against the traitors of Shield!"

"Negative!" the MP replied hatefully. "Both Shield and the White House sent you abort codes. They even tried telling you that your orders were treasonous, unsanctioned, and illegal! You chose to ignore them; therefore you are being arrested for treason! Take him away!" he spat out as the man screamed and cried, his own friends disgusted with him were only too happy to watch him go.


Gwen Stacey had been surprised when after the huge battle in the sky, (she had been filming on her small digital camera), a Shield helijet landed next to her. She had then been taken. She had thought they were just a rescue team, but after the nurse on board checked her over for any immediate injury and found none they had just flown up.

Then they landed on the Helicarrier, which had been the focal point of the battle in the sky. They didn't even care that she was filming it, but then she wasn't filming anything important so she figured it was OK. Though, they annoyingly wouldn't answer her questions, and only the nurse would talk to her.

She was then led through a few corridors… well, a lot of corridors to end up in a huge hall that led to a stage seemingly set up for a TV show or something where she was left alone, and finally one of the men spoke before he left telling her to wait there.

The last thing she expected was for Spider-Man to drop down startling her. "Hey Gwen," he said, and sounded as if he was smiling. "Congratulations. You're going to be interviewing Kyte Techs about the truth of the battle!"

"I am?" she asked with wide eyes, baffled.

He chuckled nervously as he nodded his head. "Yep, you sure are. I sorted it for you…"

"W-why…? Do you know me?" she asked suspiciously.

"Would you tell the world who I am if I told you?" he asked, curious.

Her eyes widened as she tried to put a name to the voice. "P-Peter," she whispered out as it all clicked into place.

He pulled off his mask to reveal a brown haired, brown eyed boy. "You weren't supposed to guess like that. I think that's cheating!"

"B-but how…"

"Bit by a radioactive poisonous spider," he answered with a sheepish smile. "The web thing… well that's just me being too clever," he said trying not to sound to big-headed.

The pretty blonde girl smiled a little. "W-well, that explains a lot… seriously, like why you keep disappearing, and other stuff besides."

"You're not angry are you?" he asked worriedly. "I mean… I always wanted to tell you most of all, but it got harder with each new enemy I made and… I just couldn't bring myself to put you in anymore danger than just being around me."

"I… I… no, I guess I understand," she said suddenly flinging her arms around him and giving him a warm hug. "But now I'm going to be worried sick every time Spider-Man is mentioned on the news."

He sighed in relief as he took a deep breath, breathing her in. "I'm glad… and don't you worry, I have some pretty awesome friends looking out for me!"

"Hey!" moaned Kyte as he and his giggling girls entered making them pull a part blushing. "If you're going to be all kissy kissy, and touchy feely with each other get a room, it's more private. Nobody… well I don't want to walk in to see her… sucking you off ever!"

They both exploded red as others had walked in at that point and misread what was said. Though, either way it was embarrassing anyway. "Lets get on with this," Fury interrupted glaring at Kyte. "So stop teasing the kids, and stop being rude in front of them too, we have a worldwide broadcast to make."

"Right…!" Kyte said with a sigh. "Its time to spread the word… the word of awesomeness!" he said as he hopped up on stage. "So Gwen… hmm… it's no wonder Peter's got the third leg for you, you're cute," he said causing her checks to light up more as she finally realised that her best friend likes her as more than best friends.

Fury groaned again. "Kyte, seriously stop teasing them, and stop with the innuendos. This broadcast needs to air ten minutes ago!" he said glaring at the guy as Spider-Man looked as if he didn't know what to do with himself. "Miss. Stacey, you've been brought here at Peter's suggestion to carry out an 'interview' with Kyte Techs about the battle and the racist war mongerers that started it."


Magneto watched as Kyte Techs made his speech on every channel about order and law, and that neither mutant, meta, mage, alien, or human should be labelled above the law. He spoke of peace and co-existence, and showed footage of McGrath's mutant capturing robots attacking the Helicarrier and its defence.

They showed that human ignorance and hate had caused many innocent people a lot of trouble and that all should live in a balance and not have to worry about some strange men snatching them in the middle of the night because they're different. That they should hold out hope for a brighter future.

It's this hope that gave his daughter to Lily and Betsy knowing that the witch would break free and return to where she should be, and that her 'friend' would run off with her. He wants his daughter to have a better life than he could ever offer.

He knows from friends that Wanda is well looked after and has actually made a proper friend: a friend like he and Xavier used to be. It's such a shame that that friendship had been foolishly broken so harshly.

Someday something in the world will change, and hopefully he'll be on the 'good' side. He's been so uncertain of late about what he wants. It seems all he really wants is for a quiet life. Ever since his mother was murdered by that… he had had his quiet happy life stolen by a mutant who at the time pretended to be human.

He quickly shook those thoughts away as he rubbed his temple as Mystique swaggered into his office, her yellow eyes scanning the TV as it replayed the interview by the school girl.

"What do you make of this?" she asked him looking mildly bored or tired. "I was thinking if this goes somewhere we could at the least try too…!"

"Help," he finished off frowning. "I know. It's tempting, and… the possibility to live peacefully with humans is captivating, and less stressful!"

She laughed with a roll of her eyes. "There will always be those who hate us, but…" she sighed tiredly. "I remember Charles when he was younger. Idealistic, and too clever for his own good…!"

"And he could read my mind," he agreed with a smile tapping his helmet. "But not anymore," he chuckled sourly. "But then I have my greatest tormentor to thank for that!"


"Gwen…" Peter tried to say something in his civilian clothes as he carried her to the top of the Empire State Building where they now sat, but he just couldn't fathom the words. "I just want to say that I…" he trailed off uncertain here.

"Peter, please hurry up," she replied with a little smirk smile blushing. "If you're… you know… going to ask me out, then get it over with so I can say yes!"

"W-will you go out with me?" he blurted out suddenly.

She couldn't help but grin. "I-I would love too! You have no idea how long I've waited for you to ask me that!" she cried out and before he could react her lips were on his, kissing him. He just melted into his greatest desire kissing back, a first time for both of them.

They kissed for a few moments before pulling back and blushing. "I guess this means I'm Peter Parkers official girlfriend," she said smilingly as she snuggled into his arms, content. "I just need a secret identity so I can date Spider-Man too," she said giggling as he looked at her in horror.


Kyte was still in his Mystic Knight Mode as he floated above New York City with Fussure smiling in his arms before they kissed lightly, lovingly, needing to feel each others tongues.

They pulled back grinning at each other as they lick their lips. "This is a day we'll remember forever," Kyte said smilingly.

"I… I think we will," she agreed as her lips returned to his as they held each other tightly, kissing, feeling, enjoying, and loving. The day fell into night with beautiful colours that they missed as the sun finally set on a day that will be remembered through history as 'One After Evolution', or 1AE.

Named for a time when evolution was truly noted, and accepted as a whole. It was a new world, with new troubles and problems. It was a world that the future would shape to be happy and safe.