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Eyes of Sight


The Potters, a peace loving happy family of four, Lily Potter, her husband James Potter, and her twin boys Harry and Timothy Potter. Tim with his straight red hair and hazel eyes, freckles across his nose seemed normal enough. Harry however, with his shaggy spikes of pitch-black hair was very different; his left eye emerald green the same colour as his mums, however, his right eye was truly unusual. It was deep red with the centre pupil golden-yellow spreading out in a complex yet paten-less grid through the red of his eye.

Nobody not the medi-wizards or witches not even the great Albus Dumbledore could figure out why it was like that. Harry also seemed different that normal babies in a few way, like he did not cry, even when hurt. He liked to sit and stare at beautiful things for hours rather than play with his toys. He seemed to view things differently, maybe it was his grided eye, or he was just different, maybe a genius?

Then on that fateful night, Halloween Lily and James were hurt, and the Dark Lord Voldemort attacked the twins, surprisingly his curse of death bounced back killing him and leaving the twins intact, well except Tim had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and was crying his eyes out. Harry however had a slash at an angle across his grided eye as if a knife did it, though his eye was unharmed.

At first, they suspected Harry vanquished Voldemort but Dumbledore determined that his scar was a by-product of Tim stopping the curse, and therefore declared Timothy Potter the Boy-Who-Lived, Tim became famous, and was treated as such. Lily and James were not badly hurt by the attack and made perfect recoveries.

James paid all of his attention to Tim and hardly even noticed Harry after that, though Lily had always favoured her quiet son and knew she always would, though that didn't mean she paid Tim no attention.

Over the years it became clear that Tim had all the magical potential, and when the twins were five, Dumbledore used some complex magic to detect for their magic, discovering Harrys' lower than even a squib, he was more like a muggle according to the old man. Lily cried about it for a while, though when she realised Harry truly did not mind she got over it and life continued as normal between the two. James however, was deeply ashamed of Harry and had never even mentioned him to friends anymore, not that he did much anyway.

Harry was six when he saw an ad for martial arts in the local muggle paper and pleaded with his mum to let him do Tai chi. His mum was so surprised that he actually showed a definite interest in something other than watching the world go by of course she signed him up. The classes three hours a day three days a week, however, they had a problem, his grided eye, she did not want muggles seeing it.

Harry fortunately had a plan and had her by him a forehead protector like ninja wear; she was sceptical to get him something so silly but relented. His had a silver plaque attached to dark green material tied round his head and he slanted it down to cover his right eye. Lily had even gotten his eye grids paten engraved into it, spread along the metal, which he liked.

He started his classes and fast became one of the best students, mostly women attended tai chi, and they thought he was the cutest thing, always embarrassing him. His teacher noticed him most of all, he seemed to be able to do things that should not be impossible. She also saw fit to teach him some Japanese when they had free time. He thought it was funny that the Japanese woman taught a Chinese art.

Harry of course practiced at home in his dark green with deep red sash around his waist and deep red boot trainers, training gi, and with his forehead protector fully up. See, his grided eye was not as normal as he let everybody think, it showed the world, like in slow motion. He could see the air, the heat and water, all the elements no matter how minute could not escape his gaze, magic though was the weirdest thing he could see.

He discovered training by himself in the training room his mum set up for him that everything could be well, for lack of a better term, defied or manipulated to some degree, though he called it defying, it sounded cooler. He found with lots of practice he could run lightly on air, though he could not fly or anything as cool as that, he can climb to the roof of their four-floor mansion in two leaps, one from the ground and the other bouncing lightly from a window. The return trip to the ground though was just as fun, running on the air lightly as if running down invisible steps.

Though his favourite by far had to be when he walked on water, literally, he can even stand or sit on the surface of the manors pool for as long as he likes. He studied his martial arts hard and even joined three other different none conflicting classes for other arts.

By the time, the twins were eleven Harry had a strong muscular body, though built more for speed and agility, and had unbelievable fighting skills but was too peaceful and relaxed for anyone to believe his skill and strength. He now hid his special eye under his forehead protector all the time except for when he trained alone, and just because he had it hidden did not mean he could not use his special talents, they were like second nature to him now.

Tim was a skinny boy, and enjoyed riding his broom more than anything else; he did not really seem as special as everyone makes him out to be. In fact, he has grown rather arrogant over the years. As well he often see's fit to pick on Harry when he has his best mate Ron Weasley over, and they like to call him one-eyed freak, and Squid-head, not that he listens, or cares what they think of him, they're both idiots anyway.

This year Tim got his Hogwarts acceptance letter. He thought it would bother Harry for him to brag and wave the letter in his face, but Harry just congratulated him with his usual beaming smile of joy and walked away, that ruined his brothers' fun. Lily was always impressed with how Harry could make his brother look stupid so easily, and very proud that he does not just kick his brothers' ass. Lily of course had no doubt Harry could easily be the bully of the family but happy with her relaxed and kind son.

Harry as recently as ten had designed leg and arm bracers for under his gi with quick release catches; he designed them with some magic from his mum to be indestructible, she only thought they were to protect his arms and shins, however. In reality, he can pull and condense the air into them increasing the weight, and he guessed they could probably take in maximum a ton each, however knew he could never be able to wear so much weight. However, only a year after he started wearing them constantly they in total weigh about twice his own weight. They also have a few cleaver charms to make it so only he can feel the weight so he does not hurt someone if he fell on them, or break anything that would not be able to take the weight.

That year Tim went off to school where to Tims' luck their dad works as flying and Quidditch teacher. Harry would have liked to have gone to a muggle school, however, his mum was too busy with work to be able to take him and pick him up each day as the nearest senior school is twenty miles away and magical transportation is risky, it could be seen. Harry did not mind much as he was quite competent to learn from books but would have liked to meet some kids his own age and maybe make some friends.

That year passed quickly and Harry enjoyed his brother free time, though he loves his brother very much, he did not think his brother even liked him. Tim was in Gryffindor house, Harry wondered what house he would have been in. Probably either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, most likely the former, not that he would have minded, he really did not care that he had no magic, he was happy.

At the end of the year Harry found out before Tim came home that he saved the Philosophers Stone from Voldemort who possessed some moronic teacher. Tim returned home, bragging constantly about his victory over the Dark Lord, which was fairly annoying but Harry took it in his stride and while Tim kept saying You-Know-Who, Harry replied, no not really, who? Voldemort and enjoyed his brothers flinch. James did not find Harrys' come back as amusing as Harry and Lily but said nothing, last time he did he spent a week on the sofa.

Harry was surprise when just after his birthday his mum announced she had accepted a job at Hogwarts as ruins teacher, she was worried about what happened that year and wanted to keep an eye on Tim. This meant that Harry would have to move to Hogwarts with her and Dumbledore offered them a nice apartment supposedly near Gryffindor tower. His mum said that some of the teachers offered to tutor him in his normal studies if he wishes, and if he wanted, he could attend third year muggle studies and athermancy since that is just math and the teachers good. James was against Harry attending even just these two classes because he did not want to be shamed with a squib, but Lily won out and James found the sofa uncomfortable.


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