A Father Son Relationship with Benefits

A Father Son Relationship with Benefits.

Summary: Rachel has left Tony, and Jack is their, to be his rock.

Warnings: Rated R, this is a SLASH which means male/male parings.

Parings: Jack/Tony.

Spoilers: Yes for the UK viewers.

-Chapter 1-

Hand job.

Tony sighed. He fell onto the couch. His son Jack walked over to him, two beers in his hand. He walked past his dad, and then fell onto the couch as well.

"Here you go dad" Jack said. He handed his dad the beer, then cracked his open and took a sip.

"That's better" Jack smiled, he looked over at his dad. Tony sat their, just looking at the space in front of him.

"Hey dad, it's going to be ok" Jack whispered, he put his hand on his dad's thigh.

"Yeah I know it will be, but, still why did she do that?" Tony said, he didn't want to say Rachel's name, it hurt him too much.

"Well we don't know why she's all of a sudden left, but their bound to be a reason" Jack said and he rubbed his father's thigh affectionately. Tony felt his cock stir, and it began to harden.

"Wait" Tony said to himself "Why am I enjoying this?" Tony sighed again when Jack put more pressure on his thigh.

"Wow dad you got a big one there" Jack said, he was smiling, and looking down at his dad's massive bulge. Tony blushed and tried to move his large cock, to get it smaller, but when he moved it, it got larger.

"Sorry Jack, but I haven't got off in a while" Tony said, looking at his son.

"Well, maybe I could help you out?" Jack asked, moving his hand further up to his dads cock. Jack smiled when his hand made contact with Tony's bulge. Tony let a small gasp escape his mouth when Jack applied pressure.

"Wait Jack, we can't do this" Tony said, he shifted his position, but Jack still had his hand on his dads cock.

"Dad its fine, were just to guys, and were just helping each other out" Jack said, he pushed his dad's bulge again. Tony groaned, and arched his back.

"Ah Jack you left something out" Tony said.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" asked Jack, he then unbuckled his dad's button, and pulled down his fly.

"Oh you know I'm just your…FATHER" Tony yelled.

"So, I don't care, no one has to know, all I'm doing is taking your mind of things, and it seems to be working" Jack looked at the growing erection.

"What about Martha?" Tony asked.

"What about Rachel?" Jack asked eyeing his dad.

"Ok you have a point" all Tony wanted to do know, was cum. Jack grinned, and pulled his dad's jeans off. Now Tony's cock could actually grow more. Jack grasped the hard cock through Tony's briefs. Tony grunted with satisfaction. Jack pumped his dads cock and he felt around the head. Pre cum had soaked through and got onto Jacks fingers, he put one into his mouth and sucked, while he put his other finger into his dads mouth. Tony ran his tongue along his son's finger, sucking in his own cum. Jack moaned at the feeling. He felt his own cock grow. Jack moved back down to his dad's lower region, and pulled his boxers off, and all the way to his ankles. Tony's cock was massive; he had a lot of brown pubic hair, a lot around his ball sack, and some hair going up and under his shirt.

"Wow dad how big are you?" Jack asked as he gripped his dad's hard throbbing member. Tony rolled his eyes back and moaned as his son started to jerk him off.

"7.8" Tony panted. Jack moaned and jerking his father faster.

"How about we do this in my room?" Jack asked. Tony opened his eyes.

"Um ok" He got up, but Jack stopped him from moving.

"Dad you have to loose the shirt" Jack said, and before Tony could reply, Jack ripped the shirt, and led his dad to his room. He then pushed his dad onto the bed, and sat between his legs. It was a great site. He wrapped his fingers around his dad's cock and began to pump it. Tony groaned. Little did Tony know, Jack had practice in this area before. The time when he stumbled upon Ric jerking off, he helped him get off. And the countless time's he and Kim wanked and gave head to each other, so Jack knew what he was doing.

Tony was panting, and arching his back, Jack jerked him faster, his dad's pre cum, oozing out of the head.

"Jack I'm coming" Tony screamed. Jack could feel his dads cock vibrates. Tony shuddered as his orgasm hit. His cum flew out, hitting his chest and going all over Jack's hand.

"O Jack" Tony panted. Jack smiled knowing he had done this. He licked his hand clean, tasting his dad's cum. Tony muttered.

"Thank you" he then fell to sleep. Jack leaned up and kissed his dad on the lips.

"Dad you don't know how much I really love you" Jack got up and went to take a shower.



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