A Father Son Relationship with Benefits

A Father Son Relationship with Benefits.

Summary: Rachel has left Tony, and Jack and Martha are on the rocks. Jack and Tony are their for each other.

Warnings: Rated R, this is a SLASH which means male/male parings.

Parings: Jack/Tony.

Spoilers: Yes for the UK viewers.

-Chapter 2-

Blowjob Part 1.

Jack came out of the shower naked. He did have a white towel swung over his shoulder but he left it on their. Water droplets fell down his perfect chest. His chest hair, underarm hair, snail trail hair and pubic hair, all wet and black. Jack's dick was semi erect (as he didn't get off before) His nipples were very hard, because he was so cold and the light glistened from his developed abs. He walked into the kitchen and went over to the fridge. He pulled the door open and reached out to grab a bear, but stopped. He looked over to the couch, their was Tony's discarded T-shirt and jeans, along with his boxers. Jack looked further on and saw two beer bottles, one his and the other his dad's. Jack walked to the couch and grabbed Tony's beer. Jack put the bottle to his lips, and sucked the top of the bottle, he liked all around the bottle. Jack could taste his dad's mouth from the bottle. Jack's cock steadily grew. Jack turned his head to the left and saw his dad's discarded clothes. Jack suddenly had a hot idea. He leaned down and grabbed his dad's shirt. Jack looked behind him, to his bedroom door to make sure his dad wasn't looking. Jack put his head into Tony's shirt and breathed in the scent. He moved to the armpit of the shirt so he could smell his dad's scent better. And boy did Jack get a better smell. His dad smelt so good. Jack could smell the sweat and the deodorant his dad used. He saw his dad's boxers on the ground. He dropped the shirt and grabbed the boxers. Jack gulped and lent forward to smell the boxers. Jack groaned, when he first smelt his father's boxers. Jack could virtually smell and taste his dad's cock, he breathed in as much as he could. Another idea popped into Jack's mind. He stood up and put Tony's boxers on. Jack's cock grew quickly at the thought of having his dick where his dad's dick has been.

"O yeah" Jack moaned, as he started to jerk himself off. Jack remembers the time when he saw his dad jerk off, and he remember that he jerked off to the scene. Jack stoked himself harder; a bulge was appearing in his dad's boxers. Suddenly Jack's bedroom door opened, he pulled of the boxers and wrapped the white towel around himself, and quickly walked to the window. His back facing his dad. Tony walked up to Jack, and flushed his naked body against his son. Jack's breath hitched, his dad's cock was placed right at Jack bum crack. Tony moved his hips so it created friction. Tony placed his hands on Jack's waist, then moved his hands and put them underneath Jack's towel. He grasped onto his son's butt checks and groped them. Jack moaned and closed his eyes at the feeling. Tony moved his hand around to Jack's front. His hand came across Jack's pubic hair. Jack felt his dad's hand's grasp around the now throbbing cock. Tony leaned up and whispered into Jack's ear.

"I want to thank you Jack" Tony whispered. Jack could feel his dad's hot breath, he wanted to bathe in it, he wanted to turn around and kiss his dad senseless. But his dad continued to talk.

"I want to thank you for getting me off earlier, it really took my mind of things, and now I want to return the favor" Tony finished and he kissed Jack's ear, sucking on the flesh, then moving down his neck. Jack moaned out in pleasure, as Tony completely grasped Jack's throbbing cock, and then started to jack him off.

"O dad yes" Jack moaned. He pulled the towel off, so now his stiff erection could grow to its full potential. This hole time Tony was getting stiff to, and his member pushed at Jack's entrance. Jack moaned and arched his back. Tony ran his thumb over Jack's cock head, and gathered the pre cum. Tony put the coated finger to Jack's mouth. Jack pulled his dad's finger into his mouth and sucked on it as hard as he could.

"O Jacky that's it, fuck" Tony panted out. Jack pulled his dad's finger out of his mouth and turned around to face his father.

"Dad can you suck me off?"

"Anything to please you" Tony said, he got to his knees in font of Jack, and wrapped his fingers around the throbbing prick.

"Oh god" was all Jack said. Jack never got off, and Tony never sucked his off either. The reason Jack muttered "Oh god" was because the phone had just rang.

Both Tony and Jack looked at each other then at the phone.

"You answer it!" Tony said, and he got up off his feet, and waited. Jack moved over to the phone and answered it.



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