-1That Perfect Moment

It was night in the TARDIS. Well as close as night could be in a ship that traveled though time. The Doctor was tinkering with the controls as he always did and was finally getting bored. He decided to take a walk. Doing so would not be a problem given the size of the TARDIS. He walked for a few minutes when he stopped in front of one particular room. As it turned out it was his room. The Doctor entered the darkened room.

Almost by instinct he headed for the bed which was far from empty. It was a woman. The Doctor couldn't help but smile. He looked at the sleeping form intensively. Her hair was black as space itself. The Doctor almost thought he could see stars in each strand. Her skin had a pail hue to it. It shined in the dim light of the room. Her face was heavenly, for lack of a better word. The Doctor has seem much in his long life, but he could say that her face was possibly the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The Doctor was trying hard not to do anything that would spoil this moment. To him, doing so would be like pointing out a flaw in a famous painting or spoiling the ending of a really good movie. He thought she was a perfect masterpiece. Sometimes The Doctor wondered what he did to deserve such a gift.

The woman started to squirm a little and them opened her eyes. She looked up at The Doctor and smiled "How long have you been standing there?" It was The Doctor's turn to smile "Well, I could resist. You look so wonderful when your sleeping". The woman sat up "Of course I do. Its to make you look worse." The Doctor was taken aback "And what, my dear, does that mean?" The woman couldn't resist grinning. In fact, it made The Doctor's grins look tame "Well Doctor, it means that I make you look bad because unlike you, I don't have my mouth open snoring." The Doctor was at a loss for words, which was not a common occurance "I'll have you know that I do not snore, nor have I ever snored!" "Oh please. If you fell asleep in a chair you'd have your mouth open. You'd probably drool all over that pin strip suit of yours."

The Doctor went to the bed and sat next to her. The two laid down on the bed and snuggled. They stared at the ceiling. They didn't need to say it, they both knew what the other was thinking. But even so, nothing was better than hearing it from each other "I love you, Doctor" "I love you too, Romana.