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Hello, it's me again! Here's the next chapter.

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Hi there. I bet your wondering who the fuck am I? Let me introduce myself. My name is Naruto Uzumaki and this is my story. It all began today. I died. If you're wandering what day it is I'll honestly say that today is October 10. My birthday. Ironic isn't it? The day I came to this world is the same day I'm living it. But oh well, life is never easy and fate is an old slut that likes to shake her fat ass right before your nose. Yeah, I know, it's probably not very clever of me to be so philosophical in the face of death; I should be panicking, struggling and all the jazz. But I'm not. Death was my faithful companion for years now; I am too closely acquainted with it to feel scared. Maybe I will finally find the piece I'm seeking. I guess you are wondering how I got myself into this situation, right? Well, let me start from the very beginning.

The day I was born my village was attacked by a horrible monster that killed thousands of people, I regret that he had not killed them all. That day I was used as a sacrifice to safe those ungrateful bastards from the demon by becoming its vessel, not that I had a choice at that matter I was just a newborn babe at that time, but oh well. When the village was informed about the sealing, they immediately labeled me as a demon itself. Majority of the village was screaming for my death. Jerks. I mean what the fuck people, I was only few hours old at that time and they already wanted to end my life. And taking in consideration that for sealing to take place you need to have a newborn babe it's logical to assume that I'm not Kyuubis incarnation or Kyuubi in a human form. But nooo, those freaking bastards needed a scapegoat. Sandaime-jiji was barely able to stop them. He made a law that forbade anyone to talk about the sealing or tell the younger generation anything. It helped a little, but not much.

My mother died during childbirth, my father-sealing the demon into my belly. Sandaime-jiji wanted to raise me, but he was overruled by the council and forced to give me to the orphanage. He hoped that I would live a normal life. Fat chance. I was constantly abused and ignored. At 3 I was thrown out of the orphanage. At that time Hokage-jiji was to busy to check on me so for almost a year I lived on the streets. Of course when he found out about it he was furious and punished those who were guilty. But I never returned to the orphanage, instead ojiji-san bought me a little, run-down apartment. I won't tell you everything that happened to me since that moment and to my graduation from the academy, but you need to know few things.

First and the most important is my mask. The mask that I created when I was 5. At that time I had already survived through a lot, and was searching for a way to lessen the abuse, to show the villagers that I mean no harm. I accidentally heard a conversation between two ninja, I don't remember what it was about, but I do remember how one of them mentioned that if you act stupid and pretend to be an idiot your opponent will underestimate you. That was exactly what I did. At that time I already wore that orange monstrosity, 'cause no one would sell me anything different, and ate ramen, because it was cheap enough for me to be able to afford it. But after that conversation I turned them into parts of my mask. I became happy-go-lucky loudmouth idiot, clumsy and cheerful, a prankster. God knows how much I hate my mask, but at the same time can't help and be grateful for it. It's the only thing that shielded me from all the pain and kept me from breaking. It served its purpose too, the number of attacks lessened, and by the time of my graduation they stopped completely. Sure people still hated me, but they preferred to ignore my existence.

Second was that though I pretend to be stupid, I'm as clever as Shikamaru, but much more observant. My talent at reading people never failed me. In academy I may be known as a dead-last, but the truth is I could easily make it to the rookie of the year if I wanted, but that would ruin the purpose of my mask. Though if people were not so narrow-minded they would have noticed that my stealth abilities and speed that I used for my pranks were on abnormally high level. I was able to escape from ANBU who were considered elites among elites.

My downfall was my beloved team: A BITCH who didn't give a damn about anything but herself and "the love of her life"; an EMO with 'holier-than-thou' attitude who cared only for power and revenge and a teacher who didn't care about anything, but his porn and training Uchiha-prodigy. I am extremely lucky, ain't I? Such team can make anyone feel loved. But anyway they are the reason why am I dying at the moment, dying from their hands.

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