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Life is not fair. He learned it a long time ago. No matter where you look, no matter what you do, it simply wasn't enough. One way or the other you will be brought down by one thing or another, such was the way of life.

And Naruto, as Jinchuuriki of Kyuubi no Kitsune, knew it better then anyone else. That's why he knew without a shadow of a doubt that even if he managed somehow once again to miraculously survive his execution and smoothly merge with an alternate version of himself, there has to be a catch.

Oh sure, almost everyone in the village either hated or despised him (or both) including his father, but what's new about that? Sure he didn't have any of his friends in this reality, but then again maybe it was a good thing. None of them were his friends anyway, they hadn't seen what his friends did, they hadn't gone through things his friends did, and they didn't know him like his friends did. Hell, they didn't even see this Naruto beyond his mask. So, he decided it was a good thing that he lacked friends in this reality; it made it easier for him to keep two realities separate.

But having to sit through the boring Academy classes all over again was a pure torture. Especially since he couldn't ditch them or sleep through them if he wanted to prove everyone that he wasn't a complete dunderhead. But even that was only half of the problem.

The real problem that irked him to no end, pissed him off and made him gag was his newfound…*gag* fan club! With it's over amorous president, one and only, Sasuke Uchiha!

Can you believe that prick? Was it not enough that he made his life a living hell and almost killed him more times then he cared to count in his original world, and now he was doing everything in his power to make his life as troublesome and annoying as possible here too?

Inconsiderate jerk! Really couldn't he get it through his thick skull that he wasn't going to be a wife of a pompous, arrogant, stupid, humanoid emo duck!...Wait, scratch that, he's a boy! He wasn't going to be anyone's wife! No matter what people said about his ukeness! Humph! The nerve!

(A/N: That's what you think! . Kukuku. Really Naru-chan, you'd think you knew that Nile is not just a river in Egypt by now.)

Other then that he supposed that things were going pretty well. He completely ignored the very existence of his dearest father, annoyed the hell out of the villagers by completely avoiding any trouble they tried him to cause, tortured the pink haired banshee leaving no evidence it was him on the first place (Iruka-sensei, you saw that I didn't do anything, so why is Sakura being so mean?*insert innocent kicked puppy face here*SAKURA!), pranked the hell out of the council leaving nothing to incriminate himself (it helped that they didn't think him clever or skillful enough to pull off something like that) and got himself a new wardrobe *insert victory sign*.

All in all life was good for our little kitsune, and while he mostly ignored people around him, they didn't return the sentiment.

Minato was troubled. His son has changed. One may ask why did he care, after all he hated the brat. It was his fault that his wife, his precious Kushina, was dead. It shouldn't have bothered him that the little monster changed, but it did. For some unexplainable reason it bothered him a great deal.

As a shinobi he had to be observant all the time to avoid danger, as a Hokage he prided himself for being able to predict the next move not only of his enemies, but of his allies and subordinates as well. And yet his own son had him stumped. And he didn't like it, he didn't like it one bit.

He used to think that he knew his son quite good to know his next move, likes and dislikes. Unlike most of the population he wasn't blind to the mask Naruto was wearing, he just didn't care enough to try and find out where it ended and his son began or to see what was lying under it. After all what did it matter?

Now he was starting to regret this decision. His relationship with his son was always a strained one. He never lifted his hand on the child, no, he would never lower himself to that level, but he didn't do anything to help him either. He simply didn't care.

Each time he looked at the boy he saw Kushina and felt her loss all over again, it hurt. And so, to prevent it from hurting he stopped looking. He was cold and uncaring towards his offspring, giving him bare minimum of his attention to make sure that he survived.

He clothed him, fed him and gave him a roof over his head, and even, out of sheer duty, hired him tutors to teach him basics he needed to know, and that was it. It was enough. He was satisfied that this little piece of Kushina will continue living, everything else didn't matter. That child didn't matter, its happiness didn't matter.

When Naruto was younger he tried his best to do everything in his power to gain his attention, always seeking his approval, but never actually getting it. He was six when he stopped. He gave up trying to get his attention, but he still tried his best to make him proud.

Minato could still remember the feeling of those big innocent blue eyes watching his every move, pleading him, begging for the smallest sign that he cared. He was eight when his eyes finally stopped their pleading torture, when he finally stopped trying. He was eight when he completely gave up on Minato.

He never stopped watching though. Even though Minato didn't even acknowledge his existence, he could still feel those hurt, questioning eyes on him from time to time silently asking what did he do wrong, why his own father treated him like an empty spot?

As Naruto grew older his eyes became more desperate, disappointed and angry, but he still kept that plastic smile on his face and silently watched him whenever they were in the same room. Minato was used to it. He was used to the fact that his mere presence never failed to get Naruto's complete attention. He was used to never paying his mind to his son, too. That's why it took him some time before he even noticed the change.

The first clue that something changed was the change of garments. Naruto completely re-vamped his wardrobe, going so far as actually burning that hideous jumpsuit he used to wear. Not that Minato knew that at that time, he learned about it much later. Sure he noticed the lack of baggy, elephant-sized clothes, but he only shrugged, deciding that his son grew bored of it and promptly forgot all about it.

The second clue was the abrupt change in his performance in Academy, but since Minato knew about the mask and personally chose his tutors when he was younger, he knew his son was far from stupid. So he once again shrugged it off telling himself that Naruto just finally decided to stop playing around and left it at that.

His last and biggest clue that something was wrong was the complete 180 attitude change. At first he didn't notice it, not really, but one day he went into the library to find his son sitting there and reading one of the books as usual. He ignored him thinking nothing new there and went on in search for his book, it's only when he was walking out of the library that he felt that something was off. He shrugged it off uneasily deciding to ignore the nagging feeling on the back of his mind for now since he has been feeling for some time already.

It was later that night when he was getting ready for bed that he was finally able to put a finger on what was bothering him- his son ignored him. He completely and utterly refused to acknowledge his presence, and unlike all the previous years he didn't watch. Not even once did he glance in his direction. Now that he started thinking about it he has been doing it for a while. He couldn't put his finger on when exactly it started and it frustrated him.

After that incident he found himself watching Naruto out of the corner of his eye, hoping to catch him looking, but he never succeeded, which irked him all the more. Such reversal of roles rubbed him the wrong way, and he was unpleasantly surprised when he understood that hewanted his son to watch him. He didn't know when he started soaking up and reveling in the attention his son gave him and it bothered him.

He finally started noticing other changes, really noticing, and couldn't help, but want to see more, know more. Had this been a recent change or was it going for a while? If it was what made it appear now? Why? Or was it what his son was really like under that mask of his? Why did he wear it on the first place? Why did he take it of now?

He didn't know. He didn't have the answers for this questions and it made him frustrated and irritable. He tried to take his mind of these questions, to shove them at the very back of his mind where they belong, but he never succeeded. They plagued him, intrigued him and drove him up the wall. He tried to stop, but he couldn't. It bothered him, more then he was willing to admit even to himself. And it made him feel even worse that he didn't have any of the answers.

Naruto grinned as he heard his father growl again and start abusing his poor unfortunate desk with his thick head. He didn't know what got his panties in a twist, but he had a feeling it had something to do with him. His grin grew even wider developing a distinctively sadistic edge. If that's how he reacted now, he wondered what he will do when the real fun began. After all this was only a beginning!


At the same time inside of the Uchiha mansion our "favorite" duck butt headed character was plotting of the ways to seduce his future wife. Coming up with yet another "genius" (in his opinion) plan that would undeniably work (read: was doomed to fail) he burst into a fit of evil maniacal giggling…err I mean cackling (for some reason it sounded like a poor tortured and dying animal).

Outside of his room his brother who was walking down the hall sighed heavily and shuddered, somewhat disturbed how much that laugh reminded him of a certain nuke-nin (guess who), before pondering for what felt like millionth time whether or not they were truly related.

He didn't want to think badly of his mother, but the times like this one made him wonder…But then again, there was always a possibility of adoption. Hmm, this thought has some merit…and with such optimistic thoughts he continued his track towards his own room. : )

Here I was very tempted to add a very Star War-ish scene. It went somewhere along the line of:

-Sasuke-kun! I'm your father!-dramatically cried out Orochimaru-Join me on the Dark side and we will rule this world together!-strikes a pose purple sparkles surrounding him.

-Tou-san!-cries Sasuke tears running down his cheeks, stretching out his hands towards Orochimaru.





And they hug with a sunset background where waves are happily lapping on the shore, crying buckets of tears, surrounded by pretty pink sparkles. On a background lies Itachi with x's for eyes and his soul escaping from his mouth from the sheer amount of shame and horror of being in anyway related to that freak. And that's kiddies how Sasuke defeated his powerful elder (half) brother. *Sniff* Poor Itachi.

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