This is my first fanfiction, and it's definitely a work in progress. So be kind!!

Oops, forgot the usual disclaimers etc. I couldn't possibly claim to have the imagination or talent needed to create such a work of art, therefore anything that bares any resemblence to the characters, stories or places you recognise should be considered the intellectual property of JK herself. I am nothing but a literary squib.

Then, Now, Always

Prologue: There are magic storms too you know

Remus cursed as he stumbled, he'd caught his foot on a fallen branch, one of many fragments of this house and garden which now lay scattered over the landscape.

"Thank Merlin no one was home." Harry's voice was tense as he helped him to his feet.

Thank Merlin indeed, there would have been nothing left of the large wizarding family who called this land home. He flinched as a lightning bolt like stream of magic hit the ground near his feet. He could hear a woman scream nearby and hoped to god it was just with shock.

"There's nothing else we can do here Harry. It's like a storm, just needs to play itself out."

They had spent hours on this site, searching for survivors but finding no one before mercifully being informed that there was no one to find, no one had been at home. But he still couldn't shake the feeling of unease; there was someone here. Somewhere, somehow someone was here, waiting.

He tripped again, the whole thing had thrown him off balance and he was acting like Tonks. Her image in his head sent a small shiver through him; they were so close to being back as they were. The thought made him straighten up, time to shape up, she would never forgive him if he died from ineptitude

He heard a faint noise, almost like a groan, but then the sky exploded again and he put it down to the noises of this magical event, whatever the hell it was.

Two meters on he heard it again and this time he stopped, definitely a groan, and another one. Low, pained and... familiar?

The breeze washed over him like a whisper and he stood stock still, it was somewhere, deep down in this memory, the sound, the faint smell on the air, it meant something to him, he knew it.

He heard Harry blundering around close to him and hissed for silence. Harry stopped without question, he'd worked enough with Remus to know when to question and when to trust.

This time he heard it too and their eyes met in silent question. Wands drawn they advanced slowly, eyes beginning to pick out shapes in the brief flashes which lit the sky. Garden chair, fallen tree, child's bicycle, bundle of clothes...

Bundle of clothes...




The sense of familiarity was becoming stronger with every step towards this stirring person on the ground and Remus threw caution to the wind, running the last few steps.

Harry joined him leaning over the unknown person, and he joined his gasp when the flashing sky illuminated a face neither of them had seen outside dreams in eight years. Remus' caution was back immediately and the face on the ground, eyes now open like a miracle, frowned when he saw two wands aimed directly at him.

"What the fuck is going on?"