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"Oi, Niku, what should we do to this girl?" One of his henchmen asks the big guy, who now lies on the ground of a training ground.

The henchman is holding a kunai to a wall roped Ayame, her arms tied together and held up. Niku opens his eyes and looks at him, asking, "We're not to kill her. As much as she pisses me off, she's nothing more than the bait to lure our prey here."

"Yeah but, can I still do something to her?" He asks him, holding the kunai to her left eye. "This defiant little eyeball's creeping me out; almost as if she knows she'll be saved. I wanna poke it out."

"Just tie something over her eyes," Niku replies, going back to sleep. As his pion wraps a cloth around Ayame's eyes, he begins to grow frustrated. "Where are you, demon? You'll regret angering a jonin coming out of suspension."

"There we go. This chick's being awfully quiet." The henchman says, finishing tying a cloth over Ayame's dry and bloodshot eyes. "After all she's been screaming so much before when she woke up."

In truth, Ayame is paralyzed with fear. She only stopped screaming so much earlier because her throat became dry and tired, so her voice started to turn raspy. There was no way she could reply, especially since she was still afraid of men. After two minutes of waiting, Ayame was worried that she would not see him again.

The same henchman from before begins to notice Ayame's frilly state, her dress torn up to the point where you would think it was used. The skinny slimeball could practically see her underwear. His left hand slowly snakes up her stocking legs, then wiggles underneath her dress.

Blushing in embarrassment she viciously swings her foot into his face, screaming, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" while utterly breaking his nose. He crashes backward onto the ground, clutching his bleeding nose in pain.

"Kuso! Boss, this bitch just kicked my nose! A COMMON WHORE!" He screams, the fact that his pride as a ninja was shattered as well as his nose. He then slaps her, knocking her fragile head back into the hard tree she's tied to. "First that demon brat beats us up for trying to rape this common chakraless whore, now she thinks she's man enough to fight us as well!"

"Shut up Geiru. Where the hell is Tona?" Niku says while half asleep, wondering where his other henchman is.

Chapter 7: Ayame's Pain

In town the third ninja, the fat one, wanders around town with a bag of food in his arms. Tona chews voraciously on a Snickers bar, smacking his disgusting lips full of peanut butter and chocolate without realizing how much he stood out.

"I'd better hurry back. I can't miss the demon boy's death." He mumbles while chewing, heading back to the training grounds where his boss is.

As he begins to shunshin, he hears loud shrieking from the crowd behind him. The fat man turns around and spots someone with silver hair.

"What the hell?" Tona asks himself, not expecting the Copy Ninja to appear at this time and night.

"You must be the one who was sold those demon sealing kunai am I wrong?" Kakashi raises his hitai-e to reveal the hidden eye socket, glaring viciously at the fat guy. Fear expels all over him, resulting in sweat pouring down him like a waterfall in a rain forest.


"Fine whatever. Just don't kill her, and you can do whatever." Niku says to his skinny 'friend'.

A drooling mad Geiru holds a kunai up to Ayame, who though while still blindfolded was crying tears of fear. After all she could hear their words quite clearly.

"I'll teach you good!" Geiru is literally foaming at the mouth around this point. He stabs his kunai forward, cleaving into the side of her right arm around the shoulder. Ayame cries out in pain, tears and blood drip onto the dusty earth.

The deranged ninja then winds his hand up, and stabs down at her. The only reason it doesn't touch her is due to another kunai thrown to cut Ayame's arms free from up on the wall. Free, she wildly slaps her hands around, hoping to smack the knife out of his hands. Of course she couldn't see, so instead Ayame slaps him in the face.

The blow is strong enough to knock Geiru onto the ground away from her. Niku takes great notice in her freedom, then looks to his left and sees Naruto standing in the opening. "I'll say this once; let Ayame go, and maybe, just MAYBE, I'll rip only one lung out."

"Naruto-sama!" Ayame shouts out, happy to see that she'll be alright. She removes the cloth from her eyes, and stares at her hero master. "I'm so glad you came for me!"

"So you're here...I've been waiting for this moment..." Niku then rises up to his feet, pure terror present on his face. But this terror was being released onto Naruto, who would soon feel what this narrator is talking about. "Because of you, I lost my ninja license. Because of you, I received these injuries from that old bitch! BECAUSE OF YOU, THOUSANDS KNOW OF MY SHAME!"

"Like I care about your worthless pride! You should have thought of that before you tried to rape an innocent woman!" Naruto yells back, pointing his finger at him. "And when I kick your ass again you're gonna lose more than respect!"

"And I had just gotten off of break. Me, Geiru and Tona were on our last day of suspension, and YOU had to ruin it!" Niku says, holding a red kunai in his hand. As Naruto takes notice of it, chakra is released from Niku and the knife. "But now, with the barrier made by Tona up the Hokage can't find us, and with these special kunai littered across the field, you'll never expell that cocky attitude again!"

"Kunai?" Naruto then looks around him, then gasps at the sight of ten red kunai around him and Niku. "What are those things?!"

"Hissatsu Fuinjutsu: Maou no Yuuwaku!" (Sure Kill Sealing Technique: Devil's Temptation) Suddenly, Naruto is zapped by a thousand voltage shock. They were coming from the kunai surrounding him. Naruto soon falls onto his hands and knees, his chest breathing in and out fast and slow.

"Like it huh? It's something that was inscribed in the box those kunai came in. All in this dome lose their ability to gather chakra for an hour and anything holding demonic chakra are paralyzed within that time limit." Naruto spits out blood seconds after he finishes talking. Ayame stares painfully at her master, more tears coming out. Niku then looks at Geiru, who stands firmly beside Ayame with a kunai to her neck. "That's nice work putting them up. He was so busy listening to me he didn't notice you putting them in place."

"Well, speed is my specialty." - Geiru

"MASTER!" She cries out, but receives a tiny cut on her neck.

"Shut up bitch! Just sit there and watch!" He yells at her, shaking her head by her neck violently. A couple of cricking noises could be heard.

"Ayame..." Naruto receives a kick to the face and rolls over to the edge of the circle. Upon reaching the end he receives a powerful red electrical shock, causing him to scream even more.

"Also, you can't escape. This is like the thunder dome in here; no one gets out unless one is void of breath or dead." Niku says, after leaping onto Naruto and stabbing him violently on his back. He is careful not to pierce into his vital organs, but goes wild on everything else. "THAT'S RIGHT BOY! YOU'LL BE DEALING WITH HELL FOR THE NEXT 40 MINUTES!"

At this point Niku too had gone crazy. He even raises Naruto and pushes him against the wall, knowing he would be seriously injured if pressed against it. Blood coughs out from Naruto's mouth, dripping down his lips and nostrils.

'MASTER!' Ayame couldn't see her master in such a state, and turns away from it all. But Geiru had other plans, and forces her head into the direction and her eyes open.

"Oh no. You were so sure he would save you before, but no you have to watch! Watch your precious demon lover die!" Geiru says, still foaming at the mouth. The simple act of seeing her master suffer in any sort of way is more than enough torture for Ayame.

"We're gonna enjoy this hour!" Niku screams, holding Naruto in one hand while the other brandishes the kunai. Naruto tries to move his hands, but finds that he's still paralyzed from being within the field.

He begins to fear this is the end for him; Ayame, his goals to become Hokage, both of these will die when he go.

"Oi, you there." A voice calls out, prompting everyone to stop what they are doing. Everyone stares at the source of the voice, and sees the Copy Ninja before them. In his left arm is a body heaved over the shoulder. "Are you the ones who purchased ninja paralysis kunai from a store?"

"Ninja paralysis?" Niku asks, dropping Naruto to the ground.

"At first I wasn't sure of the validity, and now I'm glad for going along with it. Still being pessimistic and spiteful, Niku..."

"Like hell I am! What did you do to Tona?!" Niku asks in anger, pointing at his chubby nakama.

"Oh him? He wouldn't tell me where you were so I gave him a little hypnosis." He drops the broken, fat guy.

"Tona!" Geiru cries out, releasing Ayame for the time being. "You'll pay for killing my nakama!"

"He's not dead." Kakashi disappears in a flash, appearing behind him and striking his spinal cord. This knocks him over as his legs stop working. "Besides, you say stuff like nakama, and yet you use your weapons against one of your own ninja comrades? I despise hypocrites like you."

"You bastard..." - Niku

'We're saved!' - Naruto, Ayame