The Clow Cards

The Thunder

The Sword

The Time

The Power

The Erase

The Fight

The Mirror

The Maze

The Dash

The Create

The Change

The Freeze

The Firey

The Shadow

The Illusion

The Big

The Shot

The Snow

The Watery

The Twin

The Earthy

The Windy

The Fly

The Dream

The Light

The Dark

Sakura Cards

The Knife

The Ball

The Haunt

The Stone

The Rocky

The Rope

The Twister

The Stalker

The Explosive

The Invisible

The Joker

The Phantom

The Unicorn

The Whip

The Heal

The Wolf

The Riddle

The Wave

The Crystal

The Fate

The Age

The Magician

The Fantasy

The Transform

The Obedience

The Poison

The Fortune

The Plague

The Decay