Sympathy for the Devil

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Chapter 5: Bridge

That evening found Hermione conducting Rose and Knox to Ron Weasley's new home. Late that afternoon, Rose had shown up in Hermione's apartments again, Knox in tow. Rose introduced her beau to her mother, who smiled politely, nodding at the appropriate times while her daughter extolled Knox's better qualities, glazing over his struggles with some of his early studies, and his occasional brushes with disciplinary action during his time at Hogwart's. When Rose was finished, she and Knox waited for Hermione to say something, anything.

Hermione quietly poured tea, offering biscuits and sweetener. Rose sipped quietly while Knox nibbled on a biscuit. After a few minutes, Hermione put her mug down and patted her lips with a napkin.

"So. You're Knox, my daughter's latest boyfriend. You've already graduated from Hogwart's, and you've a commission to work for the Ministry of Magic in the Muggle Relations Offices, incidentally with Rose's paternal grandfather. You've been "serious" for more than a year, and yet in all this time, you've visited Rose, not come to see me, and I live here, and instead of meeting her muggleborn mother, you're going for a weekend, with her, to her father's – the son of your supervisor. Am I correct?" Hermione asked softly.

"Yes, Ma'am. Ah'm sorrah Ah di'n't think this through 'fore we got so serious. It seemed like if it got serious, then Ah'd meet everyone, startin' with her father. That's how we do it 'n the States," Knox replied with a thick Southern accent. Hermione blinked. "Ah was a transfer when the N'Orleans Academy for the Magically Touched was temporarily shut down after the storms."

Hermione nodded, biting her lip. She plastered a smile on her face. "An American, to boot. I don't remember anyone telling me that you were an American."

"Mum, it never came up. Knox has the right of it – he thought he might be going back to the States after he graduated, but he was offered his commission and—"

"And Rosie here, well, we're contemplatin' more'n just courtin', ya see," Knox added. "Ah was goin' ta ask her Pa after her, see if he already had a man – or wizard – in mind for her already, you see. Ma petit, here – well, she's quite the catch."

"You're going to take Knox to your father to see if he'll give you his blessing on an engagement?? And you never brought him to meet me?" Hermione spluttered.

Rose shook her head and looked from her mother to her boyfriend. "Well, that certainly wasn't MY intention for this weekend."

Knox smiled sheepishly, then took Hermione's hand in his own.

"Miz Granger, Ah'd like very much to propose a marriage with your daughter. Rosie's a good girl, a good woman. And Ah'm more'n happy to stay here in the Isles for a while after we take our vows, so you and Mr. Weasley can see your first grandbabies," Knox said with a grin. Hermione nodded, shaking.

Knox turned from mother to daughter, getting down on one knee, holding out a small, black velvet box. He opened it with a flick of his wrist, revealing a small ruby settled in a cluster of baby diamonds, all nestled in delicate white gold.

"Rose Molly Weasley, my Rosie fair, would you marry me, seeing as how your Ma dun seem to mind me too much?"

Rose gaped at the ring and Knox's shining face, unable to speak, simply nodding her head endlessly. Hermione snorted quietly, remembering the fumbling way Ron had proposed to her so long ago, a simple "Wouldja marry me, 'Mione? I mean, Harry's got Ginny and we always knew we'd have a bunch of brats."

Hermione bristled; she wasn't going to waste this important moment in her daughter's life by reminiscing about the beginning of her ill-fated marriage. Rose was still nodding and Knox was starting to sweat, near to shaking on his knee. Hermione cleared her throat and Knox turned to her, helpless and suddenly seeming much younger.

"Rose," Hermione said softly. The girl didn't rouse so Hermione spoke a bit louder. "Rose Molly Weasley, the young man has asked you a question and I don't want your grandmother finding out you've forgotten the manners she and I spent so much time teaching you. Open your mouth and give him a proper answer, yay or nay."

Poor Knox paled visibly at the idea that Rose might turn him down, and Hermione winked at him. At the mention of her grandmother, Rose snapped out of her daze.

"I, er, that is… Mum, are you alright with that?" Rose asked stupidly.

Hermione rolled her eyes and pinched the bridge of her nose, nodding. Rose grinned and grabbed Knox's hands, pulling him to his feet.

"Of course I'll marry you, Knox! I wouldn't have it any other way," Rose cried, kissing him soundly. Knox held her tightly, his hands shaking as he placed the ring on his fiancee's finger. After a few moments, her released Rose and she flung herself into her mother's arms.

"Mum! I had no idea he was going to – I mean, I wanted him to but – Mum, I can't believe it, I'm getting married," Rose's words tripped over themselves and Hermione had to laugh. She let Rose go and turned to Knox.

"You will wait till she is graduated, it won't be too long now. And I think it would be wonderful if you both stayed close by, at least for a while. Always nice to be near at least one set of in-laws while you're working out all the kinks. Knox, welcome to the family," Hermione said, clasping Knox's hand warmly.

"Now. Let's get you to Ron's so he can have that long overdue heart attack."


AN: So… the title of this chapter, Bridge, is a music term referring to a specific transitional grouping of words, usually between a verse and chorus, or between 2 verses instead of a chorus, and often includes a shift up or down to a new key.

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