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Kiri had only come around because she was forced, her apparently being part of the S.P, to come to a meeting.

She yawned tiredly as she got to the front door, ringing the bell with a bored expression.

Chisami opened the door in all her over the top wonder crying out in joy. "My prince-sama has returned, what a shame i won't be here to accompany her," she cried clinging on to Kiri.

Narumi came to the door shouting, as usual, about something or the other. "Chisami hurry up and leave, you're being a nuisance."

"Hmph, and you're not i suppose?" She said airily. Narumi popped a vain and started shouting at her, but she had already left. "Well, are you coming in or what!"

Kiri entered mumbling about him being so noisy and set her hat down on the side. "What's this big meeting about then Naru-Naru?"

"What is so hard about calling me sempai!?" he yelled. "It's easy; SEM-PAI!!"

"Okay Naru-Naru-sempai," she said smiling slightly. Narumi blew a fuse and didn't stop yelling all the way to the back room, where Kiri(reluctantly) followed him.

"When are the other's getting here?" she asked, only mildly surprised when he actually answered her question. "Ochiai's coming later and Kei will probably be round pretty soon."

"Oh," she said sitting down on a couch, and as usual started to fall asleep, that was until Narumi flicked her on the forehead.

"Don't fall asleep baka," he said annoyed. "Since you're here early you could at least help out."

"What with?" she yawned barely opening her eyes. Narumi grumbled something about Chisame recking the room. "You could at least help tidy up instead of just sitting there.

Very, very reluctantly, Kiri got up and started to help Narumi tidy the room up before the others got here.

She picked up books and stacked them on the shelves, they were mainly about hair and make-up, and help to fill the cupboard back up with the contents that were strewn across the floor. What did Chisame do in here? She wondered vaguely.

Kiri helped Narumi push the sofa's back into place and then sat down for a break, even he had gotten tired of complaining and sat quietly.

She thought for a second that she might catch at least a wink of sleep, but nope, as soon as she closed her eyes Narumi spoke. "Uhm, do you want a drink or something?"

"...sure," she replied watching him leave the room. Within a few minutes he came back in with the drinks and some snacks as well. First he put the bowl of food down on the table, he then put his own drink down before proceeding to hand Kiri hers. She stood up to take the glass but it was deciding to be one of those days, Narumi lent forward too much and the glass slipped from her hand landing all over her.

"Oops, sorry Mussy-head," he said, trying not to laugh. "I'll get you a towel."

Kiri did not look impresses and she certainly didn't hide the irritation in her voice. "I'll get it myself thank you," she said turning to leave. She stopped when she felt him touch her hair.

"Just drying it off with towel won't do much, you should really wash it out save damaging your hair," he told her. "There's a bathroom up stairs and i'll find you some clothes, don't want you making anything else sticky."

Kiri didn't know what to make of that, of course when it came to hair Narumi wasn't an idiot and the whole change of clothes thing was surely for he's own benefit. Nope, it wasn't an act of kindness at all, she decided.

She followed him upstairs and watched as he rooted through several draws. "There's towels and stuff already in there, these are the only clothes that'd probably fit you as well," he handed her a top a bottoms and couldn't help but noticed how the fruity drink had made everything cling to her, it almost made her look like she had a figure.

"Naru-Naru, it's rude to stare," Kiri said shocking him from his daze. She left the room and Narumi found himself blushing furiously, but his reaction wouldn't let him deny that she did in fact look quite cute.


Kiri looked around the bathroom and put the clean clothes on the side, she lent inside the shower and switched it on.

She let out an exasperated sigh and began to remove her clothes letting them drop to the floor. She remedied that she would never let her guard down like that again.

Stepping in to the shower, Kiri let the warm water run down her body before combing her hands through her hair. Well, lets wash it then.

She picked up the shampoo noting it was Alix, Ochiai's family's company. She popped the cap and began to remove the existence of fruit juice from her hair.

After she had cleaned her hair up, she decided to wash the rest of her body too, well there was no point in wasting a good shower.

Finally she turned it off and stepped out, she looked around the room and sighed again. I thought he said there were towels in here...

Narumi sat in his room, at the end of his bed and laid back, bored. He heard the bathroom door shut and the shower turn on.

Well that was a real good start to the day, he thought bitterly. Now she's using my shower and wearing my clothes...

Narumi sighed and picked up a hairdressing magazine flicking through it gingerly as he listened to the water running, water that would be running down from her hair, to her chest and then...WHAT!! What the hell was that!?

Narumi sat up blushing and hit himself with the magazine. Don't you dare think like that again, idiot.

He went back to reading still blushing like a tomato and rolled over. Stupid Mussy-head, getting soaked with drink, he could still smell the fruit juice that was on her, the way it plastered her clothes to her body and made her top see through, she was wearing such a small bra that would probably come off with no effort...

Narumi groaned and smacked himself in the head. Stop it! Just stop thinking about her in that stupid shower, naked and...for the love of god!

It didn't just anger him that he was thinking of her like that, it was the throbbing in his trousers that made it all the worse.

Mussy-head was not attractive, he hated her and he was sure of it. Maybe i'm over tired and my brains confused, that has to be it.

His face had never been so red before, not even at his angriest most aggressive moment, which was a great feat in it's own, and his face grew hotter when he heard the shower turn off and the bathroom door unlock.

"Naru-Naru, you got any towels?" Kiri called from behind the door. He stood up and looked out through the hallway. "I thought they were in there," he said. She shook her head which was the only part of her sticking out from the door.

Narumi walked down to a cupboard and took a few out handing her them at the door, he blushed as he saw the water dripping down her leg through the crack and turned away. "H-hurry up!"

Kiri dried off and put on the clothes that he had given her. The only thing of hers that she now wore, was her knickers. The rest was covered in juice, she now stood in a pair of Narumi's trousers and a top that had gotten to small for him, her top and bra lay sticky on the floor and her own trousers were covered in drink too.

She brushed her hair and walked out of the room carrying her dirty washing. "Thanks," she muttered as she walked into Narumi's room.

"You're not going to just let your hair dry like that areyou?" He asked looking at her damp hair. "It'll damage."

"Got a hairdryer then?" she yawned. Her question was met by an overly loud Narumi. "Of course i have Mussy-head, what are you, stupid?"

Kiri dropped her clothes on the floor and plugged in the machine sitting on the end of Narumi's bed. He watched from behind a new magazine as she combed and dried her hair with a little interest. Well she got it perfect as usual, he thought annoyed.

After a few minutes they went back down stairs, Kiri putting her laundry in a bag and leaving it by the door.

They went back into the back room and finished up cleaning, it felt good to sit down and relax after cleaning up a big room, what ever Chisami had done it sure left the room in a mess, but now they could just sit and wait for the others to arrive.

Narumi breathed out and downed his drink quickly, it was pretty hot and exhausting work, but at least it was over.

He was staring vacantly at Kiri's re-filled glasses noting dully that she was once again asleep, he didn't really register the water vibrating in the glass.

He lent over to take a snack from the bowl and could here something rattling in the room, it was when he took his eyes up from the bowl that he saw the drink shaking. He sat up and looked over to the china on the ledge, the shaking got worse and a mirror smashed on the floor waking Kiri.

She opened her eyes and could feel the ground moving around her, she gave a quick glance to Narumi who was mirroring her expression perfectly. "Earthquake," he said. They didn't even have time to think when a nearby shelf fell down and crashed on the floor, but it was probably in their best interest to move from where they were.

They did this and tried to get to a safe part of the room, but fate had other plans. Instead something crashed making Kiri duck to the floor and she cried out, Narumi was pulling her up before the power cut out plunging the room into darkness (A/N: It was late), this was even more dangerous but then there was a crash and things went black again, just this time i wasn't the lights.

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