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It had only taken about twenty minutes for the two of them to be rescued, and for most of that time they had been checking over their injuries. Narumi didn't think he had ever been happier when they had at last lifted Kiri off of him, not that he minded her on top him so much; it was just being crushed under all that weight he didn't like. He sat up carefully and stretched out every part of him that had basically gone dead from not moving for so long, grimacing at the pain of it and the weird sensation of blood flowing back into his body.

"Can you stand?" the fireman next to him asked, eying Narumi carefully in case something was wrong.

Narumi shook his head in response and replied. "I can't move my leg; some thing cut into it when we were trapped."

"Very well then," he nodded, bending down and taking a look at his leg, Narumi was shocked as his trouser leg was pull up, revealing a deep gash in the side. His trousers were torn at the side, and wet with blood.

"Woah!" Narumi gasped as the man picked him up, he looked around and saw Kiri being led out of the room with Chisami at her heel, the young girl was talking about her 'heroic and wonderful Prince-sama' to the unsuspecting fireman.

The fireman carrying Narumi began walking to the door, glancing around to make sure there was nothing dangerous in his way, his job was to get the kid out safely and he needed to do his job properly to reduce the risk of something going wrong.

Even in the hallway Narumi could see that things had gotten toppled over in the events of the day and he spared a small thought for the poor people who would have to clean it up.

He was quite thankful that they wasn't in the kitchen at the time as through the open door he could just about see the mass of broken china and fallen kitchenware.

As soon as he was outside the paramedics came over to the both of them and the fireman put him down on what he presumed was a stretcher. It was all happening really fast and he was answering all of their questions without even thinking about what he was saying. It was then that he noticed something -or someone- was missing.

"Excuse me, but where's Kiri?" He asked when he had a moment free, looking over their shoulders as they fussed over him.

"Oh the young lady? Yes your girlfriend's fine just some bruising on her back, but she's on her way home," the lady said pushing him back down on the stretcher when he tried to sit up.

"She's not my- wait you just let her go home!" he cried, trying to sit up again. He failed miserably as he lent on his broken wrist and yelled in pain. The paramedic rolled her eyes and put her hands on the boy shoulders.

"Narumi-san please take it easy, she had no reason to go to the hospital," the paramedic sternly said. "You on the other hand do, and it would be a lot easier if you would calm down and let us do our job."

Narumi looked unsure but laid down all the same, letting the paramedics take him to the hospital. He could always talk with his kohai later and see if she really was okay, but the doctors knew what they were talking about so he had no reason not to believed them. It had been a long, exhausting and strange night, and Narumi gratefully fell asleep on the way to the hospital enjoying his dreams.



"Kei, be quiet he's asleep."

"But Ochii, he's been asleep all day," the pineapple headed boy whined, the Pocky in his mouth snapping. He whined even louder because of this, placing a new stick of the chocolate goodness into his mouth. "What a waste."

"Kei, can't you just behave?" the other guy said frowning, his glasses caught the light as he thought about what a pain this kid could be. His attention was slowly brought back as the sleeping boy before them began to stir.

"Well done Kei, you woke him up," Ochiai Kazuhiko chided, scowling at his smaller friend. Narumi groaned and his eyes fluttered open slowly, taking in a fleeting glance of his surroundings.

"How you doing Naru-chan?" Kei asked, loudly.

"Hn...Fine until you came in the room," Narumi complained, rolling over. "So noisy..."

"Hmm that sounds familiar," Kei mumbled to himself. No body heard him though.

"Narumi, seriously, how are you?" Ochiai asked, frowning ever so slightly.

Narumi gave a small grunt and pushed himself to sit up, doing this he noticed that his wrist was now plastered and a white cast was set firmly in place. Looking his body over, Narumi saw his lower arm was wrapped in a bandage along with his foot, he had pulled the covers back rather hastily and swung himself out of the bed.

"Narumi you shouldn't be doing that," Kazuhiko shook his head, giving Narumi an extremely disapproving look.

"It's fine Kazuhiko, I was hot underneath the covers anyway," Narumi told him, dismissing the look entirely. "And I've already said I'm okay, so quite asking so much.

"Narumi we're going to be concerned about your health, so you should expect it," his friend replied, pushing his glasses up.

Narumi stayed silent, stretching out his aching muscles and yawning greatly. He sat back against the pillow watching Kei as he stuffed the last of his sweets in his mouth, and grumbled when he realised they were all gone.

"So what happened with you guys yesterday?" He asked, watching Kei with less than amusement.

"I was on my way over when the ground started to shake," Ochiai told him. "Thought it was better to wait it out, then head home."

"Yeah, I didn't want kaa-san home alone," Kei added, smiling goofily.

"Oh okay...wait have you seen Kiri yet? How is she?" He asked, a little too quickly.

Kei and Ochiai shared a look and then their eyes focused back on he injured boy before them. Maybe he hit his head...

"You just called her Kiri," Kei shouted in disbelief, pointing at Narumi accusingly.

Narumi did a double take and blushed lightly, attempting to defend himself. "No i didn't! I called her Mussy-head!"

"Yes you di-mmph!"

"Narumi we're just going to get a drink," Ochiai stepped in quickly, pulling Kei out of the room roughly by his collar.

"Hey, what was that for?" he whined, once they were far enough away from Narumi's room.

"He called her Kiri...," Kazuhiko said, carefully. "Hmm something must have happened for him to start calling her that."

"Well wasn't Kiri-chan the only one who turned up for Naru-Naru's meeting?" Kei asked.

"Hm we'll ask Narumi about just what, exactly, happened," Kazuhiko told him, plotting something in his mind.

They walked back into Narumi's room cosing the door behind them. Narumi gave them a strange look before turning back to the hair styling magazine he had found, that had been left on his bedside.

"Thought you were getting a drink?" he asked, not really caring about the answer. He was instead glaring daggers at the magazine after reading a large page focused on Billy Iketani and how much of a star he was becoming in Japan.

"We were, but they didn't have anything we liked," Kazuhiko told him, peering over the magazine and frowning. "Narumi, you never did tell us what happened yesterday."

Narumi looked up from the magazine and put it down on the bed. "Only one person showed up for the meeting, there was an earthquake and me and Kiri got trapped. That's the short version of things, oh and we couldn't get to phone either."

"Oh that's funny Naru-Naru 'coz Ochii was thinking you were doing something else," Kei laughed. Narumi gave his friend a strange look, but Kei wasn't done talking. "I bet he's thinking that something else should have happened."

Narumi couldn't help the pink tinge that rested on his cheeks as he thought about what had happened during their time together. He fought it off pretty well and whacked Kei off the bed, where he had plonked himself down.

"Kazuhiko..." Narumi growled. "Just what were you thinking?"

"He was thinking that you and Ki-Gak!"

Kazuhiko grabbed Kei by the arm and pulled him sharply to the floor covering his mouth. "Don't you ever shu-


The door to the room opened fully and a short girl with a bob stepped into the room yawning loudly, closing the door behind her. She gave a passing glance over the scene in front of her and chose to ignore what ever had just caused Kazuhiko to hold Kei down, her eyes coming to rest on the boy sitting on the bed. He looked pissed and was about to shout something at the two of them.

The three of them stopped arguing immediately and turned their eyes to face the expressionless girl. Narumi shook his head, stopping himself from staring at her any longer than he should, and cleared his throat.

"K-Kiri...why are you still in my clothes?" he asked, his voice was strangely hoarse and was it getting hot in here?

Kiri Koshiba, because that was who she was, looked down at her clothing and tugged lightly at the neck line, shrugging. She gave him a confused look with her eyebrows raised, but then thought better not to question what she had just heard. Maybe he hit his head?

"Seji didn't agree with me coming home so soon, after I woke up I got dragged back here and I didn't get a chance to change," she explained in a lazy tone.

Kazuhiko let go of Kei instantly after taking notice of his crush's appearance and gave Narumi a suspicious glare, the young prodigy didn't even notice.

"Koshiba-san, why exactly are you in Narumi's clothes?" he asked, warily. He felt increasingly worried about what the answer was going to be.

"Oh Narumi spilled juice on me and wouldn't let me leave because of the meeting," she told him, not even noticing herself how she had addressed the boy. "I wasn't going to stay sticky all day."

"Uh huh...I see," Kazuhiko said, still not happy about it.

"Hey hey! Ochii didn't you hear them," Kei shouted loudly, staring at the two hairstylists in mock shock. "Kiri-chan called Naru-Nar-mmph!"

Kazuhiko quickly clamped a hand over Kei's mouth once again shutting him up, he had caught on a split second before the kid got the words from his mouth. "Kei keep quiet," he hissed.

"Eh heh, excuse us Koshiba-san," he said, dragging Kei over to the door. "We're going to get something to eat."

Kei pulled the hand off his mouth with some effort and protested. "But we just ate and the hospital food is horrible!"

"Come on Kei," Kazuhiko continued, pushing him firmly out the door and shutting it behind him. Hmm, well if things are working out between them...sigh Narumi you better not screw this up.

Back in the room Kiri and Narumi exchanged a puzzled look before glancing away from each other. No one was talking and an uncomfortable silence fell over them.

Kiri walked closer to Narumi's bed, closing the huge gap between them, and sat down on the edge, her yawn cut off with a disgruntled groan.

"So how are you doing Narumi?" she asked, looking at him from the corner of her eyes. She could see him blushing lightly but she didn't think anything of it.

Narumi frowned and opened his mouth. "I'm fine already! I wish everyone would stop asking the same stupid question."

He looked away from her and stared out of the window, his mind trying not to think of her close proximity.

"Narumi you're in the hospital, of course people are going to ask how you are," she stated flatly.


Silence engulfed them once again, and a few minutes passed by as the two sat together. Narumi sat there blushing as his thoughts span in his head, he went over everything that had happened previously and felt like kicking himself for his stupid behaviour. He sighed and glanced at the girl next to him, she was flipping through the magazine that she had swiped from Narumi's bed and lazily reading through it.

"What about you?" he finally asked.

Kiri didn't even look up from the picture she was staring at. Narumi frowned and pulled the top of it down, mildly wishing he hadn't afterwards. Kiri looked different in Narumi's clothes, she looked pretty cute and Narumi found his face heating up further, or maybe that was because of the low dip of the top giving him an interesting view.

"I asked you a question Mussy-head," he ground out, trying to sound angry.

"What did you ask me?" she asked, looking him in the eyes.

Narumi looked away. "I said, what about you?"

"Oh..what about me?" she asked. Narumi wanted to hit his head against a brick wall, was this girl really that stupid.

"" he growled, trying to stay as level headed as Narumi could possibly be.

"I'm fine."

"Are you ever going to say more than a single sentence to me?" Narumi asked exasperated. "How's your back? and don't just say 'I'm fine'."

"Hm, Narumi's worried about me," she said, turning a page. A small smile on her lips. "...It's just a bruise Narumi, nothing that won't heal."

"Really?" Narumi asked, sceptically. He had been noticing something since she sat near him, every time she took a breath in she would grimace and her breath would be cut short. "Looks like you're having trouble breathing to me."

"Like I said; it's just a bruise," she assured him, smiling lightly. "It's only for a while."

"K-Kiri, you're only gonna worry people you know," he mumbled, resting his arm on his knee.

"So are you, what with all the injuries," she commented, watching him look away. "I saw your parents outside."



"WHAT!" Narumi cried. Kiri was sure he would have bolted the door and windows shut if he could move freely, he certainly look panicked.

"They're in the waiting room, your mum looked like she had been crying, but the other two seemed fine," she told him, bringing his attention back to her.

"Oh...Well as long as they're not making a scene," he grumbled, imagining the scenario in his head with a grimace. It was not a thing for the weak of heart to witness or even think about.

"Hey...since when have you called me by my name?" He asked, suddenly noticing the lack of nicknames...or teasing.

"Since you started calling me by mine," Kiri replied, truthfully.

"Uh?" Narumi looked confused and thought back to every time he had talk to or about her today, sure enough -to his embarrassment- he had only called her mussy head at least once that day. The rest he called her by her given one instead. "Oh."

Kiri closed the magazine and placed it on the side carefully, uncrossing her legs on the bed. She paused for a moment, closing her eyes and smiling.

"...Thank you," she spoke softly, opening her eyes to look at the startled Narumi.

"Uh uhm...what for?" He asked, genuinely wondering.

"For helping me at your house," she replied. "You didn't have to do it, but you did it thank you, Narumi."

Narumi blushed brilliantly, watching the girl in front of him with a weary shock. "I had to..." he said, so quietly it was barely audible.

Kiri blushed lightly before getting up and sorting her -well Narumi's- clothes out. "So I'll see you later Narumi."

"Yea...No, wait," he said, he didn't even realise what he had done let alone realised he had spoke. He had taken hold of Kiri's arm and pulled her back to sit on the bed, she was so close she was almost sitting on his lap. Narumi released her immediately after figuring it out.

"Gomen..." he mumbled, blushing. "You said I didn't have to do anything...why?"

Kiri blinked, going over the question in her head. "Because you didn't have to let me get cleaned up, and you didn't have to protect me when we got trapped, I mean I'm not your favourite person so..."

"Geez Mussy-head, how stupid are you?" Narumi snapped, frowning at her. "'Not your favourite person'...Do you think I wouldn't care if you're soaked or if you got hurt? Of course I would dummy."

The now slightly confused girl tilted her head to the side, she could barely even hear the words the boy next to her was muttering, but she smiled all the same at what she could hear.

"Of course I had to help you Kiri," Narumi now spoke normally so she could hear, yet he still kept his eyes firmly averted from her. "I wouldn't let someone I care about get hurt baka."

Kiri smiled before noticing something by the door. She stood up again, leaning one leg on the bed as she looked down at the blushing Narumi.

"Thank you," she said again, leaning down and kissing him quickly on the cheek. Then whispering in his ear. "You're parents are at the door Narumi. See you later."

Outside the door of Narumi's room, several nurses and doctors were giving some very concerned looks to something on the floor. Two bodies lay frozen in disbelief, passed out from the shock. Kei Minami and Ochiai Kazuhiko sometimes regretted their snooping.

That said -or rather done- Kiri walked away from the bed and out of the door, greeting Narumi's parents on the way out and leaving before they could ask her anything.

Narumi sat there on the bed, frozen. He's entire being had turned crimson, eyes wide in shock. Slowly, as he regained his senses, he put his hand to his cheek, touching the spot he had just been kissed. The boys eyes softened and he smiled gently, enjoying the memory.

Of course not everything can stay perfect, as even Narumi had to be violently woken from his pleasant state when the door burst open, with the loud cries of his name being shouted to the rooftops.


She'll pay for that! He thought vengefully, only just remembering the last thing she said to him. Of course she knew he wouldn't have listened to her warning, he was in a state of shocked bliss after all.


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