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...Kyoya and that tip off. Hikaru had never loved that low blood pressure demon so much in his life. He was now sitting in the limo with the rest of the Host Club tapping his fingers impatiently, they had arrived at the place half an hour ago and Kyoya still hadn't let him leave.

"Come on Kyoya, the longer we're in here the longer Kaoru's getting hurt," Hikaru whined desperately. Kyoya's glasses glinted and he took a drink from the cooler. "Just give it a few more minutes and then you can bolt out of that door."

Haruhi raised an eyebrow, how on earth was Hikaru going to bolt any where? He's leg was badly injured and as a matter of fact so was the rest of him.

"Kyoya what exactly are w e going to do once Hikaru finds Kaoru," Tamaki asked taking off his coat and laying it down on an empty seat. Kyoya smiled and left the question hanging. "All in due time," he said.

Hikaru fidgeted in his seat staring out of the window, he felt like a coil that had been wound up so tight it couldn't wait to spring. All he could think about was how his brother was, if he was okay and if he was safe. Damn Kyoya.

"Hikaru," Kyoya said slyly.

"What?" He snapped spitefully.

Kyoya smirked. "The doors are open."

Hikaru's eyes widened taking the hint and bolted out of the limo, not before hitting his head as he stood up and cursing of course. Every one looked at Kyoya expecting somethings and he began to tell them.


Hikaru raced down the pathway to the old house. There wasn't much security so it was easy for Hikaru to sneak onto the grounds and into the building. Getting out of our own house is easy, this is just ridiculous.

He ran up to the side of the building and walked around till he came to a door. It creaked open as he pushed on the old wood and found himself in a storage room. Hikaru crept across the room quietly looking around and got to the door, he twisted the handle and pushed. Thankfully it wasn't locked.

A thin sheet of light shone across the room and Hikaru shielded his eyes until they could adjust. The hallway was empty down both sides so he left the storage room in a hurry.

Kaoru was being held in the boiler room which Hikaru knew would be on the ground floor, which is where he was, and it would only take a few minutes to find. He raced quietly up the first corridor bitting hard on his lip to ignore his leg. Nope, not here either.

Hikaru had tried several doors and it was getting him no where, but he couldn't stop now that he was so close.

He had run the length of the hall and he had come to a dead end. He sat down behind a statue groaning, he was in pain. A lot of pain.

"Kaoru..." he whispered weakly. Where was he?

Hikaru stood there in the door way panting, he kept his weight off his his left leg and stared angrily at the person towering over the exhausted boy on the floor.

"I wouldn't take another step Hitachiin," Mamoru said, his voice laced with venom. "It could prove hazardous for him."

"Let him go," Hikaru raised his voice. "He has nothing to do with this,he wasn't even there when it happened. He was home ill."

Mamoru laughed and the boy in question shivered. Chills went up Hikaru's spine too.

The elder boy lent down to the tortured ginger kid on the floor, there was a flash of light and Hikaru saw him push a knife to the boys throat.

"Kaoru!" He cried. Kaoru didn't even flinch, it was as if no one existed to him. He didn't even respond when Mamoru carved a line along his ivory cheek.

"Mamoru stop!" Hikaru shouted attempting to move. "Ah, ah, ah," Mamoru sang. "One false move and i'll slit his throat."

"Dammit, this is between us. You're problems with me so leave him alone," Hikaru cried ignoring the tears streaming down his face. React Kao, Move! Don't let him touch you.

Mamoru spun the knife in his hand satisfied with the clean slit along the younger Hitachiin's cheek, he stood up.

Blood seeped out of the wound slowly running down Kaoru's face like a tear.

"I knew that hurting your body wouldn't do much. No, i realised that i could hurt you most not just by hurting your body, but by harming your little brother too. I bet that hurts more than anything, ne Hika?" He taunted mocking the way Kaoru spoke.

Hikaru was staring past Mamoru to his brother. Even from here he could see the cuts and bruises, the tiredness and how his golden eyes were dull and dead.

"Kaoru..." he said sadly, fresh tears pricking the corners of his eyes. "What are you gaining from this!?" He punched the door furiously.

Mamoru smirked. "It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. I want revenge for what you put my sister through."

Hikaru stared at him in disbelief. "Revenge? This is thousands of times worse!"

Mamoru shrugged and traced the knife edge across Kaoru's shoulder blade digging the knife in to cut. Kaoru didn't move, he just stayed straight ahead breathing quick shallow breaths as the knife cut into his skin. Blood trailed along dripping from the cut down his front.

Hikaru was using every thing he had not to rush in there and stop him from harming his brother. But if he did it could make the situation worse. "Please leave him alone," he pleaded pathetically.

"That's more like it," Mamoru smiled. Hikaru wanted to kill him. Please Kaoru talk to me.

All Hikaru wanted was a response, he needed it, and he would react straight away. Only Kaoru was helpless and vulnerable.

If only he would respond. "Let me talk to him...please," Hikaru choked on that last word.

"You can talk from there," he said coldly. Hikaru groaned, his body hurt all over and he slightly regretted rushing out of the hospital like that.

"Kao, Kao look at me," Hikaru said staring at him. He could feel his heart breaking at the sight of his brother. "kaoru answer me."

Kaoru's eyes traveled slowly to face Hikaru. It was scary; his eyes were blood shot and he looked extremely tired. He opened his mouth but no words came out.

"Mamoru what did you do to him?" Hikaru snapped, Mamoru only shrugged. "If the little rat wants to be a zombie, let him. Or would he rather we continued where we left off?"

"Kaoru it's Hikaru, please answer me," Hikaru begged, ignoring the details of Kaoru's torment which Mamoru was telling him. "Kao."

Tears fell down Hikaru's face and his eyes reflected in the light. Kaoru stared at him, his empty eyes transfixed on Hikaru's golden orbs. He tried to speak again but no words would come out.

Mamoru grew impatient and pushed Hikaru against the wall. "You're really starting to bug me, so now i think i'm going to screw your life up big time," Hikaru heard a click and Mamoru was next to Kaoru in a second. Hikaru tried to move but found he was hand cuffed to some pipe work on the wall.

Mamoru held the knife close t Kaoru's throat and snarled at Hikaru desperately trying to free himself. "Say bye bye to your precious Kaorukun."

The knife glinted and Hikaru screamed. "Kaoru!"

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