...it was an attempt. But i think it turned out bad...it' short too... T-T

It had been an extremely exhausting day as usual and Tamaki let out a sigh leaning against his friend. Kyoya didn't budge and sat there writing as per norm.

There was a long silence as every one but them had left the room, it was amazing how foreign the silence was. Tamaki started to notice he had been staring at his friend and then he found himself leaning in to Kyoya, he couldn't stop. Soundlessly their lips met but they didn't pull apart. Instead Kyoya kissed him back which shocked Tamaki so much he bit Kyoya's tongue.

Well, that broke the kiss and Kyoya sat there with his hand holding his mouth. That idiot.

Tamaki didn't know what to do; he could either say sorry for about a dozen things, laugh, or just stay quiet.

All of these seemed bad ideas to him so he didn't do anything, they both sat there in silence, their faces were a perfect picture of embarrassment.

A few awkward moments of silence went past and Kyoya was still feeling the pain on his tongue. He thought about it for a second and found himself laughing. Tamaki looked at him curiously as if not fully understanding what was so funny.

Kyoya took hold of Tamaki's arm and pulled him in close kissing him on the lips. He smiled and laughed again at the colour Tamaki had turned. Tamaki smiled shyly and tried to regain his normal colour; it wasn't working.

This was going to be interesting from now on.