Hungry for Tsuna

A Kateikyoshi Hitman Reborn Fanfiction

Rating: T- Shounen Ai

Edited on June 19, 2009

Chapter One: Enter Tsunayoshi Sawada

Tsunayoshi Sawada sighed looking at his train ticket. This piece of paper would be his means of passage into his new high school. He had agreed with his parents' decision to send him to an all boy's boarding school in the mountains. His grades were less than stellar, his athleticism were laughable and he wasn't very sociable, he barely had any friends. He wondered to himself how he would survive in an all boy's school, if he barely survived public junior high school. Tsuna didn't know what his parents were thinking sending him to a boarding school. Perhaps, they were giving him more credit than he deserved or he had done something bad and this was punishment. He was destined for failure and he knew it. As soon as he stepped into this new school, Tsuna was sure that junior high school will happen all over again. He already saw the humiliation, the bullying, the remedial lessons and being called, "No Good Tsuna" his infamous nickname.

The whistle sounded signaling that the train was about to leave the station. Tsuna looked at the train in front of him. If he left now, he wouldn't have to deal with this new school. He could go to a regular school, close to his mother. But Tsuna reasoned that his mother and mysterious father had spent a lot of money to get him into this school. He couldn't turn his back on the sacrifice they made for him. And besides, he would still have to go through high school. Maybe, this school could be better for him if he was surrounded by his fellow man: the guys. It would be even more awkward with girls…he couldn't speak their language. It was like they were speaking a new, super Japanese or a dialect spoken by aliens.

This contemplation boosted Tsuna's resolve and finally stepped on to the train. As soon as he saw the doors close, he knew his fate was sealed. He was on his way to Namimori Private All Boys Institution and there was no turning back.

Several hours later….

"Namimori Private All Boys Institution" The train conductor yelled as soon as the train pulled into the station.

The chestnut brown haired boy's eyes opened as he heard the conductor's announcement. He slightly wiped at the drool that had ran down the side of his mouth as he slept. The brunette got up from his seat and stepped off the train. Night had already fallen and he was kind of bewildered by how quiet it was. His neighborhood was quiet, but it was a dead silence that engulfed this foreign place. He didn't even hear the creaking of insects. He frowned, wondering where he decided to go school at.

Tsuna turned to the side of the train and observed as some people began to pick up their luggage. The majority of people who went to retrieve their luggage were young men around Tsuna's age.

Tsuna felt his anxiety rise as he walked closer to the group of boys. He was never good at talking to people and he was always making a fool out of himself. He wanted to greet them but his words were stuck in his throat. He then ignored his own urge to speak and sheepishly went to retrieve his luggage. Trying to make himself invisible, he slowly and quietly slipped past the large group of boys. Then a dark haired male noticed the small figure of Tsuna grabbing his luggage. He smiled.

"Hello…" The dark haired male walked up to Tsuna. "Are you going to Namimori, too?"

Tsuna jumped slightly as the guy walked over and talked to him. He then smiled nervously. "Y-yes…I am."

The other boy's smile grew even more. "Me too…I'm Yamamoto Takeshi, I'm going to be a freshman. Who are you?"

Tsuna found the other's smile to be contagious and he couldn't help but smile back. "Nice to meet you, Yamamoto-san. My name is Sawada Tsunayoshi. I'll be in the same year as you."

Yamamoto's eyebrow raised a bit as Tsuna smiled at him. He thought the other had a nice smile. He didn't know what it was but the other's smile made him feel warm. "Small world, huh?" The young man laughed.

"I guess…" He said thinking the other was a bit off. After all, today was the day that all freshmen were supposed to report to the school. It wouldn't be weird to think the people that arrived were all freshman.

"Well, we better head to school. I heard that this school is very strict on lateness. Something about people getting bitten to death…funny right?" Yamamoto said, picking up his own luggage and starting to head off the platform.

Bitten to death?????!!!!!!. Tsuna thought to himself. He didn't find anything funny about being bitten to death. He began to really think that his parents were truly punishing. Why would they send him to a place where people get bitten to death? He wondered if they were fed up with his horrible grades that they sent him to some kind of reformatory or something. He frowned and then got out of his pessimistic thoughts. He didn't want to lose sight of his first potential friend. The smaller boy followed after Yamamoto.

Tsuna made sure to stay close to Yamamoto since he didn't know the way to school. However, after a while it seemed like the two were going around in circles. Tsuna's eyes passed over a very familiar tree and then he looked to Yamamoto. "Err…Yamamoto-san, how far is the school?"

The taller boy scratched the back of his head and then chuckled. "I wish I knew…"

"What?!" Tsuna exclaimed. "Do you know where you're going?"

"Not a clue…" Yamamoto said honestly.

Kami-sama, why do you hate me so? Tsuna frowned at Yamamoto but it didn't seem as if the other boy was worried at all. He always managed to have that smile on his face. Tsuna admired him and hated him for it. The brunette began to wonder if the other was truly happy that they were lost. "So…what are we going to do now? Should we go back to the station?" Tsuna suggested.

Yamamoto looked to Tsuna and his smiled grew a bit. "I don't remember where that is…"

Unbelievable. He thought to himself. He then tried to remember where they had come from. "Then, I'll lead the way. Maybe we get back to the train platform and figure it out." He said grabbing a hold of Yamamoto's hand and leading the way.

The dark haired boy eyes widened a bit as he felt the smaller boy take a hold of his hand. His hand felt so warm and inviting just like the other's smile. He found himself slightly blushing as the other lead him along. Yamamoto began to wonder why he began to feel that way around this boy. All his life, he had thought of nothing but baseball. Honestly, Baseball was also the reason why they had gotten lost. Yamamoto has never been able to switch off and think of anything else but his beloved sport. Baseball was his life. However, this boy that he met less than an hour ago was now invading his thoughts. Baseball was no longer his concern but the fact that the boy was touching his hand was. What was it about Tsuna?

In no time Yamamoto and Tsuna were able to get back to the platform. Tsuna sighed with relief since they weren't lost anymore but they still no where near the school. The chestnut haired boy looked to the baseball freak. "So how will we get to the school?" Tsuna then noticed that he was still holding onto Yamamoto's hand. Embarrassed, the brunette quickly released the taller boy's hand. "I-I'm so sorry. Did I do that the whole time?" Tsuna asked, frowning.

Yamamoto watched Tsuna withdrew his hand from his and he was kind of sad that the other decided to remove his hand from his. He then looked to Tsuna and assured him. "It's alright…I didn't even notice. Maybe we should ask for directions?"

Tsuna's eyes brightened up at Yamamoto's good idea. "Okay…" He smiled and Yamamoto could have sworn his heart skipped a beat, just seeing the other's face illuminate. He then watched as the boy walked off in search for someone. "Tsuna…why are you so cute?" He said to himself.

Tsuna frantically searched for someone that could give him directions. He then went to the station's office, hoping that someone could help him there. He walked up to the window. "E-excuse me. I'm sorry to bother you but could you give me directions to Namimori Private All Boys School?" Tsuna asked.

"Sure…here you go." The person on the other side of the window pushes a piece of paper towards him. "It's a map."

Tsuna opened the piece of paper up to see a map to Namimori from the station. The Map was well written and there were even directions on the back in brail! It was that easy! Tsuna thought to himself. He then looked to the window and bowed. "Thank you so much…" He then raced over to where he left Yamamoto.

When Tsuna reached the spot that he thought Yamamoto would b, the taller boy was nowhere to be found. However, Yamamoto and his luggage was still there. He groaned inwardly, hoping that the other was doing something useful like trying to find directions or perhaps, Yamamoto had went to the bathroom. Tsuna decided to wait for him. It was getting later and later, but there was no sign of Yamamoto. The brunette started to get worried, wondering where his companion could have gone. He sighed. My first day is going great… He thought to himself.

Tsuna then jumped when he heard something in the bushes nearby. He slowly faced the noise. He held in a scream as he saw Yamamoto emerge abruptly from the bushes. After he recovered for his mild heart attack, Tsuna was relieved to see that his friend was okay. The small boy moved from his place and walked closer to the taller boy. "Yamamoto-san, where have you been?" He started to notice that the closer he got to the other, the more he noticed the injuries inflicted on baseball fanatic. The other was covered in gashes and bruises. Tsuna watched as the tall boy fell to the ground with a loud thump. "Yamamoto!"

Tsuna went to the other's side. Although, the brunette had no idea how to help Yamamoto, he still wanted to try and relieve the other. As Tsuna attempted to help him stand, Yamamoto took a hold of the brunette's hand, getting the small boy's attention. "Tsuna…you have to run…" He told Tsuna with urgency. "Don't worry about me…get out of here why you still can."

"What?" Tsuna couldn't believe his ears. What could have happened to his friend for him to act this way? He continued to press. "What happened to you, Yamamoto?"

Yamamoto began to lose consciousness, the world was slowly turning black. However, he was able to say one last thing to Tsuna before he completely blacked out. "Bitten…" He whispered.

The chestnut haired boy eyes widened hearing the other say he had been bitten. Tsuna looked at the other's body and didn't see any bite marks. He frowned wondering what the other meant by being bitten. He then remembered what Yamamoto had said earlier about what happened when you were late in Namimori. He remembered that you were "Bitten to death" if you were tardy. He wondered if this was what happened to Yamamoto. Tsuna frowned, he couldn't run away like Yamamoto told him to. He couldn't leave him like this. Yamamoto's injuries looked pretty serious as well.

Tsuna attempted to pick up his fallen pal but the other weighed more than he could handle. He was always physically weak. He never did well in sports. He sighed, cursing his own lack of strength. He really needed it, now.

Suddenly, there was a rustle from the same bushes that Yamamoto had emerged from just moments ago. Tsuna felt his temperature drop to subzero as fear consumed him. He hoped that it was just an animal or the wind but he knew with his luck it wasn' jumped as he watched the bushes rustle more violently and he could even hear footsteps coming near him. "Hiiiiiiieeeee!!!" Tsuna's eyes widened as he saw a hand emerge from the bushes and then slowly a body followed. Tsuna stared at the figure unable to breathe, speak or blink.

A dark haired boy stood before him, his eyes concealed by his bangs. Tsuna watched as the boy did nothing but just stand there. The brunette's eyes passed over the Namimori crest on his dark vest. He comes from the school, Tsuna thought to himself. Maybe I can ask him for help. Tsuna was unsure whether or not he should trust the stranger. However, he decided to trust him, because Yamamoto really needed the help. "Um…e-excuse me." The small boy waited until the other turned in his direction. "My friend was attacked and he needs help. I can't carry him by myself. Could you help me?" Tsuna asked.

He watched the other, waiting for his answer. "Do you go to Namimori?" The boy questioned.

Tsuna nodded. "Yes, I start today. But we got lost-"

"You are late…" The other said cutting Tsuna off. "Lateness goes against the discipline of Namimori."

Tsuna jumped as tonfas seem to suddenly appear in the other hands from thin air. "Hiiieee!!" The brunette yelled as he getting on his feet, preparing to defend himself if he needed to. However, Tsuna was a bit angry at the other for attacking him because he was late. Didn't he care that his friend was hurt? "What's wrong with you? Don't you see he's hurt? It's the stupid's school fault for being so hard to find?" Tsuna found himself yelling at the tonfa totting boy. He didn't know where it had come from, but he believed that what said was true.

Suddenly, Tsuna felt a murderous aura surround him and it was coming from the boy. Tsuna watched as the stranger lifted his head up revealing his dark blue-grey eyes. However, the stranger's eyes were filled with daggers. "Namimori…stupid?" He repeated what Tsuna had said and smirked. "Looks like…I'll be biting you to death."

The brunette watched as the boy charged at him. Without thinking Tsuna did the only thing he knew he could do run. "I take it back!" He yelled but the other boy was not letting up. "Namimori is a wonderful place…"

Tsuna began running away from the other not watching where he was going. So it was no surprised that the chestnut haired boy tripped over his and Yamamoto's baggage. He collapsed on the floor and began to get too tangled up in the straps of the bags. Because of the restrictions of the bags, Tsuna was unable to move any further and he could see the boy with tonfas coming closer and closer to him. He cursed himself for his clumsiness. Soon, it was too late, the stranger had managed to hover over him. His chestnut eyes watched as the other lifted up a tonfa in the air, preparing to strike. Before the other could hit him, Tsuna fainted from the sheer suspense of his impending doom.


Tsuna felt himself lying on something very soft and something warm was near him. He slowly opened his eyes, finding himself in a room that he had never been to. His chestnut brown eyes passed over the just of the room. The room looked like a very expensive dormitory. He then realized that he was on a bed wearing the clothes that he had wore brunette then looked to the side of him to see the strange boy who had attacked him earlier that night. Tsuna's temperature went cold again and so many questions flowed through his head. One of which was why he was in bed with his attacker?! He was even more curious on why the other was sleeping next to him, as well?! Tsuna decided to keep these thoughts to himself. He didn't want to risk putting himself in any danger by waking the other up. The small boy didn't want to get bitten to death. Tsuna tried to stay as still as possible, hoping that his attacker wouldn't wake up.