Hungry for Tsuna

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Chapter Nineteen: Tsuna the Maid

There was a hard knock on the door and Tsuna slowly woke up. His sleepy brown eyes looked over to his alarm clock; it was five-thirty in the morning. The freshman wondered who could be knocking on his door so early. Usually on Saturdays, Tsuna took the liberty of sleeping in. The knock came again and the brunette sluggishly slid out of bed to answer it. When he opened the door, he was presented with a sympathetic red-head.

"Irie-san?" The brunette hid a yawn behind his hand.

"Sorry, Sawada-san, but we need your help." Shouichi told Tsuna. The secretary face though tired was apologetic. He didn't want to wake Tsuna up so early in the morning, but he was desperate for him. And somehow he knew Tsuna would help him.

"Help?" Tsuna paused and he remembered. Today was the Maid café event. This day was going to be a very long day. The brunette groaned inwardly, it was obvious the mascot wasn't looking forward to his impending prostitution.

"Yep, today's the big day." Shouichi sighed with a small smile.

"I'll go get dressed, then." Tsuna said moving away from the door.

Shouichi watched the brunette moved away from the door, but before he went too far, he whispered into the room. "Okay. Go to the library building when you're done. Thank you so much, Sawada-san."

The brunette turned towards the door and nodded. "I'm glad to help."

Shouichi left, closing the door behind him.

Tsuna got dressed and headed to the library building, the sky was starting to lighten up and the sun would rise in a few hours. The campus was silent and deserted. It was kind of weird to be up so early, while most were asleep. The brunette hurried to the library building, he had already wasted enough time, and Shouichi had said that he needed help. Tsuna trekked to the other side of campus in a quick pace. He wondered what the secretary needed him for, but he was kind of happy that Shouichi could come to him when he was in trouble. Tsuna felt special. To him it seemed that the red head secretary was very capable and seemed like the type who won't allow people to help him because they may ruin his near immaculate work. Possibly, he was getting ahead of himself or perhaps he misjudged Shouichi, but he was still elated to help the Shouichi or even the student council with something besides being mascot.

The brunette saw the library building in sight. It was amazing seeing this building all fixed, he remembered what had happened when the establishment was destroyed. It was where he first met Gokudera and the first time, he actually saved someone. Recently, it was also where Gokudera and he had their first date. It was weird how one place could bring so many memories for him. The freshman was about to enter the building, when he saw something off to the side. Although, Tsuna knew he was needed, his curiosity overrode his sense of responsibility. He went off to check it out as if being pulled towards it by an unknown power. The mascot entered the wooded area near the Library and his feet lead him deeper into the forest. His feet didn't stop until he reached a garden with an assortment of flowers. Tsuna reached down to touch a tulip, but before he could touch its delicate petal someone spoke.

"You found out my secret." A voice said from behind Tsuna. The brunette swiftly turned around to see the student president, who he was surprised to see so early in the morning and also in the woods. "Promise you wouldn't tell anyone. Gardening doesn't smooth well with the guys. And Xan-chan would never allow me to live it down."

Tsuna could already picture how Xanxus would react if he did find out Byakuran had a green thumb. They would be a lot of laughing, the slinging of insults and perhaps, the little respect the vice president had for the president would be down the toilet.

"Your secret is safe with me." Tsuna promised, watching the white haired teen walk over to where he was. "Have you been taking care of them?"

"More or less." Byakuran said, going down to Tsuna's level and poking the head of a flower. "I bet you're wondering why flowers?"

"Yea." Tsuna agreed. He never took the student president as someone who would garden. Byakuran was much too lazy to do such a tedious task, but there was something about the upperclassman that seemed delicate enough to care for them.

"Well, part of it is patience." The other admitted.

"Patience?" Tsuna repeated.

Byakuran nodded and explained, "I was a spoiled brat, but after I got into flowers I learned to be more patient."

It was true, Tsuna's mother used to garden as well. While his father was absent, his mother would preoccupy herself with activities. Tsuna remembered she took up piano lessons, hosted a book club and even volunteered to do things to help out the community. Gardening was one of the ventures she took on to distract herself and it was something Tsuna was able learn about along the way. Nana told him, that he had to be very patience with flowers, giving them a lot of attention and love so that they can grow. He remembered how intolerant he was about how slow his mother's plants were growing, but when they finally did, it was incredible. Then the sweltering summer came all the plants died, and that was the end of that.

"Although, I'm not that patient." The white haired teen said, his expression pensive. "I still burn myself because I can't wait for freshly baked sweets to cool off. It's such a crime to make you wait longer."

Why am I not surprised? Tsuna considered.

"But I guess, I'm also intrigued by the language of the flowers too." Byakuran added as he looked to Tsuna. When the other showed some interest, the student president further explaine. "Before love letters or birthday cards, people would give each other's flowers to express how they felt."

The brunette mulled over this tidbit of information. He then asked loudly, voicing his thoughts to the other. "Is there a flower for everything?"

"Unfortunately, some things you have to say on your own." Byakuran told the brunette.

Tsuna figured as much. It would be too easy. Things in life never were simple. However, he wasn't too crestfallen. Somehow, he knew the words he wanted to say would come out in ease. "Byakuran-san, would you want to go on a date with me?"

"Of course, Tsu-chan, you know I adore you and fantasize about you naked." The snow white haired teen agreed.

You could have kept the last part to yourself! Tsuna thought, but he already expected something shameless coming from Byakuran.

The student president questioned. "So, this is what you decided to do? To give everyone a chance?"

"Yes." Tsuna confirmed, wondering what the other thought of his resolution.

"I just hope you're not compromising yourself." Said the snowy haired teen.

The brunette shook his head. "No, I think I'm the selfish one in this situation. Everyone has been very accommodating to me. I think their compromising their selves, instead."

"Tsu-chan is so naïve, still." Byakuran laughed. Tsuna pouted at the president, thinking he was more knowledgeable about the situation he was in, but from the other's laughter he only proved he was still needed to learn. The white haired teen's laughter died down, but a smirk still showed the remnants of his amusement and his purple eyes were very kind. "Being fair to everyone would only get you so far. In the end, you'll have to choose and everyone is not going to agree with it. However, what's more important is making that decision on your own. You have to be selfish when it comes to that."

Tsuna knew this; he just didn't want to think about it, yet. It was scary making such a huge choice. A decision that would affect his relationship with everyone he was involved with. He just hoped when the time came, he would make a good decision and that everyone would understand. Honestly, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to make a decision and he didn't want to seem as if he was playing around with everyone's hearts. And what if he made a mistake? The whole situation just made him want to run away from it all.

"Tsu-chan." Byakuran called to the freshman. The brunette responded by turning in his direction, his eyes caught the other's outreached hand first. Tsuna was still, unsure of what Byakuran wanted. The student president had gently taken a hold of his hand, pulling the brunette towards him. Tsuna didn't resist nor did he have the will to. Tsuna was mesmerized by the upperclassman. He felt very comfortable around Byakuran (except when he was slinging innuendos left and right) and he felt as if he could tell him anything. Tsuna felt terrible for putting everyone against each other, making them share his time. But after talking with the student president, he felt as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders and Tsuna was more confident on the decision he made.

Tsuna blushed as he realized he was being pulled into the other's lap. What surprised him the most was that he was shamelessly straddling the president's legs. Tsuna didn't know when it happened for him to be so accepting of this. Just a few months ago, he was shocked about waking up in the same bed with Hibari, now he was so comfortable around everyone, that kissing didn't make him grimace but tremble, in a good way.

"I'll let you in on a little secret." Byakuran continued as one of his arms encircled the smaller boy's waist and his other hand, sliding up the side of Tsuna's neck. "It may seem like we're compliant now, but really we're looking for an opening. Don't underestimate a man's ambition, when he really has his eyes set on something, he'll do anything in his power to obtain it. We won't be polite or apologize."

"And no matter how cute you are, you are still a man. When you figure out what you want, Tsu-chan…" The mascot saw a certain change in the president's eyes. There was a slight intensity to them and something within him was drawn to it. It was sucking him in, beckoning him closer and closer. Unbeknownst to Tsuna, a fire was burning within those honey irises, transforming the brunette's gentle brown eyes into glowing ardent pair. The student president didn't seem bothered by the sudden change, somehow he seem to expect it. As if, he was responsible for the ocular transformation. Byakuran whispered. "…seize it."

Byakuran's words resonated within the mascot's mind. But Tsuna didn't think of it, he merely responded to it, his body moving on its own. The brunette leaned into Byakuran with the intent to kiss. The student president was very encouraging, meeting the russet haired halfway. Their lips meant timidly at first, but soon the shyness was shed. The once chaste kiss transformed into something more passionate and needy. The brunette felt hungry and the only way to sate his appetite was by taking what he could from the student president. Tsuna wasn't sure what he craved, but his body felt like it was on the right track by the sensation he felt from the snowy haired upperclassman's mouth. Their kiss was fueling whatever need the mascot had to satisfy, but it wasn't enough. He needed more.

As if sensing the freshman's dilemma, Byakuran tilted into the osculation, placing pressure onto the school mascot's lips willing the other's mouth open. Tsuna broke under the other's will allowing the older boy entrance. The mascot nearly turned to goo when the president's tongue slipped into his mouth and began brushed against his own. His taste buds danced as the flavor of some sugary treat flooded his senses. It didn't help that the oral caresses were sending waves of shivers throughout his body. The student president did it to beckon the brunette to be more adventurous. The brunette took the bait and eagerly matched the president's buss, throwing his arms around the snowy haired teen's neck, holding him close as if someone was threatening to pull them away. The kiss became even more tantalizing as Tsuna's tongue decided to join Byakuran's in a dance. But Byakuran's attention was brought to the position of the freshman's legs that straddled his waist. The petite students legs wrapped around the president's legs like a security blanket.

Thoughtlessly, the mascot rocked against him, their groins brushing, causing a surprised gasp to erupt from the brown haired boy. The sensation warmed the freshman from head to toe. It was the kind of brush that felt good and made you continue. But Tsuna was a bit shocked by what occurred. So, everything came to a stop as Tsuna placed a small distance between their bodies as he tried to understand what took place. Byakuran watched as the brunette assessed the pleasure he felt and from the bewildered look Tsuna had on his face, he could only figure he was confused or excited. The vulpine like student mused that the freshman had probably never had the urge to touch himself. The bubbling excitement must have planted the thought into the brunette's brain, because Byakuran figured Tsuna would not have done it consciously. But in any case, the president decided to end it there, before they went too far. Although, he would love to educate the brunette, he left that for another time or unfortunately, to someone else to fill the mascot in. Plus, Tsuna and he had a lot of things to do today. "Tsu-chan, I would like to continue, but Shou-chan will be very displeased with the both of us."

"Irie-san?" The fiery gleam in the brunette's eyes died and reverted to his gentle brown hue. Mortification was present on his face as he realized that he did have something to do. "Irie-san!"

"Somehow, I believe it's your fault." Shouichi frowned with his arm crossed over his chest.

Byakuran causally shrugged, while Tsuna bowed lowly. "I'm really sorry."

"It's alright, Sawada-san." Shouichi said glaring at his student president, who only smiled back. The red haired secretary ran hand through his hair as he turned to his list of things to do. "Anyway, there are a lot of small things that need to be done. The café is going to open a few hours from now. I still have to set up the menu pad settings…"

Tsuna interrupted, "Menu pad settings?"

Shouichi looked up from his list and turned to the brunette. It dawned upon him that they didn't really discuss much with Tsuna. "We haven't told you much about the Maid café, have we?"

Tsuna shook his head. ."Well, on each table is a small touch screen pad with the maid café's menu." The secretary went over to a big cardboard box and took out a flat rectangular device. Shouichi walked back, turning it on and showed it to Tsuna. "The customers just choose what they want using this and it sends it straight to the kitchen." Shouichi added as he showed the mascot how the device worked. "Then you and the other maids pick up the orders and give it to the customers. It's pretty simple and very efficient."

"That's very smart, but how will we know which table to take the food to?" Tsuna questioned, looking up from the screen to Shouichi.

"Each pad has a table number and when the order is ready the table number will be given. Also each table has their number on it, which will be elevated and easily read from a far distance. For future reference, Tables 1 to 50 is on the first level and on the second level is 51- 100."

"There are a hundred tables here?" Tsuna exclaimed, surprised that he would have that much people.

"We're expecting a lot of people to show up, students and faculty." This coming from the student president, who decided to play on his handheld video game, instead of listening to Shouichi's boring explanation of the menu pad.

"And Spanner and I have been working really hard to make things a lot easier on you. So don't feel overwhelmed. You also have the other maids to help you." Shouichi assured the school idol.

"That's true." Tsuna admitted.

Shouichi went on to explain more about the rectangular device. "The menu pad also keeps tabs on the things ordered. When the customers are done, they are given a receipt, which must be paid at the cashier by the door. Thankfully, Hibari-san lent us some of his Disciplinary committee members to make sure no one runs off without paying. Although, we have to give a fraction of our total till for his generosity."

A fraction? Tsuna raised an eyebrow at this.

"So I guess I have nothing to worry about." Tsuna sighed. Then the protagonist reconsidered his relief. He did have something to worry about. His gaze turned to the student president. "What costume choice won and what's the prize?"

Byakuran glimpsed up from his game and answered. "Well of course, Bondage cat boy won, Tsu-chan."

I knew it; this school is full of perverts. Tsuna frowned at the costume choice. He just hoped that Spanner would make his costume the least scanty as possible…if possible.

"As for the prize, I still haven't decided it yet." The president said nonchalantly as he continued to play on his handheld.

"What?" Tsuna and Shouichi shouted in unison.

"I was getting around to it." Byakuran said with a rueful tone, but it wasn't believable since he continued to mash buttons and stare obediently at the flashing screen.

"Byakuran-sama, this is bad. Everyone's coming in here expecting to win some awesome prize and you haven't even come up with anything yet!" Shouichi yelled at the student president, but was brought to his knees by an abrupt stomachache.

"Irie-san." Tsuna went to check on the secretary, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"It's alright; Shou-chan gets really bad stomachaches when he's stressed out." The white haired teen said calmly as he paused his game, setting the device down. Thinking of what he could do for the prize. "I said the prize was going to be something special and it has to deal with the maid café's theme…"

Tsuna and Shouichi watched the student president ponder. The brunette had to admit this was the first time, he saw the other lost in thought. It seemed as if Byakuran just went with the flow of things, going along with the waves as they come. The student president didn't seem like the type to be worried or even fluster by anything. Somehow it was nice to know that even Byakuran had to sit down and think.

Suddenly, Byakuran announced. "I got it!"

"What did you think of?" Shouichi slowly recovered, raising himself off the floor and dusting himself off.

Byakuran turned to Shouichi with a wide grin on his face. "To the person who spends the most money at the café, they will receive a private session of being spoon fed by Tsu-chan."

Tsuna glowered at this. Why do I have to be pimped out?

Shouichi wasn't impressed. "Did you employ one of your own fantasies and used it as the prize?"

"Maybe I did, maybe I didn't." Byakuran shrugged as he turned back to his game.

You totally did! Tsuna and Shouichi thought in agreement.

"But people will go for that. Heck, they'll spend their whole life savings for it." Byakuran promised, very sure that his idea would work. The president knew as well as anyone that the students at Namimori were very taken with Tsuna and so, any opportunity to get closer to the mascot would be sought after.

Shouichi looked sympathetically at the brunette school idol, "I'm sorry, Sawada-san, that you'll have to suffer because of Byakuran-sama's depravity."

"It's okay, I expect worse things in the future, so I better get used to it." The brunette heaved a sigh. It didn't matter how shameless Byakuran was, Tsuna was well aware he was under contract. If he knew now all the things he would endure being mascot, the freshman would have never signed the document.

"Some people are more brazen than I am." Byakuran defended himself as he continued to button mash. The snow white haired president then looked up from the flashing screen. "You should always stick with the evil you know, Tsu-chan."

The protagonist brooded. "That is true. And I only have to spoon fed the winner. It's not like I'm doing anything else."

"That's the spirit, Tsu-chan. I knew I could count on you." Byakuran commended the brunette with a smile.

"Sawada-san, you really shouldn't condone his behavior." Shouichi glowered. "But if it's okay with you it'll have to do. If you have any questions feel free to ask."

Speaking of questions, Tsuna had something on his mind for a quite a long time. He noticed that not everyone on the student council was here. Tsuna expected to see all the members here. "Why aren't Xanxus, Squalo and Spanner here?"

Byakuran answered first, his lilac eyes still focused on the game he was playing. "Well, Otachan is taking a nap. Of course, he wouldn't miss the chance to see you in costume, though."

Tsuna did remember Shouichi telling him how much work Spanner was doing for the Maid Café. It was nice of Shouichi and Byakuran to give the blonde otaku his much needed rest.

"As for Xanxus-sama, he usually doesn't associate with school events." Shouichi stated, "But, Squalo-san should be here later."

"That seems like him." Tsuna commented a bit disappointed that the vice president wasn't coming. Tsuna had observed that Xanxus was a hermit of sorts. It was rare to see him out and about. Usually, when he saw the vice president, he was by himself or accompanied by Squalo. It definitely surprised the brunette that Xanxus would actually leave his seclusion to pick a fight with Gokudera. The freshman figured what motivated Xanxus that night was either his fury or perhaps that the vice president cared about him (just a tiny bit). Tsuna concluded that the Italian was pissed about something or else, Xanxus would not have bothered.

"That is why we're kind of shorthanded today. I'm sorry you had to help out here, when you're also doing the event too." Shouichi said bowing his head lowly in an apologetic stance.

Tsuna waved his hands about trying to relieve Shouichi of thinking he was imposing on him. "It's okay. Everyone else was working so hard, so I guess I need to put in some work too."

The red haired secretary beamed thankfully at the brunette. It was very rare for him to hear such thoughtfulness. He was surrounded by so many selfish people, he even forgotten that such beings existed. Speaking of very selfish individuals, Shouichi looked over to Byakuran. "I wish other people were so considerate."

Oblivious to Shouichi's stab, Byakuran was preoccupied with the motions of his game. It was only a few seconds later that he actually looked up, feeling as if the secretary had said something to him. "You were saying something, Shou-chan?"

Shouichi frowned, gripping the clipboard in his hand even more tightly. Tsuna observed that the clipboard was starting to splinter. The secretary was about to let Byakuran know of all his frustrations, but he was interrupted by the creak of a door opening and closing. "Yare, yare. Do you always have to call me when you're in a mess?"

Shouichi paused in his mid-eruption to respond to the newcomer. It was a boy about Shouichi's height with wavy black hair, emerald green eyes though one of his eyes were closed, under his opened eye was a number sign symbol. Since it was the weekend, everyone was in casual clothing; the mysterious boy opted to wearing a cow print t-shirt with a black hooded sweatshirt and khaki shorts and brown sandals.

"I'm sorry, but I need all the help I could get." Shouichi replied to the other. The school mascot noticed how familiar the secretary was with the dark haired stranger, so he assumed that they were friends. From what Tsuna could see, Lambo seemed very mature although, not as strict as Shouichi, this boy had a certain composed bearing about him. The red haired teen turned to Tsuna. "Sawada-san, this is my friend, Lambo. Lambo, this is Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Nice to meet you." The brunette greeted with a small smile.

Lambo regarded the brunette with a slight nod. "So, you've been asked here to pick up the slack, too?"

Shouichi became flustered at Lambo's choice of words. "Don't put it that way."

The dark haired teen smiled softly at the red haired secretary. "You've been a good friend to me, so I don't mind helping out."

"I hope so." Shouichi said with a breath of relief.

"Oh? Lambo-chan is here, too." The student president greeted the dark haired teen. "I haven't seen you in a while."

"That's because you're always MIA." Lambo replied lazily.

"Guilty as charged." The student president chuckled.

How about you just do your work, Byakuran-sama? Shouichi thought bitterly, but he let it go. The student president just didn't like being contained or restricted. It was his personality, a bad character trait, but still a part of Byakuran that he doomed to accept throughout his presidency.

The red headed secretary cleared his throat, looking to both Lambo and Tsuna. "Alright, let's get started."

For the most part of the morning, Tsuna and Lambo jumped from one job to the other. First they had to sweep and mop the two floors, set up the tables and chairs, place tablecloths on each table and even help set up the menu pads. Currently, the two were taking a break after working nearly three hours straight. Thankfully, Byakuran was nice enough to order donuts for breakfast before he disappeared to do errands only the president knew about. Shouichi was actually taking care of the food that was catered for the event, while they relaxed.

"What else needs to be done?" Lambo sighed as he took a sip of his carton of milk.

"The banner, the register and we have to unpack the plates and silverware." Tsuna said in between munching on a glazed donut.

"Silverware?" Lambo questioned.

Tsuna nodded, he thought it was a bit much to use something so expensive. "They want it to be as authentic as possible."

"Then the plates must be expensive, too." The other teen noted.

Tsuna finished off his donut and started on a strawberry frosted one. His brown eyes looked over to where Shouichi was. The red head was currently doing inventory of all the food, scribbling down his calculations on paper. Tsuna turned back to his fellow laborer. "Are you good friends with Irie-san?"

Lambo looked over to Shouichi and then answered. "I suppose so."

"Is Irie-san always so serious?" Tsuna wondered, not realizing he was saying his thoughts out loud.

"Not at all." The other replied, making the brunette very interested. "Outside of the student council, he's a totally different person. He's a music lover and a very sloppy person. Shouichi may seems prim and proper in front of everyone, but only a few people truly know the real him. He's a very good person, though."

"Really?" Tsuna couldn't believe it. Shouichi always seemed so controlled. He would never think in a million years that he was a sloppy person. Maybe a music lover, but Tsuna could never see Shouichi as a person who was untidy. But somehow it made the redhead seem more relatable. Perhaps that was the key to how Shouichi was able to get along with the student president.

"Sawada-san," The secretary approached the two. "Maybe, you should start getting ready for the café. Lambo and I can take care of the rest."

"Are you sure?" Tsuna asked it still seemed as if there were a lot of things that needed to be done. "I can still do a few more things..."

"Thank you for all your help, Sawada-san, but this isn't what you signed up for. We need you energetic enough for the event."

"Okay." The brunette complied. He turned to Lambo. "It was nice talking to you. I hope I see you around."

"I'm sure we will meet again." Lambo said coolly with a slight smirk.

"Hiiiieeee! They moved!" The brunette shrieked as his mechanical ears began moving on their own.

The school idol was already in costume. Donning a leather halter corset with lacing in the front, the straps tied to the back of Tsuna's neck, leaving his arms and half of his shoulder's bare. The corset exposed a great amount of the brunette's back as well. Tsuna wore matching black shorts stopping to half his thigh. The shorts had an identical lacing to his corset on the sides. A large leather collar was around his neck with a large, noisy bell that jingled every time he moved. On his feet were knee high boots with zipper details on the side of the shoes. On his wrists were fake metal bonds that had a broken chain attached to them. Apparently there was more to the costume, but somehow, Byakuran got a hold of the garment and became scissor happy. He apparently did this act recently, so Spanner couldn't make a new one. Goodies for Tsuna. The outfit wasn't complete without the feline accessories, ears and tail. However, when the mascot placed them on, he found out they were ALIVE!

Spanner watched Tsuna with a deadpan look as he watched the mascot shriek over his creations. He calmly informed the brunette that the accessories were special. "Your ears and tail are mood reactive."

"Mood reactive?" Tsuna murmured still getting used to the movement of his ears and tail. Too bad the freshman didn't get the uptake that his sudden movements were the root of the mechanical ears' activity. Every flinch or twitch caused the ears and tail to react to the mascot's jumpiness.

"According to your mood, your ears and tail will move in the ways a cat's would. It's the thing that been lacking in cat related cosplay, the movement that actually makes the costume realistic. It's not about the aesthetic, but the motion."

Tsuna didn't know what Spanner was talking about, but he was skeptical about placing these things on him. Nonetheless, people were expecting a cat boy and they were going to get one. It took a while for Tsuna to get used to it, mostly because it followed his moods to a T. Currently, he was nervous, so the ears decided to flatten against his unruly hair and the tail stayed curled between his legs. It was really embarrassing!

The blonde treasure slapped a hand to his forehead. "Well at least their working properly."

The door to the student council office opened and Shouichi walked in, his eyes were down on his clipboard as he spoke. "Sawada-san, are you dressed yet? I need you to-"

His green eyes met Tsuna and he was stunned. Not only did Tsuna look adorable, but provocative. Shouichi didn't know how to react, what to say and he even forgot how to move for a second.

"Irie-san?" Tsuna questioned, surprised by the other's speechlessness. Causing his ears to perk up and his tails swish slowly from side to side in interest.

Shouichi blushed and said meekly. "The costume looks really good on you, Sawada-san."

Tsuna looked down at his garment and smiled. "Well, I hope so. I think I look silly."

"Not at all!" Shouichi started. "I think everyone will really like you in that."

"I hope so." Tsuna smiled warmly, causing Shouichi's blush to worsen.

The secretary cleared his throat regaining himself. "Sawada-san, would you go meet with the girls?"

"The girls?" Tsuna repeated mildly.

"You should go get acquainted with them, since you'll be working with them." Shouichi insisted.

"Okay." Tsuna agreed, but he was a bit afraid. From what Dino told him about the girls from Saxifrage Academia, the brunette was a bit frightened about meeting the girls he would be working with. He wondered if they would hurt him, just as any intruder on their campus would endure, but Shouichi was right. It was better to get familiar with them, so that they could have an easier time during the event.

So, the school idol went to see the girls. Tsuna stood outside the door, preparing himself. As he waited for his nerves to calm, he could hear them conversing with one another in elevated pitches. After a while, he gained the courage to knock on the door to what could be his impending doom or a bridge to forming good relationships with the girls. An enthusiastic voice called from the other side. "Who is it?"

"I'm Sawada Tsunayoshi. The head maid-" Before Tsuna could finish, the door abruptly opened and a hand pulled him in without a word of explanation. The brunette was thrust into the room, the mascot landing ungracefully on the floor. He looked up from his place and realized that he was surrounded by a group of girls.

"Tsuna-san…" A spunky girl with dark brown hair helped him up from the floor and once the school idol managed to get up on his two feet, she grasping his arm tightly, squealing. "I'm touching him!"

What is up with this girl? Tsuna thought to himself, horrified by the girl's actions.

The girl who opened the door was already in costume, wearing a yellow dress with straps that criss-crossed in the front and back. The bottom of the dress was tiered and lighter than the top. She wore black punks and black gloves. She had matching yellow cat cars, which were stationary. Then the spunky girl introduced herself. "I'm Haru. Your biggest fan!"

"Fan?" Tsuna stared blankly at the brown haired girl.

"You're famous, Sawada-san." A girl with dark orange hair and bright brown eyes said.

"Famous?" Tsuna questioned, but Haru was already pulling him around the room to meet everyone.

First she pointed to the last girl who spoke, her name was Kyoko, wearing a white strapless mini dress. The dress stopped above the knee, where large white flowers were was positioned on the right bottom side of the dress. Like Haru, Kyoko wore white gloves on her hands and her white shoes were Mary Janes with flowers. Her cat ears were also white.

Next, Haru introduced him to Bianchi, a beautiful girl with dark pink hair and emerald eyes. The emerald eyes seemed to look familiar, but the brunette didn't mention it. Bianchi's features looked foreign and Tsuna bet she was Italian; most foreigners at his school were from there apparently. She was wearing a dark purple strapless corset and dark pant with matching purple heels. Her cat ears were purple.

Haru pulled Tsuna along to a timid girl in the corner with long purple hair and large violet eyes. She was pale and looked frail, but somehow something in her eyes told him that this girl survived a lot of hardships. The yellow clad girl told the mascot that her name was Chrome, which was a weird name for a girl. Chrome was wearing a light pink baby doll dress. The dresses stopped a few inches above the knee and around the waist was a black silk bow. Her shows were strappy pink and black platform heels. Around her neck was a black studded collar like Tsuna, but her's had a pink bow tied in the front of it. Chrome wore pink cat ears to complete the costume.

A Chinese girl with long braids, styled in large loops approached Haru and Him. She introduced herself as I-pin and she spoke pretty good Japanese. I-pin wore a bright red mandarin collared bodysuit that was skin tight. She wore red heels, matching the color of her suit. Her cat ears were red. Near I-pin was a girl with long blue hair and matching eyes named Bluebell wore a dark blue tube top with black shorts and a dark jacket. She work gray knee his boots and her cat ears were baby blue.

And lastly, Haru introduced him to an intimidating girl; M.M. Tsuna tried not to grimace at the girl's scrutinizing brown eyes. She was wearing a dark green mini with matching dark green jacket, having the first few buttons to reveal a dark purple bra. M.M's cat ears were a forest green.

The taller girl with the pinkish hair said. "You've inspired a lot of the girls at school."

"Inspired?" Tsuna repeated, not understanding what everyone was saying.

"Will you guys stop beating around the bush? He doesn't know what you're talking about. Can't you tell by that dumb expression he's making." M.M. interjected. She turned sharp eyes to Tsuna, which made the brunette flinch. "Well, since we don't have television or any access to anything fun in the middle of nowhere. We decided to exploit a couple of the new freshmen at Namimori and turn their lives into spectacle for us, girls, to enjoy. However, we never expected we would get someone like you."

"You're so shrimpy, but you have something that the guys like here." This coming from Bluebell.

Tsuna tried to understand what M.M. was telling him. "So, you're telling me, you've been recording my life at Namimori for your enjoyment?"

"Yep!" Haru responded enthusiastically.

M.M. shrugged her shoulders. "Pretty much."

"We have a blog and a twitter account." I-pin informed, showing Tsuna her portable device, which featured both sites.

"And we totally know you were making out with the student president earlier." Bianchi added, giving the brunette a knowing look.

So fast… Tsuna considered. That happened only this morning and they already knew. He was even more suspicious on how did they know about Byakuran and him in the first place. Had they somehow seen him? "How do you know this?"

"Your security sucks. Anyone could walk on campus. Good thing you don't have anything valuable." M.M. stated.

Haru revealed. "Yep, Bianchi and I were able to take lots of pictures of Tsuna-san for our candid photo book series. It was a bestseller. A lot of the guys brought them too."

"Oh boy…" Tsuna groaned, everywhere he went someone was exploiting him. First it was the student council with being their mascot and now, he found out he had a fan club of fan girls. No wonder Dino warned him about those girls. They were scary, even scarier than the boys. At least with the guys, there was a sense of boundaries…sometimes.

Kyoko placed a hand on Tsuna's shoulder, which was actually very comforting given the situation. "Don't worry we're not out to defame you. We're supporting you."

"Supporting me?" Tsuna repeated, surprised by the other's reply. How was using him as a spectacle supporting him?

Then Haru punched a fist in the air and cried. "Yes! Fight, Tsuna-san, fight!"

"Don't give up. Do your best." I-Pin encouraged with a heartening smile.

The intimidating one told him. "You should choose someone with money."

"No, love is more important." Bianchi said adamantly, while throwing a glare at M.M.

Bluebell puffed out her cheeks, swinging her feet. "Love is so overrated. You should choose someone who's fun and strong. Don't pick anyone that's stupid, though."

Suddenly the girls were divided. Bianchi, Haru and I-pin were on one side screaming, "True love! True love!"

"What's love have to do with it?" Bluebell and M.M. spat back, completing the opposing side.

The five girls began to squabble over their opinions on love. Chrome just watched from the sidelines as the other girls bickered. There was no way to tell what was on the timid girl's mind while she watched this, but somehow it seemed familiar. As if they had argued this before. Tsuna tried his best to ignore the girls; they were talking about what he should go for. Love or the next best thing. The brunette wasn't sure what he wanted. All he knew was that he was in a tough situation and he would have to make a big decision. Dread wasn't a word that could describe what he felt, but it was close.

"Actually, I'm rooting for my big brother." Kyoko admitted over the girls.

Tsuna turned to Kyoko, giving the other his attention. "Your big brother?"

She nodded with her bright smile. "Sasagawa Ryohei."

"You're his sister?" Tsuna shrieked, unable to believe that energetic Ryohei was related to such a sweet, cute girl like Kyoko.

Kyoko actually looked surprised. "Don't you see the resemblance?"

No! Tsuna thought in his mind.

"Um…" Tsuna heard the quiet voice and when he turned in that direction, he realized the purple haired girl in the corner had left her place and started to walk over to him. Chrome looked like she wanted to say something to him, but before she could utter what was on her mind; a knock came to the door.

As soon as the mascot looked the less bit distracted, Chrome retreated to her place in the corner. Tsuna frowned at this, not meaning to scare her away. He figured he would apologize later and went to answer the door. It was Shouichi. "Is everyone ready?"

"Yes, we're all dressed." The brunette informed the student council's secretary.

"Good. We're about to open, we need everyone in front to greet the students."

Suddenly, Bianchi could be heard screaming, "Love is the only important thing in this world!"

"Money is!" M.M. shouted back.

"What is going on?" Shouichi inquired, curious to know why the girls were shouting but not brave enough to find out.

"I'll tell you later." Tsuna said gloomily. He then ignored what was going on inside and focused on the Maid café. "Okay. I'll get everyone to the front."

The students have lined up outside, waiting to enter. However, before they were permitted entry, they had to hear a few things from the class representative, Suberbia Squalo. At the entrance of the Library, stood the long haired swordsman, his light blue eyes surveyed the crowd in front of him. He was then offered a megaphone but turned it down, he didn't need it. These pieces of trash would be able to hear him and if they didn't, too fucking bad.

"VOOOOOIIII!" Squalo roared, getting everyone's attention. The area in front of the Library building was completely quiet. Except for the sounds of nature that could not be silenced. "LISTEN UP! BEFORE ANY OF YOU COME IN, YOU'VE GOT TO GET FAMILARIZED WITH THE RULES. LISTEN WELL BECAUSE I'M NOT FUCKING REPEATING MYSELF. AND IT'S NOT WISE TO BREAK ANY RULES, EITHER."





"NUMBER FIVE! FOOD FIGHTS…" The class representative paused briefly at this point. His eyes narrowed and his voice, though loud, was lethal. "YOU FUCKERS BETTER NOT DO THIS!"





Squalo's blade somehow appeared in the upperclassmen's hand and he waved it around dangerously as if threatening to chop off the heads of those closest. "NUMBER TEN! I'LL BE WATCHING ALL YOU PIECES OF TRASH, SO YOU BETTER NOT TRY ME. IF I SEE ANYONE OUT OF LINE, YOU'RE SHARK BAIT, EVEN IF IT WASN'T IN THE RULES."

From this point, the student president took the floor from Squalo. While everyone was quiet with the class representative, everyone was pretty enthusiastic seeing Byakuran take the stage. The snow headed teen smiled, loving the attention. He then placed a hand to his lips and hushed everyone, so that he could speak. Surprisingly the student body was very obedient.

"You guys should listen to Same-chan, he's very serious." Byakuran finished, "Anyway, without any further delay, The Maid Café is now open for business."

Doors opened revealing the dark decor of the café. The whole building was illuminated by candlelight and also from the chandeliers above. Despite the candle lightening it was bright enough to see everything in detail. The tables had dark cloths places on them with a three candle holder placed on each table. The candle holders had numbers embedded into them, though discreet, it was still visible to see from afar. The walls of the library were decorated with an assortment of tools, from paddles to whips, from chains to spikes. It really looked like some kind of S&M dungeon.

Not too far from the entrance stood Tsuna and the girls standing on both sides of the door. The maids had the biggest smiles on their faces as the first throng of guest entered the Library. "Irrashaimase!"

The Maid Café was in full swing and the maids were working extra hard. Orders were pouring in like an endless rain shower, but since the work was split evenly among Tsuna and the girls, it wasn't as daunting as they had first perceived. Everything went smoothly; almost so smooth that Tsuna couldn't believe it. He had to pinch himself several times just to make sure he was awake and not dreaming this. But somehow he was thankfully this was really going on; he would hate to repeat this twice.

Don't trip. Don't trip. Don't trip. Tsuna neared his twentieth table of the day and for the first time, he recognized the people who sat there. As if sensing his approach, the duo turned around greeted him.

Belphegor wore his trademark toothy grin. "The doll finally comes by."

"Hello, fetish-san." Fran greeted.

Fetish-san? Tsuna grimaced. He then greeted the two respectfully as he placed their beverages down. "Bel-san, Fran."

"You must be, Sawada Tsunayoshi." A teen with sunglasses and neon colored hair caught the mascot's attention. "You're looking fabulous."

Tsuna smiled kindly at the other. "Not at all. Are you a friend of those two?"

"I'm the mother hen, Lussuria. But you can call me Lussy, for short."

Mother hen? Lucy? Tsuna smiled politely, but he was tearfully confused on why someone would like to be known as a mother hen or even called Lucy. Wasn't that a girl's name?

"I didn't know the doll was into this sort of thing." Belphegor said, tugging at the end of Tsuna's corset. "I've got a nice dungeon at home. Would you like to see it?"

Dungeon? They still exist? The brunette laughed nervously more out of terror than amusement. "I don't like dark places. So I'll have to pass."

"See I told you fetish-san, Bel-senpai isn't a prince. He needs to go into prince rehab, I think the dark witch warped his mind."

"No one asked you, Frog." The blonde prince swiftly threw a knife at Fran's direction.

The knife hit Fran on the forehead. Tsuna paled, Belphegor snickered, pleased by his aim and other onlookers looked frightened. Unfortunately, Fran was indifferent, crossing his eyes as he looked at the hilt of the knife protruding out of his head. "Now I'm going to have a nasty knife scar and no girl will look at me."

"Stop whining." Belpegor smirked.

Lussuria reprimanded the prince and frog. "This is why I can't take you two anywhere nice."

You shouldn't bring them anywhere? Tsuna thought in his head, trying to shake the horrifying image out of his head.

"VOOOOI!" The loud mouthed class representative roared as he approached the quartet. The light blue eyes of Squalo fell on Tsuna. "SHITTY BRAT, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WERE INTO S&M."

"I'm not. It's a costume." The brunette corrected, using this opportunity to distract himself from staring at the knife stuck in Fran's head.

Squalo looked to Fran. "WHY DO YOU HAVE A KNIFE IN YOUR FACE?"

There goes Tsuna trying to forget about it.

"Bel-senpai threw it at me when I told him he needed to go to rehab." Explained Fran as he sipped at his drink, nonchalantly. The hilt of the knife, hitting against the cup's side.


Hello? This is not normal, people? Tsuna screamed in his head.

"Hey, submissive-san, can you kiss it and make it better. Maybe I'll transform into a prince, too."

"Um…." Tsuna stalled.

"YOU'VE GOT A LOT OF NERVE, FROG." Squalo yelled, his blade somehow materializing in his hand. "WEREN'T YOU LISTENING TO ANY OF MY RULES?"

"I think I want frog legs as an appetizer." Belphegor said out of the blue. He then looked to Fran. "Ushishi. Too bad they're not on the menu. What will I do?"

The light green haired boy maintained his deadpan look, not at all flustered by the threatening looks of his peers. "If you guys wanted to kiss, Cat o' nine tails- san, why didn't you just say so?"

Cat o' nine tails? What's that? Tsuna thought pensively. Lussuria had a knowledgeable grin on his face, though.


"Squ-kun, don't tell me Bel's masochism is rubbing off on you?" Lussuria hummed at the class representative's violent claim.

Belphegor chimed in. "Ushishishi. I think it was that game we played last night. Operation, was it?"

"Too bad Squalo-senpai cut it in half because he kept touching the sides, thinking he was supposed to do that." Fran sighed nonchalantly.


Tsuna decided not to be shocked. At this point, the brunette believed that these people were insane and that was it. He was going to take this cue to slip away while he still could, but Lussuria stopped him before he could.

"Such rambunctious boys they are." Lussuria commented to Tsuna as the rest continued to bicker about who knows what. The mascot looked to the student with sunglasses with curiosity. "Finally, I wanted to speak to you about our Vice president."

"Xanxus?" Tsuna questioned.

Lussuria half-frowned, half pouted at the mention of Xanxus's name. "That sourpuss didn't want to come here himself."

The brunette smiled, sympathetically. He briefly surveyed the place and then brought back his gaze to Lussuria. "I guess this is not really his scene."

"Not at all, dear." The neon haired student agreed. Lussuria then smiled at Tsuna and if it wasn't for the sunglasses hiding his eyes, the freshman would have seen a very shrewd gaze. "But I'm sure he would like if you came to visit."

The brunette blushed slightly at this. Visiting Xanxus was something Tsuna had already planned to do, even if Lussuria hadn't brought it up. Tsuna had figured that he would have to look for the vice president, Xanxus seeking him the other day was one of those one time things. An uncharacteristic visit Tsuna was sure he would have to pay for. "I could do that, since he went out of his way to see me. I should return the favor."

"You should~." The flamboyant boy encouraged, "He could always use the company."

Tsuna nodded with a small smile. Pleased, Lussuria turned to reprimand Squalo and Belphegor who were attempting to saw into Fran, probably for a snide comment. The brunette turned on his heels and kept walking, not looking back. He wondered how Xanxus could deal with them. Then he remember Squalo telling him, how the vice president threw a bottle at him and it all made sense.

When Tsuna received this next order, he was surprised by the amount of sweets. There were treats from creampuffs to strawberry shortcake. The brunette wondered who this order could belong to and so when he carried the heavy try to table 100, he found his answer.

"Tsu-chan! I was hoping you would come by." The student president greeted.

Shouichi looked to the snowy haired teen. "What are you talking about? You've been ordering stuff back to back."

Byakuran frowned at the secretary. "Well, I also want to win, Shou-chan."

"Of course, you do." Remarked the redhead, trying not to roll his eyes.

"Wouldn't you get sick from eating all of this?" Tsuna questioned as he placed the cakes down on the table and putting the empty plates and cups on to his tray.

"Believe me, Sawada-san, this is all he eats." Shouichi said disapprovingly.

The brunette figured as much, he had never seen the president eat anything close to a real meal. His eyes then noticed a dark haired teen with golden eyes. He was standing behind Byakuran and Shouichi's table, with his arms crossed over his chest. Even though this person was wearing a Namimori school uniform, he seemed more like a bodyguard than a student. The mascot could only feel a standoffish vibe from him that made him squirm nervously despite his comical short and rounded eyebrows.

"Oh? You haven't met, right?" Shouichi began, noticing Tsuna's attention to the new student. "That's Byakuran's friend, Genkishi."

"Genkishi?" Tsuna repeated. It was a weird name, but then again no one was normal here and telling from this person's aura, no one would dare make fun of him. Even standing by the wall he was causing such a stir. The neighboring tables seemed to be a bit farther from where they were positioned and the occupants of the nearby tables had their shoulders hunched and their heads down avoiding any eye contact at Genkishi or anyone at this table.

"Gen-chan may look very moody, but he's very happy to meet Tsu-chan." Byakuran mouthed as he started at the creampuffs. "Right, Gen-chan?"

The mascot cringed as Genkishi turned his sharp eyes toward him. Tsuna bowed slightly. "Nice to meet you."

Genkishi dipped his head in response.

"Have you been getting along with the girls?" Shouichi asked the petite brunette

"Yes," Tsuna answered, but then his expression became uneasy. "But they did say something that worries me."

"Oh, like what?" Byakuran questioned with interest.

"Did you know they've been recording my life here?"

"No…" Shouichi said in surprised, but trailed off to look at his student president, who was awfully quiet. Usually, when it came to stuff like this the snow headed teen, would be very protective. The fact that he didn't show any hint of concern, meant he knew. "Byakuran-sama."

Byakuran pouted. "It was all in good fun, plus how else was I going to keep tabs on Tsu-chan."

"It's invasion of privacy!" Shouichi and Tsuna scolded the student president in unison.

"Does he know about the photo books?" Spanner asked as he neared the table.

Byakuran frowned at Spanner as he sat down. "Anything else you would like to bring up, Otachan?"

"I know about the photo books, the girls told me." Tsuna informed Byakuran.

"Tsuna-san!" Tsuna looked down several tables to see Haru struggling with her tray. He waved at her, letting the spunky girl know he was on his way. He turned back to everyone at the table, but his eyes were set on the student president. "I have to go, but I want to know what else you've been doing behind my back."

"That would have to wait until we go on our date, Tsu-chan." Byakuran answered with a mesmeric smirk.

The brunette blushed, mainly because he was reminded by what occurred this morning between the student president and him. Without another word, the brunette went off to help Haru. The brunette maid was having trouble with her full tray. So Tsuna split it between them and brought it back to the makeshift kitchen that was created for the event.

"Thank you, Tsuna-san, I couldn't have done it by myself. You're my hero!"

"I'm glad I was able to help." The mascot said sweetly.

Haru went off to take the next order to the table, leaving Tsuna.

"Sawada-san." A soft voice came up to him.

Tsuna turned to see the purple haired girl. He tried to remember her name, but somehow forgotten it. "I'm sorry, I forgot your name."

"Chrome." She replied meekly as she played with her hands.

Tsuna noticed that this girl had been trying to speak to him all day. "There's been something you wanted to ask me, Chrome-san?"

Chrome nodded in agreement. She blushed lightly as she began to speak. "I wanted to ask you about Mukuro-sama."

Mukuro? Tsuna eyes widened at this. He never thought a girl like Chrome would know someone as devious as Mukuro. He watched the timid girl, sort out her words and from her mannerisms; Tsuna could only guess that Mukuro was someone she knew very well. It seemed as if Chrome was deeply concerned for the delinquent, leading the mascot to draw conclusions on the girl's relationship with the illusionist. Is it possible that Chrome is an ex-girlfriend or perhaps, a current girlfriend?

Finally Chrome mustered the courage to ask. "Is he doing okay?"

Tsuna was surprised by the question, but decided to answer as truthfully as he could. "From what I've seen, he's doing well."

The purple haired maid released a breath that she was holding. Her cheeks were rosy and her purple eyes renewed with hope and joy, Chrome was very cute. "Thank goodness."

Before, Tsuna could say anything else Chrome was already walking away from him, heading back inside. The brunette figured that was what she wanted to know and his crappy answer was the answer she had been hoping for. However, answering her question only led to more questions about the illusionist for him to solve. Now the mascot was even more interested about Mukuro's past.

On Tsuna's break, the brunette sought out his friends. Throughout most of the event he hadn't seen any of them. He found them on the first floor and was surprised to see them all at one table. Although, he didn't see Gokudera among them. He walked up to the table.

Yamamoto spotted him first. "Tsuna."

"Hey." The mascot responded sheepishly. "Do you mind if I sit with you guys for a bit?"

"Of course. You can sit on my lap, Tsuna." Dino offered.

Tsuna opened his mouth, but before he could make it out, a bump was made under the table. Gokudera revealed himself by lifting up the cloth. "No way! Tenth, you can sit in my chair, I'll just get another."

The brunette looked to the bomber. "What are you doing under the table, Gokudera?"

Yamamoto started to laugh, piquing Tsuna's interest.

"Keep your damn mouth shut, baseball freak!" Gokudera pointed at the baseball obsessed teen, warning him. He then turned to Tsuna. "No reason, Tenth."

There's definitely a reason! The brunette thought to himself, but decided to just ignore it. Tsuna sat down in the vacant chair, while he watched Gokudera bully their neighbor into giving up his chair. You said you'd get another chair, not steal one!

"You've been working really hard." Dino brought up as the bomber rejoined them, sitting next to Tsuna, of course.

"Well, it isn't that bad." Tsuna said modestly. Thanks to Shouichi and Spanner most of the work was done by the machines. It really took the pressure off of getting orders wrong or any other mishap. Also the brunette was very grateful to his mantra, if it wasn't for that he would have definitely tripped.

"Kyoko said the same thing." Ryohei added, but the boxer's grey eyes were looking around the café.

"Sasagawa-san, I didn't know your sister was so cute." The mascot commented. He still couldn't believe that Ryohei's sibling was so sweet and calm. Genetics were a strange and amazing thing.

"Yes, she's very cute." Ryohei started, sounding like his normal energetic self. But that ended as his eyes went back to café. "Although, I want to punch some of these guys, to the extreme!"

"Senpai's been in a bad mood all day and I wondered why. Now I know." Yamamoto laughed.

"Any brother would be protective of his little sister." The cat clad freshman figured. Their costumes were a bit…revealing and Ryohei probably didn't appreciate the looks his little sister was receiving. But looks couldn't kill, so Kyoko was safe if they only looked and wasn't encouraged to do more. The boys were behaving themselves, which surprised Tsuna; he had thought they would be all over the girls. Perhaps they really were afraid of Squalo mutilating them.

Gokudera interjected, his emerald eyes as heated as Ryohei's. "I didn't like how some the guys were looking at the tenth, either."

You're protective for a different reason, though. Tsuna considered mentally.

"That's true, Tsuna is the main attraction. Even though there are girls here, most of the guys are more interested in their mascot." Dino added, revealing that he had observed that as well.

"It's because of these." The russet headed mascot pointed to his mechanical ears. "I'm the only one that has things moving about."

"It's like you're a real cat, Tsuna." Yamamoto said as he reached over to touch Tsuna's cat ears.

At least, cats have fur. I'm practically naked. The brunette said to himself.

The protagonist began to blush as Yamamoto fondled his ear. The athlete's hand was so close that it seemed as if it was hovering over his skin. Tsuna could feel the baseball player's energy pass over him, a calming wave with the power to pull him under. Something inside Tsuna wished that Yamamoto would lower his hand just a bit to touch him, so he could feel the other even better.

"It moved." Was the baseball fanatic's excited cry.

The sudden cry woke Tsuna out of his thought process, causing his ears to move once more against Yamamoto's hand. The silver haired bomber spat at Yamamoto as he slapped the athlete's hand away. "Keep your hands to yourself, idiot!"

"So this is where you've been hiding, Hayato." Bianchi said as she approached their table. Gokudera cursed under his breath and looked away, not giving the other any eye contact.

"Bianchi-san?" The mascot turned to the purple clad maid. "You know Gokudera?"

The pink haired maid looked to Tsuna. "Didn't Hayato tell you? I'm his older sister."

What? Tsuna exclaimed in his head. He then looked between Gokudera and Bianchi. At first, he didn't see the resemblance, but when he looked closely he realized they had the same eyes. His eyes finally settled on his silver haired friend. "This is your sister, Gokudera?"

The bomber nodded his head reluctantly; he would never lie to the tenth.

"He's been hiding under the table this whole time." The blonde upperclassmen informed Bianchi.

"Shut up, Bastard!" Gokudera growled at Dino, who only smirked at the bomber.

Bianchi placed her hands on her hips and frowned at her little brother. "You couldn't say hi to your own sister."

Gokudera turned to his older sister, keeping his eyes low and spat. "Who would want to say hi to you?"

"Don't be shy, Hayato." Bianchi said as she moved around the table to Gokudera.

Fear gripped the bomber as he watched the pink haired maid coming toward him. Gokudera leapt out of his chair, avoiding his sister's eyes. "Get away from me!"

When Bianchi came even closer, Gokudera exploded into a dash. His older sister followed after him. "Hayato! Come back here!"

For moments, the table was quiet. Even the neighboring tables were taken back by the recent turn of events.

"What just happened?" Tsuna finally said. He never saw such a reaction between siblings, before. Somehow he was thankful he didn't have any.

"Sibling spat, maybe?" Yamamoto replied, staring off into the direction Gokudera and Bianchi disappeared in.

"Octopus-head is afraid of his own sister, to the extreme." Ryohei laughed. Seeing Gokudera being chased by his sibling made the boxer's day a bit brighter.

Dino commented with a small smile. "Who would have guessed?"

Gokudera is never going to live this down. Tsuna thought to himself. He knew the next time Gokudera ever started a fight with Dino or Ryohei they would use this as ammunition. But he was a bit interested in the relationship Gokudera had with his sister. It didn't seem to be a good one. Bianchi didn't seem like a bad person either. So he wondered what would make the bomber race off like that and also why was he willing to hide under a table to avoid her?

The maid café came to a close nearly past curfew, which would displease Hibari, so the student council wrapped things up pretty quickly. However, there was one last thing that had to be done. The prize had to be awarded. He didn't even know what came over him earlier today, to actually agree to spoon fed someone. Tsuna thought it wouldn't be a big deal, that there were worse fates than this. But it still wasn't okay.

Nonetheless, he was left alone in the library with a single slice of cake, awaiting the winner. He stared down at the dessert, wondered who the winner could be. He hoped the winner was someone he knew or someone who wasn't a pervert.

Suddenly, the door of the library creaked open. The mascot looked to the slightly ajar door and watched as someone slipped inside. Tsuna's eyes widened when he realized who the winner was.

"Dr. Shamal!" Exclaimed Tsuna. "You're the winner?"

The womanizing doctor turned his attention to Tsuna. A lecherous grin already forming on his mouth. "Of course, I had to visit the sweetie at this dump."

This dump? This is a school? Tsuna considered in his head as he watched the foreigner walk toward him and took a seat. Let's get this over with.

"Well, the prize is I get to spoon fed you a piece of cake." Tsuna stated, gesturing to the cake on the table. The cake was a three layered devil's food cake with a whipped butter cream frosting and a drizzle of chocolate sauce. The cake was supposed to go with the decadent theme of the maid café, but it still looked pretty delicious. "I hope you like chocolate."

Shamal hadn't been looking at the cake. To him the most appetizing thing in front of him was Tsuna. "You know what would make this cake even better-"

Before the doctor could finish, the mascot stuffed piece of cake in his mouth. Just eat the cake, pervert.

It went like this for a couple more minutes. Every time, Shamal would seem like he was about to make a comment, the freshman would stuff his mouth with the chocolate dessert. Tsuna would think the lecher would get the point, but he continued to fall into the same trap. The mascot was grateful that the cake vanished fairly quickly, making this a lot easier for Tsuna. Once the cake was done, Tsuna set the empty plate on to the table and then bowed lightly. "Well thank you so much for your contribution."

With this his job was done and now he had no reasons to stick around. The mascot turned to leave, not feeling comfortable being alone with Shamal.

"Wait, Missy." Shamal said as he grabbed Tsuna from behind. "Not even a little kiss for my efforts."

"N-no." The brunette said, trying to sound stern, but he was a bit uncomfortable with where Shamal's hands were placed. "I-I already gave you the prize."

The doctor whined. "It's not fair that those other guys get to kiss you all they want."

Tsuna froze, considering Shamal's words. It wasn't like that. The way Shamal placed it rubbed the brunette the wrong way. It made it sound as if anyone could come up to him and kiss him. It may seem that way to a lot of people, especially the girls who were watching and even the other boys in the school. But that just wasn't true.

At first the mascot had no idea what was going. He couldn't understand the attention he was getting. It was weird to him to have his friends, schoolmates or even strangers to show him such affection and not explain their actions. It was also difficult for him to realize their expectations to such actions. So Tsuna tried to understand their feelings and also his own feelings. But it was something very complicated. Something the brunette couldn't comprehend by just thinking about it, but only acting on it. And in taking action of those unusual feelings, he realized something that had been always there. A connection.

He had formed a connection with all of them in the beginning. And up till now the connections Tsuna had formed, began to grow into something else. They were special. It was different from Shamal because he never formed that type relationship with him and he was sure if there were any others that came along, they couldn't go up against these special bonds he developed.

Yamamoto, Gokudera, Ryohei, Dino, Hibari, Mukuro, Xanxus and Byakuran weren't just anyone. He had made a connection with all of them. In the short time he attended Namimori, these were the people he felt closest to, at ease with, and more engrossed in. Unlike with Shamal, he wouldn't mind if they wanted to touch him. They weren't strangers anymore and he couldn't label them as friends either, they had transcended that, they had become something more.

"It's not like that." The brunette found his voice again. He didn't think he needed to explain himself to the lecherous doctor, but he did want to make things clear, so there were no misunderstandings. Tsuna's eyes turned a vibrant orange as he declared. "They're different."

Shamal was taken aback by the brunette's sudden eye color change, but he didn't feel fear. Instead, those ardent irises seemed to be pulling him in, hypnotizing him. Unaware of his effect on Shamal, the mascot's gaze was unwavering. Abruptly, their locked gazes were broken when a sword was placed to Shamal's throat, surprising the both of them. Tsuna looked to the wielder of the sword and realized it was Byakuran's friend he had met earlier. Genkishi.

"Leave." Genkishi ordered of the doctor.

"Fine. Fine. I'm going." Shamal placed his hands up in surrender, stepping back a good distance away from the stoic student and the glowing eyed mascot. The doctor's eyes rested on the brunette. "See ya later, Tsunayoshi-chan."

"Hopefully we never meet again." Tsuna said under his breath as he watched Shamal leave the library.

"Are you hurt?" Genkishi said suddenly as he placed his long sword into its sheath.

Tsuna shook his head, but he realized the other wasn't looking at him. "No."

"Be more vigilant." The other said as he began to walk toward the exit.

"I-I will." The brunette stuttered, the blaze leaking from his eyes. Genkishi was right; he had to be more careful. More alert. Tsuna then noticed that the new student was standing by the door, waiting. For moments, he wondered what he was waiting for and then Tsuna realized it was him. Quickly, the mascot followed the student out of the library.

Shamal walked down the long corridor to where the principal's office was located. He came to the large doors and pushed them opened. The inside of the office was as dim as usual, but the doctor was still able to make out the two persons within the room. Reborn was of course sitting behind his desk. While, the other man, the third year professor of science, chemistry and physics, Verde, stood to the side. Verde was about Shamal's height if not taller; he had green unruly hair, glasses and a trademark white coat over his shirt and tie. Shamal saw Verde as a kind of rival, but the other party didn't feel the same, the science professor couldn't care less.

"So how did it go?" Reborn asked as the Italian womanizer walked a good bit into his office.

"I was nearly killed." Shamal answered, coolly as he ran a hand through his dark hair.

The principal's dark eyes peered at the doctor from under his fedora. "You didn't get out of line, did you?"

"I only wanted to kiss the cute mascot." The Italian doctor admitted with a leery expression. Then his eyes grew serious. "But then her eyes changed and a scary boy with weird eyebrows showed up."

"Haven't you been informed that this is an all boys' school? There is no way the mascot could be a female." Verde questioned.

Shamal nodded as if confirming something. "That girl has everyone fooled, I see."

Verde frowned at the other as he shook his head. Reborn just ignored him. The principal said to himself. "So it already started then?"

Although, Reborn was speaking to himself, the doctor and scientist still heard him clearly. From Shamal's and Verde's expressions, it seemed as if they knew of what the principal meant. But neither of them seemed as worrisome as Reborn.

Verde half smiled as he belittled Shamal. "So, the buffoon doctor actually came in handy. I'm surprised."

"I bet you haven't kissed nearly as many girls as I have." Shamal countered. The Italian doctor knew that he could not beat Verde, but there was one thing he had over the scientist. He was a ladies' man.

Verde looked indifferent as usual. The womanizing doctor's claims, though truthful, didn't faze the science professor at all. "I don't care about that. I care about science. Mankind wouldn't unlock the secrets of the universe by getting caught up in trivial things."

"I take that as a no. You should try it, Verde, maybe you'll loosen up."

"I'll pass." Verde said as he pushed his glasses frames up the brim of his nose. "I'm more interested in Sawada Tsunayoshi, though. I really want to see that boy's power."

"I'm telling you that's a girl!" Shamal exclaimed. The green haired scientist rolled his eyes at the delusional doctor.

Reborn turned his dark eyes to the third year professor. Although, it wasn't apparent on his stone-faced countenance, the principal was very distrustful of the other's motives. Shamal was one thing, but Verde was another. "Verde, first and foremost, you are an educator at this school. Don't over step your boundaries."

"Fine." Verde sighed lightly as he turned to leave. His back was turned to Reborn and Shamal, hiding his rebellious smirk. Unfortunately, I have no sense of boundaries.

Chapter End


Irrashaimase – A greeting for when you enter a shop or restaurant. It's close to welcome, but I'm not sure if it translates to it.

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