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Chapter 1: Onwards to Hogwarts


Three people sat on the scarlet train; one short, two tall, compared to the short one.

The short one was staring out of the window, his face carefully blank, gold eyes betraying nothing. Blond bangs framed his face and the rest of his long hair was tied up in a braid the hung down his back, stopping just before the symbol (a cross with a snake twined around it) on his red cloak. He wore a black, long-sleeved shirt with contrasting crisp white gloves on his hands. He also wore a pair of black pants and combats boots; well worn. His suitcase was on his lap, tightly locked and sealed with alchemy for an extra precaution.

Opposite him sat a man fast asleep, leaning against the window. He was wearing a set of shabby wizard's robes which had been darned in several places. He looked ill and exhausted. Although he seemed quite young, his light brown hair was flecked with grey. The suitcase on the luggage rack identified him as R.J Lupin.

Beside the blonde boy, whose name was Edward Elric, Ed for short, sat a man with black and slightly messy hair. He wore the standard military uniform of the Amestrain Military which nobody here would recognise. The famous gloves with the flame array on them that gave him his title, Flame Alchemist, were tucked neatly into his back pocket with his new stick –wand wasn't it?- within easy reach. His suitcase was stowed under the seat; he didn't trust overheads. In his hands was an advance alchemy book from the wizarding world which his onyx eyes seemed to be focusing on. Roy Mustang was not actually reading it but remising in the past…


Oh… How he hated rain. It made him useless in case of an attack, not that he would ever admit it out loud. He had to get to the new possible alchemist recruit. It might get him a promotion and push him up one more step to his dream. As he sloshed through the heavy downpour, his stomach suddenly lurched, like something bad was going to happen. Blood red light turning purple filtered through the rain from over the hill. Mustang quickly ran toward the source; behind the hill. A house stood there, the eerie light emitting from it. As suddenly it had appeared, it disappeared. Roy ran to the house and broke the door down. A cry was hear from the floor and Roy jumped, and then reasoned that whoever it was was most probably in the basement. After some frantic searching, he found the right door. Wrenching it open, he saw a prone figure of a young boy of about ten lying right at the bottom of the steps without an arm and a leg, beside an armour with what Roy recognized as a soul seal drawn in blood at the 'collar'.

Roy's eyes widened as he took in the scene. He saw part of a human transmutation circle and knew immediately what had happened. He ran down the steps to the blubbering blonde boy and scooped him up, carefully adverting his eyes from the centre of the room and ran off into the night to seek medical help as the boy muttered feverishly, "The gate! The gate! It won't give her-them back! It won't! Alphonse! Mother! Al! I'm so sorry! The gate! The gate! It……." repeating it over and over again.

Once outside, Roy spotted a house nearby and ran a full pelt at it, knocking furiously at it. A short, old lady with a short pony tail that stuck up at a strange angle answered it and promptly dropped the pipe she was smoking at the sight. A military man cradling Edward in his arms! She ignored the fact for a while, tending to Ed first, leaving him standing in the doorway dripping wet.


"What happened?" The old lady, Pinako, asked.

"I have come to extend an invitation to Edward Elric to join the military as a State Alchemist."

"Ha! Has the military gotten so desperate that they are trying to recruit children?!"

"Children! Isn't Mr Elric 22 years old?"

"Nay. He's the boy that you brought here just now. He's eleven."

Roy consulted a miraculously dry paper, muttering, "Riza can't have got it wrong…. She must have been misinformed... yes, that's it."

Roy turned to Pinoko "Tell Mr. Elric when he was recovered that he has received an invitation to the military. Also, when he is ready to join, look for Mustang, The Flame Alchemist. I'll come back 3 years later personally if he doesn't reply with his own signature." He told her formally.

"Are you threatening me, young man?" She replied, raising an eyebrow. "I do hope not."

"Of course not madam, of course not."

end of flashback

And Edward had come, at the young age of 12. He had managed to earn a place in the exams because he had impressed the president by single-handedly saving a whole train from the terrorist group that was targeting the military, also saving a General, who would back him up if need be. He later passed the entry exam with flying colours by doing alchemy without a circle. The president said that it was a pleasure to have such a talented alchemist in the military. Edward had not said a whole word during that time except when needed to.

Ed, Roy and his squad, Hughes, Armstrong and several others had instantly became friends and talked and joked freely. However, with others, Ed became cold and suspicious. He rarely revealed his automail limbs to others but he did transmute his arm into a blade to fight often and it soon became a trademark.

Roy's musing was interrupted by a knock on the door. 3 faces appeared and one asked rather politely, "Can we sit here? All the other compartments are full." Roy nodded and examined them carefully. The first to enter was a boy with bright green eyes, messy black hair covering the scar on his forehead and was extremely thin. So that was Harry Potter, Roy mused. The boy that the mass murderer is after… the one we're here to protect... Next came a tall for his age boy with red hair and lots of freckles. Ron Weasly and Ah… Hermione Granger. This thought was to the last person; a girl around Harry's height with brown busy hair had just entered.

The trio had a quick whispered conversation before Harry stood up and approached Roy. "Erm. Hello, my name's Harry Potter. What are you doing here?" He said in a rush. "I am Roy Mustang and I am the teacher Mr Dumbledore has hired to teach a new class. The DADA teacher is there, Remus. An old friend of mine." Roy said. The other two introduced themselves and Roy didn't notice what Harry was doing until it was too late. "Hello. What your name?" froze Roy. He turned around and saw Harry stretching out his right hand to Edward. Ed, however, paid him no attention and continued to watch the scenery passing. Roy sighed.

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