Chapter 7: Seattle it's where I hang my hat. 7/7

I was incredibly nervous placing the call to Logan's. A week ago I was getting my bike back and my life back. A week ago I was talking to a scientist who was once again altering my DNA and cleaning my system of the nasty retrovirus Manticore had given me as an early birthday present.

It was a very painful and unpleasant process I do not wish to remember.

As I stand by this phone I know that my life stands in the balance. This phone call will determine if I stay in Seattle or if I go back to Hope or head somewhere completely different.

I am not about to pretend that everything will be ok. I've been gone for almost two years and in my book that is more then reason to give up. I know that people change. And I know that I have changed. If Logan doesn't want me anymore then I won't stay in Seattle. I can't. I haven't changed that much.

So when it is been decided that he will still be my Eyes Only, I jump at the chance and run the rest of the way to his apartment, skipping the elevator ride. I want nothing more then to run into his arms.

But I pause at his door, uncertain, as fear grips my heart. Could I really do this?

Max. The thought runs through my head. It has to be Max. I am not crazy. She has come back to me.

I run to the door and stop abruptly. Changing my mind I head over to my computer and will myself to sit down. It takes every ounce of strength I have to keep me in this seat as she makes her way into my apartment.

"I see your back at it. Rockin the boat." she says calmly.

"Somebody's got to." I play back.

"I would have come sooner but...I didn't, How are you doing?"

"Not in any pain anymore." I edit my line.

"I'm sorry." funny how our conversation of last time still seems to work.

"My mother used to say, 'The universe is right on schedule. Everything happens the way its suppose to."

"You believe that?" I finally turn around to face her

"I've never been much for trying to figure out why bad things happen. I just know they do. So, the job's trying to figure out how to deal with the consequences..."

"How does a Manticore scientist in Annapolis with a cure sound?" she asks. I'm sure my jaw hits the ground.

"It sounds like we should head toward Annapolis." I finally manage.

"Nah. I miss the rain here. It does something for my hair and skin." she says coming up to me and touching my cheek. "Besides you promised me dinner and chess." I return her gesture feeling her silky smooth cheek under my hand and almost dying of ecstasy from it.

"I promised you something else too."

"What was that, I can't remember." she toys with me as I pull her closer down onto my lap.

"This..." I whisper in her ear then kiss her cheek. "And this..." I whisper again and kiss her eyelids. "And this..." I say kissing her nose.

"Logan?" she questions pulling back.

"Hmm." I answer not wanting to wake up from this dream I am in.

"What about this?" she questions then meets my lips with a passion and fire two years of being apart couldn't quench. The fire that lights her heart ignites mine and we are lost in its warmth. Basking in its eternal flame. She has come back to me.

Finally breaking away from her intoxicating lips. I sit back and smile. Her returned smile lights up the corners of my dark little life.

"I'm always careful." She says almost silently. I choke on a lump that has formed in my throat.

"Max?" I question getting lost in her melting chocolate eyes.

"Hmm?" she answers back just as lost in my eyes as I am in hers.

"Luke said to tell Hannah he loved her." I put in not breaking my stare.

"I know. And Max loves Logan too." she answers unphased. One day I will tell her that I love her too but for now Hannah and Luke are going to have to stick around. I never thought that she was going be the first one to tell me because I never thought that we would actually say it to each other's faces. Letters are one thing. You can lie in letters. You can say things you aren't exactly sure about. You can create other people to say them for you. I know Max is fire and dangerous. I can get hurt; I have in the past. But I need her.

"Max, be careful." I plead with her.

"I will Logan, I will."