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"Why did you come for me?"

Lelouch paused dead in his typing.

They had returned to Ashford Academy and were eating pizza in Lelouch's room when C.C asked this question. Accurately speaking, it was C.C who was eating pizza, and Lelouch who was busy planning the Black Knights next attack. C.C was sprawled over his bed and chewing on a slice when she casually asked.

"Mao had already beaten you once before and moving against him could provoke him into revelaing your identity." C.C continued. "Tell me, Lelouch."

Lelouch resumed typing and replied, "You've saved me three times so far. I was merely repaying a debt."

C.C arched an eyebrow, "Oh? Is that all?"

"No," Lelouch said before he could stop himself. However, he quickly amended his statement with, "You are a useful aly. You can stand in for me as Zero, as you did when we meet Kidhara at Kyoto. And you have a power that can imbolize nightmares like the one at Naraita. I know you will not betray me, because I have to fullfil your contract and so I can trust you more. My movements are limited without you."

"So I am a piece in your chess game." C.C said.

"An irreplaceable piece." Lelouch said, "I too, am a piece on the board."

"Which one?"

"The King, of course."

A sly smile graced C.C's face as she said, "If I am so important, then I must be your Queen." Lelouch gulped. His neck burned at the implications in C.C's statement. Once again he paused in his typing. But only for a momment.

"Well yes-tactically speaking." he said, "You are more useful than a Knight like Kallen or a Bishop like Diethart."

C.C shifted in the blankets as she sat up. It was very hard for Lelouch to focus on the text on his computer, instead of the girl in his bed.

"All this talk of knights and queens reminds me of something Mao said." C.C said, "He said he was a knight in shinnng armor and had come to save the princess. Instead," her voice became laced with amusement as she finished, "I was saved by a prince." For a third time, Lelouch paused in his typing. "But you're hardly a charming one."

"You're a picky girl." Lelouch retorted, and began typing again. " I bring ten men, in body armor, with no less than four nightmares. I arrive just in time, sweep you off your feet, and carry you off like a bride. And yet you're dissapointed because I'm not 'charming' enough." A pair of bare arms encircled his neck and green hair fell on his shoulders.

"Ohhh...is my hero feeling neglected?" C.C whispered sensually in his ear. For a fourt time, Lelouch stopped typing. This time however, he could not continue. "Let me fix that."

C.C turned his chair around and sat in his lap. Lelouch's super computer-like mind shut down as she nestled into a comfortable position. Then she leaned in. So close, their noses were touching and C.C's breath moving against his lips.

"Thank you." And then she got off his lap and walked to the table for another slice of pizza.

For a momment, Lelouch was frozen. His teenage body hadn't recovered yet. Then he face palmed, growled, and furiously started typing. Damn, twisted, girl! He thought.