DH AN: This is a story that was originally conceived as a Oneshot in response to the reader's shock at there was no argurment between Marik and Mhera in Chapter Twenty (Prologue inclusive), but I got ideas for later developments so this is now a new story, Veracity. It uses the 30 Nights Prompt:Telling you the truth, and the 30 Gens Prompts: Eye color, Argument, War and peace.

AN 2: Timeline: About four months after my oneshot Alone With Amethyst & Steel. Chapter POV: Mhera 1st person

AN 3: Veracity-something veracious; a truth.

Chapter One: The Truth Untold

I stopped at the door wishing I was in any, absolutely any, other hallway. I elected to come of my own choosing, and that was what perturbed me the most. Actually he had requested to see me, but I was told that I could come at any time. Something told me that now was not the best time. I hesitantly knocked on the door, hearing nothing on the other side. I slowly opened the door, and almost leapt three feet back when the voice of my father was at the iciest I had ever heard it.

"I have made it quite clear that I am not to be disturbed!" His voice almost forced me back another foot. I leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, my skin pale as ivory. I heard footsteps softly come then cease behind me. I stared almost inadvertently into my father's icy amethyst eyes.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" I ask quietly, the fear showing in my voice. He looked at me with a slightly softer gaze. I had obviously chosen a poor time to enter.

He almost pursed his lips in what looked like disapproval. "Yes, Mheralo; I did." He glanced toward the door, cocking his head in the same direction. "Come." His voice was much softer than it was at first. I followed him silently into the office, taking the seat closest to the door, which then shut behind me. There was no getting out now.

My father came around to the desk, taking his seat in the chair behind the gargantuan sized piece of mahogany furniture. "I want you to do something for me." He placed a filled out promotion duel request form on the desk in front of me. I soured as I read who had requested the duel.

"You can't expect me to duel Noinreil, not again." I was sure to emphasize the displeasure in my voice.

"I do." He responded quickly.

"It was only luck that allowed us to pull that off last time. Do you really think-" I was cut off there.

"As I stated before, Mheralo; I do." My father said icily.

I only remembered then that I hadn't told him what really happened those months ago and the mistake I made. Dueling Noinreil would only make me relive the fear that I had instilled in myself that night. But some reason prevented me from doing so. I could not point it out to myself, let alone my father.

"Mheralo?" My father's voice brought me out of my reverie. "Tell me why you won't duel him again." I didn't answer. His voice hardened. "I said tell me."

"No." I stated softly.

"Why?" He asked again.

"It's none of your concern!" I snapped.

"It is, Mheralo." His voice was soft and convicting.

"No, it isn't." I stated. It was true; the feelings I had for Sheonel Yagasawi were not of his concern now. He was sent away at my accidental request, and even though I was forgiven for it, I felt faint traces of guilt course through me.

I swear my father had picked up on something from me in regards to Sheon with his next statement. "Is it about what happened with Yagasawi?"

I tensed, preparing to lie through my teeth, or more specifically, for what would follow that lie. "No, it doesn't concern him."

He looked at me coldly; his eyes freezing me where I was, thus living up to the remarks I had heard about the color amethyst; that it was cold, beautiful and easily able to freeze one where they stood. "I think that if I told you to duel Yagasawi, your response would be the same." He stared me straight in the face. "But, dear one, would your reasons be the same as for which you won't duel Nashin?"

"Yes." I responded, knowing that I had lied yet again. My face must have flushed with a splash of the usual red of embarrassment, or in this case I was thinking about how sweet and caring Sheon was. (and may be still)

"You like him, even after what HE DID TO YOU?" My father's voice echoed within the office.

"He…" I wanted to defend Sheon, for he had done nothing to me, and I refused to hear him be accused anymore, but I couldn't bring myself to say what I should have months ago. Shaking silently, I spat out my current thought out loud before it, or its effects, crossed my mind. "How did she ever choose you?" I paled as the true meaning of my words hit both my father and I like a load of bricks. I dared a glance at him. He was heaving almost violently, leaning against the desk for support. His gaze was on the desk, and then it was turned on me. I had never seen it before, it was a gaze of hurt, and fury; two emotions that are best kept separate.

He came around the desk at a slow pace, grabbed my shoulders and wretched me to where I was facing him. His face was minutely tear stained. "How dare you say something like that…" he sobbed softly, then bellowed "HOW DARE YOU!" He raised his hand with intent to strike me. I closed my eyes when it was imminent.

The strike never came. I watched him for five seconds, not knowing what was racing through his head. I watched his hand lower, and the rest of him soon follow. "Get out." He stated softly. I didn't move until he stared me in the eyes, bellowing "I SAID GET OUT, MHERALO!"

I left, shutting the door almost softly behind me.

DH: This was going to be a Oneshot, but ideas for more chapters just came to me, so it is now its own story. Please review.